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US: First same-sex couple marries in Arkansas after marriage ban struck down

  • C. Dorr

    Well… that was faster than I expected. Brace for a fight guys, the old guard fights dirty here.

  • Ullrich Braun

    “All men are created equal. No matter how hard you try, you can never erase those
    words.” Harvey Milk

  • Steve_R

    Will Oregon be the first state to “wise up” I wonder, or will this go the usual…. “ban overturned as unconstitutional” couples marry, “Attorney General ask for stay pending appeal”! interim denial of licenses, marriages in limbo. The usual year or more of legal wrangles.

    It’s getting all too predictable! even when the state attorney accepts it… the governor wants to appeal or the AFA demand a stay.

    I congratulate the couples fortunate enough to marry immediately. But, I always regret their joy is so short lived (in the interim) because of appeals, it must be like having the greatest party, and then waking with a hangover asking when will it end?.

  • Kat Robinson

    Photographer Grav Weldon captured the events.. feel free to check out how the story unfolded on his Instagram:

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