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Hotel cancellations over Brunei ‘stone the gays’ law reach $1.5 million

  • Pablo

    Unfortunately I think there is a bigger motive here than gay rights, I think we are being used to cover up ulterior motives. By driving customers and the Oscars away from this hotel, another one will get the business and money.

    • Mark Y

      And hopefully the other hotel isn’t owned by a dictator who has introduced a ‘stone the gays’ law in his country.

    • JSM

      Pablo, you can throw the first stone.

      • Pablo

        Why would I throw the first stone?

    • Leonard Woodrow

      Does it matter? As long as the ignorant twit is penalised for his bigotry, that’s a move in the right direction.

      • Sister Mary Clarance

        Absolutely agree. We can’t take on the whole world simultaneously but
        when bigoted idiots who do harm to gay people are identified we can
        respond appropriately on a case by case basis.

        In this case, the appropriate thing to do is to shift our business elsewhere.

        isolation it isn’t going to change the world, but I suspect that the
        Sultan of Brunei does not want the world to see him as the backward
        product of in breeding, and over times, thinks again about the stupidity
        he has displayed.

    • lotusenta

      I don’t think there are any more motives than the fact that the person that owns the hotel in question also runs a country like this. Please remove your tin foil hat, your paranoia is showing.

  • silence = complicity

  • allan

    Whilst I think a boycott is commendable and does highlight the horrors (poor) LGBTs face in Brunei and in areas throughout the world. I very much doubt that the Sultan and his vulgarly rich family will notice $1.5 million or publically alter their stance on the treatment of us and other selected groups and rock the boat in this ultra conservative Islamic state.
    The only worrying and saving grace at the same time, is that their oil reserves are not endless, estimates vary but in the 80s there was already talk of over production and the ‘future’.
    The re-focusing and hardening of conservatism within many Islamic states may be partly to do with those in power reigning in the general populace as a means of controlling the country through religious fervour to protect their own role and solidify their superiority ready for tougher times ahead. Power is addictive and absolute power absolutely addictive and fought for at any cost.
    The march of conservative ‘religions’ is far less to do with a search for a god, who ever that is, it’s more about keeping those in power or seeking power rich and in charge.

  • Sister Mary Clarence

    “There’s so many hotels, banks and other organizations that have connections to countries which have this type of law.”

    No problem, give us a list matey and we’ll boycott them too.

  • kane

    ‘Hassanal Bolkiah, the Sultan of Brunei’

    Bolkiah Has s anal, with the name like that, who knows maybe he does indeed

  • Marionetta

    “We’re not scared.”
    Oh yes you are, sir. Yes you are. = w =

  • Frank Boulton

    “There’s so many hotels, banks and other organizations that have connections to countries which have this type of law.”
    This is the last ditch defence of the indefencible. Wrong is never justifiable by the fact that others, no matter how numerous, have done the same wrong.

  • Teddy Antolin


  • Boycotting is the right thing to do. It is a matter of ‘we have to do something!”
    No, it won’t make a dint in his stone-age Sultan’s bank account, but it will hit his pride. It doesn’t matter how rich and powerful a person becomes, if he has no love for his brothers and sisters, he is NOTHING. God is love. Why doesn’t he read on what science is constantly telling right wing religious ignorant bigots:
    “Homosexuality is NOT a) disease b) metal illness c) a perversion – and- it cannot be cured, hence it is NOT a choice.” So, if it’s not a choice, why would God punish his children? NOT a porn site

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