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Stena Line to appeal decision to award sacked dock worker £45,000 over anti-gay abuse

  • Dolly Digest

    Stena Line instead of appealing the tribunal’s decision which was made based on the evidence that was presented to it – why not just apologise for allowing this workplace homophobia to go unchallenged and show that you intend to discipline the employees who were perpetuating this cycle of homophobia thus creating a less productive and hostile work environment.

    Stena, you have punished the victim in order to protect the perpetrators and the victim has been compensated for that miscarriage of justice. You need to demonstarte that you have learnt from this scenario and make it clear to all of your employees that discrimination has no place in the workplace and that includes harassment and discrimination towards colleagues outside of the workplace.

    • Psychologist

      Yes, Dolly – indeed ! Stena Line DO need to demonstrate that they have learned a lesson from this, and adopt a zero tolerance approach to bigotry/bullying in the work place – or is this just yet another company that the LGBT community at large boycotts ?

  • Johnny

    If there was a competition for bltching straight guys would win it hands down. However, it would have to be called the Banter award so as not to offend their masculinity.

  • J.

    Stena Line has chosen to react so badly to the tribunal’s decision. The company should have accepted it and apologised, making clear that it will not tolerate discrimination and harassment. As it obviously doesn’t want to do that, the LGBT community should travel by other means. Stena Line operates in the UK and Ireland on the following routes*:

    Irish Sea
    Fishguard – Rosslare: Stena Europe
    Holyhead – Dublin Port: Stena Adventurer, Stena Nordica
    Holyhead – Dún Laoghaire: Stena Explorer
    Belfast – Cairnryan: Stena Superfast VII, Stena Superfast VIII
    Belfast – Heysham: Stena Performer, Stena Precision
    Belfast – Birkenhead: Stena Lagan, Stena Mersey, Stena Hibernia
    Cherbourg – Rosslare: Stena Horizon

    North Sea
    Hook of Holland – Harwich: Stena Britannica, Stena Hollandica
    Hook of Holland – Killingholme: Stena Transit, Stena Transporter
    Rotterdam – Harwich: Capucine, Severine

    *information from Wikipedia:

    • ChrisMorley

      Good plan. Complain here:

    • lohtar

      Yup, you’re right. Annoying as UK-NL is a frequent route for me but I won’t support companies like these. There are alternatives, even other ferries, luckily.

      I’ve long thought that it would be good idea if a place like PinkNews or perhaps Stonewall or something start a database specifically for travel, lodging and the likes. Which companies do discriminate and which won’t? Which flights/hotels/experiences can we book as queer individuals/couples/families without having to worry about us or their staff being treated respectfully? If we and our allies all make a few inquiries here and there we could have an overview quickly and make informed choices, save stress and hassle which in turn also will have an impact on the discriminating companies (loss of revenue). And, y’know, perhaps drag them to court all at once.

      Then we all go dance under the rainbow.

    • atalanta

      Those looking for alternatives to Stena might like to know that my wife and I are frequent users of Irish Ferries, which offers similar Dublin services. They have always been pleasant to us as a couple, and they are extremely helpful to me as a wheelchair user.

      But I am aware there have been some concerns about Irish Ferries’ use of underpaid foreign agency staff.

      • lohtar

        It remains a conundrum, right? If a company excels in one matter often they fail at another… becomes ever more tough,if not impossible, to find the very few who remain ethical on all fronts. It truly saddens me it takes such an extreme effort to do the right thing.

        Alternatives for ferries to The Netherlands are DFDS and P&O, or Eurostar (train through the chunnel). One can also fly but personally I don’t fly short distance for environmental reasons.

  • lee

    you see -Stena just don’t get it – they wish to appeal I hope it cost thousand and they loose.

    I glass this person as won a payout -well done for challenging the company.

  • halling

    I’d like to think the tribunal ruling was a great outcome but at what cost to the ‘victim’ who has to endure more misery until after this disgraceful company’s appeal has been heard.

  • Rob Oakes

    I hope that the appeal court increases the award given to this gentlemen for the abuse he suffered that will serve stena line right and go to show that homophobic bullying cannot and will not be tolerated in todays modern society

  • Dewey

    Many years ago I used to work (and live on board) a Stena line ferry as a cabin boy and never had any abuse or ill feelings towards me on there even though I was / am openly gay – even the captain used to smile and wink at me. Maybe the dock side of the industry is different but on the ship everyone is very close and looks out for each other – atleast that was my experience. Stena was a great company to work for – such a shame they have messed up with this case and it would put me off applying for a job there now.

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