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Russian MP: Conchita Wurst winning Eurovision is ‘the end of Europe’

  • ^GAY-Π.Α.Ο.Κ^Dark Horse^28^

    Yep…Its The End Of HOMOPHOBIC Europe only!
    And The Dawn Of An All New Gay One! <3
    Honestly I Even Liked Much The Russian Entry…
    The Twins deserved more points and a top8 spot..
    @ Russia calm down and hold your horses!
    Why all this fuss over nothing????
    Get over it and just evolve 4 the Brand New World that arises..

  • Valksy

    Nonsense, of course.

    The filthy stench of theocracy trying to drag Russia into a new Dark Age of magic-boggled babbling idiocy, in the other hand, will do harm. But then there is always something convenient for those in power to have a population of hysterical morons.

    • Steven Gregory

      “The end is nigh” has been the outcry from money-grubbing religious loons ever since great profitability and control was discovered.

  • Bikerman

    Sorry Vlad, it’s a brave new world that scares the sh*t out of you. It must be especially irksome when so many Russians voted for a man with a beard in a frock. It gives cause for hope that Russia isn’t a basket case after all.

  • Ivan

    A man who dress like a woman wins a song contest or one country works to destabilize while annexing parts of another country – now which has more of an effect on Europe as a union?

    Which one could it be?


    • David Ellul

      I will not condone what Russia is doing in the Ukraine, but what Europe is doing is killing man’s soul! and those are the ones who we are to be aware of! The Russians are right when they say that Europe is Babylon! You will all see what is in store for the wicked!

      • Steven Gregory


        • Ivan

          I suspect that if he’s right about what’s in store for the wicked, he’s in quite a shock with the hate he’s preaching.

  • J.

    It is great to see that Russian politicians are furious. They need to grow up. Eurovision Song Contest is supposed to be entertainment. Plenty of Russian televoters thought so too, as reflected in the points they gave to Austria.
    The comments “it’s the end of Europe” could be taken as a threat. What exactly do they mean? A Nazi Germany-style invasion of the continent? The irrational, hate-fuelled anger of Russia’s politicians does make them appear similar to 1930s/40s German politicians.

    • John Worrow

      It makes them appear similar to 2014/15 UKIP politicians*

      • J.

        You’re right John, it does! Farage was very critical of Eurovision yesterday and if elected to Westminster he’d probably make a huge issue in the Commons about UK’s participation in the contest.

    • Olterigo

      It was said on a show that followed the Eurovision Final. So, it must have been in Moscow really late night (or early morning). I watched the whole show over the internet. This particular comment was not about an invasion. It sounded much more like centuries-old Russian opinion of Europe as “rotting.” Many had these views back in czarist times and in Soviet times, and apparently now as well. But don’t worry, the same politician had also commented that the Soviet army should not have left Austria.

  • Rovex

    Your country occupying half of it for 50 years didn’t end Europe did it dear. Im sure it can survive one popular drag queen.

    • Steven Gregory

      Your comment also points out how histrionic anti-gay idiots inadvertently imbue homosexuals with AMAZING POWER. Look how much we can accomplish with one sparkly gown, flawless makeup, and a pop tune: we can destroy a continent!

    • Joeoz

      Hear, hear… As I told one Russian troll…
      Thanks to Russia, my parents had to emigrate from Eastern Europe.

      As most people can see, Russia has been use to getting its own way.
      Now of course, people are standing up to that big bully; “Mother Russia”.

  • Jon (Malaysia)

    I get great pleasure out of insulting millions of Russians. I just wish I knew how to do it personally.

    • Sevrin Caswell

      I love to do that same, but a semi automatic would be much more satisfying.

      • Joeoz

        But that’s cheating…lol!!!

  • David H

    I have to be honest I wasn’t that much of a fan of the winning song, but I had to root for Conchita on principle. Eurovision has ALWAYS been more about the politics than the songs. This year the message went out loud and clear – Europe is the home of the free. There are parts that still have some catching up to do, but the message was clear – stunningly so from the likes of the Ukraine and Russia where Conchita was so surprisingly accepted.

    The despots can shout as much as they like, Russia’s totalitarianist dictator is looking increasingly isolated in the new world.

    • Steven Gregory

      Denver has one of the largest concentrated populations of Russian immigrants in the United States. There are two sections of town where nearly every retail and hospitality job is held by Russians. I’ve had great conversations with many of them and there’s a clear message that some of them want nothing to do with Russia or people who cling to it as their heritage.

      You nailed who Putin is: a despot who clings to power through the ugliest and crookedest tactics. He rules through fear and oppression.

      • J.

        That’s interesting. I had formed a belief that most immigrants are committed to the cultures of their birth countries with a tendency to have difficulty integrating in their adoptive countries. I particularly thought that would be the case for Russian migrants. Your experience proves that that is not always true.

        • Steven Gregory

          A few of my Russian friends don’t even like to associate with other Russians because they constantly run into schemers and people whose behavior and associates begins to feel mobster-ish. My friends Eric and Nina love America, are good at their jobs, and don’t want any social troubles, which they experienced when they first arrived here. There are vultures who prey on new arrivals in the U.S., offering the most pernicious of all schemes: quick easy money.

          • David Ellul

            What does this have to do with this faggot winning Eurosong?

        • Olterigo

          The immigrants who end up being labeled “Russian” in US and the West are quite varied and belong to different groups. It’s really a case by case basis.

    • David Ellul

      Most EU Politicians are Homosexuals!!! How can you say that it is less political? Bunch of perverts!

      • Steven Gregory

        Troll flagged

      • David H

        Reasoned discussion. How mature!

  • Mark Y

    Imagine a British MP saying that it is ‘the end of Britain’ because Sam Bailey won the x factor? Insane.

    Russia has totally lost the plot. I expect in the next year they will go to war with Ukraine, EU and US will go to war with Russia, further sanctions, then in 5/10 years, Russia will be almost bankrupt, the ruble will be worthless and they will be selling pots and pans for a loaf of bread. Meanwhile Putin and his corrupt friends will still be billionaires and living a life of luxury. Poor Russian people. They’ve been hoodwinked by a despot and his allies.

    • Steven Gregory

      How is Sam’s career progressing? I LOVE HER!

    • Joeoz

      As, Shakespeare once said… “there’s nothing new under the sun”.

      The unfortunate Russians have had to put up despotic dictators since 1917.
      Before 1917, they had to live under Tsarists monarchy and before the1860’s
      Russia still had serfs or slaves who belonged to wealthy land owners…

      So there is nothing new… Russia is yet again under the rule of a dictator…

      • VP

        Not Shakespeare that one, actually, but the book of Ecclesiastes in the bible. Though it was a common enough proverb in antiquity, among Greeks, Romans and the peoples of the near east.

        • Joeoz

          Thank you… I wasn’t absolutely sure about that one.

  • matt

    What an idiot , as we see from the article Russia actually liked the performance ! This guy needs to have some educating.

  • John Collins

    i don’t understand how Russia is allow in the contest there are currently 28 countries in the EU and Russia is not one of them

    • David H

      The contest has only very broadly mimicked Europe and has never reflected the formal structure of the EU. I think there are around 36 (perhaps someone would correct me if I’m wrong on that) entrants into the contest – including former winners Israel).

      • John Blue

        One wonders how Putin feels about Dana International

      • gutaitas

        You can check that right here:

    • atalanta

      David is correct. Eurovision has nothing to do with the European Union.

      It is organised by the European Broadcasting Union, the members of which come from 56 countries in and around the geographical continent of Europe. In any given year, several member broadcasters generally choose not to enter a competitor, meaning there have never been 56 entrants.

  • Mikeylano

    I’m all for a name change if that means we never have to deal with Russia ever again.

  • Pablo

    Russia, you’re not even in Europe. Like 5% of you is. YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US.

    • gutaitas

      Actually, 25% of Russia is in Europe. And 77% of Russia’s population live on the European side. ;)

  • abbiistabbii

    If Drag Queens are a threat to Europe, then Europe is a weak continent.

  • Alexander

    Not sure what’s more shocking, that the Russians televoted Austria as #3, or that Britain televoted Poland as #1…

  • Happy Jack

    Not much of an icon, chaps. What we have here is a skinny bloke, in a dress, with a beard, named after a German sausage.

    “It was the Wurst of times; it was the Faust of times”

    • I don’t look for icons.
      Someone doesn’t need to see another as an icon to be able to appreciate them.

  • Katie

    Right-whinging males like Zhirinovsky and Farage have been trying to put an end to ‘Europe’ for decades yet apparently Conchita accomplishes this feat in barely three minutes and owing to her multi-tasking skills still finds time to win the Eurovision Song Contest!

  • Guest

    Modern Britain now appears to be divided into two camps; Conchita Wurst fans and Putin style Nigel Fanatics!…..

  • Why do they feel so threatened by the LBGT community?
    Why are so many homophobes so vocal?
    Is it because those with the most to hide shout loudest?

    • Sevrin Caswell

      Yes, and this has been scientifically proven too. Why else would they believe they can ‘choose’ their sexuality!

    • Steven Gregory

      My personal experience as a homosexual hoping Jesus would straighten me out: I was furious that so many homosexuals were having such a good time doing what I hated so much in myself. I honestly thought I could push away from homosexuality and that would get me closer to heterosexuality.

      • Oh Honey, you have as much chance of their Sky Fairy ‘curing’ you as of a Drag Queen … oops , hang on, get your ass over to me and I’ll straighten you out! LOL

        • Steven Gregory

          It was futile. I was hoping a guy with killer abs, 12 boyfriends, and who threw a dinner party and hissy fit in the same night was gonna help. I’m so grateful for your generosity!

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Sounds like UKIP. Every reason among many others why we should stay in the EU. This idiots view isn’t much different from UKIP’s.

  • John Worrow

    Modern Britain appears to be divided into two camps; Conchita Wurst fans and Putin style Nigel Farage fanatics!

    • I’ve seen this too. There’s really not much of a middle ground here at the moment, most seem to be either a rational Brit of a raving UKIP Daily Heil reading loon.

      Unfortunately, it has led to a slight cull of my personal FB “friend” list.

  • Katie

    Is there anybody who understands Russian who can tell me what the presenter in the dicky bow is saying? Him and the glitzy audience seem to be ridiculing Conchita – seems quite a sickening exercise in homophobic, transphobic and sexist propaganda really:

    • S D

      I don’t understand much of it, but he starts off by saying “look who’s is singing for Austria this year, this information is absolutely true” and describes Conchita as the “bearded woman”. Then he says “Austrian singer” with a neuter ending (nouns & adjectives are masculine, feminine or neuter in Russian).

    • Oleg

      well, he’s giving out some quite stupid jokes (like “first James Bond’s man” or “maybe he wants to get presents on both 23th of February (male day in Russia) and 8th of March”, or “maybe he wants to go to women lavatory when there’s a line to men one”), they are dumb but I wouldn’t say outrageously homophobic. But at the end he says “I would like to make a proposition – let’s send a tank to Eurovision 2014, we won it that way in 1945, we can do it again”. What a dumbass.

  • That There Other David

    He really can’t cope with the idea that people think he’s full of it. Here we all are, not doing what he wants us to do, and it’s killing him.

    Snort :-)

  • Madgeographer

    Nope. People like him are the end for Russia.

    • Steven Gregory

      We can only hope.

    • Olterigo

      Sadly, he’s been a fixture of Russian politics and news since the early 90’s.

  • Ullrich Braun

    What has Russia contributed to humanity in the last 100 years?????

    • Nadia Castle

      A lot of advances in science, space travel in particular. The Soviet Union also took the brunt of fighting Nazism in the Second World War. A ton of oil and Gas. A lot of modern film and writing techniques were also born out of the immediate revolution.

      Social wise though? Stalinism, Putin, the Gulag, the Mafya, the KGB, the ruin of eastern Europe for 50 years, pain, misery and poverty for its own citizens and lost of guns for Iran, Syria and North Korea.

      • Ullrich Braun

        The Russian space program put man in space. End of that story. Oil and gas are not a Russian culture achievements Lasic surgery could be added to movie techniques, but all in all a very poor 100 year record that in no way compensates for the misery and obression

        • Nadia Castle

          ‘The Russian space program put man in space. End of that story.’ – They also launched the first satellite, one of the most important communication methods we have. Of course the sheer amount of horror unleashed by the Soviet Union isn’t compensated, but they are still responsible for some of the 20th centuries most important developments.

          • Ullrich Braun

            I disagree They made some advances that went no where. Everything they accomplished was done independently by the US.

    • Chris in LA

      They might not be to everyone’s taste, but the 20th century in Russia produced great composers and writers, to say nothing of performers in all the arts and many Olympic sports. Most people using this site will know some of the famous names.

      • Ullrich Braun

        They used drugs in the Olympics. I agree that some 20th century Russian composer created excellent music. But almost all performing artists escaped to the West

    • Joeoz

      Communism, the cold war, Stalin, shoddy consumer goods and spectacular hissy fits!!!

  • Aron Sasportas

    Whether it has been called the Russian Empire, the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or the Russian Federation, the country has enjoyed only a few months of democracy, namely, from 21 July to 7 November 1917 (8 July – 26 October 1917, Old Style), when Alexander Kerensky was Minister-Chairman of the Russian Provisional Government. At all other times, it has been the armpit of Europe.

  • Ilya Lis

    We love CONCHITAAAAAAAAAAAA. Zhirinovski is bastard. From Russia, with love. Thank you from all LGBT of Russia

    • Simonmbate


  • Ilya Lis

    Putin does awful things.LGBT in Russia is in very difficult situation. Thanks to Conchita for support

  • Rumbelow

    Where the nuclear threat during the cold war failed … a bearded drag queen succeeds just by singing a song on a silly music contest, what a load of homophobic anti-free-Western Europe crap.

  • Cal

    Concita did brilliantly. I was moved and delighted. Europe showed its tolerance.

  • Ah yes… the charming Russian poitician Russian who was actually campaigning 15 years ago (I think) to re-annex Finland as a Grand Duchy again.

    • Olterigo

      Yeap, it’s the same clown. (Though, a successful one for all that.)

  • doug

    ‘..the end of Europe’

    My God, what a drama queen. LOL!

  • Steven Gregory

    Conservative morons light their hair on fire, then run around pointing at it. It’s one of my favorite entertainments.

  • George Penfold

    I think we can all safely say the Russian government can go F**K its self

  • Happy Jack

    Conchita means conception and is used in Latin countries to honour the Virgin Mary. It is a very feminine name. Whurst, as we know, is German for sausage.

    This man wants a real man with heterosexual drives so presents in a boyish female form. And yet …. he really wants a real man who desires another man, hence the beard. A contradiction. It’s impossible.

    He is a metaphor for a certain type of male homosexual double-bind. An endless quest for the impossible.

    He also represents a genderless dystopia where all that matters is pleasure without constraint.

  • kenthomes

    Yes it is…..the end of your hatefilled, small mind Europe! Thank goodness for that!

  • Sevrin Caswell

    I don’t get why it is still called eurovision given that half the entrants aren’t part of europe. As for it being non-political, that has been totall bullsht since its inception. I’m glad the russian fascists are up in arms, perhaps they will leave and make the competition a better place.

  • RedDevil9

    I’m just glad that not everyone in Eastern Europe feels the same way as this idiot. Russia actually gave Conchita 5 points (though the Russian public vote was 8), Ukraine gave her 8 points, many other countries in the region gave her points too. This ignoramus and others like him, clearly do not represent the majority of the public in Eastern Europe.

  • In the next ten years, Europe is only going to become stronger, more free, larger and more inclusive and healthy. And in direct contrast, we’re seeing Russia imploding in slow motion, with backward laws and outdated thinking, declining birth rates, declining standards of living, poor medical services, an almost non-existent social support system, declining economy and exclusion from international partnerships.

    If this marks the “end of Europe”, then Russia ended a long time ago.

  • Brian Apple

    As a gay man, I found Conchita Wurst ghastly. He had nothing whatsoever to do with homosexuality. He was a garish freak show masquerading as a gay rights cause.

    Why couldn’t Eurovision have an openly gay man kiss another man as part of his singing performance? America did it so well with new NFL recruit Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend. Europe could only give us a bearded freak show.

    • Christopher in Canada

      What was garish about it, from your perspective? I saw a C19 concept come to life – the Bearded Lady sings! There was a drag movement in the 1980’s called “Skag”, where mustached and bearded men would do drag – it’s an interesting mixing of gender icons, that’s for sure. But what needs to be remembered is that drag is in many ways a form of clowning. I think also that this instance serves to remind us that not everyone falls into defined gender norms (physically or mentally) and that that does not necessarily negate the fact that at the base of it, we are all just human. Gender is a layer we’ve added on top of it. Now I, as a gay man, would not sexually respond to Conchita, but as a performer I can certainly hear her talent and see her art. It doesn’t change who I’d prefer to go to bed with, but it does change my preconceived ideas about “beauty” and “glamour”.

  • Christopher in Canada

    It’s the end of the hegemony that holds him and his ilk at the centre, that’s all. Of course, from his perspective, the sky IS falling!

  • Brian Apple

    Why couldn’t Denmark show two men kissing on stage at Eurovision? I thought the Danes were open-minded. Looks like they’re actually quite homophobic.

  • Brian Apple

    Danish people tend to be quite homophobic. You never seen two men kissing on Danish television. They might have gay-friendly laws but society there tends to ignore or censor male-male kissing.

  • Brian Apple

    Eurovision is actually quite anti-gay. I’ve never seen two men kiss on stage at Eurovision.

  • Maggie Easton

    It’s not the end of Europe, it’s only the beginning and I hope that one day all countries around the world will enjoy the freedom that we do.
    Not just gay rights, I’m talking about human rights too.

  • Joe Daschner

    He is just jealous because his boyfriend could not enter the competition

  • tmylondon

    If people think what the Russian MP says actually representing the voice of the whole Russian nation, think again!!! It’s time to stop all these nonsense. Europe will always be Europe, with or without Russia.

  • rapture777

    Apparently Russian “men” have taken to twitter showing them shaving their beard in protest lol! even Russian soldiers that allegedly .according to Russia anyhow, are not attempting to take over Ukraine.
    Russians are polluting social media with their inferior, primitive , aggressive comments on gay people, Ukrainians, women.
    Sad to thihat Russians can be so hysterical about a drag queen with a beard, when their leader is heading for war. Are they crazy/stupid both?

  • Tom (Winnipeg)

    I never try to make sense of the statements coming from hate-filled right-wing religious and/or political figures, since it always occurs to me that they forfeit their commonsense at the expense of carelessly vilifying the GLBT world, because, here, commonsense and vilification do not go hand in hand.

  • Alex

    People, everyone.
    Just a little note from me as russian citizen.
    It is Zhirinovskiy – this politician should not be perceived very seriosly.
    He is and he was always about the show-off.
    I’m not sure if it is translated in English – but he has SO many absolutely wild speaches, that this one can be count as a just simple lite joke.
    Just believe me.
    He wants to attak USA, forbid to give a birth to some nations in Russia, pregnant are ill etc, etc, etc – he is always about smth crazy and bullshit.
    Nobody take this seriously. he is veteran in this political clownery.

    Don’t judge about Russia looking at him.

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