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NFL player fined after tweeting Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend was ‘horrible’

  • Pablo

    It’s really nice to see bigots not getting away with their bigotry for a change.

  • Christopher in Canada

    He wouldn’t have called a pic of a man kissing his girlfriend “horrible”, and therein lies the homophobia.

    • Rehan

      Quite – and what’s more, even if he did find it distasteful, why did he feel the need to advertise it? (It’d be too much to expect someone like that to ask him why he feels so strongly about the matter.)

  • That There Other David

    I don’t get why people who think like Jones feel the need to constantly tell everyone how they feel about seeing same-sex affection. I don’t particularly like pickled onions, but I don’t feel the need to let everyone know that whenever I see someone eating one.

    • Pádráig O’Gáirmléadháigh

      These types do it to cover up their own latent homosexuality which they have fought against since puberty. There have been extensive studies carried out to try and get to the bottom of why some men are so rabidly homophobic. In tests carried out by Harvard Uni in Cambridge, Mass, during an extensive study of the phenomena, they attached sensors to a group of men. Some were homophobic some were not . When shown Gay porn the homophobes ALL showed arousal response to the Videos., while none of the non homophobes had any reaction what ever. I have had proof positive of this years ago when a dude who had shouted homophobic taunts at me three weeks later picked me up the Night before his breeder weeding, and let me tell you, If he was straight, then was an ostrich on the night….

  • Neil Rhodes

    This is why I detest both Twitter and Facebook. Too many unpleasant people who just don’t know when to shut the f*** up.

    Anyway, this Jones guy was probably just jealous.

    • Steven Gregory

      You bet he is!

      • Neil Rhodes

        And now so am I. Darn it!

        • Steven Gregory

          Yep, Vito was a competitive swimmer in college. I love that pictures like this are out there. Michael Sam is not playing coy or entertaining the least notion of shame: he’s out, happy and dating a hottie.

          • Neil Rhodes

            That’s good to know. I like man who does his research *nudge nudge wink* ;-)

            Ahem …

            I’d say there is no justice, except that a heartwarming sensation of joy flowed through even my cynical soul when watching that video of them sharing a celebratory kiss.

  • Andrew

    For the record Jason Collins is the first openly gay NBA player, not NFL.

  • Maryland Kid

    Give me a break. He plays for Miami. The only thing horrible here is his team’s playoff record.

  • Joeoz

    I think the word, “Horrible” is really being used out of context… more and more these days! Horrible was once associated with, “Horror”… as in “Horror Movie”. The world is filled with, “Horror”, it’s in movies, TV, DVD’s, outside… in fact it’s everywhere you could possibly look! How on earth can these, homophobic idiots; describe two men showing love and affection for each other as, “Horrible?”

    No the definition of, “Horrible” is… Don Jones, slobbering over some poor woman!

  • Truth

    Fines and suspensions are welcome. But people like this should rbe made to face-up to their homophobia. They and society need to understand what drives this totally irrational hatred …. which is all about self-loathing and fears about one’s own same-sex attractions. Why isn’t more being done to make people confront this issue? Perhaps everyone already knows the answer but would find it too uncomfortable to admit.

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