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Scottish Govt denounces Russian homophobia after Alex Salmond praises Putin

  • It’s amazing that so many politicians seem to lack basic common sense. No sane politician in a democratic country would rationally be able to praise Putin for ANYTHING.

    The fact that he has suggests a lot about his character. Time to step down soon I think.

    • Jones

      Salmond has only praised Putin as he wishes to replicate the patriotism which Putin has spawned in Russia, in Scotland.

      • Derek Northcote

        We’ll just ignore the Putin bits about the gay bashing laws and country annexing not to mention the preamble to World War 3.

        Only yesterday Salmond called the Scots a nation of drunks and extolled the virtues of Rupert Murdoch whilst allowing children of 16 and 17 to vote.

        Salmond is a dangerous idiot and should be stopped at all costs before he destroys Scotland.

        • Jones

          I doubt that Putin wishes to start World War 3 as the Russian economy is not in the best state at present, due to his escapades in Europe.

          I agree with you on all other points.

      • AA

        If the Scots develop the same sort of “patriotism” as the Russians have shown in the last few months then God help the rest of these isles…

        • J.

          Yes, by supporting Putin Alex Salmond could be hinting of a return to the military conflict between England and Scotland that happened in centuries past.

          If many people of the north of England decide that they can no longer tolerate being ruled by Westminster and wish that they were instead a part of Britain independent (e.g. an independent Scotland) from London domination, will Alex Salmond try to ‘do a Putin’ and attempt to annex northern English counties?

    • Serkan M

      Exactly well said. For some reason, theres this growing anti-west, anti-american pro Putin ideology as if the west is the blame for everything. It does concern me.

      I don’t like Salmond. He look like a sleazy opportunist.

  • Dazzer

    OK, lads and lasses, if Salmond starts ripping his shirt off and riding a horse over the Highlands, we should be afraid. Very, very afraid.

    Also, ‘My eyes, my eyes. For the love of humanity, rip my eyes from my head.’

  • Truth

    In the unlikely event of Scottish independence, maybe Scotland can become part of Putin’s new Soviet empire ….

  • J.

    Wrong move by Alex Salmond. Big, big mistake! I hope he has the sense to regret supporting Putin or at least for PUBLICLY suggesting support of a man behaving like a dictator and aggressor. I’d bet that there are some embarrassed and angry members of the SNP following Salmond’s gaffe.

    Putin’s oppressive version of nationalism is surely not a version the SNP wants for an independent Scotland. Liberating social-democratic independence is completely different from oppressive and aggressive social-conservative nationalism. The two concepts are completely different types of patriotism. It is very odd that Salmond doesn’t appear to recognise that nor has the sense to realise that most of the electorate in Scotland would recognise the distinction.

  • Dave G

    There is form on this. Salmond and the SNP take money and support from Brian Souter the Stagecoach millionaire who bankrolled the campaign to keep Section 28 in Scotland when Labour sought (ultimately successfully) to abolish it. The poster campaign Souter paid for was appalling and demeaning to gay Scots. I still avoid Stagecoach buses where there is an alternative. Just remember this, any Scottish gay brothers or sisters who are feeling tempted to Vote Yes, and hand over the entire future of Scotland to Eck and his crowd of mates.

    • BennieM

      I agree that the SNP have form on this. Remember how they wouldn’t commit to legislating for same sex marriage for almost a year until they had heard all views, and it was subjected to unprecedented lengthy consultations.

      They also have put religion before gay equality time and time again, such as even now supporting St. Margaret’s adoption agency to discriminate against gay couples, or SNP government minister Roseanna Cunningham being allowed to shirk her ministerial duties on same sex marriage due to her religious beliefs. Although it’s not exactly an LGBT matter, the SNP government also caved into catholic church demands over cervical cancer vaccinations in 2008, so that the accompanying literature for all Scottish schools (not just catholic schools) had no mention of condoms.

      As for Souter, he has just donated £100,000 to the independence campaign. He gave it to a group called Christians for Independence, which claims to not be part of the official Yes campaign, but it was founded and is convened by SNP MSP Dave Thomson, and the official Yes campaign lists this group on it’s website and links to it.

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