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UK: NHS boards attacked by religious groups after urging for gay-inclusive sex education

  • @Mike-uk2011

    As usual, religious bodies sticking their nose in where it doesn’t belong.
    Stick to the church and quit trying to enforce your primitive world views on everyone else.

  • Rosa Smith

    People who don’t have adequate sex education are more likely to engage
    in unsafe sex, and therefore more likely to endanger their partners as
    well as themselves. Opting out of sex education is like opting out of vaccinations – it puts the rest of the population at greater risk.

  • Because a child’s health is less important than a meddling third party’s vicarious discomfort…

  • J.

    An ‘opt-out’ will be a disaster, if allowed. Religious lobbyists should not be allowed to steer sex education policy as it will only create a Section 28-style exclusionist education system, serving only the bigotry of the churches rather than the needs of our future adults. Hopefully Salmond’s admiration for Putin will not cloud his judgement on this.

    • Truth

      If it ever gains independence, perhaps Scotland will be annexed by Russia. They seem to have so much in common regarding respect for LGBT rights …

  • This should be no surprise. Organised religion has always used ignorance, sexual or otherwise, to control and intimidate

  • Mark Y

    How could a parent not want their children to be educated about sexual health? There are some sick people in this World.

    Saying that, I’m not sure I’d want some homophobic fundamentalist catholic or muslim brainwashing thug teaching my children about sex, or any other subject for that matter.

    All religious schools should be closed down and re-opened as secular state schools. The tax payer should not be keeping religious schools open. Especially schools which answer to either Rome or Saudi Arabia.

    • Truth

      It is totally laughable and a disgrace that in a modern democracy tax money is being used to fund religious schools. We need a complete separation of church and state so that we can finally become a modern, 21st century state instead of one which is still beholden to and influenced bys religion.

  • Val Quigley

    Churches have no right to be saying that NHS Scotland has poor track record on improving sexual health when there only contributions in this area are often actively detrimental to health. NHS boards are absolutely right to be intervening in this area as there remit includes public health protection and prevention. We all have the right to good information and equal access to health and wellbeing in our lives. As a mental health worker I have seen the damage these prejudiced and hate filled views can wreak on young peoples lives. Ignore the people who would leave us ignorant an unequal and go with the NHS view.

  • Marc Webster

    “Scottish health boards have been spectacularly unsuccessful in improving Scotland’s sexual health, allowing them to influence education policy would clearly be a recipe for further disaster.”

    And allowing any religionist cults to influence sex education would be catastrophic..I shudder to think what they would teach them

  • Leonard Woodrow

    When the world is just waking up to the damage done to minority groups by religious bigotry, these people want to continue imposing their heartless and inhumane ideas on children … and their only “reason” is their superstitious belief in ancient fables. Such is the power of indoctrination.

  • Liam

    F*ck parent’s rights, unwanted/underage pregnancy & STIs affect the whole of society.

  • Bikerman

    Because of course, it’s far better to stick your head in the religious sand than prepare all children for a healthy and happy sex-life.

  • Steve_R

    As a race humans are complex… and hypocritical! as we get older we demand to know things we have inquiring minds. We challenge our right to know, we use “freedom of information” acts to obtain what others can hide.

    As parents, we are hypocritical! because we selectively censor information children need or want to know about… believing we know best. Older generations will likely be able to attest to the fact they never (or wouldn’t dream) of talking to their children about sex… it was too dirty, or embarrassing! It was or perhaps still is for some parents, but it they have a darned nerve to leave the job to others… and then demand that they only tell children “what they would only prefer they know” typical of religion, pick and choose!

    If parents can’t do the job at all or properly to ensure their children’s heath and well being, they shouldn’t point fingers at the people who can! They would be all assertive and demand that authority deal with abusive parents, yet are too naive to see that their own ignorance denying their kids knowledge makes themselves abusive parents.

  • Homo Demon

    I love a bit of Catholic hypocracy! The Church said:

    “Scottish health boards have been spectacularly unsuccessful in improving Scotland’s sexual health, allowing them to influence education policy would clearly be a recipe for further disaster.”

    That’s like saying that the Catholic Church has been unsuccessful in reducing unwanted pregnancies or HIV tranmission amongst Catholic people so allowing them to influence education policy would clearly be a recipe for disaster.

    Actually, it’s nothing like it. My comments hold a lot more weight!

  • Homo Demon

    There was a good article in The Independent today about a young lad who was diagnosed as being HIV positive at just 18 years old:

    The spirit of the article was to improve HIV education for young people.

    It makes me so, so angry when religious leaders try to intervene like this. It’s just evil.

    Young people have a right to knowledge about sexual health. It’s also a public health issue for wider society. Religion is relevant to the actions of the young people (e.g. Whether or not they have a sexy time behind the bike sheds) and not to the knowledge that they have (e.g. It’s best to use a condom).

  • REALrenovato

    Scottish education used to be progressive and some of the best in the world.
    It was based on pragmatism and the advancement of knowledge and engendering curiosity for science, biology, mathamatics, physics and engineering and most of all practicle.
    This idea of allowing parents to opt out their children of fundametal education which they will need for life and to protect them selves from disease and abuse in relationships and to promote ignorance is a danger to public health and the individual, especially women and sexual minorities. We are already behind in health, sex and relationship education in Scottish schools compared to the rest of western Europe,
    If Alex Salmond was serious that Scotland needs to embrace its Northern European Heritage, then this is a retrograde step and moving in the wrong direction and depriving young adults of education, of knowledge of relationships and sexual knowledge about themselves and their prospective future partners and how to protect themselves from STI’s, unwanted pregnancies or abusive or exploitative partners is frankly abuse of young people and a perversion of education.
    If the SNP endorse this they are a disgrace to the Scottish people and I will reconsider my independance vote and who to support at the next Scottish Parliament elections.

  • Riondo

    It’s time all these opt-outs were stopped. Parents should no more be allowed to pull kids out of sex education lessons because positive things might be said about gays than to pull them out of biology because Darwinism is taught as part of it.
    The notion that their frankly irrational beliefs won’t be ‘respected’ doesn’t bear much examination. The point is that good sex education – like any good education – will comprise presentation of known facts (as opposed to myths and stereotypes) with open and respectful debate of different outlooks and values and give young people confidence and information to make their own decisions and respect themselves and each other. Authoritarian God-bothering parents don’t want this, of course. They don’t want their children to learn about any experiences or perspectives that will lead to them questioning the repressive guilt-ridden twaddle they have been inculcated with.

  • Fur Beasty

    It appears that religious homophobia is a fact of life – one good reason to make all schools secular.

  • Chris in LA

    Schools have a duty to inform children about all possible topics as fully and objectively as possible. I think they should also run compulsory courses in Mythology, which should include the beliefs and stories of every religion, dead and living.

  • Truth

    So, these supposedly ‘loving’ Christians would rather their children die of ignorance? It’s disgraceful.

  • Joeoz

    Parents deciding on what type, what level of sex education can be quite disastrous! Some parents would rather that their children didn’t get sex education at all… As many people have stated and rightly so, this isn’t just an education issue but also a health issue! Children need to be educated about their own bodies and about their own sexuality. Only through proper education can children, learn to protect themselves… against, unplanned pregnancies, STI’s and predatory sexual behavior.

  • Ben

    A school is for education. Religion has no place in a school. Children need to be taught facts. They need to know and understand everything around sex eduction for their own protection.
    If parents opt their children out of sex education they are putting them at risk as the children will not know about protection and the risks.
    Also, LGBT children will still be in the dark about what they are going through and they will be scared as they are different from everyone else.
    Schools “NEED” sex education, and then need to include LGBT sex education.

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