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Michael Sam makes history as first openly gay NFL player

  • Bikerman

    That’s great news for the guy. OK Jack Burkman, you made the macho threats about what you would do to any team recruiting him, now let’s see you do your worst. I won’t hold my breath.

    • Joeoz

      I won’t be holding my breath as well…!
      Jack Burkman’s idle threats were made out of desperation…!
      All these loony xtians seem to be desperate these days, their influence is waning and their god and bible are losing followers in droves…!

      • Leonard Woodrow

        First my congratulations to Sam and the Rams!

        Second, my sympathy to the sincere Christians who have been misled and indoctrinated by their culture/religion. As an ex-Christian I can assure you all that life without your imaginary god is far more fulfilling and loving than you could ever believe. Take courage and try it!

  • John Blue

    Well, there you have it folks, the “use every part of your body to destroy your opponents” American football, is officially more gay friendly than the “prance across some grass and kick this ball at the goal, oh and mind you don’t knock anyone over because that would be simply FOUL” association football.

    • James!

      I think the USA is shaming Europe and steaming ahead with lgbt right and legal weed. We can no longer sneer at the USA.

      • Jones

        We can no longer sneer at the USA.

        Yes we can. When they still have religious wackos who look to impose their ideologies on people because of who they are, I will sneer and shout until it’s stopped.

        • Maryland Kid

          So? You have Russia. Us in the reasonable States don’t want to be tarred with the same brush.

      • John Blue

        Really? because association football is a global sport,

    • Paula Thomas

      Oh that is funny!! We have had an openly gay Rugby player for a few years (that’s a more extreme form of football without the helmets and pads). Oh and an openly gay cricketer too. We had an openly gay footballer ten years ago. What matters is whether he is the first of many or if he is a one off as sadly Justin Fashanu was.

      If in ten years time you have ten out gay American Football players on major teams then you’ll be able to crow. But not now when you’ve just got your first!

  • Jon (Malaysia)

    I hate all things ‘football’. No, that’s not right, I hate all things ‘sports’. But I am now officially a St. Louis Rams fan! (whoever they are ;)

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