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South East England MEP candidate: Daniel Radcliffe and the Pope bullied Mozilla CEO into quitting

  • Mark

    Oh, wow — England has their very own MICHELLE BACHMANN!

    • Paula Thomas

      Yeah we do!!!! Mind you she is in a party so extreme and obscure that most people haven’t heard of it!!

    • Steven Gregory

      Now if only Gasper has a husband to match, one who will gladly hold her handbag.

  • ryeatley

    I think she’s potty. I am very glad she is no longer a UKIP member. She is not missed, I can tell you.

    • saintlaw

      No – not with all the other homophobes in your party.

  • Psychologist

    You only have to look at this woman’s photo to see there is clearly something psychologically wrong with her !
    Yet another extreme homophobe ! I’ll bet money that she’s a lesbian in denial ! THAT is WHY she’s SO homophobic !

    • James Orpin

      You are a very poor psychologist. Personal attacks are unnecessary also please stop the ‘all homophobes are closet cases’ it’s a tired and untrue argument. Disagree with this woman’s ridiculous views but ditch the rest

      • Psychologist

        Who the hell do you think YOU are telling ME what I can say on a free comments forum ? Get lost !

        The reason people try to silence people who speak the truth – is because they don’t like it, because it clearly refers to them ! You people are SO transparent !

        I have more degrees and qualifications than you clearly have brain cells ! Having studied, researched, and conducted my OWN research on homophobia for over 15 years, I can say that beyond question, homophobia is CAUSED by denying one’s OWN homosexuality ! Frankly, I really don’t give a rats ass how tired of hearing that you are – it happens to be THE TRUTH!
        I also come across this during delivering therapy, on a regular basis !

        • anonameus

          So I take it from you, truth and mr. psychologist, your avowed belief is that men and women who, like Julia Gasper, speak out about the ‘bullying and abuse’ used by the LGBT’s, are closet homophobes? Yet, in your statements about Ms. Gasper, you have simply proved her right. It has also been my personal experience that many gay people are openly aggressive, and this includes sexual abuse of non-gays. Do you deny it? I can prove you wrong…

          • Psychologist

            anonameus –
            1. You “claim” that I have somehow “simply proved her right” ! I haven’t ! So how do you justify your comment ?
            2. LGBT people do NOT bully and abuse. What you interpret as such, is actually fighting for equal rights, against people like her, and obviously YOU, who would attempt to deny LGBT equal rights !
            3. “In your personal experience, many gay people are openly aggressive” ? Really ? I can’t think why they would be so openly aggressive to someone like you who is obviously filled with hatred, repulsion, and would agree with this woman about re-criminalising homosexuality ! REALLY, you can’t see that it’s YOU homophobes who are CAUSING the problem in the first place ? REALLY .. are you REALLY that stupid ?
            You claim you can “prove me wrong” Please try … I invite you to !
            I’ve dealt with hundreds of people like you, prove it, and don’t waste my time !
            4. Here are some facts for you:-
            ALL phobias (including homo-PHOBIA) are a psychological disorder ! A PHOBIA is defined as “an irrational fear of … something” The HOMO part of HOMO-phobia is homo-SEXUALITY (not homo-SEXUALS, as some ,mistakenly think) The fear is actually the FEAR of their OWN SUPPRESSED homosexuality breaking through their suppression system, thus coming out of denial! I lecture on this stuff every week, so don’t waste your time arguing with me, if you haven’t studied it !
            5. Ask yourself this LOGICAL question:- WHY would anyone be SO CONCERNED with the sexual activity of OTHER PEOPLE, which does NOT in any way affect what you do ?
            In layman’s terms – you should mind your own business, and stop using some silly out-dated religious belief system, in order to attempt to somehow legitimise YOUR OWN homophobia !

        • James Orpin

          Please learn how to conduct better research

          • Psychologist

            You’re wrong ! As TRUTH has also already pointed out to you !
            My research is totally sound – and I’ve already given you a video link which details very recent research which corroborates my own research and views. You’ve provided NOTHING with which to substantiate your bigoted and factually wrong views.
            My research is correct and corroborated. The fact that YOU don’t either understand it, or wish to agree with it, in no way reflects on the accuracy of my research, which is carried out in accordance with scientific and psychological ethics and research guidelines ! your research to the contrary is carried out HOW … based on .. you just don’t want to believe ?
            How immature and infantile !
            What is clear here, is that you don’t want to accept it, because it clearly applies to you.

          • James Orpin

            A YouTube video. Must have missed the memo that YouTube was a peer reviewed psych journal. Numpty

          • Psychologist

            Yes NUMPTY – you clearly missed that memo – or more to the point, just way too stupid to understand it !

            So let me explain in very small words that even YOU might be able to understand. Just because a video is on YouTube, doesn’t invalidate it ! In fact the youtube item to which I refer, is a FACTUAL television NEWS item, which discusses the content of clinical psychological research on homophobia, conducted by no less than THREE Universities (Rochester ; Essex : California etc ….. ) who all arrived at the same conclusions. That is a fact !

            What is ALSO a fact is, that people, like YOU, who choose to ignore facts, just because you don’t like the TRUTH, are living a deluded life. You are clearly in denial of your true gay sexual orientation to be so concerned about your OWN level of homophobia !

          • James Orpin

            I never said that a video being on YouTube invalidated it what’re er that word salad means. I thought you’d done ‘extensive’ research on this issue, where is it published? I would like to read it.

            “You are clearly in denial of your true gay sexual orientation” and with this you descend into complete lunacy. You know zero about my life, my sexual orientation and my acceptance of that orientation. I think I’ll give up trying to have a conversation with a petulant asshat

      • Truth

        Sorry, James. It is your argument that is tired and, frankly, wrong. ALL the latest research points CONCLUSIVELY towards; “the bigger the homophobe, the bigger the closet case”. When are people going to grasp why it is that SOME people are homophobes and some are not? And don’t give me that ‘religious belief’ guff because, as any psychologist will tell you, religious ‘belief’ is a mental illness; self-delusion of the fist order. I presume you are gay? If so, sadly, it strikes me you also are a self-hater. You have been brainwashed to ‘believe’ that homophobes are allowed to be homophobic because of their ‘religious belief’. Well, let me tell you that RABID homophobes like this vile specimen are OBSESSED with the subject of homosexuality. Is that normal? I mean, c’mon! The ONLY reason this woman froths at the mouth (pun intended) so often is because she cannot abide the notion of same-sex attraction. Why? Because she experiences it on a daily basis and hates herself for it. If you can come up with a better explanation for rabid homophobia, I’m sure the researchers whose work proves otherwise would LOVE to hear from you ….

        • James Orpin

          All the latest research! Really? Please point me in the direction of some decent peer reviewed research

  • That There Other David

    Pink News, please don’t report on this woman again. She’s quite obviously mentally ill. Goading her isn’t going to make her any better.

  • stutz788

    Make scary woman go away.

  • Martin

    Female version of Bob Mugabe?

  • D.McCabe

    The woman is clearly off her rocker.

    If anything, the Daily Mail was more likely to support Eich. Just goes to show she really is thick as s**t!

  • mike

    Oh can I be blamed too(!) STUPID WOMAN!!!!

  • Nick

    I think all these rambling nutcases should be encouraged to make more ridiculous ramblings. The more they say the sillier they look!

    • Steven Gregory

      They certainly create a club nobody wants to join.

    • Truth

      As someone said earlier … had people ridiculed Hitler before he collected so many other nut jobs around him … WWII could well have been avoided.

  • J.

    She’s ranting from the far reaches of the extreme right, too dumb and too insane even for UKIP. One or two articles about her in Pink News is probably enough – we don’t need any more to realise what a disturbed individual she is. Continuous articles in one day about her is not good for own sanity. Spare us from any more, Pink News.

  • Ray

    The ‘Sarah Palin’ ; there is a facial resemblance; of the English Dumboprats??

  • Danny

    Please help me; I cannot stop laughing at all these UKIP people, maybe it’s a deliberate attempt to put weird humour back into politics.

  • David H

    This woman’s grip on reality is tenuous at best. I’m not sure anyone in her boots should be bandying about others being sectioned.

    • Psychologist

      Yes Indeed !

  • David H

    I strongly suspect the English Democrats are pretty relieved that the Euro elections are done on PR. In the unlikely event that they ever win a single seat, at least they can stick this embarrassment of a human being to the bottom of their selection list where 99% of the British population has a better chance of making it to the European Parliament, including the umpteen million who aren’t standing.

  • Steven Gregory

    Contrary to popular opinion: Pink News should give this woman her own platform so she is drawn out of obscurity and into popular culture. A lot of people need to hear this imbecile’s comments and nonstop lunacy. Bring the UKIP into the light so they can be heard, evaluated and rightfully ridiculed.

    • Psychologist

      Yes Steven, EXACTLY ! The ONLY way we know what these people’s views are, is to be able to HEAR THEM ! Then we are clearly informed who “the enemy” is – thus know WHO to avoid voting for, and who to support. Simple !
      How CAN we know who that is, if we don’t HEAR what their views are ?
      Give them enough rope to hang themselves (metaphorically speaking of course) :)

    • speedgeek

      Agree absolutely. (Godwin’s Law alert) – many German papers dismissed Hitler as, in our terminology, a fruitcake, and ignored him. This allowed the small number of critical papers to be targeted by Brownshirts. If every paper has spoken out, the truth about the Nazis might have reduced their support in the polls, and strengthened President Hindenburg’s hand in opposing them.
      Too many see UKIP as a one policy party, whereas they believe in abolishing sick pay, maternity leave, in privatising the NHS, etc.
      They have kept their policy on gay rights quiet, but I think we have a LOT to fear from them………

      • Steven Gregory

        Thanks, I hadn’t considered that example. The example here in the U.S. is that the majority of voters like to consider themselves “moderate,” but the effect of right wing extremists has been to drag the center toward the right. Some longtime political observers point out that Democratic “moderates” are now where the Republican right wing was 12 years ago. Only the rise of ultra-liberal forces are able to drag the center back toward the center.

        • speedgeek

          We need political “leaders” who will lead, not follow the herd. People like Lloyd George, Aneurin Bevin and, in the States, Woodrow Wilson, and, may I say, Obama, who has brought Healthcare to a reluctant USA

          • Steven Gregory

            Health care may be what sinks conservatives because they placed all their eggs in the anti-healthcare basket and sadly for them it’s becoming quite popular by those involved with it. Of course those who aren’t involved are still freaking out, so the polls are slightly against it.

            Governor Rick Scott of Florida went on a campaign swing and stopped to meet with senior citizens. He was fishing for negatives on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but everyone he spoke with was satisfied and thought it was a much better deal than before. Oops!

          • speedgeek

            We had a similar experience, Churchill and many doctors opposed the NHS bitterly, as a “socialist plot”, until it became obvious that people liked having the glasses and dental care they could not previously afford, and knowing they could see a doctor, or attend the hospital in an emergency was an unimaginable luxury pre-1948!

            After 65 years, Britain without free healthcare is unthinkable and only the very rich would oppose the NHS these days. Even the Conservatives have to be very wary about tinkering with it!

          • Steven Gregory

            America is changing, slowly and begrudgingly, but change is happening. It’s weird how people have put up such protest against having health coverage: it’s like they’re being dipped in acid. For a large group, it’s horrifying that a BLACK MAN is forcing health care benefits upon them.

            I do hope the US can get its healthcare system together and shut up the naysayers. They’re like this woman: shrieking the most inane idiocy and not even hearing themselves being lunatics.

  • speedgeek

    Wow! She left UKIP because it wasn’t right-wing ENOUGH?????? That puts her somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan!

  • Paul

    Oh god where’s this one crawled from?

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