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Exclusive: Tory MP complains that ‘trendy intellectuals’ voted for ‘transvestite’ to win Eurovision

  • Sparkyu1

    Ah the Tories – their True Colours are shining through again

    • David H

      Does have echoes of Denis Thatcher’s infamous “trots and woofters” remark doesn’t it.

      • Rumbelow

        But coming from a Fred Flintstone impersonater.
        Is a straight male male-impersonator like Gordon Henderson any less risible than a gay male female-impersonator with a beard?

    • Ray

      Is that the same Tories who introduced legalised same-sex pseudo ‘marriage’ and whose number probably frequented the Elm Guess House ? They’ve caved into intimidation from the homo-lobby for quite a while now ….and have even raised the rainbow swastika over Whitehall .

      • Marc Webster

        SSM is anything but pseudo….it is real and not just in this country with. I’m sure, many more to come…..there was no intimidation from any ‘homo-lobby’ as you put it….it was a case of seeing how it was introduced it in other countries as the way forward in the equality stakes and wanting this country to follow suit…..and welcome it was too….really don’t think you can call the rainbow flag a swastika but that at least shows your mind set which seems filled with ignorance and hate…..

        • Carl

          There is no point in trying to explain or justify anything to a troll like Ray. Better just to ignore him.

          • Marc Webster

            That is true…..probably has nothing else in his sad pathetic life

      • Sparkyu1

        Keep trying Ray, just a little more bile and you’ll be sure to be selected as a UKIP MEP candidate, try swivelling your eyes a bit more

        • Steven Gregory

          Ray will waste your time. Ignore him. If he gets annoying, hover your cursor over the upper right hand side of his comment and FLAG.

  • Rovex

    Well, it wasn’t the best song, but when has Eurovision ever been about the best song?
    Personally im not sure that many ‘Trendy intellectuals’ watch Eurovision and even if they did there must be a hell of a lot of them to pull it off.

  • Rumbelow

    Must be lots of trendy intellectuals then I guess, but how does he know this? was there a poll of intellectual trendiness done as part of the voting?

    • Steven Gregory

      His snotty remark boils down to this: “trendy intellectuals” as opposed to “stale idiots”

  • Rumbelow

    Who did the other Fred Flintstone look-alikes and neanderthal think-alikes vote for then?

  • MrPeterCat

    “Henderson previously quit Twitter, saying it was “simply impossible” to hold a meaningful debate, after opposing same-sex marriage.”

    Time to leave Facebook too? *helpful face*

  • MarkN

    If the votes of ‘trendy intellectuals’ were so powerful, you’d think someone whose living depended on being voted for would be wooing them, not complaining about them……

  • Dave

    Has anyone found a story about Conchita winning Eurovision on the Russia Today website RT dot com?

    • gutaitas

      That would be interesting to read, although I doubt they’ll write about it.

    • J.

      After reading your post I had a look on the RT website. There is absolutely nothing that I can see on this year’s Eurovision. I even entered ‘Eurovision’ into the search bar and the results related only to last year’s contest. It therefore appears to have censored any mention of Conchita!

      • Steven Gregory

        Such idiocy on the part of those who control the site will spark even more interest.

  • Ivan

    If you are a ‘trendy intellectual’, I highly doubt you were either watching or voting on Eurovision.

    Now if you were a gay man or a 13 year old girl, …

    I guess older, str8, white guys are unhappy that such groups are really in control of such things.

  • David H

    Demonstrates his mentality when he admits that Eurovision voters are more intellectual than he is! Clearly, judging by the photograph, he’s on pretty safe ground assuming that they’re all trendier than him.

    • Rumbelow

      Gordon Henderson would make an interesting looking drag queen (lol)

    • Steven Gregory

      The stale moron vote lost… le sigh.

  • S1999

    Oh just die, you silly old prat. Take the rest of your defunct, constipated, evil duffers and go jump in a lake.

  • Bikerman

    A word of advice – you would do a lot better in the next election if you locked yourself in a dark room until AFTER the election. You would certainly do a lot less damage than when you open your f#cking stupid mouth.

    • Steven Gregory

      He should learn: “You can keep your mouth shut and nobody will know you’re an idiot; or open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

  • doug

    Oh, well, there must have been just as many ‘trendy intellectuals’ in Russia because the Russian televote ranked Austria in 3rd place……the same as the UK televote ranking.

  • ASocialFlutterby

    “Trendy intellectuals”. So, what’s not to like? Thank you, Mr Henderson, for acknowledging that those who applauded Conchita’s success are hip, intelligent, stylish, clever, probably very popular too. Gosh, I can’t recall meeting him, but he must have met me somewhere!

  • Kaide

    Remember when Israel gave Austria 12 points? Wouldn’t have thought that would happen either. But there is a degree of politics in Eurovision. The song was about level with many other great songs that night. But it was more about saying F*ck You to the countries who caused a stink about a trans preforming, and to Russia (the marriage of 3 Russian L and G couples and the booing of the Russian act).

    • Steven Gregory

      I didn’t watch Eurovision, but caught remarks on John Oliver’s LAST WEEK TONIGHT show. The Russian twins with their hair braided together were visually hilarious.

  • J.

    Can these people not show just a hint of maturity?

    The Eurovision Song Contest is a once-a-year television programme, primarily for entertainment. The Tory MP obviously would have preferred a different winner, but his internet rant suggests his actual complaint relates to Conchita being a cross-dressing artiste with a message of freedom and tolerance, rather than anything else.
    Then to complain about how the UK entrant fared, only reveals that he’s a ‘bad loser’ and paranoid about our continental neighbours.

    He is only showing himself up in front of his constituents as narrow-minded, grumpy and a bad-loser – not exactly the type of traits we want to see in a Member of Parliament.

    • Steven Gregory

      And in the same breath (bad bad breath) he insults Austria. He’s a dope.

  • Ra

    Says the idiot ogre.

  • Chris in LA

    I would never have guessed that watching the Eurovision Song Contest is a “trendy” activity, not one that appealed to “intellectuals”. I also have difficulty with the juxtaposition of “trendy” and “intellectual”. The must be a lot more going on in the Palace of Westminster than we give its inmates credit for.

    • CHBrighton

      You still around? I’m surprised you aren’t as bored with you as we are with you.

      • Chris in LA

        I’ve a purpose in life and am obviously fulfilling it. Keep enjoying your boredom.

  • misfit44

    Of course he was wrong. There is nothing intellectual about those voting for Conchita, but everything to do with being brainwashed or brain dead.
    Like sheep they have all gone astray bahhaaaing “50 different shades of polysexual perversion are good , whilst two complementary genders, male and female are bad, bahhhhha.”

    • Rumbelow

      Nonsense, when did anyone ever say male/female couples are bad? In my opinion they are almost as good as same sex couples.

      • misfit44

        There you go. You prove my point. You have been had.

        • Mac

          The only thing that’s been had here is the money your parents spent on your failed education. You must be one of the “drab idiots” (as opposed to “trendy intellectuals”) this article was referring to.

    • MarkN

      Ridiculing a pompous tyrant by publicly elevating a representative of a minority he’s persecuting is actually much more effective than attempts at serious argument with bullies and bigots – whose minds are as made-up as the Biblical stories they seem to treat as history….

      • misfit44

        Take the bucket off your head and breath in natural air, natural light, natural justice and who know you might see as God intended you see.

        • Rumbelow

          God?… who she?

        • Mac

          “Take the bucket off your head” and read a book.

  • cw

    It can only be a matter of time before this coconut joins UKIP.

  • Anon

    The tory MP has got it completely wrong , there were no intellectuals voting for Tommy , only brain-washed rainbow flag waving fascists trying to pretend to be ‘progressive’ .He’s wrong to call Austria ‘second division’ , but completely correct to call it a ‘rubbish song’ by a ‘bearded man’ who was ‘dressed as a woman’. Sad that the country which produced Mozart ,Mahler and Bruckner has to regress back to a debased individual who is devoid of musical talent(sounds like Hitler – and he could not paint either!) .At least Stanley Baxter can sing and entertain and does not take himself seriously with fake tears and phoney diva antics (wears better dresses too – and knows how to shave) .

    Apparently the homo-fascist lobby booed the Russian entry because they disagree with the Russian child protection law they censure and silence as as ‘homophobic’ :

    Criminal Code: Sexual relations and other action of a sexual nature with a person UNDER the age of sixteen (16), Chapter 18, Article 134

    Sexual intercourse, buggery [‘muzhelozhstvo’] or lesbianism, committed by a person over 18 on a person admittedly under 14 is punishable by limitation of freedom up to three years or deprivation of freedom up to four years [R1.2].

    The second is:

    Section 6.21. Promotion of non-traditional sexual relations among MINORS

    1. The promotion of non-traditional sexual relations among MINORS expressed in the dissemination of information aimed at developing in minors non-traditional sexual facilities, at the allure of non-traditional sexual relations, at a distorted picture of the social equivalence of traditional and non-traditional sexual relations, or at the imposition of information about non-traditional sexual relationships, causing interest in such relationships, if these actions do not constitute a criminal offense, are punishable by an administrative fine…..

    • CHBrighton

      Ah, sharing Nigel Farage’s admiration for Putin, I see.

    • Rumbelow

      “Sexual intercourse, buggery [‘muzhelozhstvo’] or lesbianism, committed by a person over 18 on a person admittedly under 14 is punishable by limitation of freedom up to three years or deprivation of freedom up to four years”

      So a paedophile of the opposite sex will only get a slap on the wrist if they are prosecuted for having sex with a kid under 14… is that what you are saying Anon?
      Doesn’t sound like a good way to protect children to me.

  • Bubblecar

    Hmm, I posted a comment here critical of the Conservative Party, but it seems it was removed. But a homophobe commenter spitting venom at “homo-fascists” is allowed to stay. Consider this site boycotted. I’ll be advising my friends to avoid this place too.

    • Steven Gregory

      You could always ask for a refund. Adios!

    • anon

      Disqus can be pretty flaky at times. It may not have been removed.
      Or whatever; byebye.

      • Bubblecar

        My apologies, I was tired & emotional. It was probably a Disqus quirk :-)

  • Paul Vickers

    He’s right – the popular vote in the UK was overwhelmingly for the milkmaids…
    Who chooses the metrosexual voting panel with it’s 50% of the total UK vote?

  • Mikeylano

    Time to start looking in the local ads for a new job…

  • Surely it’s unwise for an MP to start calling people names based on how they vote.

  • Cal

    His attitude is clear in his tweet. Trying to disguise it as an innocent question is not going to work, moron.
    Since when is the Eurovision audience made up of intellectuals?
    Concita diid very well – and probably did pick up a few votes from tolerance-promoting viewers. Good.

  • Helge Vladimir Tiller

    Yet another stupid Tory MP. May I remind you that Russian TV-viewers had Austria as a Clear Number Three in their vote !

  • Gordon Hopps

    There is absolutely no doubt that I am a trendy intellectual and I thought Conchita produced a blazing performance without the addition of (skaters, soft porn, hamster men in wheels, trapeze, trampolines and countless other distractions). She sold a song… what is there not to like about her? Our wonderful Tory nutters even pretend that they are only wanting to start a debate. Sorry matey, we’ve all sussed your dubious analysis of the event.

    • I don’t see why “trendy intellectual” is supposed to be a negative thing.

      Trendy means that you are up to date on current issues, and intellectual means that you have a greater awareness of those issues and think about these things to a greater extent than others.

      I wish everyone was a Trendy Intellectual, then we wouldn’t have archaically opinionated old bigots in so many positions of influence and power!

  • kane

    ‘…Conchita produced a blazing performance without the addition of (skaters, soft porn, hamster men in wheels, trapeze, trampolines and countless other distractions)…’

    well, to be honest she had the addition of facial hair that for some/many was a distraction in one way or another

  • kane

    here is my question, why tories and ukipers always ask stupid question?

  • wildseas

    Well it is obvious that you are not a ‘trendy intellectua’l or an intellectual at all maybe just a troll and that makes hate all right in your mind, da, da, da.

  • Steven Gregory

    Did he vote? Obviously he lost. Time to shut up, loser.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Such an asinine comment convinces me even more that it is impossible to discern the difference between Tory and UKIP bigots. Indistinguishable, all on the same page, same script and none of them ‘intellectuals’.

  • JD

    SO WHAT- Free Country Free Vote – Why don’t these terrified Tories just curl up and die and let the world evolve!

  • Banana

    There is definitely a rising problem with ‘trendy intellectuals’ nowadays – but this was NOT one of them. It was a genuinely good act and people voted because it was one of the best – both the song and the performance. You look ever so tiny back there in the past.

  • Even if it were partially because of that, I would prefer a Europe full of “trendy intellectuals” than a Europe full of bigoted neanderthals. Clearly we are doing something right and the population is moving on and evolving.

    I really don’t understand why he has his knickers in a twist over this, it a song contest, we’re not voting for European leadership. He seems to place more weight and importance on the ESC than many others do. It has always been partly political, and it always will be. People use it as a way to express their anger and their appreciation over European issues when governments are so distant from their own populations and others within Europe.

    I’m inclined to agree with the person who suggested he should think about the “questions” he asks a little more carefully, he’s coming across as an out of touch old man with some clear prejudices that don’t suit the public.

  • Dave G

    Expect this prat to defect to UKIP if they get any bigger. He is anti-everything but stale white english bread. In the meantime I would recommend an adult literacy course. Wonder how many citizens of Vienna or Salzburg have heard of Sittingbourne and Sheppey, still less care?

  • Katie

    I’m guessing that Gordon Henderson is neither trendy nor intellectual, then;)

  • Patrick7Gormley

    He didn’t mean it that way but it is a compliment to the LGBT community to hear that it was intellectuals backed Conchita. Only bigots and fools believe in hating or criticising the behaviour of somebody who is doing no harm. It is also important to remember that if religion is behind the bigotry, that religion is man-made and though the state may have to respect different beliefs, the state must be careful to avoid reasoning, “We must legislate in accordance with those beliefs in case they really are revealed by God”. Secularism cannot allow that.

  • Christopher in Canada

    Being a “trendy intellectual” is dangerous work. Stalin and Hitler rounded them up and exterminated as many as they could, in their day. Poets, writers, artists, teachers, people who simply wore glasses… Of course, to this jerk, if welders ran the world it would be easier for him to make sense of it. (I can say that, as my dad is a welder and taught me to weld!)

  • john

    “I was simply asking for opinions as to whether votes for Austria were becuase it was the best song (I think the Netherlands and Sweden would argue about that!”
    Both the Netherlands and Sweden gave Austria 12 points and both the televote and the judges voted it the best song so that’s what the Netherlands and Sweden thought about it

  • Mike

    Has this guy ever been to Austria? Second division? I think not! And as for comments about Ms Wurst it says more about the freedoms we have in Europe that allow a drag queen to win other than some right wing so called democracy that pressures other countries to rebel!

  • Suddenly Last Bummer

    Trendy intellectuals wouldn’t vote for an act on a tv show.

  • Erica

    I’m not sure that anyone who considered themselves a trendy intellectual would actually be caught dead watching any kind of talent show.

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