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UKIP’s Roger Helmer: ‘I’m not the anti-gay MEP and I would attend a gay wedding’

  • Sparkyu1

    Ah, the smell of desperate PR scrabble in the evening! Hmmm…. smells like bullshit

  • Rovex

    Not defending him, but all that really matters to me is what these people actually vote for. If they dont vote against equality I couldn’t care less how repulsive they find homosexuality.

    Being totally honest, I find heterosexuality repulsive, i just wouldn’t be as crass as him in my description.

    • misfit44

      Then you are a heterophobe

      • Rovex

        No. A ‘phobe would be someone who wants them repressed, given less rights, or eradicated. I dont want that. Im not really sure why you would be surprised that a gay person might find heterosexuality repulsive, isnt that why they are gay? Is it not true in reverse?

        • Dolly Digest

          Rovex – No. Whilst I have no biological compulsion to participate in straight sex, I do not find the concept of it repulsive. Also when I see a heterosexual couple appearing very much in love I think how sweet that is and I do not immediately visualize them having sexual intercourse. Homophobes for some reason seem to have an extremely unhealthy obsession with gay sex. It is likely that those same homophobes have an unhealthy view of sex in general. I also find it interesting that you state in your post ‘isn’t that why they are gay’? Very odd as you claim to be gay in your previous post. Sad that you need to troll comment threads and post you stupidity everywhere.

          • Rovex

            Get off your high horse dear, you are reading way to much into it. I dont find 2 people in love repulsive, of course i don’t, I do find the act of heterosexual sex repulsive to see or think about. Its all over TV and movies and it makes me squirm because I cannot relate to it at all. I will never understand why a man is attracted to a woman as long as i live, but does that make be a heterophobe? No because it has no relevance to any other action I take in my life. Its none of my business and none of my actions are working against it.

            I was talking in the third person when I used ‘they’. Yes I am gay. I suggest you rethink your post and stop sounding so reactionary.

          • Dolly Digest

            Not relating to something is not the same as finding something repulsive. Most gay men are not repulsed by heterosexual sex, most gay men simply have no feeling or reaction to it at all. I understand why men are attracted to women even though I am not. I have discussed this with many of my friends and they appear to feel the same way about it as I do – I think your repulsion is an overreaction.

          • Rovex

            Good job we arent all the same isnt it. That would be boring.

            Some gay men are neutral to straight sex, some find it gross, both are valid, the problem is when you try to do something to hurt straight people.

  • GulliverUK

    What self-respecting gay couples would want this odious dinosaur at their wedding ! Other people should be the judge of whether they think someone is homophobic, racist, sexist, misogynistic, xenophobic, etc. Different people will see his comments relative to their own views and experiences in life – but he does, at least, acknowledge his faults, which is a first-step to putting things right. His comments about rape are also causing a backlash in the other papers. He’s getting it from all sides, poor chap :)

    • Steven Gregory

      He’s a waste of good cake!

      • misfit44

        I’m glad you have your priorities in the right place. What about the champagne?

        • Steven Gregory

          GOOD POINT! And then there’s the chair rental: hizass isn’t worth five bucks!

          • Joeoz

            Yes “hizass” certainly isn’t… but he’ll probably just sit on an empty bottle?

    • misfit44

      Your comments smack of Stalin’s show trials in Moscow between 1936 – 8, where people were executed for thought crimes. What you are suggesting is that the mob or consensus of opinion decided what is the law at any given moment. Who is to decide what constitutes a homophobic, racist, misogynistic, unprogressive,, anti- EU, reactionary thought? What might be respectable in the morning could well be criminal in the afternoon. We will all be wired up to a computer where whatever is the consensus of opinion at any given second will be the law. Meanwhile behind the scenes the political elite will control this ever fluctuating opinion. Welcome to your own oppression.
      Stalin would be green with envy

      • Rovex

        You really do have issues dont you…

        • misfit44

          No, if you are talking about a political party appealing to base instincts, the gay liberation front are actually creating the environment in which division and extremists will emerge. If the gays keep trampling on the rights of everyone else to the point they boast of dominating society, don’t be surprised if there will not eventually be a back lash from extreme groups. Peter Tatchell has boasted that “There are no borders or boundaries when it comes to Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender human rights. No nationality, no culture, no belief system can stand in the way of the historic quest for LGBT freedom.”
          Other homosexuals like Matthew Paris and Stephen Fry have expressed an anxiety about such rash claims, saying that the harsh treatments meted out to homosexuals before the 60’s may will return. The gays are demanding rights that go well beyond those of coloured people. The gays have no concern for children or the unborn baby . If they keep pushing the nose of the public into the filth that we see paraded in London and Manchester Pride and then say we will force your children into this life style as well, do not be surprised if one day the situation for gays will return to a state worse than it was before. What the gays do not understand is that they are being manipulated by political masters who once their goals have been achieved will dispose of the gay useful idiots. You have been sold a lie.

          • Rovex

            Gay people are NOT trampling on anyone’s rights at all, thats what you FAIL to understand. You cant demonstrate a single time that has happened, and no, the B&B owners cases are not valid, they violated everyones rights and the law of the land. What if the national grid was taken over by atheists and they refused to supply christians? Would that be OK to? Its exactly the same.

            How do gays have no consideration for children? Gay people have children, gay people sometime ARE children. Again you are spouting rubbish from conservative sources that dont understand biology or the human condition. No one wants to ‘convert’ children, that’s another sensationalistic and false argument spouted by the desperate who have no arguments left.

            Quite frankly you are delusional and still using long debunked arguments with no merit. If you cant make a decent case i suggest you give up because you are making your side look ever worse.

          • misfit44

            Chymorgen B&B at St Juste is for lesbians only . I applied as a transsexual woman and was refused . Isn’t that discrimination.
            Hamilton Hall in Bournemouth only accepts homosexuals or those prepared to join in the gay ethos of the hotel. Isn’t that discrimination.
            There are increasing numbers of gay only hotels, B&B and indeed a school in Toronto attempted to become an LGBT school only, just as Muslims are creating Islamic schools in Birmingham. Wes Streeting of Stonewall has made tweets indicating that straight people should not be allowed to enter gay events.

          • Rovex

            And I disagree with them entirely, so your point is?

          • misfit44

            Now I have just demonstrated just a few of many examples of discrimination against any who do not conform to either lesbian or homosexual values and you said, “Gay people are NOT trampling on anyone’s rights at all,….. You cant demonstrate a single time that has happened.”
            I was in a lecture in a university when I wanted to exercise my freedom of speech in complaining of a homosexual lecturer’s use of obscene language, slander and insult in a an hour long talk he had just given. I was going to ask how this would make society more accepting of people like him. His response was to immediately assault me in front of about 70 students and also incite the staff to join in driving me backward out the lecture room. This was a very traumatic and humiliating experience but the most egregious thing about this was that I was silenced. If the boot had been on the other foot and it was him the audience complaining of my language and I had treated him in exactly the same way, at the very least I would have being paying out a hefty fine. One cannot criticise either Islam or homosexuality without being on the end of thuggish behaviour. My experience is not unique.

          • Rovex

            So you equate freedom of speech (which doesn’t actually exist in reality) with murder, rape, subjugation, torture and oppression. I feel so sorry for you.. didums..

            Why do I get the feeling that actually you were the aggressor, that you didnt follow a reasonable process of complaint? May be it has to do with the fact that you wont give up here, despite getting nowhere. When will you understand that your chosen belief does not trump the human rights of others. That all your preaching is unwanted, unhelpful and baseless.

            You just dont like that finally religion is losing its privilege and free ticket to treat others like dirt. You lost the moral high ground decades ago, you should never have had it in the first place.

          • misfit44

            I don’t know what country you are living in Rovex, but either you have been completely brainwashed by Stonewall propaganda or you are living in North Korea . Get off the Ketamine and give me actual details of the murder, rape, subjugation, torture and oppression of gays in Britain or anywhere in Europe or the USA. Germany is estimated to have killed 15000 fem gays in the concentration camps, probably killed by the butch homosexual guards. If as you probably believe, having completely swallowed gay propaganda without it touching the sides of your throat, that 10% of the population is gay, that would mean that Germany, having a population of 60 million people ought to have exterminated the same number of gays as it did Jews: 6 million.
            Like Mohammedanism, Sodhammedanism is an oppressive religion that reeks of hypocrisy. Its great God is the phallus . It’s aim is to dominate. And no, I was not the aggressor. Since when did objecting to slander, insult and obscene language become an aggressive act? As for following due process of complaint, this only revealed the complete subjugation of the police, the universities and the CPS to the fascist outfit Stonewall. Ernst Rohm is their hero.

          • Rovex

            I worked for an LGBT charity , I SAW people who had been raped, abused, thrown out of home by heterosexual right wingers. Gays murdered? Here is a tiny example from the US.


            A little Google search will pull up a list of names for murdered gays in the UK, victims of homophobic attacks.

            What drugs are you taking? The Nazis were not gay, neither were they atheists, 2 favourites of the Christian right.. Gay people did not openly identify as such in the 30s and 40s, so of course they were harder to track than the Jews. If you are going to try that one at least use some intelligence please.

            Were YOU slandered personally? Or was it an attack on God that you took personally. It seem to me like you are using your personal experiences (twisted as they may be) to judge everyone.

          • misfit44

            The Nazi were brought to power by the brutal homosexual Ernst Rohm and his brutal pretty boys. However as we see here that in reality he and the Brown Shirted homosexuals were useful idiots who once they had served their purpose were disposed of.

            As for your list of Gays visited by violence in the USA, though this is nothing to celebrate, it is minute fraction of the numbers of others who have also suffered, murder, rape and violence from a society that has been deconstructed by bisexual paedophile degenerates like Alfred Kinsey and his pamphleteer Hugh Hefner of Playboy. As drug dealers relate to the rest of a community so the gay activists relate to the rest of society. It is they who have smashed down the doors to restraint and self control and beckoned the rest of society. The result is huge increase in violence all round.

            Matthew Shepherd was murder was not another case of homophobia
            So it is likely that amongst your list some of those were victims of gay on gay violence of which there is plenty.

          • Rovex

            What about the millions of Nazis there were not gay? Dont mention them do you?! I guess you wont also mention that he was murdered by other Nazis that hated homosexuality.. Of course not.
            The man was a nutter, just like all the Nazis, who were also religious and obsessed with the occult. Funny you dont mention that either.

            Yet again you use ONE example to try to prove a trend. Dont really understand how to effectively argue do you?

          • misfit44

            Allow me to straighten you out.

            What is indicated here is that the Nazi party was initially driven by the homosexual Rohm. The homosexuals were also instrumental bringing about the end of the Bolshevik revolution that ran from about 1917 – 1924. Stalin put a stop to it because of the anarchy it was causing to Russian society. However the Russians saw just how effective homosexuality was in destroying a society and thus instituted subversive measures in order to infiltrate the western education system with same social experiment and it worked like magic.

          • Rovex

            Well there we have it folks, Misfit44 shows his true colours. Presenting an article written by a known bigoted liar that quotes a book written by a genocidal maniac.

            The fact that you believe that pack of junk proves how delusional you are (if there was ever any doubt).

            The question remains why you feel compelled to keep posting here. What twisted sense of duty or fascination makes you come back here, talking to all these homosexual men?

          • misfit44

            The point is what are you doing about stopping this discrimination perpetrated by gays who try to exclude those who disagree with their ideology from the public space?
            Simply repeating the question “So your point is?” indicates a certain degree of deliberate denial and defiance.

          • Rovex

            Its not my job, its the job of those being discriminated again. Sue, just like the gay couples did. They are subject to the same laws after all. The problem is no one ever does, they just cry out discrimination, make a big fuss and do nothing. It seems like they actually want it to continue so that they can keep crying over it. Its a classic tactic used by the religious right.

          • Rehan

            “Gay liberation front”, “coloured people”, “gay life style” – mental development arrested in 1984, was it?

          • misfit44

            I don’t about arrested but this little lot certainly knew about their lives being arrested.


          • Rehan

            Is your laudable concern for the victims of AIDS supposed to excuse your antediluvian vocabulary?

          • Rovex

            As did all the South Americans infected with syphilis by Catholic Spaniards, or Children infected with STIs by paedophile priests, or the millions of others killed in the name of the various Gods people invented.

            If you are going to play the numbers game, you will lose.

  • Brett Gibson

    Terrible attempt at back peddling.

    • Joeoz

      Certainly… what can you expect from UKIP!
      They all seem to be suffering from…
      “Foot in mouth disease”!

  • Jones

    “I’m not anti-gay, my party is.”

    • GulliverUK

      His parents are dead, I thought he was now blaming them … “blamed his “traditional” upbringing“. Nice.

      His recent views are just as vile as those in 2000;
      Praised O’Brien (2012) for saying same-sex marriage was a “grotesque subversion of a universally accepted human right.“, (we all know how that ended !) even though he had previously labelled the Roman Catholic Church as “systematically paedophile”, is for “Gay Cure” therapy (2011), and in 2009 said that “homophobia does not exist”. People would be foolish to think this 70-year old homophobic relic of a bygone era has changed his views one iota. Remembering also this guy was Conservative until 2012 when he defected to UKIP.

      It was in 2012 that he said “once you start to tamper with the
      institution of marriage, you get into some very murky water indeed
      “, and
      that such a move could set a precedent that would lead to the
      legalisation of communal marriage and incest. The local newspaper should perhaps point out to local residents in Newark his wiki page and what he has said quite recently.

      • misfit44

        Yes, you are absolutely right. Clearly there were fissures in Helmer’s beliefs and it only required the pressure from the party bosses of UKIP and down he has crashed , like all other MPs without principles into the Pink dust.

        Take for the example of Jack Straw, the one time Lord High Chancellor and Secretary of for Justice, who, on 4 November 1998, on the Today Programme, said :

        “I’m not in favour of gay couples seeking to adopt children because I
        question whether that is the right start in life. We should not see
        children as trophies. Children, in my judgement, and I think it’s
        the judgement of almost everyone including single parents, are best
        brought up where you have two natural parents in a stable
        relationship. There’s no question about that. What we know from the
        evidence is that, generally speaking, that stability is more likely
        to occur where the parents are married than where they are not.”

        Clearly he believed in natural parents, i.e., a husband and wife, a mother and father, and yet he never explained how he had changed is views. A man of straw indeed.

        Teresa May is another classic example of someone who was nobbled and changed her strong views against homosexuality without being able to give a reasoned argument. This video clip clearly shows the shifty and tormented expression of someone who has sold her soul to the devil for a bowl of pottage.

        There is not one politician to be trusted. They are all corrupt. Like Helmer, they would be willing to sell their own children, let alone their own grandparents, for power.

        • Rovex

          Maybe they just learned that what they believed wasn’t true, which in actual fact, it wasnt.

          There is no reasonable argument against gay marriage or gay adoption, this is the very problem. Those against always made assumptions that were not true, Now they know better. Its just a shame that you still do not.

          • misfit44

            You have to look at the state of children, marriage and even the gays themselves in those countries that have bowed to the gay agenda. Holland for instance has huge incidents of sexually transmitted disease, suicide and drug abuse amongst the gays there in spite of Holland being a liberal country. The sad thing is that if were to show you the evidence of the death of society under the thraldom of homosexual activists, you would just refuse to believe. Not because you couldn’t but because it does not fit with your ideology. Actually Islam is using the exactly the same tactics, believe it or not, in invading our nation. The gays and the Muslims are racing along on parallel tracks and will soon merge in a few year’s time.

          • Rovex

            Where you get your information from i dont know. Facts arent your friend, i guess thats why you havent provides peer reviewed independent links (im guessing your sources are conservative biased sources and you are to ashamed to admit it).

            Suicide rates will continue to be higher for LGBT people, even in western liberal nations while there are still people like you around. There is nothing inherent to homosexuality that makes people suicidal, its just bullying form bigots and general inequality. Even in the Netherlands gays do not have full equality.

            The ‘death’ of society as you put it is a matter of perspective. The death of yours? Lets hope so, the death of a more open and accepting society? No.

          • Like most radicals and fanatics, his “facts” are invented in his warped little brain. A little Google searching reveals some statistics that prove that he’s full of it, just like most UKIP crazies plucking numbers out of thin air.

          • misfit44

            As I have said before I could give you warehouse loads of evidence but you still would not believe . Your comment about peer reviewed independent links which are not conservative( whatever that means) immediately negates your demand for impartiality . Clearly you are biased towards the left and the liberal is well left of the centre. Views are neither right- wing or left -wing, progressive or reactionary , 21st century or medieval. They are simply either true or false.
            The rates of mental illness, suicide and sexually transmitted disease amongst gays in Holland in no way can put down to the view of a little bandy legged old codger like me. I never knew I was that influential. wow,.
            No the gays will never find what they are looking and will always blame others and society for what they experience. They have made themselves victim class. Once could call it internalised homophobia

          • Rovex

            lol, peer review IS unbiased, you DO realise that right?? Its not left wing, its the truth, the reality is that often the truth just isn’t very friendly to the right wing point of view. Figures may well support your case in some areas, however the reason for it is not what you would want to here.

            If gay teen suicide is high then maybe if people like you stopped bullying them it might help. I guess that never occurred to you. As someone who worked on an LGBT helpline im telling you, its EXACTLY why.

            If you have evidence please link to it, if you dont, dont. We will be able to draw our conclusions from that.

            People like you, and most of UKIPS supporters, blame others for their own failings, its a pathetic way of life. You have every advantage and still fail. How very sad. Attitudes like yours, multiplied by millions is what causes gay teen suicide, you should be ashamed, but clearly you arent. Morally bankrupt.

          • You don’t like truth much do you…

            The Netherlands –

            AIDS / HIV related deaths per year ranked 98/103
            Suicide rates rank it 53rd – lower than the UK, US, Russia, China, Moldova, Serbia…

            I especially love how you mention evidence, but provide none. Whereas, I can do a little Googling and find this information for all to see which categorically shows that you are full of bullsh*t.

            If you’re going to use nonsense to try to support your radical views, at least back it up with some evidence. You can’t do that though, can you, because you and I know that everything you say is absolute crap.

          • misfit44

            Evidence without a source saying who wrote them and when they were written are worthless

            I will give you various sources, including the Centre for Disease Control in America. All that remains is for you to read them. But something tell me you won’t want to do that.




            Nothing any one says will convince you that the homosexual life style leads to death. Even when, God forbid, you end up in the genito -urinary section of St Barts Hospital , you will still play the victim care and blame it on society.

          • Rehan

            Peter Ould, oh bless – are you “ex-gay” as well?

            Every “life style” leads to death, you twit. Or do you think you’ve begun the Life Everlasting already?

          • misfit44

            Yes, I have begun eternal life. Physical death for me will merely be like getting off at Finchley Metropolitan station and crossing over to the other side of the platform to catch another train on the Jubilee line. I have already died in Christ. This is called baptism, have risen with Jesus Christ and have started a journey towards seeing God face to face.

          • Rehan

            Well, I wish you God speed with your your post-death (or is it post-rise?) journey, the sooner you get to your destination the better, and really I wouldn’t waste your no doubt precious time writing at length on gay news websites in the meantime. Bit of a shame the grey cells were evidently left behind to decompose at Chalk Farm but, hey, you can’t have everything, can you?

          • misfit44

            Well maybe you need to acquaint your self with the life story of Robert Oscar Lopez. But somehow I don’t think you will like what you hear.

          • Rovex

            What about him? He is a foul lying bigot, what point to you think you are making?

          • misfit44

            A thousand, a million, why not just round it off to a trillion? And ah, yes the Westboro Church which is always brought out as straw man. Just because it calls itself Christian does not mean that it is. As for a million pro- gay children. Where do you get that from. Its seems to me that plucking figures out the thin air might impress some people but it does not impress me. Let us have real stats please.
            And when you describe hetero parents as scum you lose all credibility. You clearly are narrow- minded, heterophobic bigot of the worst kind.

            As for your example of a well adjusted gay man, by whose standard is he so? He sounds typically highly strung and hyper sensitive to me. Let’s see him in a few decades time. His psycho-social experiment hasn’t worked itself out yet. Bishop Gene Robinson’s marriage to his husband, Mark Andrew was also described as stunning.

            If Robert Oscar Lopez is suffering from delusion, then he thanks God for this delusion and would wish that many others experience the same because it has given him a hope and purpose in life, a true identity, a wife, children and an escape from almost certain death caused by the gay life- style. Whereas the reality of homosexuality leads to physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual hell. The gay mind is so poisonous that it sends death threats to anyone like Robert Lopez for escaping from homosexuality.
            As for him being abused by religious people. Where did you get that from? You must be high on ketamine.
            As for Catholic paedophile priests, the abuse had nothing directly to do with their religion, it was because the Catholic Church, because of its skewed theology has unwittingly become a haven for homosexuals. Homosexual paedophile priests have been a mark of the Catholic Church for centuries.

            A gay activist, Scott Rose, in the comments section of Pink News commenting on a peaceful rally in Trafalgar square, wrote, “These Christofascists deserve to be nailed up on crosses and left to bleed to death. Society is NOT a heterosupremacist-theocRAT-only country club.”

            Clearly these are an example of your lovely adjusted pro – gay children

          • Rovex

            Given the way the public votes for these things i would suggest that millions is a fair assessment. Your ideals are being rejected as out of date and morally bankrupt. You know this and everything you write is the last gasp of a dying breed.

            So Westboro arent christians (they are, they believe in God and Jesus) and now the Catholic church is wrong to, so which of the 10 thousand plus Christian denominations is the correct one then? Which one fits your choices, beliefs and biases?

            People have been raised by gay parents for centurys, including before your God was invented, very successfully.

            There problem with your argument is that you assume that because one man didnt like being raised by lesbians that all children would feel the same, you assume we are all death threat making activists. Lopes WAS greoomed by right-wingers, he has become ever more extreme after getting involved with NOM and yet he still writes gay sexual fantasy. The guy is bi-polar at best.

          • misfit44

            You’re becoming incoherent. Pull yourself together man. I am assuming your are a man or have you changed to becoming a Welsh, cross dresser?

          • Rovex

            lol what a pathetic human being you are. Am I on Christian boards aggressively attacking them? No. Yet, here you are, I wonder why? Empty life I suspect.

            You have no arguments, only isolated cases that I could counter 100x over and more. Go out and do something useful instead.

            You are aware of his gay sex fantasy fiction right? You can buy it on Amazon, but its pretty low grade stuff, obviously. He is nothing more than a self hating (he is bisexual) moron, groomed by right wingers and paraded out as if he speaks for all gay families.

  • David

    Help to sign: prenume=1st name; nume=last name; oras=city; tara=country.
    Also can use Google to search “vrem parteneriat” and translate it into your language
    You’ll receive a mail and have to click on the link to confirm.

  • wildseas

    What you said cannot be unsaid. ‘The moving finger writes and having writ moves on’ You are what you are and you will not get my vote.

    • misfit44

      But you need to look at the voting record of many MPs and you will find that they have all mysteriously changed their attitude without being able to give a rational argument. All they can do is repeat the brainless mantra, ” We live in the 21st century .” They say this as though the 21st century is a period of tremendous spiritual, moral, social and economic awakening .
      Only the most gullible and ignorant buffoon would believe that we are progressing towards Utopia .
      Without any fixed, absolute point of reference, human nature has a way of
      accommodating and becoming comfortable over a period of time with a
      of hell. It can gradually sleep walk into becoming hardened, desensitised to cruelty, barbarism and evil, until what was considered abnormal or deviant becomes the acceptable norm, as happened in Nazi Germany, Russia, China, Cambodia and now- even Britain. No doubt Germans today still cannot believe that they as a nation descended to such cruelty and barbarism, just over fifty years ago.
      Anarchy is on its way to Britain.

      • Rovex

        Well you would say that, you dont like the change to a more accepting place, you want the oppression of anyone that isnt like you.

        • misfit44

          Don’t take it from me. Take it from one of your own, David Starkey.

          The real oppressors are Stonewall. These are the real bullies who have blood on their hands with the destruction of the Crouch family. Look up Dominic and Roger Crouch and tell me that Stonewall are not responsible for the destruction of this family.

          • Rovex

            Dont assume that just because someone is gay that they are ‘one of my own’.Starkey is at heart still an Apologist for Christians. Even so I wouldn’t use him to back up anything you have to say, because he most certainly doesnt agree with you on anything else.

            Homophobia destroyed the Crouch family, people like you, not Stonewall. Anyway I don’t always agree with Stonewall anyway. Again you use the strawman argument that all gays are the same.

          • misfit44

            On 18 May 2010, Dominic Crouch committed suicide by jumping off the roof of a six-storey block of flats near his school in Cheltenham. He was 15.
            In the note he left his family, hastily scrawled in sloping lines of black ink, he wrote: “Dear Family, I’m so so sorry for what
            I’m about to do. I have been bullied a lot recently and had a lot of shxt made up about me that ain’t true.” [1]

            At the inquest, nearly six months later, it emerged that Dominic was part of a group of Year 9 students who had been on a residential trip to the Forest of Dean, organised by the school – St Edward’s, an independent, Catholic school. The teenagers were staying in St Briavels Castle –
            a 13th-century building that now operates as a youth hostel – and one mild evening had gathered in a field to play the game of spin the bottle ( Wiki: Spin the Bottle is a party game in which several players sit/stand/kneel in a circle. An empty bottle is placed on the floor in the center of the circle. A player spins the bottle, and must kiss the person to whom the bottle points when it stops spinning. It is popular among teenagers and is very embarrassing to most). Dominic had kissed a boy opposite him.

            At the time, it seemed little more than an example of adolescent high jinks. But some participants recorded the game on their mobile phones and were subsequently believed to have been circulating the images among other
            friends. Dominic, who was dyslexic and found it difficult to
            formulate a quick retort, allegedly became the butt of some jokes when he returned to St Edward’s after the trip. Although these jokes were described by one pupil as “no more than school banter”, they appeared to be hurtful enough that Dominic left three suicide notes, all of which mentioned bullying.

            At the funeral service Roger Crouch gave a picture of a good father son relationship. [2]

            It seems that Ben Summerskill, Chief Executive of Stonewall, rapidly became involved with Mr Crouch who found himself enlisted to tour schools to talk against homophobic bullying, even though there was no evidence
            that his son was gay; but it seems that Summerskill could not resist suggesting that this was indeed the case. In the Guardian article, it says,

            ‘Ben Summerskill, Stonewall’s chief executive, who worked closely with the couple, ( said) “It would have been terribly easy for them just to immediately move on and not consider how they might help to change other people’s lives.”

            “We don’t know whether Dominic was gay or not, but one of the sad truths of so many similar cases is that parents tend to go into complete denial, even when there is quite significant evidence as to why their child committed suicide. In these cases, those parents are going through all the emotions of discovering their child might have been gay, as well as facing the trauma of losing a child.” [3]

            Read that again. Do you not hear Satan himself whispering and suggesting in the vulnerable and tormented mind of a parent that their son was homosexual , gay, queer, bent, LGBT, pink, sodomite, whatever- and that they are in denial?

            In 2011 Roger Crouch found himself being awarded Stonewall’s highest honour, hero of the year, at the annual Stonewall Awards Ceremony in the Victoria and Albert Museum, amongst the gay, slithering glitterati of politicians, broadcasters and showbiz personalities, like Fry and Gok Wong. [4]

            The article then continues,
            “On 28 November 2011, just a few weeks after receiving the Stonewall award, Roger Crouch hanged himself in the garage of the family home. His emotions had been battered, his energy had been exhausted, he could go on no longer. He was 55. The funeral director who came to remove the body was the same man who had organised Dominic’s burial.”

            According to “This is Gloucestershire,” The widow of Roger Crouch, Paolo, at the coroner’s inquest of her son Dominic,

            “insisted her son was not gay – but admitted suggestions that he might have been from his friends could have built up in his young mind. She said: ‘He was embarrassed and made to feel out of the group, made to feel like
            a fool.’

            Mrs Crouch, who lives with her daughter Giulia in Gretton, said she regretted that her family had talked about all kinds of things but had never discussed homophobia.

            She said she wished they had because she could have told Dominic that
            there was nothing wrong with being gay or being called gay –
            whether you were or not. She said: ‘He wasn’t gay, but if only I had been able to say to him that there are gay people and there was nothing wrong with him.’ But she said she
            was unable to have that conversation with her son before he became lost in his teenage angst.” [5]

            This tragedy began with the “harmless spinning of a bottle.” Little was Paolo to know that her family was to be destroyed by Stonewall telling us that “Some People are Gay. Get Over It ! [6]
            We need to pray for Mrs Crouch and her daughter; but we need to pray that Ben Summerskill, Ian Mckellen [7] and Stonewall will be brought to justice, if not in this life then certainly in the next.




            STONEWALL HERO
            OF THE YEAR: MR CROUCH




            [7] i)


          • Rovex

            Firstly there is no Satan, secondly i don’t interpret it like that AT ALL. The single root cause of this is the kids reaction to the spin the bottle game and him kissing a boy. The culture of homophobia and negativity about anything that may be considered gay in this country purported by people LIKE YOU caused the kids death. Thats the simple truth. The whole thing was caused by people like you. You of course feel no shame in what you do and say. Thats the real tragedy here.

            As I said before, im not a fan of Stonewall, it doesn’t speak for me and Summerskill is an idiot. However losing a child is a big deal, the father may well have suffered no less anyway.Ive known parents kill themselves without any intervention from outside sources. Its your obvious and blinding bias that assumes Stonewall was the cause.

            If you hate us that much why are you here? Your God bothering is doing no one any good, you arent going to change anyone. All you are doing is creating more homophobia and helping to continue the atmosphere of hate that kills children.

          • misfit44

            I do not hate you , I hate that which has control over you and brings you into bondage. Jesus Christ came to set us free and if he frees us he frees us indeed.

          • Rovex

            Jesus didnt exist, so he did nothing of the sort. If he did then you should follow his teachings and stop judging others and have some empathy. You cant even follow your own standards and are doing nothing but harm.

            To be honest I expect little more, the religious have spent the last 2000 years coming up with excuses for their bigotry and cherry picking, why should you be any different?

          • misfit44

            Jesus Christ has always existed and one day will return to judge the Earth. You had better be ready, for on that day every knee will bow to him. Some out of adoration and some out of sheer terror. Believe you me I do have empathy. Like me you suffer the human condition. We both bleed. Both of us deserve condemnation for the way we have lived. Only Jesus Christ lived a perfect life which he offers as a sacrifice in place of your and mine sin. But my empathy or sympathy is worthless. What you really need is to repent of your sins ( and we are all sinners) and receive God’s free gift of forgiveness and eternal life. If you reject his free gift you can only expect a terrible judgment to come.

          • Rovex

            Boring delusion rubbish. I can deal with theists like you no problem. Go away, you are just making yourself look stupid.

          • Joeoz

            Don’t you just love, “misfit44″…

            We are all said to have, “free will”… but if we don’t accept god then we’ll have a terrible judgment upon us…

            That’s not, “free will”… that’s blatant blackmail!

            I suppose that, “misfit44” doesn’t realize that there are other religions out there. They all have different rules and regulations… I’m glad that he is comforted to think that he has found the, true and correct religion…!

          • misfit44

            That’s not the way it is. Allow me to give you an analogy. Supposing I, a judge, sends his messenger to tell someone that what they doing is highly dangerous to themselves and to others, and that in response this other person is so filled with rage with my messenger that they kill him. And supposing that the judge condemns that person to death but instead of the person paying the cost, the judge sends his son to die in that person’s place. Now that person is guilty and deserves death. But supposing that person says no thanks, I don’t want your son’s free gift, then the judge has no choice but to make that person pay the full cost – death.

          • One assumes you don’t see the irony in your words. Freedom through subjugation…

        • misfit44

          Rovex. Life is not easy. In this life we have but two choices. One. Live without restraint, self control , governed only by one’s animal instincts and lust. The consequences are invariably hell on Earth. This then is followed by a second death when we face God’s wrath for trampling on the cross of His Son, Jesus Christ. This a costly choice but it must be paid by you. Unfortunately even if you had all or eternity you will never cease paying for it.

          Two. Repent of one’s sins, accept the forgiveness of Jesus Christ, put on his clothes of righteousness and begin to die to oneself in order to change from degree to another into the image of Jesus Christ. This is no easy ride. It means a denial of one’s appetites and picking up our cross. After death we do not face the judgement but have an eternal life face to face with our Father in Heaven. Not that one has to wait until after death to experience the love joy and peace that comes with being in a right relationship with God. This is a costly choice that has been paid once and for all, already by Jesus Christ just for you . Any suffering you face as a consequence is nothing compared to the unfading inheritance that you receive when you allow Jesus Christ to be lord of your life instead of the demonic forces that presently control Britain.
          I certainly want the change that comes with maturing, away from being an infant.

          • Rovex

            And there we have it, religious bullshit coming out. It took its time didn’t it. There is no God, so most of what you said is invalid. The Bible is a human creation, with little or no evidential backup. Its fiction, unoriginal and a literary mess.

            Id give up now if I were you, you arent convincing anyone with your preaching.

          • misfit44

            Take a care Rovex A health hazard warning is carried with every word of profanity people exhale. It turns people queer.

          • Rovex

            Religion turns people in mental health cases. Makes them incapable of rational thought. Frankly id rather be ‘queer’ than like you. Indeed the only negative think about being ‘queer’ is having to put up with nosey self righteous bigots like you.

          • Joeoz

            Hear, hear…!

      • “They say this as though the 21st century is a period of tremendous spiritual, moral, social and economic awakening”

        Can I be the one to point out that it is?

        Massive social change has occurred because of one thing – the internet. This is now providing young people with an entirely new education, one outside of religious delusion. Instead of having to believe the nonsense ramblings of a frock-wearing fire and brimstone preacher, they can look for the information they want from all over the world and see how diverse and different Humans are.

        Just as other technical revolutions have thrust us forward in the past, the internet has done so even more, with millions of young people no longer having to rely on the information their parents or teachers drum into them.

        There has always been a battle between religious delusion and natural reality, and reality is now winning thanks to the massive spread of information and the ease with which it can be accessed by anyone.

        This is why Islamic and authoritarian states restrict and control the internet, because they know they cannot possibly maintain control over the idiot masses when they start to wake up to reality.

        This is what directly led to several revolutions recently, from Egypt to Syria to Libya.

        “what was considered abnormal or deviant becomes the acceptable norm, as happened in Nazi Germany, Russia, China, Cambodia and now- even Britain.”

        Are you seriously trying to compare living in Britain to the barbarism of the Nazis?

        You’re conveniently missing out on one important thing – extreme ideologies. There is absolutely no difference, from a psychological point of view, between what Hitler did to his people and what religion does to people. It’s brainwashing, replacing reality with fiction to maintain control. The only correct comparison you could make (presuming a reasonable level of intelligence) would be that religious dogma and fanatical delusion are causes of these events.

        Really, you should be campaigning for the end of all organized religion and authoritarian governments to prevent this from ever happening again, because it’s these things that are absolutely 100% to blame. It has nothing to do with morality beyond the complete abandoning of it under religious/dictatorial rule.

        • misfit44

          Technology has advance but man is regressing towards an immature and barbaric stage. Britain has murdered over seven million babies in the womb since Lord Steele a fan of Sir Cyril Smith , introduced abortion into Britain. So far nearly a quarter of the world’s population I.25 billion has been aborted.

          Sex has been a far more effective way of demoralising, and fragmenting a society than attacking it with conventional weapons. One does not try to subvert a nation by getting it smoke, lie, cheat or gossip.
          The most powerful and effective way of bringing down a nation is to get it to throw off all sexual restraint. From adultery and promiscuity flow all the other human frailties. For the last 16 years, ever since Tony Blair came to power we have seen corruption within government and local councils, a breakdown of trust and loyalty at both corporate and family level, including the Royal family, a dramatic rise in divorce rates. The extermination of millions of our unborn babies, widespread sexual abuse of children, especially when put into the care of social services, the spectre of
          enforced euthanasia hanging over the elderly and disabled, violent crimes committed by children that would have been rare even among adults a generation ago,children raping and sexually abusing other children, Society blighted by addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling and pornography, a huge increase in mental and emotional disorders
          amongst our children and sheer hopelessness and nihilism of feral children being raised on rundown, gang-ridden estates throughout Britain, our prisons, bursting with an increasingly younger population, rising unemployment, debt, homelessness, insecurity, and the imminent collapse of business, trade and industry.
          The gay liberationists can take the credit for this melt down in British society. Having smashed down the doors, they beckon us to follow.
          But fear not, for after our nation has rendered itself sterile and infertile through the use of condoms, contraceptives and abortion and taught our children that to produce and raise a family is an unnecessary burden , the Muslims who are reproducing very nicely, will out number us and then they will bring in order, but it will not be an order that you or the younger generation envisaged.

        • misfit44

          Listen, David Cameron in his Big Society speech in 2010 said that the person who had inspired him was Saul Alinsky, a Neo Marxist who worshipped Lucifer.

          Do not believe for one minute that you are not influenced by ideas. Ideology that is essentially Marxist, being pumped 24 hours a day from the BBC is what informs your every thought and breath. No one lives in a value free society. Tell me. What do you believe about the nature of man, morals and truth? Articulate your beliefs please.

  • blooper

    pretty sure the sun weren’t exactly gay friendly back in 2000 – a little hypocritical i feel

  • Rumbelow

    Roger Helmer hastily back tracks after it was revealed he used to work as a drag queen or something.

    • Psychologist

      Indeed Rumbelow – that’s CLASSIC homophobia !

    • Steven Gregory

      In the US that is known as the “lavender smokescreen.” Very obvious to everyone except the person throwing it up.

  • Psychologist

    Roger Helmer previously said – “I will argue homosexual behaviour is abnormal and undesirable.” !!! He should understand that homosexuality is NOT considered “abnormal” by the main world psychological bodies. However, ALL PHOBIAs ARE a mental disorder, including, homoPHOBIA, from which he clearly suffers !
    You can now almost see the bicycle chain snapping with all the pressure he’s putting on it by so much “back-peddling” !

  • Neil Rhodes

    So he’s expecting someone might invite him to one? Can’t fault his optimism.

    • Joeoz

      Perhaps someone should invite this dinosaur to a gay wedding…
      But put the wrong address as to where the wedding will be held…
      Just make sure that wrong address is at least 100 km away…
      That way you’d be guaranteed that he certainly won’t attend!

  • Steven Gregory

    He faults his upbringing? Helmer is 70 years old, time to stop blaming his mom.

    • Joeoz

      They always blame the mother!

  • Gary Powell

    When votes are up for grabs, some politicians will even sell out on their precious homophobia.

  • Dolly Digest

    You cannot blame upbringing at your age Helmer – you have your own mind and you have made your abhorrent bigoted and hateful opinions perfectly clear. Why is it the name Helmer makes me think of guards at a Nazi concentration camp?

  • John Worrow

    I met this bloke in 2012 at the Broadstairs Pavilion. At the time I was moving a motion locally in support Equal marriage. A couple of days before this, Sir Roger Gale, wrote an article in a Kent newspaper calling Peter Tatchell, Ian Driver and myself “Militant Homosexuals” I asked him if he would publicly condemn what Sir Roger said, but instead, he went a step further and told me that I would go to hell. Apart from that he was really a nice guy! (not)

  • rapture

    So does this mean , he can’t run for mep this time as he will be on the mp campaign, in which case he will end up losing both hopefully.

  • Generally I think that we should give people the benefit of the doubt; views do change, progress in LGBT rights and many other areas has depended on that fact. However, Roger Helmer is a politician and he needs to earn public trust, which will be difficult on this issue given his record of energetic opposition.

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