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Exclusive: Archbishop of Canterbury: It’s ‘great’ that equal marriage is the law of the land

  • Valksy

    Did nothing while we were pilloried and denigrated

    Did nothing to condemn the murderous developments in African congregations

    Wants to kiss and make up now?! The hubris of the man….

  • Sparkyu1

    He says this now. AFTER his church fought tooth and nail against it? AFTER his church treated it like a horrendous plague it had to be defended from?

    BUT NOW HE SAYS IT’S GREAT? This is repellent! This is some of the most cynical attempts at pathetic PR to cover bigotry I’ve ever seen

    Homophobic language depresses him? He did and continues to do NOTHING to stop it. And he says it’s great while refusing to talk about ongoing bigotry in his church? It is NOT a complex situation. Either we are people due respect or not Welby. This pathetic attempt to hide your bigotry and the bigotry of your church is nauseating

    I think I prefer Lord Carey to this man. Lord Carey is a despicable bigot but at least he has the courage to be honest about it, unlike this weasel.

    Benjamin Cohen is delighted to help Welby brush over his bigotry and soft-ball him all the way to pretending he’s not a homophobe

    • Stephen

      Benjamin Cohen is also a religious nutter – he clearly believes in all that religious s*** (different cult, same bull) but is too cowardly to admit it.
      This despite the fact that his own cult openly hates him.
      No wonder so many cult stories get on this site,.

      • Chris in LA

        A news service has to cover all relevant stories and viewpoints, not just the ones it agrees with. For LGBT people, one needs to know who the “anti” people are.

        • Stephen

          But to pander to the anti- people in the craven and cowardly manner that this website does is truly pathetic.

      • Sparkyu1

        I don’t really care what religions people follow – but deciding that religious homophobia needs handling gently and petted is definitely a flaw of this site

  • David Greensmith

    This guy is more of a wishy washy flim flam merchant than Williams. Benjamin Cohen may be “delighted” that Welby chose Pink News as the outlet for his latest spin initiative. I think there are others of us who aren’t quite so easily hoodwinked.

    • Mike

      I can’t agree that he is more wishy-washy than Rowan Williams. Williams was the king of obfuscation; he did have decent convictions about the gay ‘issue’ but was always evasive when it most mattered. Welby has more integrity. That said, he is in a place without exit in terms of what he is supposed to achieve. Don’t expect anything more decisive than this on this issue: it simply isn’t within his control.

      • David Greensmith

        Do you have 6 lottery numbers for me :-) Just seen that Welby’s spokeperson has clarified that Welby is not endorsing same sex marriage.

    • Stephen

      Benjamin Cohen is a god-botherer.
      He refuses to admit it as he knows that it would irreparably damage this website’s reputation if it was known that its publisher is suffering from a mental illness (belief in ‘god’).
      His own religion hates him but he refuses to condemn it.
      This mental illness may explain the Tory slant to this website.

  • Joe McDougall

    Changed your mind hen?

  • Mumbo Jumbo

    Pure vacillating, squirming wafflecock from a weak and pathetic excuse of a man with no moral compass who is trying to face in two directions at once because he is either unable to recognise bigotry or is to afraid to do anything about it.

    • Rumbelow

      Nicely put, and I guess we have another Rowan Williams supposedly in charge of the established church again after all.
      Trouble is with the Bishops from Africa, they start shouting and lose their tempers as well as whatever little semblance of rationality or civility they ever had once anyone tries to challenge them, they aren’t afraid to resort to extremely crude talk either, I don’t think Welby can front up to them on a level that will impress them, he’s not crude, loud or belligerent enough.

      • ejoty

        He’s being blackmailed by the African Anglicans and doesn’t know what to do. Just think how awful it would be for him if he couldn’t claim to represent all those good Christians who hate us.

  • doug

    He doesn’t seem to know whether he’s coming or going. Am surprised he hasn’t blamed the disappearance of the Nigerian schoolgirls on same-sex marriage.

    • Rumbelow

      Welby doesn’t seem to know if he’s Arthur or Martha when it comes to homophobia in the church.

      • David Greensmith

        Spot on. This very day (14th May 2014) his spokesperson has clarified for us that in no way does Welby “endorse” same sex marriage. So after yesterday’s giddy heights, I’m gutted to find that old Juzzers doesn’t love me after all :-(

  • Leonardo Ricardo

    The man is a coward. A doubletalking coward who ought to resign instead of continuing to make lives miserable for LGBT people eveywhere with his passive aggressive darting mind…he was in the oil business earlier on in life..please go back to smoozing elsewhere, resign!

  • Leonardo Ricardo

    His family were feather merchants…he has become the merchant of pentitence as he allows LGBT people in Uganda, Nigeria to suffer while he weighs in on the fundametalist gold cow in the sky!

  • kostas.lacon

    Many BRAVO to the Archbishop of Canterbury !

    • Joe McDougall

      Yeah, it took a lot of courage to speak for “traditional families”, then wait to see how it all panned out, then to back the popular horse. What integrity and probity!

      … so long as one does not probe too far!

  • Psychologist

    Does he REALLY expect people to buy this ?
    Still, I suppose it’s better than hearing the usual homophobic stuff from religions !

    • Leonardo Ricardo

      Here’s the situation as I see it: Justin Welby, ABC, is way over his head. He is a ¨evangelical* Christian who was elevated way too quickly and way beyond his ability to dabble in reality, spiritual especially. Perhaps he’ll get it, reality, but meanwhile others suffer. Millions suffer with the blatant discrimination and outcasting that has made LGBTI people LEGALIZED criminals in Africa, Russia and beyond. Meanwhile Welby can’t quite put it all together that the REAL problem is hate at Church.

      • Psychologist

        Indeed – I would agree with your comments. Religions generally, throughout the world, are at the root of almost all homophobic discrimination and laws which encourage discrimination and hatred.
        If he REALLY WAs being serious, then THAT is what he should be actively addressing !

      • David H

        Well put. The only thing I would disagree with you is that, whileever he clings onto religion as a basis of truth he’ll never get reality.

  • REALrenovato

    Spineless waffle

  • Paula Thomas

    If he wanted to show he wasn’t a bigot he had a gold plated, once in several lifetimes opportunity to do it. He blew it. Anything after that is window dressing.

  • Reality_Cheque123

    Smoke and mirrors. He is embracing this in the same way that an aspiring politician does. His mistake is that his logic paves the way not just for the acceptability of gay marriage, but also, and using the same arguments, for polygamy.

    No wonder that CofE are in a crisis!

    • MarkN

      Unlike gay marriage, polygamy has been accepted in various cultures since the dawn on mankind, so it’s hard to see why gay marriage should pave the way for polygamy – anyone wanting polygamy to be legalised in this country would better start by pointing to those places where its been a success, not at gay marriage…..

      • Reality_Cheque123

        Please reconsider, for gay marriage certainly does pave the way for polygamy to be accepted within the Church.

        Speaking solely about the CofE, for that is the subject here, the key is to broaden ‘marriage’ from a presumed ‘one man and one woman’, into a definition where the union is ‘consensual’. It is a leap, but it is one that the Archbishop seems to embrace, irrespective of traditional teachings. The landing point of such a leap would clearly exclude zoophilia (only recently outlawed in Germany) and paedophilia, both on the grounds that consent from all participants is not possible from a legal perspective.

        However, once the shift of the definition of marriage to being the acceptability of a ‘consensual relationship’ has been made, then where is the objection to other forms of relationships, provided they are consensual from both/all sides and can be presented by both/all sides as being ‘loving’?

        He is walking a tightrope. He is choosing to ignore traditional teachings and embrace the contemporary approach, but he is taking risks. It is not about what you can convince JW of, despite the many posts lampooning him here. It is about what approach he can take whilst be able to ‘sell’ that approach to his followers.

        I’m merely commenting. I am not a member of the CofE.

  • Quite a coup, getting this interview. And well written. Well done Benjamin.

    • Stephen

      Not really – Benjamin Cohen is a god-bothering Tory, and this website is absurdly pro-religion.
      That evil f***er Justin Welby chose this website as he knew that no difficult questions would be asked.
      The website is too spineless.

  • Paul

    Personally, I think this is another step forward in the journey we all want to see completed. Change doesn’t happen overnight, and I appreciate we are impatient, but this is good news! To hear a leader in his position, taking a stance that moves forward without resulting in his castigation or removal from post… This is good.

    The beliefs of thousands, millions, are not changed overnight. But it will happen. Iit just will. I feel it, I experience it. In August I marry my same sex partner, and our church minister will be there to do most of the ceremony. Not in church, yet. But he says when he can do it in church, he will. And it will happen, because times and minds are changing. Things won’t stay the same.

    • MarkN

      I tend to agree….in fact, at this rate I expect that before long the C of E will be taking credit for the progress towards gay equality, including equal marriage, just as they have done for the abolition of slavery……

      • Reminds me of a certain Ben Summerskill ;)

      • Brian Jay Frederick-Salacain

        Unless a church leader enters his or her elected position on a platform that promotes gay inclusivity–without conditions–I’m not convinced.

  • Riondo

    Oh, dear, Justin, I think you are having a psychological and emotional crisis in a complex and cynical job you really can’t cope with. You seem to be having a serious memory lapse about how you opposed everything you now laud and welcome only a few months ago. Maybe they didn’t explain it properly at the interview – you are the chief wizard (but, alas, a constitutional and not an absolute ruler) of a sometimes quite barmy supernatural cult and, at the same time, through the anachronistic survival of a political fix done in a pre-secular and pre-democratic age, a sort of state official charged with keeping it all in line with the real world. But the management must not be too obvious. When laws are passed at odds with the taboos held by a lot of your fellow cultists, you must ignore them for a long time, or pretend that they are optional suggestions which you and your members can continue arguing about interminably. You must allow at least 10 or 20 years to pass before you can safely acknowledge them as the indispensable and civilized appurtenances of a Christian Church and, er, State, and averr that they embody values that you have always held. You see, Justin, hypocrisy and amnesia are – ironically – often indeed the enablers of progress, but they are rather like stage machinery – the effect is spoiled when they are obvious.

  • D.McCabe

    I got bored reading the article so stopped half way through.

    Believe in your mystical sky fairy all you want sunshine. Most of us do not need the teachings of out dated dogma to live our lives by. I have managed to do well without it all my life and will continue to do so until I meet my maker.

    You and your church need to keep your noses out of our lives.

    • KG

      so.. what coping strategy do you use… alcohol, food, sex, drugs! or are you perfect and never put a foot wrong

  • Halou

    He must think we’re stupid. Forget the church as a whole, he himself has already proven himself to be unwilling when it comes to gay rights issues.

  • halling

    Hardly a scoop Pink Paper!

    Perhaps not quite sleeping with the enemy but this, like your recent interview with David Cameron indicates your true colour is BLUE! He has consistently said he is ‘deeply troubled’ by matters gay and I doubt divine intervention’s changed that so quickly.

    • Stephen

      The Tory slant of this website is utterly incomprehensible,
      Then again Benjamin Cohen refuses to condemn his own church for its disgusting homophobic bigotry, so why would this website care about the fact that over half of the party it supports think we are subhuman and undeserving of equality.
      This website is like watching Benjamin Cohen’s self-hatred in action.

      • Harry

        To be fair, I understand Ben to be a non-theist cultural Jew. Hardly a god botherer and certainly not a Christian one.

        • Stephen

          Look at the endless litany of articles about religion on this site.
          Religion is clearly important to him.,
          And it is damaging his ability as a journalist.
          This interview with Welby is one of the most pathetic things I have ever seen.

  • David H

    Clearly has two faces and talks out of the one he sits on.

  • Gerry

    Welby is behaving like any discredited politician; just tell each section of society what they want to hear. Speak to retired people and say you’ll triple their pensions; tell taxpayers that you’ll slash taxes; tell health professional that there will be thousands more doctors and nurses and that NHS queues will but cut to zero…

    He’s just spineless and deceptive, not even bright enough to realise we’re not all so stupid as to believe that he can square the circle by saying one thing to one group and something totally contradictory to another.

    At least with Carey and Co, you knew where you stood, metaphorically speaking, they would simply stab you in chest whereas Welby would smile gently and shake your hand while stabbing you in the back !

    • Brian Jay Frederick-Salacain

      Good point, Gerry–the ABC is no doubt aware that his comments to a gay news outlet will not be read by his parishioners. Too bad Pink News didn’t push for a press release to the mainstream.

  • Peter

    Sorry to go against the grain and I personally don’t care for evangelicals, but I sensed a certain honesty in his comments that were certainly in contradistinction to his more intellectual, but certainly ineffectual, predecessor and certainly to that awful bigoted snob `Lord’ Carey. I would encourage people to listen to him – he may cause more good than harm in relation to gay people, which would be a pleasant change from the C of E..

    • Harry

      You are a bit soft on him. arw you infected with the virus of religious belief?

  • JD

    This spinless arse hole fought against us every step of the way with regard to marriage – Finding himself on the wrong side of history he now seeks to switch sides – Pathetic excuse for a man – I wonder how quickly he will abandon his superstitions when religion is finally squashed…

    • Stephen

      Yet he was not confronted on any of that by this website.
      This website deserves absolute condemnation for continually allowing itself to be used to white-wash homophobic extremism.
      This article is an utter joke and serves no purpose other than to allow that evil pig Justin Welby pretend that he is not a monstrous extremist.
      I think Benjamin Cohen needs therapy for his self-hatred. His belief in ‘god’ has clearly damaged him on a personal level and has blatantly compromised his ability as a journalist.

  • JackAlison

    “We operate in over 160 countries. It’s not a simple process.”

    AND there in lies the nut within the kernal.
    He speaks of a multinational operation with far too much property and assets to lose to ever waste it on the message of christ. and the gospel of peace to people he made a freudian slip of calling not directly “failures”
    Very good interview
    shows and confirms everything we know
    he is btw a rock and a hard place
    but tough A.B. Welby. you are the 1 carrying the morality card?!

  • Robert W. Pierce

    With all of the hateful rhetoric from parts of his church that he doesn’t condone and admission that it has been a participant in much of it, why oh why doesn’t he offer an official apology on behalf of the CofE for centuries of oppression, discrimination and willing promotion of homophobia at home and abroad? Why is that so difficult? My suspicion is if he did that, he’d incur the wrath of the African church. I think he means well but doesn’t have the courage to stand up to their bigotry. Not a sign of a good leader.

  • Stephen

    Justin Welby is a disgusting human being.
    His continuing hatred of gay people is truly abhorrent.
    He deserves to be spat at whereever he goes.
    And why does this evil bigot not confirm that any Anglican bishops in Africa who condone homophobia will be expelled from his cult? Oh yeah because he agrees with them.
    Why were no difficult questions put to this homophobic monster in his interview?

    • Chris in LA

      Why were no difficult questions put to this homophobic monster in his interview?

      He would not have answered them. Besides, we already know the answers we would have liked to hear. The A of C has not behaved well and seems not to have strong convictions.

      • Stephen

        So instead we get this grotesquely offensive PR puff piece.
        This is a truly pathetic website.

    • KG

      “he deserves to be spat at” really, how will that solve anything. and your opinion about religious people being mentally ill…are you saying mentally ill people don’t deserve the same rights as LGBT people are fighting for?

      • Brian Jay Frederick-Salacain

        Touché, KG.

  • Stephen

    F*** you Welby – you poisonous, evil, homophobic monster.
    I hope he gets treatment for his mental illness / belief in that ‘god’ thing.

  • Stephen

    This truly is a contemptible article and Pink News ought to be utterly ashamed of it.
    Justin Welby actively campaigned to deny gay people equal civil rights.
    Justin Welby regards church unity as more important than gay people’s human rights in Africa, and refuses to expel the genocidal bishops in Africa.
    And he was not challenged on either of those things.
    Utterly pathetic and contemptible cowardice on the part of this website.

    • mark

      As a simple matter of fact, he has no power at all beyond the Church of England – and even there his power is extremely limited. So he could not expel African bishops even if he wanted to.

      • Stephen

        He refuses to even condemn these genocidal maniacs though.
        And this website did not think that this was something he should be questioned on.

    • Brian Jay Frederick-Salacain

      What do you expect from a ‘news service’ that reports on the ‘homophobic’ utterances of Madonna, Britney Spears and Russell Brand? (i.e., those who are not ashamed to consider themselves ‘allies’). Pink News’ strategy is transparent in that it very clearly caters to those who hold sway over the opinions of the heterosexual mainstream. A power play.

  • Jones

    And how did you vote for same-sex marriage in the House of Lords, Archbishop? Oh I remember, you opposed it.

  • George Broadhead

    Asked if he was ‘shocked’ by the anti-gay rhetoric of senior Anglicans in Africa, Archbishop Welby replied: “I want to be very careful about just picking on Africa. It’s not just there, all that language shocks me and appals me and deeply depresses me when homophobic language is used by the Church in any part of the world.”
    It is not just anti-gay rhetoric on the part of his fellow Anglicans in Africa, it is their unequivocal support for draconian anti-gay legislation.
    I wonder if Pink News will have the guts to draw Welby’s attention to these comments. If so, they may prove salutary.

  • Don_Harrison

    The Archbishop of Canterbury is the leader of all of the Anglican Church for the world.
    He has to moderate what is says, as there are other parts of the Anglican
    Communion who unfortunately do not have the same views as we have here.
    He is juggling equal marriage so as not to cause a schism across the

    • Gerry

      Oh, I see. You don’t have to stand up for anything so quaint as Good against Evil, today’s modern Archbishop should just sell his soul to the highest bidder. The exact amount of sell-out will of course depend on the relative amounts of noise and threats that Evil makes. No doubt there’s an app for that.

      I suppose that’s the businessman in him: don’t bother with morals or doing what’s right, just fudge it to get a favourable bottom line.

    • Harry

      You and he place the unity of a most-imperial Anglican church about justice. why is it describable to avoid schism? The US church supports equal marriage. What would be the difference if the English one did???

      • Fr Mark

        Very sad and hurtful to read all the venomous comments regarding Justin Welby. I make no excuses for his waffling, backtracking and inconsistencies. But more hateful speech is neither gracious nor warranted. And it widens the gap that many of us are trying desperately to close. Love and mutual understanding will prevail in the end of all this. That’s where I’d like to be found and not drowning in contempt.

        • Harry

          You C of E people deserve every ounce of contempt dished out to you. And if you happen to be a gay priest you deserve even more contempt for being a traitor to the gay cause by being an active participant in a fundamentally homophobic institution like the C of E (assuming you are not a Catholic in which case words fail me…)

          Note by the way that Welby the bigot confirmed through his press office the very next day that he remained opposed to gay marriage (i.e. a contemptible bigot). Pinknews could erhaps adjust headline.

          • Fr Mark

            Thank you… I think… for confirming what I wanted to say. I suppose there is no room for anything else but contempt in such a small world…

          • Harry

            The world is big. and we have a big battle to win.

  • Tony Houghton

    He is afraid to call a spade a spade,it is true that ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God but nowhere does God say He wants us to stay where we were found or god forbid that we call on him to bless our sin.
    interesting site

  • Rev Dwayne Morgan

    Thanks to Benjamin Cohen for the interview and article. It’s nice to see non religiousphobic lgbt people.

    • Harry

      LGBT [people are right to fear religion. and it’s great to see religion diminishing in power and influence.

  • sJames6621

    lets all of you who are complaining instead thank him for taking a stand that is progrressive. I predict in year or two, the CoE will go to parliament, hat in hand asking for the right to at least bless, maybe even marry, gay couplles

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