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Eurovision: Host banned from wearing rainbows by contest organisers

  • dave

    To those who complained to the BBC Director-General, Lord Hall, about Graham Norton being banned from wearing a red ribbon – has anyone yet received a proper reply directly from him or from his office?

  • Steven Gregory

    The same claim was made when Graham Norton wore a red ribbon in support of AIDS research. Norton wore it anyway and the BBC lost its head. Pilou Asbæk shouldn’t have asked if he could wear rainbows, just wear the damn rainbows.

  • Marc Webster

    I only watch a bit of Eurovision not all of it as it’s just become too much of a joke…..the political voting is so obvious that its no longer about the music…..I know this is very wrong of me but I do feel a bit freaked with the bearded lady….I don’t know if it is a guy with a beard who is a drag queen or a transgender woman who has kept the facial hair…..can someone please enlighten me

  • Marc Webster

    I would also like to point out I think Pilou is hot and should be allowed to wear rainbows

    • Neil Rhodes

      I wasn’t going to watch it but now, having seen that picture of him, I just might

      • Marc Webster

        LOL it is a good enough reason to sit through that drivel…

    • Steven Gregory

      And only rainbows. Tasteful tiny rainbows!

      • Marc Webster

        Everything we gay men do is tasteful lol….ahem….yes even a little rainbow badge would do… you get Eurovision in America Steven?

        • Steven Gregory

          We don’t, but the finale is on PrimeWire [dot] ag
          That’s where I watch most British dramatic programming (Crimson Field, Vera, Happy Valley…)

          I haven’t been tempted to watch Eurovision.

          • Marc Webster

            You arent missing anything important… you can get those UK dramas….the only one I watch of those 3 is Happy Valley which Im enjoying….one bit of talent in it LOL

      • Joeoz

        Just be careful, where you put those pins!
        Or perhaps you could just, lick and stick?

        • Steven Gregory

          Temporary Tattoos! You can put it anywhere, but you need to rub it for a few minutes to complete the transfer…

  • Leonard Woodrow

    It’s bad enough that we have to put up with the Russkies and their vicious anti-gay laws … now we can’t dress as we want for fear of upsetting them. What a mess!

  • Ray

    The rainbow symbol has become the swastika of the homo-fascist lobby , it should not be raised over town halls or worn by media people .Keep it to your ‘pride’ Nuremberg style rallies please .

    • Steven Gregory

      Okay. And we’re going to yank the gold-plated crosses off the necks of idiots, because it is the swastika of violent warmongers whose myth is founded upon incest.

    • J.

      A ‘Ray’ of sunshine. Not.
      Go fcuk yourself.

    • Mark Y

      You obviously don’t know what a fascist is. Go and educate yourself before you use the word again. And you clearly know nothing about the Nuremberg rallies. Again, go and educate yourself before you use them as a metaphor. Stupid troll.

    • Joeoz

      As we say in the old country…

      “Csak fogd az arcod!” or “Just shut your face!”

  • Mikeylano

    Are these “organisers” new or something?

  • Lady Queefalot

    He should just wear it if he wants to, what are they going to do? Run on and tear it off him?

  • gingerlycolors

    Conchita Wurst cann ot put iy better:
    “We are unstoppable!”
    Thank you Conchita for winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 and dealing another blow for LGTB people.

  • Madgeographer

    Idiotic Denmark. Human rights are not politics.

  • Madgeographer

    Idiotic Denmark. Human rights are not politics.

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