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Three Hampshire police officers sacked over homophobic bullying

  • johnflondon

    Encouraging response from the police. Things are slowly changing.

  • AnotherVictimofPolice

    Just need to clean out Devon & Cornwall police now..
    …and the Cornwall Pride Committee member Pride Treasurer mentioned in above link…NAILED HIM for £2million fraud!!!
    …no thanks to Cornwall police or those LGBT groups in Cornwall (& Exeter) which contributed to the hate campaign against gay victims of police abuse & were x-clients of Mr Pearce!

  • Psychologist

    Great news ! The police have moved on from institutional homophobia which was once common-place in the police. These officers did not fit in with modern policing policies, and homophobia should be given zero tolerance in the police, and all publicly funded jobs, as well as in the private sector.
    Well done to the Hampshire Police for sacking these officers.

  • lee

    so these three have lost the jobs income and pension, good.

  • Homo Demon

    I would like to know how they were caught…

    • George Parker

      I guess they got reported by the victims who got totally disgusted with them.

      • Homo Demon

        I don’t believe that it did get reported.

        How this sort of behaviour comes to light says a lot about individual forces and their culture. If the culture allows people to behave like this without getting challenged then that is not very encouraging.

        This behaviour was ‘uncovered’. They could have sent texts or emails that were found, or they could have made comments on social media websites. Alternatively, they could have found themselves being covertly recorded within police premises or a police vehicle by their Directoriate of Professional Standards.

        Reading between the lines someone stumbled over their behaviour and that’s how it came to light.

        • George Parker


  • Michael2912

    But what was it that they did and said?

    • George Parker

      I guess the police are too embarrassed to tell us, but you can be sure that it had lot to do with sneering, jeering and face to face abuse using all the worst homophobic and sexist language.

      Nice guys!

  • Georgie

    Sad day !

    • Boycott_AZ

      For S H I T T Y bigots, yes it was a bad day!

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