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BBC 5 Live presenter: ‘Gay is the new defence for Jamaicans who want to stay in Britain’

  • Sparkyu1

    Yeah, can’t say I’m that enamoured over this straight guy making jokes about gay people claiming asylum over here because they’ll be tortured and killed if they’re sent home.

  • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

    What a jerk, how selfish can you be? This attitude will make it even harder for legit asylum seekers to get help.

    Also what he is doing is actually telling people to break the law, its immigration fraud. Surely that should be grounds for dismissal?

  • J.

    My brain is a bit slow working this article out. Is he making fun at the UK immigration system or poking fun at homophobic Jamaicans? He’s telling his Jamaican listeners that more of them are gay than they would admit and that would enrage many of them. At the same time he’s encouraging false asylum claims, although homophobic Jamaicans are so entrenched in their bigotry that falsely claiming to be gay would be shameful to them. Unless of course, immigrating to or remaining in the UK is more important to Jamaicans than I realise.

    • TomSatsuma

      Yes, I couldn’t work out his tone either… I suspect it might be a bit of both!

    • Rehan

      I think he’s being provocative and ridiculing the last-ditch claims of being gay to avoid repatriation.

      • J.

        Ah, so he’s saying that Jamaicans seeking asylum in the UK (or those released from a UK prison and attempting to avoid deportation) and who ‘claim’ to be gay could only possibly be lying and in doing so, ridiculing the idea that some Jamaicans possibly could be gay and could only claim to be if seeking to stay in the UK? In other words, what he said was done so with a heavy dose of sarcasm. Hmm. I hope the BBC have his P45 ready.

        • Rehan

          I think he’s ridiculing the reluctance of most Jamaicans to admit that gay Jamaicans can exist in significant numbers – until it suits them. (But I can’t be sure!)

          • J.

            That’s what I originally thought. LOL. My brain has spaghetti-junctioned thinking about it!

  • Truth

    …. and so, in order to prevent any potential abuse of the system, would it not be better for the UN, ourselves and other sympathetic countries to impose severe sanctions on and boycotts of ANY country which continues to impose anti-gay laws on citizens? Money talks. Let’s start shouting at these ignorant, imbecilic, backward places ….

    • rapture

      I agree, but LGBT are the sh*t of god, crud, bottom of the sh*t heap , when it comes to acknowledgement of the human rights abuses and persecution being perpetrated against them and gay people contribute to this by their ignorance and passivity at their communities struggle in other parts of the world.

  • Matt

    An easy solution to the “bogus asylum seeker claiming to be gay” problem is to inform all prospective “gay” asylum seekers that they have to have sex with Christopher Biggins

    If they’re straight they’ll refuse and if they really are gay then surely having sex with Biggins cant be worse than being sent home

    • rapture

      Not funny to poke fun at genuine gay asylum seekers, but either way gay or straight , think i’d rather take my chances in Jamaica than even be anywhere near the odious biggins.

  • Lisa

    It makes my blood boil, that this is ok to say on radio station funded by the tax paying public, yet a white man mentions anything like a stupid nursery rhyme & hell breaks loose!

    • Dazzer

      Dotun Adebayo didn’t say it on the radio, he wrote it in a non-tax-payer funded article in a newspaper.

      Oh, and if a white man earns 14 million a year from the BBC – funded by licence fee payers – he damn well ought to be able to keep casual racism out off his on-screen persona. And preferably out off his private persona, too.

  • Alex

    To be honest reading through it, his comments do seem to be fairly witty and in good humour. I found his sunny disposition towards it rather amusing.

    Getting angry at this would be like getting angry at Blackadder and all those Great War comedy routines about pretending to be gay to get out of being killed by Germans on the front.

    Hell, we’re the country who, a week after the 7/7 bombings, had stand up comedians making jokes about it on television, so you can’t say “this topic is too sensitive to joke about” in comparison.

  • Silly Old Bastard

    I like what he’s saying. He’s an African is Dotun. They get preyed on by Jamaicans.

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