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Tom Daley’s boyfriend Dustin Lance Black: People have been supportive after sex pic leak

  • GothBoyUK

    It was something in his past that many of us have done. It’s over with. Had it been a recent thing, for example with Daley or just prior to the relationship then maybe that would have created a different feeling as he is a safer sex advocate. We’re all entitled to learn from our mistakes and he has done so. I’d expect any new ‘material’ would be kept far more secure (if it was to be created at all).

  • Derek Northcote

    I wish my sex life was interesting enough to take a picture of it.

    • gutaitas

      Hahaha that made me chuckle!

  • Gerry
  • Jess

    This man makes me sick :( *blurgh*

    • Andy Millan

      Why Jess, because he is talented, successful and rich and has a hot young boyfriend? The green eyed monster is very unattractive.

      • saintlaw

        His eyes are green?

  • PN

    So, until Dustin hooked up with Tom Daley, he was a screenwriter in his own right. Afterwards, that is his main identifier, that he’s Daley’s boyfriend. Every headline, Pink News. Want to be the Gay Sun, do you?

    • Jones

      More like the Daily Male.

    • saintlaw

      He now has a gay sun.

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