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Churches to unite with ‘one love’ message against homophobia

  • Stephen

    These tiny churches that oppose homophobia are the exception that prove the rule.
    Religion poisons everything, should be regarded as a mental illness and has nothing of value to offer the world.
    I urge the members of these 8 cults to seek help for their mental issues (their believe in that ‘god’ thing).

    • wadeisin1971

      Corruption and blind following poisons things but those who are intelligent enough to understand that Christianity is only intended to guide you to love and basic human dignity are the religion’s saving grace.

    • Liz R

      Actually all three denominations mentioned Quakers, Unitarians and Liberal Jews welcome Atheists into their congregations so where does that leave your position? Is it religion or theism that you deem mental illness? Why should you care what they believe in as long as they are not effecting you? We should also not band about the term ‘mental issues’ or ‘mental illness’. This only disrespects true health issues that people have, and is used as an excuse for anything you personally do not agree with (just like how homosexuality was deemed a mental illness). But really I suppose I should learn not to deal with ignorant trolls, who should at least do their research before making illinformed trolling statements.

  • George Broadhead

    The Unitarians, the Quakers and Liberal Jews are well known for being gay friendly. Pity they are in a minority though.

  • wadeisin1971

    I’m so happy to see Christians that understand the true meaning of the religion, love. Haters are everywhere but those who know love need to make more of these declarations.

  • Rob

    The homophobic views in churches are really quite limited, but a very vocal minority. There are others who strive (or claim to strive) not to be homophobic and to be accepting of gay people but think of gay sex as sinful, just as most people did 50 years ago. There are many – more than most people think – in churches who fully accept gay people and think the idea that gay sex is inherently sinful is outdated nonsense.

    • Liam

      Does it even matter what they think is sinful? I only care when they try to force their religious beliefs in to law.

  • Stephen Mead

    Links to a few places helping LGBT folks internationally:

    IGLHRC: International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights
    Peter Tatchell Foundation | Speaking out for Human Rights
    Truth Wins Out announced today the launch of its new Center
    Against Religious Extremism (, which aims to hold America’s
    Religious Right accountable for promoting theocracy at home and shipping its
    dangerous brand of hate

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