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Russia: Author of gay propaganda law calls for boycott of ‘Eurovision sodom show’

  • Mario Buhagiar

    don’t like the rules, Russia? LEAVE! we don’t want you either

  • Derek Northcote

    Putin is hedging for a fight and hurting everyone he can in the process in order to cover up his failures and theft from ordinary Russians.

    Bear in mind this fascist worked for the equivalent of the Nazi SS.

  • Kelvin Beer-Jones

    Well, well, well, The Eurovision Song Contest after years of sucking up to any despot with a pot of cash looks like it will after all provide a chance for us all to cheer Austria and Boo, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan… the list is endless

    • J.

      Yes, LGBT viewers should look forward to the loud booing (hopefully) of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan etc. If that happens it will rile the anger of viewers who are bigoted in those countries.

      • Anil Akyol

        I wonder whether you will add EU countries such as Estonia, Italy, Lithuania and some more where gay rights are not much better than those countries you are getting ready to boo.

        • J.

          Yes they should be included in the booing aswell! No exceptions!

  • doug

    Since the song is one of the favourites to win, I imagine it will qualify for the grand final.

  • Alex

    Nothing to do with the fact that they’re unlikely to receive many European votes this year and will have lost Ukraine’s points, I’m sure…

    • J.

      There are still plenty of competing nations supportive of and which share Russia’s predominant homophobic attitude. It is still concerning that Russia could receive plenty of ‘douze points’ from eastern European nations and the votes required to win if there are enough bigoted viewers deciding to vote in western Europe.

      • I don’t think you’re right on this. Most of the former Soviet states are currently terrified of Russian aggression, they will not be voting to support Russia in this.

        There are certainly a lot of homophobes across these nations, an incredible amount of xenophobia and racism too. These are countries that have been held back and held under the thumb of Orthodox religious doctrine for centuries, but many are now moving forward slowly.

        Even though many of us want to support Ukraine, it’s still predominantly anti-gay and bigoted as a nation. But, with the threat from Russia now looming more prominently throughout the region, I do believe all of these homophobic countries would ignore the anti-gay propaganda and simply express their anger at Russia by rejecting it entirely.

        Those signing these petitions are pro-Russian fascists across these countries, not the mass of the public in each.

        • J.

          I was perhaps wrong to generalise about eastern European nations. I’m in Northern Ireland and resent generalisations about here, even though many of our bigoted politicians lend support to the generalisations! I’m aware of the concerns of some of the neighbouring Russian countries at its hunger for expansion. I’m also aware of the homophobia prevalent in many of them, notably Ukraine – though as you point out, hopefully they will now reject homophobia now associated so much with Russia. These countries have a tendency however to give ‘douze points’ (or close) to Russia! Perhaps – and unsurprisingly – the votes are rigged as rumoured.

  • That There Other David

    If that man hates it Eurovision are definitely doing something right :-)

  • J.

    Russia doesn’t want Eurovision if LGBT people are permitted and LGBT Eurovision fans don’t want homophobic Russians permitted. Unless Eurovision authorities are similar to those in the UN, IOC, FIFA and FIA, then I think we’ll win this battle.

    Russia either withdrawing or being banned from the ESC is what we want. Whilst it is still competing there is that possibility of Russia hosting the event. There are also anti-gay nations competing such as Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan etc. that we wouldn’t miss.

    • Anil Akyol

      Funny thing, they sent the fake lesbian duo, t.A.T.u to the competition back in 2003.

      • J.

        Strange that, considering! The prevalent homophobia in Russia isn’t a recent phenomenon unless it was just less frenzied in 2003 and only recently became so due to Putin whipping-up hysteria – I don’t know. I also didn’t know that t.A.T.u. were “fake” lesbians.

        • Anil Akyol

          Russia terribly wanted to win Eurovision back then. They sent their most famous act that year. They were beaten by a locally-famous Turkish singer and almost unknown band.

          They revealed that they predicted to be lesbians for publicity.

          • J.

            Though the two t.A.T.u. singers protested against Putin’s anti-gay laws during the Sochi Olympics and were brutally attacked for doing so.

  • misfit44

    Well so much for Stephen Fry and Maria Miller’s demand that the West boycott the Russian winter Olympic Games . It never happened and the games, far from being boycotted were beamed daily by the BBC, a gay dominated outfit. Does this not suggest a certain amount of cognitive dissonance in the minds of this morally bankrupt outfit.

    Perhaps the new Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, (after Maria Miller was “sacked”) should recommend that Britain enters John Cleese as this year’s contestant in the Eurovision Sodom show.

    • Alex

      That would be one of the shortest yet greatest entrants ever. Plus it might even pick up some points!

  • mike

    trust the Russians not to get the whole point of the Eurovision song contest..the campest tv show of all!!!!

  • Halou

    Russia isn’t the only participating country with musical talent, Eurovision can survive without them.

  • Eduard

    Don’t forget to support Conchita if you are going to vote.
    Also, don’t vote for Armenia, whose representative expressed horrible homophobic opinions recently.

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