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US: BSA membership down 6% since compromise to allow gay scouts

  • Sparkyu1

    No surprise – they chose the option guaranteed to annoy everyone. The homophobes are going to shun them for not ostracising gay kids as their “Christian love” demands

    But people who think LGBT people are, y’know, actual people aren’t going to flock to an organisation that still fires gay scout leaders. No-one should be in a hurry to support people who are still bigots even if they’ve made one exception in their bigotry.

  • Mark Y

    I’m sure membership went down just after they allowed black scouts to join.

  • Stefan

    I have no idea how they argue that Garrett Bryant “deliberately injected” his sexual orientation into his scouting.

  • Jon (Malaysia)

    I have no idea what’s so great about scouts anyway. When I was 12 and the scouts were carving toy cars out of wood blocks to race on a wooden track, I was putting bearings in a real 1951 Pontiac Chieftain that our neighbour scorched by running without oil. When I was 14 and the scouts were busy helping proverbial old ladies cross streets to win merit badges, I was keeping another neighbours garden going, including his roll your own tobacco plants, after he was injured on his job, so he could have a harvest that autumn. I still had plenty of time to go wilderness camping with friends, making our own campsites and choping our own firewood instead of going to a lake like the scouts where the shelter was all built by the dads with chainsaws. I bet I got a lot more skinny dipping in than they did too as no adults were anywhere near. You can make your own fun more fun and your chores more meaningful with some imagination and empathy and learning of skills than any scouting activity could ever accomplish.

    • Jon (Malaysia)

      Oh yeah, and I’m as queer as a nine pound note :)

    • Geoffrey McGrath

      Jon, those are exactly the kinds of skills I need with our kids. Come camp with us! If the BSA won’t partner with us, I know the Frontier Scouts or the are happy to partner with us. Our inner-city kids already had the best troop going–it only gets better once we decide which non-discriminating organization to partner with.

  • Jared

    And of course there’s no mention of this being because several scout groups run by religious people made the decision on behalf of their local members without any consultation.

    I read an article shortly after the rules were changed where two scout groups were losing members and about to close because their leadership left BSoA over this. They made the decision based on their own religious opinions and objections, and the parents started removing their kids from that group because of the bigotry, NOT because of the change to accept gay scouts.

    Some of them joined others in neighboring cities and states because they didn’t agree with the opinions of the local leaders and wanted to remain in BSoA. Many left the scouts entirely and joined other similar groups where there were no rules regarding sexual identity or religion.

    What the BSoA and the group leaders who left didn’t understand is that the majority of the parents who send their kids to be involved in these groups are not religious, that’s just an aspect of BSoA that many of them could have done without. Parents want their kids to learn lessons, have experiences and make friends in these groups, they don’t send them to be preached at by fire and brimstone lunatics.

    The reason they lost 6% is mostly because of the leaders removing them from the BSoA as a national group, and parents becoming fed up with their kids groups being hijacked by religious fundamentalists.

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