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Little Rascals actor speaks of suffering homophobic abuse in new song

  • H

    Thanks for sharing this, but where is the coverage of the L Project’s latest release ‘We’re All Human’ in time for IDAHO? All the money from the L Project’s song is going to charity to help prevent what happened to people like Little Rascals – please show them some support :) x

  • fagburn

    Wasn’t this turgid self-pitying ‘new song’ released in January?

    Clue’s in the YouTube link…

    • Leonard Woodrow

      If it helps towards educating homophobic lamebrains it doesn’t matter when it came out.

      • Joeoz

        Unfortunately, fagburn is a troll…

        • Leonard Woodrow

          Although the chance of reeducating such fools is slim, we must never cease to pursue that chance. Constant dripping will wear away a stone!

  • ragged clown

    I hate to be shallow but whoa! I could totally use some of that great body.

    Having in my youth been both bullied and occasionally (because the one often leads to the other) a bully, I hate the idea of anyone being bullied, so good for him for speaking up on this subject.

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