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Obama: Michael Sam joining the NFL is an important step forward in our Nation’s journey

  • Steven Gregory

    That’s nice. Now would The President kindly endorse equal marriage across the land and denounce any efforts to prevent it? Obama has done many great things, but his shakiness on this issue is annoying and his explanations are disingenuous.

  • jene

    Where is the president’s support for Tim Tebow for standing up for his position on Christianity. Where is his congrats for that. Where is the punishment and the sensitivity training for the “christianphobics” that put down Christian ball players? Where is the media support for that? Don’t bother looking cause its not there. When its all said and done, face the truth or not homosexuality IS a choice and not to be compared with the black struggle which I personally take offense to! I’m tired of being forced fed this lie and it’s time for the church leaders to stand up and come out of the closet!

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