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George Takei: Media was a soul-crushing monster that stripped gays of all humanity

  • Truth

    …. not forgetting that the ROOT cause of ALL homophobia is religion. Without religiously-inspired taboos, there would be no homophobia.

  • Joeoz

    i think there was a small glimmer of light on Australian Television. In the early 1970’s we had a series called, Number 96, the had an openly gay character called, Don Finlayson who was a lawyer. He was probably one of the first gay role models on TV in Australia and perhaps the world.

    But that would have been the one and only example you could have found in Australia… as for the rest of the media, it was gutter press and stereotype all the way!

  • Jay D Hall

    Bravo, George Takei !!

  • Evaldas

    One of the best quotes this year so far…

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