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Republican politician: Gay men doing anal sex is like ‘taking a dump in your bed’

  • @Mike-uk2011

    Is he equating anal sex to ‘taking a dump in the bed’ because it involves the anus?
    Then I suppose vaginal intercourse is like taking a piss in bed, then, because it involves the penis and vagina, two organs used to pass urine.

    • Urine does not pass through or collect in the vagina.

      • DTNorth

        Maybe not, but it does pass from the bladder via the Labium Majus
        which for all intents is the same exit.

      • Paul

        Blood and rejected eggs do. So does this mean the comparison is that it’s like bleeding in bed and laying eggs??

        • Rumbelow

          Goes without saying (lol)

        • Steven Gregory

          B-O-L (Busted Out Laughing)

      • @Mike-uk2011

        Maybe not the vaginal opening itself, but I view it as part of the vagina, from the clitoris to the vaginal opening. It’s female genitalia like male genitalia includes the testicles.

    • Steven Gregory

      I think we should ask his WIFE.

    • sJames6621

      guess he’d rather do his wife or GF when she has her period

  • Rehan

    This creature really needs to get his head out of his (and everybody else’s) arse.

    • Steven Gregory

      In the U.S., Republicans love to drone on and on about how they love “smaller government.” The truth is, they want government so tiny it will fit up every woman’s uterus and every gay man’s anus.

    • Frank Boulton

      Wow, you mean that this guy does cephaloproctic copulation?

  • Neil Rhodes

    So heterosexual couples doing anal sex (which they do) get a free pass I take it.

    • Barry Scarfe

      Yes, of course they do. Don’t you know? ONLY gay couples engage in anal sex. Straight couples never do it in homophobe land even though a less than ten second search using the wonders of google will turn-up literally thousands upon thousands of websites (most of which have to be paid for thus there must be a market for it) devoted to straight couples engaging in the old ‘bum fun’ (in the infamous words of Dafydd Thomas of ‘the only gay in the village’ fame!)

      • Steven Gregory

        And there’s growing popularity among heterosexuals for “pegging,” where a woman uses a dildo — manually or in a strap-on — to satisfy her man. A lot of young heterosexuals have discovered that STRAIGHT MEN HAVE PROSTATES and getting them banged feels good. I think it’s awesome, because it makes loons like this politician easy for sexually open heterosexuals to reject and ridicule.

        • Joeoz

          I suppose this idiot also advocates intelligent design…?

          After all if we were created so perfectly…

          Then why is the male, “G-Spot” located in the prostate, which can only be accessed via anal sex or anal stimulation…?

          • Steven Gregory

            Which totally explains why people like Hickey spend so much time with his head up his ass.

          • sJames6621

            remember part of intelligent design is that the earth is only 6000 years old.

            As for these idiots its obvious that they are hardly past the insects on the evolutionary traiil of progress

          • Joeoz

            Exactly… I had read somewhere many years ago, that a group of religious nutters calculated the age of the earth using the bible. They theorized that the bible had some hidden mathematical code and that the earth was created in 6006 BC.

    • sJames6621

      Take a look on the USA CDC website – you;d be surprise how many str8 couples admit that doing in in the womans butt is their idea of pleasue without a risk of pregnancy

  • Riondo

    Doctors ought to warn of the unhealthy and dangerous nature of this fruitcake’s baseless anally-fixated obsessions.

  • GulliverUK

    His position is entirely theological, faith-based, and therefore not worthy of proper consideration. He’s taken dubious theological texts, interpretative them in a way that fits his religiously-driven belief, ignored actual science and evidence, and is pretending it’s backed by science and evidence. No reputable scientific organization would back his opinions. There are two types of opinions in the world – regular standard opinions, and ‘informed’ opinions. He’s exactly the sort of GOP religious nut who would have rallied against inter-racial marriage and used Biblical BS to back it up. He seems to be confused as to why everybody thinks he’s a jerk. He’s a pastor and is basing his reasoning on flawed reasoning and uninformed doctrinal beliefs.

    Here’s a taste of Bible flaws;
    – Bible assumes 3 tier Universe – that theory was destroyed by Copernicus
    – Bible assumes sickness caused by sin, and people are being punished. We now have the medical knowledge to understand bacteria and viruses.
    – Bible assumes Epilepsy caused by demon possession. We have medicine and understand this – we don’t need to drill holes in peoples’ heads, or burn them at the stake
    – Bible assumes Earth is centre of Universe and Sun rotates around it – Galileo took care of that untruth
    – Bible assumes human beings created separately – Darwin raised a very different prospect about how we came to be.

    In 1st century they believed whole of human life is male sperm – women were just an incubator. In 1724 – scientists discovered there’s an egg cell. ONLY THEN did they talk about co-creation.

    You would be completely mad to ignore rational critical thinking, reasoning, logic, evidence, science in favor of stupid religious archaic uninformed belief. Lastly, calling out others who criticize you for your views by making exceptionally offensive remarks like he has made here is a measure of his anti-gay biases. It’s incitement to hatred – and I think he should be charged with that. At the very least the GOP should expel him. He says he doesn’t mention God or Christianity in what he said, but he starts talking about it here. As I said, he cites himself as a ‘Pastor’ on his twitter account.

    • Steven Gregory

      My favorite question to ask Christians: “God created Adam and then made Eve out of his rib. Then Adam and Eve had two sons. Who did the sons mate with?” Sometimes those people will come back with, “Adam and Eve had lots of children, they both lived several centuries.” And then I smile and reply, “So you’re telling me Christian mythology is based on two guys screwing their sisters, that’s quite a story.”

      • Frank Boulton

        No, in Genesis 1:27, God creates mankind: “…male and FEMALE created he them.” Eve was Adam’s second wife and the story about her being fashioned out of his rib doesn’t come until Genesis 2:20-25. This is a great source of embarrassment to some Bible commentators. But, yes, this is just more evidence to corroborate what a heap of twaddle the Bible is.

        • Steven Gregory

          Dang! How many times did I read that verse and not register that there was already a female creation prior to Eve? Jewish folklore says her name was Lilith, if I remember correctly. I guess Cain could have mated with Lilith, which takes a little of the edge off this cosmic soap opera; but I’ll only tell the Christians to help them realize the enormity of twaddle they believe will be rewarded with a giant drag pageant in the sky.

          • Frank Boulton

            Lilith is mentioned in a list of animals in the Book of Isaiah. She then is described in the Babylonian Talmud as some sort of demon or monster. She isn’t named as Adam’s first wife until the 8th Century AD or after, when certain Jewish writers use her to explain the two creations of woman in Genesis. Apparently, Lilith was created from the dust of the earth as Adam was and so she argued that she was his equal and wouldn’t obey him. So, God banished her and created Eve out his his rib. And that’s supposed to make sexism OK?

            On a lighter note, here is Betty Bowers delightful little talk about traditional marriage in the Bible. I bet she makes more atheists by herself with her humorous approach to the subject than we PN commentators all put together:

  • Truth

    …. and the mouth? Is that an ‘in’ or an ‘out’ orifice? I’m afraid this gentleman’s suppressed same-sex attraction has become a bit of an obsession for him. He definitely needs treatment ….

    • tom_beauchamparnold

      Or a blow job.

  • John Blue

    I saw the word republican, then saw the pic, and I honestly for a second, thought it was Gerry adams.

  • D.McCabe

    He really is putting a lot of thought into what us gay guys get up to in the sack isn’t he?

    Personally, I have never considered taking a dump in mine or anyone else’s bed.

    • Steven Gregory

      One would suspect Republican leaders hi his state might be embarrassed by his nonstop potty mouth. He is literally a human skid mark.

      • Joeoz

        Yes but skid marks can be usually washed away!

    • He looks gay. He trips my gaydar like Marcus Bachmann.

  • Rumbelow

    Gay couples doing anal sex is like straight couples doing anal sex.
    Taking a dump in your bed is like Steve Hickey taking a dump in his bed.

  • Paul

    The fact that he targets gay people with this theory shows he is just another bigoted homophobe. He fails to include heterosexuals who “do anal”. He also assumes all gays “do anal”.

    Just another ignorant f*ck wit who comes out with some childist playground name calling tactic to try to have a point. The irony is that the point he proves is that he is an ignorant moron.

    Also… to be able to compare assumes he must have tried both… if he hasn’t then he is in no position to compare the two. Clearly he also hasn’t heard of douching! The dirty b*stard!

  • Yesh U R

    Well worth the reading. Nothing get’s through the thick skulls of Republican xtian politicians but this does go a long way to hitting him over the head with his own club.

    He claims to be “rooted in faith” and for those of us with a Babelfish translator that comes out as “I am a raving religious delusional with serious personality issues because of a lifetime of hiding in the closet.”

    • Steven Gregory

      My Babelfish translator just spit out: “I think about gay sex day and night in the name of Jesus.”

  • And to think this man “works” in a public office position!

    What the hell are people there thinking, allowing this clearly mentally incapable man to work in representation of their interests as citizens. It boggles the mind that the public there allows this idiot to keep his position.

  • Stephen

    This website is extraordinarily offensive thanks to its lack of respect for its readership.
    Why is this moron newsworthy.
    Why does Pink News constantly promote homophobia?
    This website is like the gay Daily Mail (it’s a right wing, pro-religion site as well).

    • Yesh U R

      Further, sadly I think it is because of these kinds of stories that have been lifted out of the mainstream and cut and pasted on this site we get the trolls who follow and also think it perfectly acceptable to be offensive in exactly the same tone and content as the stories on the site often are. I get the message the Republican Party is crammed to the gunnels with xtian crazed haters for all things LGBT. We know they are crazy and we know that they will always be crazy they have had two thousand years of practice at it.

    • jamesh

      I agree. Pink News constantly publish homophobic stories :( These people have a right to their point of view however vile it may be. Promoting their vile opinions actually gives credence to them. Why don’t we just ignore them?

      • tom_beauchamparnold

        Ignore your enemies at your peril.

    • DTNorth

      Know your enema. Enemy…..

    • Rehan

      I think PN’s brief is simply to report every news item worldwide it finds in relation to anything gay, even if it’s just the word ‘gay’ itself. See it as a media-monitoring service, rather than one solely promoting gay issues.

      • Jones

        Like the NSA but with rainbows on.

  • Maryland Kid

    Not unless you’re into that kind of stuff.

  • why_me

    Sounds as if he has experience at doing dumps in his bed. Do straight people do anal intercourse in the same manner ? à la Maquis de Sade …

  • James, Saskatoon, Canada

    Tell us, Mr. Hickey, if a heterosexual couple has anal sex, is that also “taking a dump in your bed.” — James, Saskatoon Canada

  • Bluespiral58

    He would also ask, “is it OK for, you know, eight of your friends that you’re in love with to spit in your bed and then you can sleep in it all year long?” That’s what kissing is. Does he ever wash his sheets?

  • J.

    Somebody should have a quiet word with him to let him know what a complete and utter arse he’s making of himself and that his apparent obsession with gay men is rather telling.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Extraordinary that religious nutters are the only ones obsessing about gay sex and their fixation with anal sex is always revealing. Notice he doesn’t condemn heteros who indulge in it, among other sexual activities that wouldn’t quite fit in with biblical beliefs. Masturbation is also frowned upon in the old testament but I bet he’d never admit to having done it. I’m sorry but this is bigotry and hypocrisy combined.

  • Art Pearsonb

    One might just wonder how a straight guy like Steve would know anything about anal sex eh?

    • Guillermo3

      Easy one,Art: Steve was born in that S.Dakota town famous for women[ like his mother] who give birth via the lower colon.

  • Tom (Winnipeg)

    I’m not too surprised, since these are the words of a Republican. Their minds are quite gruesome.

  • AndyAS

    One can only assume he’s talking from experience!!! His bed must be truly horrific!!!

  • gregipoh

    The very reverend Ian Paisley used to go on about this when he was inebriated- in the House of Commons. they seem extremely fixated/ obsessional about it.

  • to_tell_the_truth

    Mr. Hickey,
    How come it’s ‘Gay men doing anal sex is like ‘taking a dump in your bed’, and not ‘ALL couples doing anal sex is like ‘taking a dump in your bed’???
    Have you heterosexuals stopped doing anal? When did that happen???

  • Rumbelow

    When Steve Hickey talks out of his arse like this, as he usually does, then you know he’s spreading manure.

  • Joanne Cooper

    I have two curious questions for this republican politician 1. Has he ever had anal sex? 2. Has he ever taken a dump in bed?

    • Guillermo3

      Joanne Cooper,Mr. Hickey may have done neither.However:Obviously his mother did.Otherwise he wouldn’t be here.

  • Always with the fevered imaginings about our sex lives. I find it very amusing being sexually objectified by heterosexual men.

  • Steven Gregory

    This loon emits a lot of opinions about gay sex, HE’S OBSESSED!
    I suspect he’ll be caught in a gay scandal in about 3… 2… 1…

    • J.

      Haha!! Perhaps he actually wants to get caught – to be dragged out of the closet. Or … perhaps he’s just jealous that he isn’t getting ‘any’, if he isn’t getting ‘any’ that is. I’m sure his PC would reveal much – it might actually reveal some more disturbing things about him. We know that he’s ‘disturbed’ due to his irrational obsession but the guy is hiding something. He’s a repressed, closeted, homophobic homosexual or there’s something else, but he’s definitely hiding something.

      • Joeoz

        I think perhaps you might be onto something…
        Me thinks that the lady doth protest too much…!
        Perhaps being caught out, would put an end to his secret struggles?

  • Steven Gregory

    What this article fails to mention is that Hickey is the pastor of a church, that has a web site, that has an email link where people can ask questions or leave comments!

  • Martin R

    He must be speaking from experience!

  • Frank Boulton

    Note the guy says that he’s not discriminating against anyone but then goes on to present his own heterosexual marriage as a duty but says that our relationships and feelings are purely self-serving. Perhaps he can explain to us what double standards are, if they are not discriminatory.

  • This crude fool seems oblivious to the pronouncements of doctors who have asserted that anal intercourse is seldom dangerous (I except those men who keep stretching the anus with dildos for some unknown reason), and with a few elementary planning precautions, is seldom messy. People do things because they feel good — that nugget of truth lies at the heart of operant conditioning — and anal intercourse has been practiced between men with men and men with women for millenia. I simply cannot understand why so many Republican politicians are so interested in the sex acts, positions, and writhings of pleasure engaged in by gay men. They seldom have problems with lesbians to the same extent as they have problems with gay men.

    Could this mask secret desire?


  • SC

    Most anal sex is practiced by heterosexual couples. Of course this does not justify his statement.

  • dominickJ

    What anyone does in bed is their business PERIOD bottom line!!!!

  • Queen, please! Every time I see these public homophobes, they strike me as being gay. And then there is their obsession with butt sex? What gives?

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