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NFL’s Michael Sam could still be sacked for being gay under Missouri law

  • Christopher in Canada

    Does anyone else find it a paradox that the nation that screams the most about individual rights and freedoms is also the nation with the most fascist attitudes? Other countries have quietly been updating their inclusive understandings of protectionist laws for the last generation or two. Why hasn’t this one? What has been the stumbling block?

    • Oink Trotters

      We’re smarter.

    • anon

      Puritanism. The country was founded on it, and it permeates everything.

      The stuff about freedom … nothing but propaganda. Many countries have strong nationalistic tendencies, though the reasons differ as to why their country is the best on this earth.

      America is objectively no freer, and in my own opinion not even up there.
      Take home-owners associations for example. Is suburban Stalinism part of the American dream?

    • James!

      On paper the Uk seems progressive with = marriage but the reality is quite different. Just holding hands may get you killed it like this be gay but keep it to yourself. It’s tolerance not equality

  • James

    I realise this is just a hypothetical being used to make a point about ENDA, but I doubt whether it is actually possible. Neither the US or Missouri ban employment discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation, but it looks like the city of St Louis (where Sam’s team is based) does, and I would imagine that the NFL and/or his team probably have non-discrimination policies that would prevent him from being sacked for that reason.

  • James!

    This site is too hysterical

    • Jones

      I don’t find it funny. Someone could potentially be discriminated against by force of law just for naturally loving someone of their own sex.

      • James!

        I’m not being funny. I come here and read misleading headlines all the time. It’s getting tedious

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