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UK: Police treating homophobic leaflet as a ‘hate incident’

  • Robert W. Pierce

    I wouldn’t mind betting that those leaflets originated in the U.S. where the word ‘homosexualism’ first appeared in recent months.

    • Joeoz

      That’s certainly an interesting thought…
      Would you be suggesting that the leaflets were printed in the U.S. or that the leaflet was copied from the U.S.?

      If the leaflets had been printed in the U.S. it would make them harder to trace the printer. These days even paper can be traced back to the printer…

    • lee

      be some potty bible basher -I hope the person/s are found and charged

    • Maryland Kid

      I think that you overestimate the degree to which Americans, regardless of their politics, care about what people in Cambridgeshire think about LGBT people.

  • Psychologist

    After reading about this event last week, I wrote to Cambridgeshire police, to ask them how they were treating this, as it was clearly a “hate crime” (or “hate incident”).
    I still haven’t had a reply, one week later – but they now announce it is being treated as a “hate incident”.
    The perpetrators of this crime should be tracked down and dealt with as a hate motivated crime (which carries more severe sentencing).

    • lee

      Its not acceptable at the very least confirmation of your communication

    • ██████████J

      Crime is a crime and that poster or letter is not a crime. If the media doesn’t follow the story then the attempt at intimidation obviously does not work. For example you could make a complaint to the police over somebody calling you ugly but that is not a crime it is just an opinion of that person. If I was to then call it a hate crime, and lots of other media outlets reported it as a hate crime then it has an effect of intimidating anybody else from saying you are ugly.

      Do you understand? murder is murder it carries a minimum term ( tariff period ) which is not natural life. There is no such thing as a hate crime in law. There is incitement to racial hatred which is a minor criminal offence. A criminal offence is a criminal offence be it assault murder and so on.

      Homo people are not classed as a nationality not even in the U.S. when somebody prints a leaflet that somebody else doesn’t like the police and yourself have a right to ask them why they have made this pamphlet but they have not committed any crime.

      You have to make people believe that they have committed a serious crime of hate to intimidate them not to make any more but it only works if all the media begins to report it as a “hate crime.” I hate rats some people hate cats and grumpy old men hate everybody.

      Do you understand what I’m saying?

      • Psychologist

        Actually’s YOU who clearly does NOT understand UK law !

        Go on ANY police website and search for the OFFICIAL police definition of a “hate crime” (or hate incident) …!

        This is the short, simplified version from the police –

        “A HATE CRIME is defined as any incident which does constitute a criminal offence which is perceived by the VICTIM or ANY OTHER PERSON as motivated by Prejudice or Hostility….this will include prejudice based on sexual orientation, race, religion & belief, disability & gender identity (Trans)”.

        That’s a FACT !!!!!!!!! The people who distributed these leaflets HAVE broken the law, which is WHY the police are now searching for them. (I’ve checked) .

        Distributing leaflets to incite hatred, intolerance and discrimination against a group of people based on that group’s sexual orientation IS defined as a “hate crime” (or hate incident) and IS a criminal offence in the UK ! FACT
        You’re plain WRONG ! But then homophobes usually are !

  • “homosexuality is not natural. It never has been and it never will be.”

    Well, there’s the first patent lie.
    Many animals have gay relationships
    How can they be taken seriously when they are obviously so uneducated?

    “God created man and woman for their mutual compatibility and for the procreation of children.”
    So what about all the barren women out there? Can they never embrace religion?

    • Rich

      And why did “God” put my prostate about a cock-length inside my arse?

  • RedDevil9

    ‘God’ didn’t create anybody. The human ape created ‘God’.

  • Angela_K

    I wonder if the “Passion for Souls” Ministry has anything to do with this? They are a bunch of bigots who run a “christian cafe” in St Neots and have campaigned for an anti-gay law similar to Uganda.

    • Joeoz

      Actually, “Passion For Souls”… is a good name for these religious nutters!
      Most of these people don’t really give a toss about anyone else, they’re just interested in saving peoples souls (whatever that means?) They don’t really help people in the physical sense…

      A “christian cafe”… that sounds fun… not!
      Sir, would you like one prayer or two with your coffee?

  • Friesjones

    And leafleting IS “natural?” Since when is there a requirement that something be “natural?” MONEY isn’t natural, and as soon as these yahoos get rid of all their money I’ll start listening to their rants about what is or is not “natural.”

    • Frank Boulton

      Yes, but it’s not really about whether something really is “natural” or not. People have a right to express opinions, odious as those opinions might be. Literature such as this isn’t distributed with the aim of sharing an opinion. It’s distributed with the aim of causing offense and nothing else. It, therefore, crosses the dividing line between freedom of speech on the one hand and harassment and denigration on the other hand. And that’s what makes this a hate crime.

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