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Basketball player claims homophobic tweets were actually a psychology experiment

  • ^GAY-Π.Α.Ο.Κ^Dark Horse^28^

    —–> Big Fat LIAR <—–

  • Bikerman

    Yeah, right. We swallow that. Not.

  • Christopher in Canada

    Right…. just like Mengele and Wirths.

  • doug

    Yeah, right. At least Catholics call it “research”.

  • Jase

    I hope his publicist offers refunds!

  • Riondo

    To anyone who believes this, I’ve got a nice big bridge I’d like to sell you.

  • Yesh U R

    Earth to planet Marshall, planet Earth calling planet Marshall, congratulations you have been selected to undertake a little psychology test. First take down your trousers and underwear,next take two house bricks and swiftly bring them together around squishing your balls between them, The purpose of the test? We just want to hear a lying homophobic moron get his nuts crushed.

  • David H

    Scary similarity between sports players and UKIP in that it’s never their fault. There’s always someone else or some absurd situation to blame. Admit it, apologise and you might earn a modicum of respect.

  • Johnny

    He either needs to grow or purchase a pair.

  • Joeoz

    I’m really loving all these excuses from these homophobic bigots…

    1) My phone was stolen…
    2) A work colleague wrote those tweets…
    3) A friend wrote those tweets…
    4) It was a psychology experiment…

    We’re lucky in Australia, we have have one other excuse we can use…

    “Dolly did it!”…

    • Johnny

      Hey Joe I am from Australia but I don’t get the “Dolly did it”???

      • Joeoz

        I thought that I’d have to explain that one… but not to an ozzie…lol!

        This might have been before your time…

        But in the 1980’s, which by the way was one of the best decades of Australian Television comedy…

        The Comedy Company, which ran for about two years…1988-1990.

        They had a character called, “Jophesine” (Josephine- who was played by an adult). Jophesine carried around a mutilated doll, with barely any hair; which was missing several limbs… every time she got into trouble…

        She’d say, “Dolly did it!”

        Here’s a picture of, Jopesine… without dolly…

        • Johnny

          Oh right…I had forgotten about the Comedy Co. I used to like her Kylie Mole character and the SBS presenter “I can’t wait to see that one…”

          • Joeoz

            Yes… it’s a bit of a, “Blast from the past!”
            I had forgot about the SBS presenter…!
            She was so funny and so accurate…
            I do love SBS but some of the movies they show
            can be a tad boring and beyond comprehension…!

            “Tonight’s movie is about the turnip farmers of Belarus”…

        • Johnny

          I am still waiting for someone to use Warney’s excuse and blame it on his Mum.

    • anon

      5) My phone was infected with homophobic tweeting malware

      • Joeoz

        6) My phone was stolen by aliens… E.T. call home!

  • Mikeylano

    It might be true after all because I have serious doubts about his ability to correctly spell ‘psychology’ by himself.

  • G

    Gay best friend ? Mmm Psychology no it’s homophobia !

  • qv

    O, how we laughed.

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