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Ireland: 16-year-old accused of stamping on man’s head in ‘gay hate’ attack seeks bail

  • Graham

    I’m not sure if this is related but there’s been warnings issued over the past couple of weeks advising lone gay men to be extra vigilant when leaving gay venues in the city centre. Apparently there is a group of Romanian minors who are targetting gay men in violent muggings.

    • Jones

      It makes you question why we have borders which allow criminals to pass through so easily. These people should be stopped promptly at our borders and turned back around, especially when just over half of the Romanian population think that homosexuality should be outlawed.

      • Stephen

        Where is there anything mentioned about the closeted 16 year old (because let’s face it the perpetrator is a self-hating gay kid) being Romanian?
        UKIP would love you both.

        • Jones

          I was commenting on the issue which Graham highlighted, which is happening. Romanian culture is not favourable to homosexuality and so attacks against us from some groups of them are to be expected. I believe it’s a genuine concern to have, when people of my kind are being assaulted by these groups, on the streets of my country when they should not be allowed access in the first place.

  • Joeoz

    So young and yet so much hatred…

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