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Lesbian artist Maggi Hambling: ‘Slaves would be very handy, I wouldn’t mind a few’

  • ???

    I wonder if this article poses a wider question of what can and can’t be made the subject of a joke. What does everyone think?

    • ^GAY-Π.Α.Ο.Κ^Dark Horse^28^


  • ^GAY-Π.Α.Ο.Κ^Dark Horse^28^

    Oh give her a break…A good question might be how many times actually this black student of hers that went all offended has done the same and did jokes that could pass as racist????
    Εnough with all this unnecessary drama that how many individuals like him are creating all the time…They are literally going annoyed over nothing..
    You know…Its a problem that in our world we have started getting mad over insignificant things…

    • Meow Mix

      For the love of god.. stfu…. Your stupidity is showing… He is creating drama by finding her joke to be atrocious? Everyone always thinks their so damn funny, and when ppl DON’T Laugh at their lame ass joke, THEY are suddenly the bad guy? I’m so tired of people acting like people have no right to be offended. Let some random straighht artist teaching some class make a bunch of fag jokes and how they wouldn’t mind watching a few of them burn, and see how fast Glaad and everyone else would be all over them.

      • ^GAY-Π.Α.Ο.Κ^Dark Horse^28^

        No you STFU…How dare you…My comment made perfect sense and it was not stupid at all but you insulted me..
        Even if it was the case he was the one that overreacted like drama queen and made it huge deal when it simply wasn’t at all..!
        Go and ask yourself this ”innocent” black guy how many times he have done exactly the same thing or even worse to others and then he acted like everything was okay and no harm..
        Its your own lame stupidity only that is revealed…You fool..

        • David Crumpled Bellend

          If anyone’s stupidity is revealed here, it’s your own.

          • ^GAY-Π.Α.Ο.Κ^Dark Horse^28^

            Οh just SHUT UP…NO i repeat…You are the one that is wrong you stupid…Back off! You are annoying!

          • David Crumpled Bellend

            Now you’re over-reacting like a drama-queen.
            Just apologise, then log-off and go for a lie-down.

          • ^GAY-Π.Α.Ο.Κ^Dark Horse^28^

            ΝΟ i’m not the one that should apologize…
            He was the one that started this…Even if his point of view could might be right there was absolutely no way for him to go and insult me with ugly way out of the blue..
            I could even agree with his opinion if he was not offensive..
            I’m not here to argue with any member and especially a trashy mean person like him…End of story..

          • David Crumpled Bellend

            Are you sure that’s the end?
            Or do you think you can manage one more flounce?

          • ^GAY-Π.Α.Ο.Κ^Dark Horse^28^

            No…Are YOU sure that’s the end???
            Or do you think we can continue our ‘nice’ conversation doing this over and over??
            Don’t you try to play the smarty card to me…
            Leave me alone already and get lost you mr. know it all..
            I won’t keep seeing the notifications from your lame replies…
            I have already said bye bye…
            Just let it go ”pal” and move on with your life…!

          • David Crumpled Bellend

            Good idea.

            Well done for coming back for a final flounce (I could tell you wouldn’t be the type to disappoint).

            Anyhoo, it’s been ***really nice*** exchanging pleasantries with you but now we’re all done with that, please try to keep your toys in the pram and just move along.


          • ^GAY-Π.Α.Ο.Κ^Dark Horse^28^

            Oh very nice then that its been ***really nice*** for you..
            No i won’t…I will just throw all my toys at you.. :PP
            No i won’t move on…I will hunt you like a ghost just for the sake.. :PP

          • David Crumpled Bellend

            And now, back to our usual service …

      • ^GAY-Π.Α.Ο.Κ^Dark Horse^28^

        ALL of the people that posted their comments here had exactly the same opinion with me! You should just keep your idiotic state of mind for yourself or at least not go & post it as a reply under mine trying telling me off you smart @ss..!

        • Meow Mix

          No one HAS to put up with her lame jokes. If she made a crappy Ethnic jokes, and someone didnt find it humorous that is his RIGHT. Who the hell are you to tell someone not to be offended about something?

          I couldn’t care LESS if everyone in here makes comments like yours. I bet $1,000,000 none of you are the race that is the butt of this so called joke. Just because McDonalds serveda billion people, doesn’t make their food good, and the internet is FILLED to the brim with idiots!

          I don’t care if some random person somewhere also made some sort of racial joke. That is IRRELEVANT!!!! Every time someone doesn’t find something funny, here comes people with the intelligence of a pumpkin sitting in the sun harping on about… “Welll Other people make racists jokes, so therefore its ok!!” Have a seat clown!

          I’ll reply to your simple dim witted self as many times as I’d like.

          Black people love shows like Family Guy and American dad, and even South Park… and they make racial jokes all the time… The difference is.. THOSE jokes are actually funny… And this Artist is NOT! No one is paying her to do stand up. So don’t even get your panties in a bunch because she said something STUPID, and she is criticized for it. Every time you turn around there is some Jack hole who doesn’t belong to a group that is the butt of a joke to “get over it” “it’s not a big deal” and “it’s just a joke”. Not everyone is going to find your crap funny.

          So again… STFU because no one is impressed with your stupidity. Oh and by all means, just basically repeat back what I said to you again… you unintelligent parrot.

          • J.

            “I bet $1,000,000 none of you are the race that is the butt of this so called joke”
            What makes you so sure that there are no black people viewing this page? It is very possible!

          • Meow Mix

            You forgot the part proceeding that line….

            “I couldn’t care LESS if everyone in here makes comments like yours. I bet $1,000,000 none of you are the race that is the butt of this so called joke.”

            Never said they weren’t visiting the page…. said the ones saying “it’s no big deal get over it, it’s just a joke” most likely are not… the SAME way when someone well known or famous say gay slurs, and the gays are upset…And then straight people simply tell them “get over it”… It is always easy to tell ppl to get over it when you are the outside group, and not the target of said joke. And even if you find a few tokens within said group that don’t care they are not the supreme commander of all the people in that group.

    • David Crumple Bellendry

      A better question would make sense.

      Why not ask what steps were taken when the offensive comments were made? What happened after that? Who told the student to take his video off-line? Why has the university taken so long to respond when it could have put out an immediate damage limitation statement to apologise for any offence caused, announce that an internal investigation has been launched and to state that a donation of £650 (equal to Hambling’s fee) would be paid to the local branch of Suffolk Centre for Racial Equality as a gesture of goodwill.

      PR — it’s not rocket science!

  • misfit44

    Enough of all this unnecessary drama that queers are creating all the time …..They are literally getting annoyed over nothing … They have tantrums and hissies over the slightest hurt and chuck all the stuff out of the pram, yelling, “homophobia!”
    You know ….it’s a problem that in our world we have started getting made over insignificant things.

    • Rehan

      Kindly provide the evidence to support your assertion that Jason Haye is “queer”.

      We all know Maggi Hambling is … but could it be that you’ve completely misunderstood the point of this article? Surely not! Could anyone be that stupid?

    • Rovex

      Some people are insensitive jerks, some people say stupid things, being gay or straight or anything in between doesn’t make you immune to it.

  • p

    Is this serious? Has everything have to be offensive these days? Soon we wont be able to talk in public in case we offend…….

    • Joeoz

      Hear, hear… I totally agree! OK… who here hasn’t at one time or another thought, it would be great to have an extra pair of hands to help out with the cooking, cleaning…etc.

      • Rumbelow

        In Maggi Hambling’s case some artistic talent would be very handy, never mind the slaves.

    • Not Telling

      I know right? It’s political correctness gone MAD. Why can’t I call a gay people fags? Why can’t I joke about how gays should be removed from society? Why are gay people so offended by homophobic jokes? It’s just a joke, LIKE ON TOP GEAR.

      In case I wasn’t being obvious, that was sarcasm. I’ve noticed that people who rail against political correctness only do so when they don’t find something offensive themselves. When they are offended, they’re usually the first to let everyone know how ‘shocked’ they were by the joke.

  • J.

    When there’s an audience, the intention of a non-malicious person should be to consider their words carefully and whether or not offence could be caused. As humans we can unintentionally say the wrong thing about something.

    At the same time, when a person is offended they should consider their feelings carefully and whether or not the offence caused was malicious before intending to raise the matter further. As humans we can unintentionally feel the wrong way about something.

    • Gareth

      I agree with you. I think it’s important to look at the context and the intended meaning in any situation like this. It’s perfectly possible for someone to say something racist or homophobic, for example, without actually being homophobic or racist themselves. Off the cuff comments based in ignorance can easily be challenged and discussed, while malicious, ingrained, bigotry is often impossible to engage with.

      I don’t know enough about the speaker in this piece to qualify any view on her, but I think the comments, as exhibited, show an extraordinary lack of sensitivity with her “jokes”. And btw, the same freedom of speech which protects her poor stand-up repertoire, is the same freedom of speech being employed by the student to make the complaint.

      • J.

        It is perfectly understandable for the young man to have taken offence. If we were him, we’d probably be offended too. As you suggest, he has the right to be offended.

        Ms Hambling made her comment whilst talking about the film ’12 Years A Slave’, which deals specifically with black slaves. In that context, it was racially offensive. She could have very possibly not meant any offence for all I know, but she was certainly careless.

        Her response was weak in that she claims to be “upset that my comments, intended as jokes, were misconstrued as racist” and “it was never my intention to upset anybody”. It’s an unsatisfactory ‘apology’ (if it could even be regarded as an apology) because, whilst claiming no malice intent, she believes her ‘joke’ being “misconstrued” to be what is wrong about the whole thing!

        There is nothing worse than placing the blame on those who are rightfully offended for ‘misconstruing’ what was said. Whilst her comment was careless she proceeded to dig a deeper hole for herself due to her half-hearted apology.

        • David Crumpled Bellend

          Well said! It’s no apology at all, just a rather poor and frankly shabby attempt by Maggi Dissembling to side-step the controversy with a comment about being “misunderstood”.

  • Jason

    What a ridiculous storm in a teacup.

    a) Pink New’s headline is offensive – Maggi Hambling is a well known and very highly regarded artist and sculptor not “A LESBIAN ARTIST AND SCULPTOR” – her sexuality is utterly irrelevant – this is sinking to the pitch of a Daily Mail headline.
    b) the reaction of the black student and so-called black activists is just plain silly – just grow up and stop being so ignorant. Do they really think africans and caribbeans have the monopoly on being slaves? – that is absolute nonsense – any 12 year old studying history knows people of all races have been, and in some cases still are, slaves. Britons were slaves to their Roman and Norman overlords, the white working class were slaves in all but name in factories, mines and mills long after the slave trade was abolished. Today, as we see on the news all the time, slave owners are more likely to be rich black or arab families treating their servants as slaves, taking away their liberty and bullying them to live in miserable conditions.

    So please don’t apologise Ms Hambling – there is absolutely no need to. If someone throws a bigger crumb of bread to a seagull than to a black bird they are decried as racist these days. Its ridiculous as is all the apologising that follows. Stories like this only benefit the likes of UKIP.

    • Rai

      Alas, she was talking about the film “12 Years a Slave.” I’ve not seen it, but I do know that it deals specifically with black slaves.
      All this is is some hipster man child having a circle jerk at a university and an apology is certainly needed.

    • Rumbelow

      I for one don’t hold her in high regard as an artist or sculptor, I recently saw some dreary, bashed out seascapes of hers at the Minories Gallery when I was visiting Colchester, there were perhaps half a dozen of these things all pretty much indistinguishable from each other and from what I can see she is still riding in on her lucky break moment as artist in residence at the National Gallery 30 odd years ago.

    • misfit44

      Maggie Hambling is a third rate artist whose works are of standard no higher than “A” level or even GCSE. Her face expresses a vicious character consumed by burning lust. The sheer hypocrisy of your statement is that were the black student to have said something derogatory about , LGBTQSTDs, all hell would have been let lose. The homosexuals and lesbians have become a privileged class whose behaviour and language is above the law and are accountable to no one. But believe me this is not sustainable.
      The reason Jamaicans have an abhorrence of sodomy stems from the fact that there evidence that white plantation owners would rape the black male in order to subdue him.

      • Rovex

        Gays dont have a monopoly on sodomy you know. You are OBSESSED with it, almost every post you make references it, why is that? Its already been explained to you that not all gays engage in sodomy (less than half, way less), and that straight men and women do it all the time.

        You need a new thing to obsess about, because this one makes you look like an idiot with a passion of sodomy.

      • Rumbelow

        Are you saying the plantation owners were gay? otherwise there seems to be a serious disconnect in exacting revenge upon gay people for what some slave owners allegedly did.

    • David Crumple Bellendry

      She describes herself as “lesbiotic” — is that where “lesbian” collides with “idiotic”

  • Lion in Winter

    I wouldn’t mind having three bodybuilders: one to rub my back, one to rub my feet, and one to say “Excuse me, sir, but would you like a drink?”

  • Paul – Canada

    Out at the pub, I remember a German guy making light of the genocide of Jews in a funny way. Pretty awkward as I’m Jewish.

  • James!

    Nasty Bîtch wouldn’t make a holocaust joke would she.

  • Rumbelow

    Maggi Hambling is an atrocious artist, the horrendous self-portrait she passed off as a portrait of literary genius Oscar Wilde is unforgivable.

    • George Smelley

      ‘I am not in charge of what I do’

      her portrait of Michael Jackson to her bronze sculpture in Aldeburgh,
      Maggi Hambling can’t help causing rows. She tells Stuart Jeffries why

      • Rumbelow

        Is that you Maggi? … you’ve been sprung.

  • allan

    Two things I can’t believe – she’s only 68 and she’s still alive and still vital..
    She is a talented artist and controversial character who’s been around and in the public eye for my entire life. And I’m knocking on a bit.
    She was ‘out’ when it was challenging to be so and has produced an amazing body of work.
    I am sure she meant ‘helpers’ as opposed to ‘slaves’ and it seems terribly wrong of PN to try and besmirch this wonderful creative caring woman for the sake of a ‘red top’ headline.

  • David

    The artical is about her apologising. She has realised she was wrong and done the right thing. Calm down everyone. How many public speakers have upset us with a comment and then apologised. It happens, let it go.

  • Silly Old Bastard

    If its time for apologies all around, how about one from Mr Haye
    apologising for the criminal and violent activity his race have engaged in here
    in the UK.

    • Liam

      I’m pretty sure you’re just a troll, but just in case you actually believe the bile you post here, please f*ck off and die.

      • Silly Old Bastard

        You miss the point. It being that you, me or the artist are no more
        responsible for slavery than Haye is for black crime and violence. However, if he is a troublemaker, then he is playing a game the other side can play to. Slavery is but a dim and distant memory despite self justifying guilt films being made, whereas black crime and violence is very much here and very much now.

        I also don’t care for your manner.

        • kane

          i think you have missed one too. no one is saying that the silly woman is responsible for anything other then her stupid remarks nor that she should apologise for anything other then her stupidity

          • Silly Old Bastard

            For God’s sake it was her sense of humour. Alright, you don’t like it, then don’t laugh. Most were guilty in that room if you wish. What to do with them. Shame them all?

          • Meow Mix

            So damn what.. if it was HER sense of humor… OTHER people don’t h ave to find HER humor funny… Stop trying to deflect to off topic things to try and make a point.

            Mr Haye has NOTHING to do with this story…. Crappy things dont get a pass because something ELSE crappy happened somewhere else… Someone else is not the EMPEROR of all the people in that group. Just because some person does something doenst make it a PASS for someone else to do something… what are we.. 5?? “Waaaaaah be heeeeeeee gets to do thiiiiiiisssss….”

          • kane

            well, if it was her sense of humour, then she should have, at least, apologise for exposing young brains to crude and witlessness aspects of it

  • pas

    As a black gay male who saw the film and was not bored but reflective of the fact that this was a story about slavery , which is a part of my history. I was offended that Ms Hambling had made the comment of owning slaves. Taking on board that slavery still is taking place at this very moment. There are racist gays, let’s not fool ourselves in believing they do not exist. The equal rights movement in terms of gays and visible minorities can not be see as an equal struggle. It is interesting that this woman felt comfortable making this statement in public. I would like to be a fly on the wall in her house to hear what she says in private.

    • Silly Old Bastard

      You need to get over it, just as I have knowing there are racist blacks and
      homophobic blacks.and blacks who beat their women.

      • Meow Mix

        You need to stfu, with your irrelevant BS.

        • Silly Old Bastard

          I won’t lie to you. I don’t like being around black people. I avoid them best I can. I think most of what they are responsible for is ugly, because it is ugly, from rap downwards. Satisfied ?

          If Haye doesn’t like living in a white country, he can go and live with Mr Mugabe. He doesn’t like white people, and takes their farms away from them.

          • Meow Mix

            And thank you for showing everyone the gigantic racist that you are, and how you don’t even have a pot to piss in, in this conversation. I know, and hang out with ALL kinds of people. And there are plenty of white people I can’t stand being around just as much as anyone else.

            You’re just a small minded Bigot, and I can spot people like you a mile away. lol Which is why from your very first comment I already knew…. Thankfully others will be able to see the mentality of people who rush and defend people like this woman.

          • Silly Old Bastard

            To be a racist, you have to be capable of hate. I hate nobody. However, I owe black people nothing, other than respect for their person and property. I just wish all of them accorded me the same, but I don’t get that from some young black men. You people stay away from me and I’ll stay away from you. Happy with that?

          • Not Telling

            Silly Old Bastard, you surely live up to your name. I always find it remarkable when a person of a minority can be so offensive and discriminatory to other minorities, knowing how it feels to be treated that way. I mean really? How little empathy do you have to have? How incredibly stupid do you have to be?

            You carry on stereotyping black people while being gay yourself. I hope you enjoy being stereotyped as a perverted, mentally ill, disease-ridden, filthy child molester. I hope you like people telling you that they don’t like being around your disgusting kind. Stereotypes are great aren’t they? Moron.

          • Silly Old Bastard

            I’m not a Marxist. I don’t believe all are equal. If they are, they have a strange way of showing it. Also, I don’t *belong* to any group to be told to fall into line, I’m an individual. A true free man beholden to no one. You are too, if you only realised it.

            One last thing. I would think blacks are getting rather sick of militant gay people whining on, and when encountering setbacks, claiming they are being treated no better than black slaves. Would you blame them?

          • Not Telling

            “I don’t belong to any group”

            The irony. You love putting other people in groups though don’t you? And then even worse, tainting them all with the same broad strokes.

            The point is, people who stereotype don’t care about ‘individuals’. They don’t care whether you consider yourself an individual or not. You’re still gay and that makes you a paedophile, mentally ill, diseased… etc etc. And they don’t want to be associated with a fag.

            Seriously. How can someone be this short-sighted? You are racist and unless you also have no problem with homophobia, you’re a hypocritical moron. It has nothing to do with marxism.

          • Silly Old Bastard

            I group people together because they deserve to be grouped together. If they don’t deserve it, they too will realise they are not in the group.

            If you truly believe your fellow man thinks that about gays, well the truth is in the west, the mass majority don’t. But that isn’t good enough for the militants, until it’s a 100%. So off you go and bleed openly, that’s your business. I’m not coming with you. I’m not living the victim’s life.

          • Not Telling

            Oh so you DON’T like being stereotyped as disease-ridden and perverted do you? Good, now put yourself in the place of a black man who has done nothing wrong and has to live in a world with miserable old racist sods like you. Seriously are you from the 19th century?

            And this twisted logic about groups that ‘deserve’ to be stereotyped and those that don’t… Well I’ve got facts for you. Gay people are more likely to have STDs than straight people. I guess that justifies bigots grouping all gay people together as filthy, disease-ridden sex addicts does it? I mean it’s painful saying these things even though I don’t mean it, how is it possible that you can stereotype black people and not feel wrong at all? You’re a disgusting person.

            You don’t ‘live a victims life’ because you’re the bully. And you’re too short-sighted to see that what you’re doing it exactly what you don’t like people doing to you. You’re also in denial about homophobia. I’m done with this conversation. Your brain must be wasting away because you’re clearly incapable of reason and this is a waste of time.

          • Silly Old Bastard

            I did say I owe black people nothing. They can fight their own battles, if they can spare the time from dissing gay people with their cultural achievement that is rap.

            Maybe I might have some empathy with them if the prisons weren’t bursting with them. As it stands, if you are looking to me to join you in solidarity with them, you really have come to the wrong man.

          • Meow Mix

            OH. pleeeaaassee LOLOLOL. WHat kind of Hipster Nonsense have you try to tell yourself to justify your ignorance and bigotry? “racism” does not always means you “hate”…. It can mean MANY of things…Hate is just ONE aspect of racism. And saying you AVOID black people, and don’t like to hang out with them IS a form of racism. You deem them not worthy to be around… therefore you think you are better, that you are too good to be around them. And you may try some more Hipster BS that you are not… but THAT is what it boils down to. LOL As if “Separate but equal” mantra wasnt racist just because the people involved said they do not hate the other people. You lump EVERYONE into one group because you do not like them. You random rants about Black people on this page is proof enough. You are Prejudice. But with Racism being scientifically linked to low IQs, your comments make that much more sense.

          • Silly Old Bastard

            Yes, but I get to choose my own company. I’m also quite intelligent.

          • Meow Mix

            I highly doubt that given your illogical arguments, false equivalency, and the fact you couldn’t even understand diff aspects of racism :)

            You can choose whatever company you keep, I don’t care…
            NO one said you owe black people a damn thing. Not one person said such a thing. But don’t pretend you are not racist while doing it… And don’t tell black people how to feel about your racism and bigotry. I’m sure they are not asking you to owe them anything, I’m sure they are telling you to go F@*# off, when you open your mouth and BS spews out.

          • Silly Old Bastard

            Well off you go then. Why not head off to a black bar. They’re the best, but keep being gay to yourself :-(

          • Meow Mix

            I’ll go to whatever Bar I feel like… My horizon is without limits. And I’m sure if I stepped into a random Biker Bar, a seedy Irish Pub or some “Bro” bar, i’d just as have to hide being gay as I would in some Hood bar. Yea.. white people have never attacked anyone for being gay… that must be it. Your ignorance is showing again.

  • JD

    I wish Talented and Creative people would learn to Shut Up and stick to being Artistic – we have enough commentators and Dumb Arses already!

  • David Crumpled Bellend

    The Suffolk Terrahawk hasn’t apologised at all. The statement reported on the IpswichPIE website is merely an attempt to defend her remarks, and cannot be construed as an “apology” in any shape or form.

  • Rovex

    12 years a slave was boring. It was typical of Oscar fodder these days. Over produced, every aspect trying SO hard to win awards, but when added together it was a souless superficial borefest that’s far less than the sum of its parts. Its certainly not alone, most Oscar nominations are like that now.

    As for having slaves, well I suppose yes it would be handy, but now you can simulate the effect just by having money and paying people to do whatever you like.

  • Daniel O’Brien

    Maggi Hambling is cool. Daily Mail are just Hate-mongers & UKIP will be bad history after tomorrows election

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