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Natalie Cassidy: I was ‘naive’ to quit Eastenders over lesbian storyline

  • Truth

    Quote: “When I was younger actually – I think it was a little bit naive”.
    Ah! So ‘naive’ is the new word for ‘homophobic’ is it …?

    • TomSatsuma

      There is absolutely no indication in the article that there was a homophobic motive – in fact her last line “Sometimes in soaps people are so keen to get a shocking story that the character gets forgotten.” could be seen as arguing against using homosexuality as a ‘shocking’ gimmick.

      Maybe it was homophobia – who knows – but I think her not believing that it was a realistic move for the character is a perfectly valid justification.

      • J.

        There was no reason why her character couldn’t have been gay (I realise she’d know her character better than I do and would have much more personal feelings about/ involvement with the character’s ‘life’. Her departure from the role was an over-reaction though).

      • Connor Larkin

        One fallacy deserves another, ‘there was no indication that it was NOT a homophobic motive’.

        • TomSatsuma

          There was no indication that it was NOT a motive of believing that underwater worms living inside her brain made her do it.

          Therefore ‘naive’ is the new word for ‘underwater brain worms’ is it …?

    • J.

      Yes, perhaps she’s still naïve enough to think it’s not really being homophobic to run a mile (and resigning from her job) when faced with a gay storyline. In other words, naïve that she was only being naïve – or is that ignorance [scratches head]? She has even admitted to having recent reservations about the new gay storyline involving her character. Anyhow, now that I know it has put me off the actress somewhat, not that I was a fan to begin with.

  • Timelover

    Ever consider the thought she might be gay herself and has yet been able to come out?

  • Patricia

    I just wonder if there was/is any other storyline that would make her leave. Surely actors are paid to do what the word suggests – act?

  • Niki

    If will from will and grace suddenly dated a woman loads of people would say that it wasn’t true to his character. If she felt strongly that her character was being deliberately ‘gayed up’ just to boost rating figures etc, then leaving rather than getting £ to hype up being gay as ‘shocking’ is normally called artistic integrity not homophobia.

    • J.

      “Gayed-up”? lol.

      Well now there is doubt as to whether she was expressing artistic integrity, youthful naivety or homophobic to some extent. None of us are quite clear why she left and her latest explanation has only raised further questions.

  • I’m confused, I thought the writers of these characters were the ones responsible for forming them and continuing their story.

    Although an actor brings a hell of a lot to a role, this is completely different to the position of a movie actor who reads the script and agrees to play a character. This is an ongoing story with a long-standing character, and it’s not her job to make decisions on what that character does – that’s the writers’ job.

    • Truth

      Exactly correct! I think it was John Gielgud who said to a young actor, endlessly agonising over the motivation in particular parts of a script, “Dear boy … just learn the lines, say them and don’t bump into the furniture”.

  • Leonard Woodrow

    Nobody knows their own character/sexuality well enough to say they won’t ever do something.

    It is always possible to find yourself reacting in an uncharacteristic way when experiencing a totally new situation. It’s called learning.

    Life’s like that!

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