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UKIP candidate: ‘Homosexuals are ten times more likely than normal men to be child abusers’

  • Derek Northcote

    “Facts” never were UKIP’s strong point.

    • xxdd

      Vote Labour!

      • Joe McDougall


        I don’t live in England, so won’t be voting for any of the English parties, and I’m glad of that, because I honestly wouldn’t know who to vote for.

        Labour have lost their socialist identity – they frequently back up the Tories, and even where they don’t, they don’t offer a sufficiently different and realistic alternative.

        Not that I can suggest who to vote for, but… Labour don’t seem to be a particularly radical alternative, frankly.

        • Blake Grainger

          Vote Green.

          • mike

            vote monster raving loony party!!!

          • Blake Grainger

            Monster Raving loony is a protest vote, but not a very useful one. It gives no indication of what you’re protesting against, it’s just a general gesture that you’d rather do something silly than engage in the current system.

            I’d say the problem with the main three, and UKIP, is a focus on the wealthy elite, and lack of interest in the common person. Greens are sufficiently skeptical of neoliberal economics that I expect them to do a better job.

          • Rovex

            No way am I voting green. I disagree with just about every one of their assertions.

          • Blake Grainger

            What do you mean by their ‘assertions’?

            A few of the themes I’m particularly interested in are the rejection of traditional economic models, the preservation of the environment, social equality, more representative national democracy, and better international cooperation.

          • Rovex

            Its the environmental assertions I have an issue with. I dont disagree with climate change, or the cause, I have a problem with the proposed solutions.

          • Blake Grainger

            The plans for developing our energy grid seem fairly good to be. The only alternative I’ve seen are using gas as a stepping stone, and nuclear power.

            Using gas is, as far as can, only useful if we’re not really committed to the problem. If we’re willing to invest what is actually necessary to deal with climate change, then we should be stepping straight from coal to renewable.

            Nuclear power is likewise not good for addressing climate change, because nuclear facilities take too long to build. It is also too dangerous, and non-renewable. Renewable energy is a much better long-term investment.

          • Jamie

            Gas as a stepping stone to nuclear, is UKIP policy isn’t it? With the gas both imported and fracked?

          • Rovex

            Hands off my car, thats all im saying. They wont get my vote for that reason alone.

          • Blake Grainger

            The Green Party aren’t proposing to steal peoples cars. They are proposing shifting the focus of transport spending towards public transport, and changing car tax so it reflects cars carbon emissions.

          • Rovex

            Exactly. Taxing Carbon emissions, a useless and short-sighted policy. No Vote. I pay enough already for my car.

        • Brett Gibson

          Labour are a British party Mr Separatist. Your opinions about England are not necessarily fact.

        • Jones

          I hope you aren’t voting for the SNP either but judging by the large blue circle with YES in it, I would say so.

          • Mrs Grimble

            Contrary to what sections of the London-based media would have everybody believe, the SNP is not running the Independence campaign; a YES vote is a vote for Scottish independence, no more and no less. It’s not a party political matter.

          • Barry Scarfe

            In one sense I would completely agree with you here but on the other I wouldn’t. The fact is if the Yes vote wins I would expect the SNP to earn some considerable political benefit from that and you could find the SNP would be in power for at least ten years or more. The electorate normally rewards a party that is said to have achieved independence

          • Ewan

            The Blue circle with YES in it is not a yes for SNP it is a yes to Independence.

      • Liam

        AKA Tory party 2.0.

      • carltheplasterer

        vote for this?

        not a chance pal.

        • Rovex

          If half of that was true these people would be in jail. Besides 25 out of tens of thousands isnt so bad, compared to about 50% of UKIP.

      • Miasma

        2 foreign wars and the dead bodies that come along with it, >£1trillion national debt is far worse than any speech, sorry.

        If you want a liberal LGBT friendly party try the Greens or Lib Dems.

    • Agree absolutely

  • D.McCabe

    Paul Forrest has clearly not carried out any research into this matter. If he had, he would have found that statistically speaking, gay men are LESS likely to be the ones who abuse children. Child abuse is normally carried out within the family unit.

    • JJ

      Are you hetrophobic D.McCabe?

      • lisa

        D Mccabe is correct. Statistically, and based upon research, it is within a heteronormative family unit ..

        • GutesBuchBrenner

          The above poster is correct. 92-98% of pedophiles are straight men in their primary relationships according to the scholarly research completed by Remafedi et al.

          • C

            92-98% of those PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT!
            I couldn’t give a monkeys who is more likely to abuse children, so long as they are caught and face the appropiate punishment. Clever tactic by rival politicians though. Or did I scroll past the video of him actually saying this?

      • lisa

        Its also generally a white straight male phenomenon

        • Brett Gibson

          It most certainly is not generally a white phenomenon,
          There’s no possible logic behind someone’s skin colour affecting their sexual preferences, What a silly silly thing to say.

        • Jaime Lannister the Kingslayer

          I’ll keep that in mind next time I’m in Asia and witnessing forced marriages between prepubescent girls and middle-aged Asian men.

      • Joe McDougall

        It is well known that child abuse is normally some uncle, rather than a random stranger. Countless studies confirm this.

        • mike

          people are people. being straight or gay doesn’t make someone a child abuser or stop them being one.

      • D.McCabe

        Not at all and no where in my post does it say anything about being hetrophobic. What a ridiculous comment to make too.

    • Bent Pin

      You’re giving him too much credit if you think he did ANY research before opening his mouth on the subject.

    • Pádráig O’Gáirmléadháigh

      83% of child sexual abuse is carried out by heterosexual men, fathers, brothers and uncles. 12% is carried out by females, which leaves the remainder or 5% attributable to gay men and women…….

      • Jimmy Russels

        …and ghosts.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      Exactly. Forrest is speaking entirely from ignorant, religiously inspired, IGNORANCE. UKIP’s full of simpletons like him. I believe they have a point regarding the idiocy of the unregulated “free movement of European peoples” but on nearly every other subject UKIP is abjectly wrong.

  • Sara Jevo

    We know what this party hates – gays, lesbians, foreigners, muslims, women, blacks, disabled kids etc . Does anyone know what this party likes, or is it all just about hatred?

    • A better question would be what does the party actually plan to do with regard to policy for the UK. All I see is a lot of irrational rantings from their members and voters, no real policy on anything other than being anti-Europe and pro-Extremism. Unfortunately, they’re using a lot of knee-jerk tabloid propaganda and I do fear that the masses are ignorant enough to actually vote for them based on that alone.
      If the masses were remotely intelligent, we would no longer have a Daily Mail, the Sun, or any of the other tabloid trash rags in this country. The simple fact that people are still buying these rags suggests that there are a hell of a lot of ignorant fools in this country.

      • Amongst other things, I believe their policies include climate change denial, cutting the education budget in favour of increased military spending, and decriminalising spousal rape.

        • Jones

          You forgot opposing same-sex marriage.

          • They don’t seem able to make up their minds on that one. One assumes they’re not sure which way the average Daily Heil reader will jump…

          • Jones

            Saw this comment on the Guardian. I don’t understand why someone would vote for a person who hates them, but whatever, that’s democracy.

    • shadowind

      Is there anyone that the scum that are UKIP don’t hate?

    • J.

      They are saying, facebooking and twittering all the same things that the BNP have already. That’s because UKIP willingly took BNP supporters under it’s wings, even though the party pretends otherwise. Now those fascists are poking their heads out and revealing themselves from under UKIPs wings. If UKIP can be compared to a bird, let’s hope it’s one that is flightless.

    • Matty Vasquez

      Why not take a look at their policies and decide for yourself, rather than believe everything the media reports and blows out of proportion to get more readers and more money from advertisers?
      Farage had a lengthy interview with Pink News to state UKIP are in support of equal rights for gays, they also have nothing against foreigners at all and don’t even want to stop immigration…
      There are plenty of bigots in the other parties, just look at voting records to see who tried to stop gay marriage from happening this year, though you don’t see the press jumping up and down on them on a regular basis!

  • @Mike-uk2011

    ‘Normal men’. I assume he’s not including himself under that term, since he sounds anything but ‘normal’. Child molesters molest children. Statistically speaking, most convicted child molesters tend to be married men, attracted to female children.
    Doesn’t sound very ‘homosexual’ to me.

    • Christopher Thomas Tomkinson

      In many abuse cases the sex of the child is determined who the offender desires to have power over, not necessarily an attraction to the same-sex, hence why some heterosexual male sex-offeners commit sexual offences against boys.

  • I think UKIP are going to suffer from the same thing that has blighted the Republican Party in the US in recent years. While people may support the party on paper, their rhetoric frequently consists of one-upping themselves on who hates the most and that will undermine support for their candidates.

    • Jones

      I think UKIP are going to suffer from the same thing that has blighted the Republican Party in the US in recent years.

      What not winning an election for 8 years, possibly more?

      • Their electoral performance being much worse than you might expect from polls.

  • JD

    Given that 80% of child abuse cases involve immediate ‘heterosexual’ family members – I fail to see this nonsense as anything other than ignorance and prejudice – spewed from the mouth of a vile backward dumb ass cracker!

    • In point of fact, based on a number of studies and the FBI’s figures, over 98% of known child molesters with an adult sexual orientation (i.e., those who are attracted to adult men or women) identify as heterosexual. (Note that there is a substantial minority of child molesters with no adult sexual orientation, who for purposes of this discussion are irrelevant.)

  • Sparkyu1

    Bring on the UKIP apologists to whine that it’s just a few bad apples, they’re not all like that, honest! But it keeps happening over and over and over again

    • joespivey

      When the party was growing, they needed candidates to make it electorally possible for them to be elected as a majority government. They were literally picking anyone who put their name forward (and in some cases people who weren’t exactly volunteering) as candidates up to a couple of years ago.

      Thus, you ended up with a higher amount of people with stupid views with normal, in combination with a party whose PR was much less experienced and powerful than the three major parties.

      Now, you combine that with the media covering every single incident involving anyone to do with UKIP, and you end up with an impression of a party full of bigots – which isn’t true (consider how many of these stories are about councillors).

      Sure, the policy of the past of shoehorning anyone in was a bad one that’s had bad consequences, but it does mean that UKIP are the only party outside the traditional main 3 who could theoretically be elected into a majority. And it seems people are willing to go for an unrefined party with flaws, but going in the right direction for them, as opposed to a polished turd of a party, sliding around, avoiding trouble, whilst going in a direction many find wrong.

      • Sparkyu1

        So your party is willing to get into bed with any kind of vile bigots – and keep them around – because your party’s power is more important than our humanity? Well, that makes it clear where we stand

        Every single incident – of which there are so very many. And UKIP becomes electable because it is willing to embrace bigots – well is that supposed to reassure me? And that such bigotry is the “right direction” is even less so

        • joespivey

          My party? I don’t belong to a party.

          Where is the evidence of them embracing bigots? These people are getting kicked out of UKIP.

          The point is that no other alternative party, no matter how good they are, can get elected into power. There are plenty of interesting parties that just don’t have the manpower to get elected.

          UKIP can, and as long as they have a direction, they can weed out the rubbish later. It’s not as if party whips wouldn’t exist with UKIP, after all.

          • Sparkyu1

            The sheer number of bigots in the party shows the values they hold. And no, they don’t kick them out when they arise – nor are they invested in weeding them out (or have you not seen Helmer?) they keep them, they defend them (something Farage has done on multiple occasions) and only when the PR becomes too bad are they kicked out.

            You’re arguing that the party needs bigotry to become established and, at some point in the future, when those bigots have given them power, they will be weeded out? Yes, because that’s something I’m going to remotely trust

            Frankly, if they are the only alternative party (which I don’t agree with since UKIP still doesn’t have an MP) I’d rather keep with the status quo – why would I choose an alternative that, at best, is indifferent to homophobia (which is a stretch) and at worst (and much more likely) is happy to embrace it?

            Being “alternative” isn’t an inherent positive

          • joespivey

            I don’t know where I said that a party needs bigotry to become established – I said that a party needs a quantity of people to become a party that is technically electable. This is something that no other party outside the main three have done, which makes those other parties redundant (especially with First Past The Post).

            What I was saying regarding “weeding out” was that they can’t truly assess who the idiots are until they have a team to sort things out (along with the time and the money. Vetting isn’t a cheap and easy process). When a party gets elected, MPs are shuffled round to bring the people who agree with the leader, and who are squeaky clean, to the front, and MPs that are a bit wacky get sent to the backbenches. You then get the whips to keep the stupid views from getting heard, and let the official message get across.

            In the Labour party, for example, you get people like Diane Abbott, unafraid to make racist comments on TV, shoved to the backbenches, whereas you get the polished people at the front.

            It doesn’t matter which of the other alternative parties you prefer – they cannot be elected into a majority, or in many cases a worthy minority, because they lack the numbers. Logically, therefore, they are the only alternative party.

            Helmer is an ex-Conservative that espoused many of his views as a Tory. Funnily enough, the homophobes in the Conservative party rarely get mentioned by the media.

  • Rumbelow

    Paul Forest needs to be arrested and prosecuted for spreading anti-gay hatred and lies. People like this really must be challenged and know they will face consequences for their hate-mongering. If the police will not act then do we not have an LGBT organisation in UK that will take him to court over this libelling of gay men?

  • Fur Beasty

    UKIP ten times more likely to be homophobic than normal people.

    • David H

      Only ten?

      • Jones

        That’s being kind.

    • carltheplasterer

      Labour 10 times more likely to be paedophillic than normal people.
      Only ten?
      That’s being kind.

      • Jesus_Mohammed

        Stick to your plastering, Carl. Stats isn’t your forte.

  • Robert J Brown

    Not from what I could see when working as a Prison Officer.

  • Ian_in_England

    UKIP appears to attract nutters. You know how NOT to vote don’t you?

  • Sounds to me as though “the establishment” doesn’t need to single out UKIP candidates for ridicule — they’re doing a quite good job of that themselves.

    • Jones

      UKIP is the establishment. No matter how far Farage tries to distance himself he is privatley educated just like the rest of them.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    UKIP is the gift that keeps on giving. The more Farage denies it’s a problem within his party, the more come out of the woodwork to spew their bile. Clearly, Farage is in denial. The problem with UKIPs sudden surge is that the cowardly Cameron and Miliband refuse to counter him. It should have been nipped in the bud long ago. They should have gone for the jugular and nailed the loon. Had that happened, I very much doubt if the media would be giving the party of hate much coverage. Let’s hope they don’t get even one MP in 2015.

    • Barry Scarfe

      The political Establishment are in on this. Their aim was was to get people who would normally vote BNP to vote for this ragtag bunch of ultra-Thatcherite Tory loonies instead whilst knowning that the UKIP bubble would soon boost. That is what will happen soon as the media who are also boosting UKIP with the same aim in mind will soon switch-off the publicity machine as soon as the EU elections are over as we will them be entering a crucial run-up to the general election. The BBC continually boost UKIP so that the BNP don’t get many votes AND also to split the Tory vote to the benefit of the BBC’s favoured parties of Labour and Lib Dem. After all, why is it that Nigel Farage who isn’t an elected MP and whose party still hasn’t got any is on Question Time more often than the Green Party’s MP? The Greens achieved a truely remarkable feat of getting an MP elected despite their minor party status in the archaic FPTP system.

  • carltheplasterer

    If UKIP had the resources like the Lib/Lab/Con to go through every Facebook and Twitter accounts of candidates and councillors of their parties,it would be a totally different story.

    • James

      “Lib/Lab/Con” don’t have overtly homophobic and racist policies like opposing same-sex marriage and wanting to ban headware associated with certain ethnic groups, so they don’t tend to attract so many of these people. Also, many of the stories about UKIPers with extreme views have been about MEPs or official party spokespeople, not obscure councillors.

      • carltheplasterer

        opposing same sex marriage (which we don’t if you actually took the time to read the facts) and wanting to ban headwear associated with certain ethnic groups are racist policies?
        Do you actually know what the word racist means?
        Typical left wing liberal…. scream RACIST! at every opportunity to attempt to shut down the debate,and at the same time taking away it’s true meaning from the real victims of racism.
        You disgust me.

        • Rachel Mercer

          Banning the headwear is a racist policy, I’m afraid. And the intention was very clearly that opposing same sex marriage is the homophobic policy. 1) learn to read and comprehend a sentence, and 2) you are the one derailing the conversation by pretending that racist actions don’t restrict the freedom of a group based on complete garbage opinions. And that is exactly what you’re doing. Anti-muslim clothing policies are largely based on racism – hoodies can be used to hide faces too, but you don’t see ukip promoting a policy to ban those. Given that a lot of white kids wear them, literally no one is surprised that this particular form of hiding identity doesn’t seem to be a ukip concern. And you are lying to yourself if you don’t think this is just the latest in a long line of incidents that prove people who criticise ukip correct. Maybe you should work on being a less objectionable party, instead of getting oversensitive on comment sections.

          • carltheplasterer

            change the record

          • Rachel Mercer

            Wow. Intelligent rebuke. Clearly you’re a master debater. Quite frankly, I’m not surprised you’re a ukip supporter. A racist policy deserves to be called out as a racist policy, and you have no intelligent defence because, deep down, you know it’s racist too, but you don’t care. Or you’re as stupid as your response is. Take your pick.

          • carltheplasterer


          • Rovex

            Well we have had a number of UKIP supporters saying the same as you lately. If UKIP isnt racist, why dont they have clear policies? Where are these policies? Where is the explanation of what these policies REALLY mean. All UKIP do is attack the others and deflect. They are a hollow shell full of bigotry. When they get called out for being a bigot they cry and call that bigotry! If it wasn’t so dangerous it would be funny.

        • Derek Northcote

          “Nigel Farage branded racist and fascist by his own teachers”

  • Paul – Canada
  • Rehan

    He sounds like some of the loonier trolls (like whatshisname, that wifebeating one) we get ‘contributing’ here from time to time.

  • Trevor

    Its amazing what people believe nowadays. Gay and voting ukip! ;D

    • Gay and Ukip. Isn’t that an oxymoron

    • Rovex

      Its the new ‘gay Tory’ don’t you know!? How trendy of you.

  • postopgirl

    I thought Farage said on Sunday Politics his party was neither racist nor homophobic, just look at the numbers of candidates UKIP have put up that have made homophobic nasty comments and decide for yourself, he just dismisses them as not reprisentative of his party, however he only dismisses these people from the party “IF” he deams them to be damaging to his party’s aims of getting elected, this he says shows how he stamps down on this kind of behaviour or is it just papering over the cracks of the true nature of UKIP, given he sacked a youth UKIP leader who showed support for gay marriage.

  • There is no evidence to conflate homosexuality with pedophilia. On the contrary, there is evidence to refute it.

    University of California:

    American Psychological Association (over 173,000 members, the largest such professional body in the world):

    Conflating homosexuality with pedophilia is both mendacious and malicious. If most gays were pedophiles then we would have zero rights and would be serving time in prison. The overwhelming majority of pedophile assaults are by men against girls, usually the father/stepfather or other relative or close friend of the family.

    That said, just because most pedophiles are heterosexual, doesn’t mean most heterosexuals are pedophiles either.

    Another problem that skews statistics is that most homosexuals are in the closet, so that instances of same sex child sexual assault are calculated as a percentage of ‘known’ homosexuals, which is far smaller than the real number against the total population, thus making the proportion higher than it would be if divided by the true, larger sample. Even so, the fact remains that same sex child sexual assaults are dwarfed in number by the assaults on underage girls by heterosexually identifying males.

    • Psychologist

      Thank you Derek, I was just going to post a very similar comment, with the same statistics. You’re quite right, there is NO evidence to support the “anti-gay propaganda” that gay men are more likely to be child abusers – which is often spread by institutionally homophobic religions.
      As you point out, those statistics which do exist, suggest quite the opposite.
      So UKIP homophobes once again, using lies and incorrect facts, in order to somehow legitimise their OWN homophobia !

  • jamessavik

    Please reveal your sources if you have any.

  • Truth

    I thought we had laws in this country (UK) to prevent ‘Incitement to Hatred’. This is CLEARLY designed to achieve this, so why hasn’t this man been challenged by the plice to produce his evidence to support his claim?

    • faghag

      I think it’s only if the hate-speech/hate-paraphernalia directly incites or threatens violence – only then can it fall under legal scrutiny and potentially prosecuted.

  • Gerry

    UKIP have selected the homophobic Roger Helmer as their candidate for the Newark by-election.

    He’s the one that thinks “Brits should be able to despise gays – just like they do tea”.

  • Liam

    UKIP are something of a media sensation atm, so there’s probably something to the claim that their lunatics are reported on more, but come on, they’re still a small party and every day there’s another bigot spewing hatred. The other parties undoubtedly contain these kind of people, but they are nowhere near as concentrated. Not to mention that two wrongs don’t make a right, saying that the other parties do this or that excuses nothing, that is an extremely childish defense. And btw, quoting somebody verbatim does not constitute a ‘smear campaign’, you can make the argument that disproportionate coverage is unfair, but a smear campaign is: ‘a plan to discredit a public figure by making false accusations.’

  • Arr U. Gaetü

    Just because all 11 of his remaining friends are child abusers and 10 of them prefer abusing boys rather than girls, that’s not a valid poll. He should stop hanging around child abusers.

  • Arr U. Gaetü

    No reason to toss around numbers. The percentages are the same in any sector of the population. But what is interesting is only 5% of child abuse is comprised of “stranger danger”. The primary “danger” children are taught. Rather, they should be taught about the remaining 95%, someone the child had known for awhile, and it is split evenly between people in the child’s home and adult leaders outside the home.

  • Adam

    Er this is sensationalist reporting..

    What was really said by

    Winston McKenzie

    can be found in a report by the telegraph this is yet another example of media jumping on the bullshit wagon.

  • Carl Onwochei-walker

    I think in light of recent events in the media we can all agree that a significant proportion of child abusers are those with ‘celebrity’ status…. politicians included.

  • Truth.B.Told

    How did he find this out?

  • Normal men? Good lord…when will some people grasp that normal is not restricted to their narrow view of the world….?

  • Adam-marc Kelly

    and how do they collect this data to form statistics? I definitely didn’t receive my gay census in the post? Did yall get one?

  • mike

    out of the mouths of clowns and crackpot loonies……

  • allan

    LGBT the minority that it’s safe to offend – try saying this rubbish about any other groups and see the reaction. These people are creepy old idiotic cowardly bullies. I’m quite sure they have the sad miserable life they deserve.

  • The russ

    No smoke without fire I say, most paedophiles are men abusing young boys so isn’t that gay

    • Andy Millan

      You sir are an idiot.

  • Karl Stain

    Can some one please tell me how member off ukip is not in the hands off the cops because if any one else said that they would off bin must be because he’s a member off ukip and gets away with everything

  • Katie

    Some of the Ukip people seem to be parroting what the homophobes of Putin’s regime are saying and are seemingly prepared to jump to his defence at the drop of a hat. I guess it’s just a coincidence that an article in the New York Times the other day claimed that many of these right-wing nationalist parties who stormed to success the other day are actually funded via the Kremlin – one theory being that Putin is trying to create a pro-Russian political bloc as a Trojan horse within the largely anti-Putin EU.

  • Rene

    This person or what ever u call him is monster and should shut his mouth!!!! This is homophobic bullying!!!!

  • lynn haslam

    i know a number of gay men and at all time feel that they have more respect and helpful to to all walks of life . if paul forest believes this he as sure dont know any gay blokes

  • David Cameron

    Hello anyone at home. Catholic church, male priests who are homosexual,along with Nuns of the same religion, child abuse hello knock knock. Perhaps you gay people should take your head out of the sand for a change and admit that it does go on in your society, Oh and by the way why should a straight guy fiddle about with a male of the species a female by all means but never a the male of our species. That is down to homosexual men

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