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Michael Sam’s sexuality could be a ‘distraction’ in NFL draft, say insiders

  • Christopher in Canada

    read: We are not interested in human beings playing our sport. We just want automatons to carry the ball and make us win.

  • Bluespiral58

    I think the same things were said about the first black players. I know the same things were said about gays in the military.

    • jackie

      and if there were both Black and Gay?

      • Steven Gregory

        Polian is an old shriveled white guy who dyes his white hair blond. His bias meter must be going BONKERS!

  • Jones

    He should be judged on how well he plays not who he loves.

    • Rob

      So then why bring his sexuality into his professional life?

      • Jones

        The media. The expection that every person on a sports team is straight should be broken. He’s also inspired many other professionals and teenagers in his situation to come out too, he should be applauded for that.

  • Steven Gregory

    ESPN analyst Bill Polian is seeding homophobia, hoping to see how much sway his fear-mongering wields. I hope someone takes Polian down face-to-face and makes him answer for his scare tactics.

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