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HRC urges groups to cancel events at Brunei-owned hotels over ‘stone the gays’ law

  • Mark Y

    I urge everyone to boycott every business that has links to any country with anti gay laws. It’s mainly uneducated brainwashed muslims in Africa and Asia, particularly the middle east, and then next worst are the fundamentalist christians in eastern europe and beyond.

  • Truth

    This is fantastic news. Together, we can bring an end to homophobia. If every time a country went backwards in terms of human rights in the way Brunei has done, big business said we are against this and we are taking sanctions against you, believe me… things would soon start to change. The only thing these homophobic bigots really understand is a swift kick where it hurts… in the pocket. It’s amazing how quickly these people fall off the religious and moral high-ground when their income is threatened. Even if it doesn’t financially hurt somewhere like Brunei, they do not want to become social pariahs. Remove all travel privileges for officials and get a UN agreement to freeze assets placed overseas… and they’ll soon see sense.

  • Psychologist

    Excellent news !
    If homophobes (especially the dangerous ones, with power and influence) won’t listen to reason – then maybe boycott of their businesses might bring some sense to them.

  • Cal

    I hope news of this boycott spreads far and wide. It will certainly hit the sultan in the pocket – but his pockets are deep. He will not reverse his decision but simply sell the affected businesses. However, it may discourage others in backward countries with western business interests to think twice.

  • Martin R

    I wonder whether the Sultan considers he and his familly are paradigms of virtue. According to many accounts they are NOT! So, let he amongst you who has not sinned, cast the first stone (but it might hurt you).

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