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MEP candidate: Ban Grindr to stop gay MPs from ‘violating democracy’

  • GulliverUK

    Julia Gasper is so insane that even UKIP rejected her – enough said.

    • Oliver216

      More that she exposed her insanity publicity, then it became embarrassing/politically difficult to keep her around. They made her chairwoman for Oxford before that, so they can’t have been overly perturbed by her views.

      • GulliverUK

        We know now from experience that the Tories didn’t bother asking
        questions about equal marriage of candidates, or their views about
        sexual orientation – if you remember they had a number of candidates
        they have to ditch in May 2010, and some people who were elected have
        turned out to have disgusting views. And I think the conversation with
        UKIP is even more brief … “I’d like to be a candidate for UKIP”, …
        “That’s great, we’d love to have you, you’re endorsed, you start right

        I’m not glad there are people like this in the world, with
        horribly warped opinions, poorly formed through ignorance, but I’m glad
        they’re all in UKIP, and that they are destroying UKIP without help
        from anyone else. If I didn’t know better, I’d think it was some sort
        of MI5 plot to destabilise and get rid of UKIP from the political
        options. If I ran MI5 I’d certainly be tempted ! :)

        • Steven Gregory

          The UKIP sounds like the US Tea Party: They swept the mid-term polls four years ago, but none are winning reelection bids as people quickly realized what utter loons they are.

          • Charlie

            Unfortunately in our case, there’s very little media coverage of European issues. So although UKIP MEPs generally get jailed for expense fraud, kicked out for extremism, resign in a screaming fit, or go off and form their own ultra-KIP party, very few people realise what utter loons they are.

        • speedgeek

          That fits in with Farage’s apparent total ignorance of anyone who is exposed as a fruitcake! Even councillors (there are not that many) and Parliamentary candidates! One would not expect that Cam-moron or Millipede would be familiar with all their apparatchiks, but UKIP is tiny, and given that the spotlight is on them, one would expect the Leader to at least delegate someone to keep an eye on those who have achieved local or EU positions.
          Probably a case of not being able to find enough candidates, willing and capable of standing in elections, and who are not covered with tattoos of the Union Flag, and “hate” on both knuckles, which are dragging on the floor!

          • Steven Gregory

            The U.S. Tea Party is tiny, but they were able to concentrate the swarm of racist bigots buzzing around the periphery of the Republicans, who were frothing due to the election of Barack Obama.

    • ryeatley

      I’m a UKIP member. Unfortunately, I have heard her espousing some of her vile opinions, and I was damn glad that she went. People like her have no place in the party, I feel.

      • saintlaw

        If all the people who, you say, have no place in your party left your party there’d be no party left.

        • ryeatley

          How do you know? You only see the propaganda, and do not seem to be interested in reality.

          Here’s an excerpt from the UKIP constitution: http://www.ukip.org/the_constitution

          “The Party shall conduct itself and its affairs in such a way that it does not discriminate against or in favour of any person on the grounds of their race, religion, ethnic origin, education, beliefs, sexual orientation, class, social status, sectarianism or any other basis prescribed by law. Further the Party shall at all times adhere to the principles of the rule of law, liberty, democracy and respect for the human rights and the essential, traditional freedoms of the people of the United Kingdom and those under the protection of the United Kingdom.”

          Yes, I know it just mirrors the law – but the party *means* that. It’s why various people have been booted out.

          Now, I can’t speak for every member, just as I can’t for the whole population, and I won’t convince you, I’m fairly sure.

          However, I think that the sort of people who have been talked about in the context of this article are quite vile, and should have no part in the party structure. I’ve already mentioned somewhere, perhaps here, that there are a number of gay people in the party, and in among the people who vote for us. I can’t see anything wrong with that.

          • Charles

            Your policies are so evil you attract the sort of people that you’re the only large party who has to put in their official description “we’re not racist, honest”

          • ryeatley

            It doesn’t say that.

            How about the fact that a number of people of different races and orientations are represented not only in the party structure, but also in the membership and among the electorate?


          • charles

            Ummm, try googling those psychos. Description from their own website: “Libertarian, non-racist party”

            Sure, there’s a small number of self-hating people of various descriptions who support those expense-troughers and democracy-destroyers. Just not enough to find a single non-white face for a mosaic on the front of a conference guide that screamed “changing the face of politics”

          • ryeatley

            I’m a UKIP member. Why do you say “self-hating people of various descriptions who support those expense-troughers and democracy-destroyers”?

            UKIP are far more democratic than others who won’t give us a say on out “EU” membership, and as for “troughers”, I suppose you allude to Mr Farage spending his “EU” allowance on the party. Nice to see part of the huge amount we give to the “EU” for nothing come back, eh!

            Perhaps because you’re a conservative man? If so, try this:

            “Conservatives select former BNP activist for safe seat”


            “Wantage Councillor Who Stole £150k From Pensioner To Be Sentenced”


            Are you labour? See:

            “Labour Party to review suspension of Cllr Nilgun Canver following conviction for lying to police”


            “Revealed: Labour candidate for Harrow Council is convicted fraudster”


            No? A lib dem, perhaps?

            “Worcester Park Councillor Stephen Fenwick convicted for racially aggravated assault in train station pub”


            There are other examples, I’m sure.

            So, let’s hear you say: “Ummm, try googling those psychos.” and “Sure, there’s a small number of self-hating people of various descriptions who support those expense-troughers and democracy-destroyers”

          • charles

            Waiting for original response to get through moderation – turns out if you quote a few dozen ukippers, you do get put in quite a queue.

            Suffice to say, 5 minutes with google turned up endless homophobia, racism, sexism, your two MEPs jailed for fraud and money laundering (aside from your own admission of abuse of public funds),& endless accusations of internal bullying and mismanagement – which you might expect in a party whose raison d’etre is to strip us of our rights as european citizens, and cripple the 80% of businesses who say they’d lose out if we withdrew.

          • Steven Gregory

            And those non-white faces probably don’t hear what the rest of the UKIP say about them when they leave the room. There are the same types in the U.S., in Tea Party and Republican circles, valued as long as they toe the line.

          • speedgeek

            Any party that feels it is necessary to add the phrase “non-racist” to its mission statement has to be suspect! Like saying “I am not a racist, but…..”

          • speedgeek

            There were gay men in the Nazi Party. Some like Ernst Roehm, were prominent members. Until Hitler had him shot. Those who were not shot ended up in the camps.

          • Steven Gregory

            And the most bizarre aspect I’ve read: when camps were liberated, gays did not receive reparations and many were thrown into prison because homosexuality was against the law.

          • speedgeek

            Did not realise that. I thought I had seen the very worst of humanity………

          • Steven Gregory

            The documentary PARAGRAPH 175 came out in 1999 that featured interviews with the last few gay survivors of the Holocaust who the filmmaker could find, they were extremely elderly. It’s a fantastic, eye-opening film. The criminalization of homosexuality wasn’t the sex act, it was the failure to contribute to the master race. Lesbians weren’t arrested or imprisoned, because they could still be forced to bear offspring.

          • speedgeek

            Reality is, that after (far too many) hours of reading posts on various sites, Daily Mirror and the Indie among them, the racist comments invariably start “I am voting UKIP” and usually include some variation of “Give Britain back to the British”. As for the gay members, the phrase “turkeys voting for Christmas” comes to mind. How many in the top rank of UKIP are gay? How many candidates in any election?

      • Martin R

        So I hope you will vote accordingly.

    • speedgeek

      She makes Oswald Moseley look like a tree-hugging liberal!

  • Sparkyu1

    The bigots keep exposing how vile they are – the question is how many people in this country agree with them or are willing to overlook their hatred?

    • Jared

      That’s why everyone should be spreading stories like this to make sure all their friends and relatives know how batsh*t crazy the right wing and UKIP nutters are.

      I’ve already told everyone I know that if they vote UKIP they’re no friend of mine.

      • ryeatley

        Jared, there’s a problem with such generalisations – look at the first paragraph of the article:

        “An MEP candidate standing in South East England has said there are “hundreds” of gay MPs”

        Now look further into the article:

        “she wrote “there seem to be hundreds of” gay MPs,”

        You see the difference? It’s important to be accurate.

        Note:- I am most certainly *not* defending the odious gasper. See my other comment.

        • Steven Gregory

          What is the difference as you perceive it, and why is it important?

    • ryeatley

      When she expounded her views – not just on this particular matter – I remember that she had a few people who said that they supported her in her opinions. The vast majority did not, of course – so she went. I was glad of that.

    • speedgeek

      The vast majority of the posts I read in other places which start “I am voting UKIP” go on to spout vile, racist and often homophobic abuse.

  • kane

    and julia violates sanity with her comments

  • misfit44

    Let it come from the horse’s mouth :


    Gulliver it is those who claim others who are insane who are insane themselves.

    But your insanity is not genetic. You were not born like it. It is self induced.

    It is the gays and their useful idiots who are the ones full of hatred.

    • Bikerman

      Chris Bryant actually went on to say,

      While Bryant praised the increasing number of gay MPs he also noted that the number were not yet representative of the general population.

      So clearly we need a lot more LGBT MPs.

      ..it is those who claim others who are insane who are insane themselves.

      Well that’s a clever little witticism that means nothing and is clearly nonsense. Tell that to the psychiatric nurse as he straps you into your straightjacket.

      • misfit44

        Yes but Chris Bryant suffers from the same a loss of touch with reality as you do Bikerman.

        Allow me to disabuse you of your delusions about gays being a victim minority group, persecuted on the same level as Jews in the holocaust or slaves in America.

        is a currant ‘Whose Who’ list of prominent Sodommedans and lesbians who one day, like Nelson Mandela, will be freed not only to come out fully but to emancipate us all from our prison of sexual
        incarceration, marriage and the family. The following are just a
        tiny sample of Sodommedan champions who are prepared to stand up and suffer for our right to be as queer as they are.

        Apart from Sir Ian McKellen we also have Peter Tatchell; Angela Mason CBE; Ben Summerskill OBE; and Ruth Hunt of Stonewall; Michael Cashman MEP; Jane Fae, campaigner for pornography; Ceri Goddard, chief executive of the Fawcett Society and UK leading campaign for women’s equality and women’s rights and Julie Bindel.

        In the field of education we have Sue Sanders and Tony Fenwick of
        Schools Out: Elly Barnes, Liam Nolan, Head teacher of Perry Beaches who suffered for being convicted for gross sex indecency, in Sandwell Valley Park, Birmingham, but who has miraculously been appointed as a government educational advisor, and whose school has even more miraculously become the best school in Britain.

        Inlaw: Lord Justice Etherton; Lord Justice, Sir Adrian Fulford who
        declared that Pink law will cease to be an anomaly but become the
        norm. Fulford, was a key backer of
        the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) which police
        suspect of abusing children on an ‘industrial scale’. An
        investigation has discovered that Fulford was a founder member of
        a campaign to defend PIE while it was openly calling for the age
        of consent to be lowered to just four. In March 2014 Adrian
        Fulford was placed under official investigation for misconduct and
        stepped down from judging criminal cases.

        In politics, the MPs Angela Eagle, Ben Bradshaw; Steve Reed; Spencer Livermore (said at one time to be the most powerful man in politics);Stephen Twigg; Stephen Gilbert; Margot James; Nick Herbert; Nick Brown; Christ Bryant ( who appeared on the Sodommedan , dating web sit, Gaydar, dressed only in his underpants, looking for sex and whose election campaign manager , Stephen Carnell was jailed for three years for possessing 12,500 images of children being sexually abused); Peter Mandelson; Nick Boles; Alan Duncan (who called for the murder of an American beauty queen,Carrie Prejean because she publicly said that marriage was only between a man and a woman); David Laws (who lost his ministerial post over an expenses scandal associated with claiming more than £40,000 for renting accommodation from his boy friend, James Lundie) ;
        Simon Hughes; Nigel Evans, Deputy Speaker of House of Commons (accused of two counts of indecent
        assault, five of sexual assault, and one of rape against seven male
        alleged victims) ; Jonny Oates; Mark Oaten; Lord Chris Smith; Lord Waheed Alli, (whose boyfriend Charlie Parson owns Gaydar the above mentioned, Sodommedan, dating site that advertises bare- backing); Lord Black of Brentwood; Michael Salter, David Cameron’s Head of Broadcasting; Julian Glover Guardian journalist and ex chief speach writer for David Cameron and Sir Paul Jenkins, Her Majesty’s Procurator General and Treasury Solicitor, Queen’s Proctor and Head of the Government Legal Service.
        There are many others not counting the legions of LGBTs in the Home Office, MI5 and not doubt City Hall.

        In journalism: Matthew Paris; Ben Cohen of Pink News; Patrick Strudwick of the Guardian, Johann Hari, journalist and Andrew Pierce,columnist and Consultant Editor for the Daily Mail, ex – editor of Daily Telegraph and assistant editor to the Times;

        In Broadcasting and TV presentation: Stephen Fry; Claire Baldwin;
        Graham Norton; Paul O’ Grady, Gok Wan; Jane Hill; Evan Davis;
        Simon Amstell, John Barrowman, Eddie Mair; Sandy Toksvig; Kathy Caton, Brighton radio and Toby Whitehouse of Gaydio, Sue Perkins: Julian Clary; Alan Carr; Matt Lucas and many more.

        In the arts and entertainment : Jimmy Savillle (postumously); Elton
        John; Boy George; Will Young; Neil Mcgregor, Director of British
        Museuem; David Hockney; Garry Everett of homotopia; Darren Brown, illusionist; Alan Davey, Ex- Director of Arts
        and Culture at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, Chief
        Executive of Arts Council England; Rikki Beadle-Blair, playwrite and
        Matthew Todd, playwrite; Neil McGregor, the director of the British Museum. Again there are countless more who control the cultural of Britain.
        Yes, though small in number these LGBTs punch way above their weight in making their voice heard and spreading health and happiness to the nation’s children.

        • Bikerman

          David Skinner, thanks for the list of influential LGBT people.
          You are mistaken if you think I give a sh*t about what you think.

          BTW ‘currant’ = a dried fruit often found in buns

        • saintlaw

          Srsly – kill yourself. Who’d miss you?

        • J.

          It’s very possible that all those successful LGBT figures have attained their positions through merit. Do you have any evidence (rather than subjective and paranoid bigoted ideological beliefs) to suggest otherwise?

          • misfit44

            Dear J, it is not so much that these LGBTQIMNOPQRZ people gained their positions through merit (for clearly people like McKellen has a certain amount of talent in doing impersonations, rather than real acting ability ) but that those with real ability and value in creating a free, just, righteous and tolerant society, those who support the productive part of society, those who produce the next generation on whom we depend for our continued existence, i.e., husbands and wives who become fathers and mothers ….are publically humiliated by Stonewall, fined, lose their jobs, businesses, are threatened by the police, jailed, subject to assault and even prison by the gaystapo who presently control Britain.

            What is noticeable is that the vast majority of those I have listed have no children of their own to support.

            The gaystapo are narcissists whose only interest in charity work is clearing up the mess of AIDS, HIV, genito urinary disease, incontinence, throat cancer and drug addiction, that they themselves create.

            How dreadful are the curses which sodomy has on those who are enslaved to it! Besides the militant frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful Stonewellian fatalism. The effects are increasingly apparent in many countries. The rise in
            sexual violence, paedophilia, pederasty, promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, mental instability, suicidal tendencies, drug taking, a hatred of truth, justice and righteousness , a threat to the economy, a threat to the military, a threat to freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and thought itself, a terrible threat to children, marriage the family, government, law and the nation
            itself, exist wherever the followers of the prophets of Stonewall and Alfred Kinsey rule or live.

            The reason that Stonewall has gained such oppressive power in Britain can be traced to many things, such as its founder member, Ian McKellen’s inordinate influence over Tony Blair. Neither should we forget Peter Tatchell’s influence over David Cameron, disciple of the Neo Marxist, and Lucifer worshipper, Saul Alinsky.

            But its main success, if one can call it that, is that the general population have become craven and paralysed, fearful that the slightest criticism of sodomy will bring immediate pink retribution.

            Judging by the insane and hatefueled comments on this thread, I would say that the following is a good snapshot of what Sodom and Gommorah looked like. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrRxFoBSPng

          • Bikerman

            ‘What is noticeable is that the vast majority of those I have listed have no children of their own to support.’

            What a cruel and unchristian thing to say. My partner and I have been trying for a baby for the past 29 years and I still haven’t fallen pregnant.

            BTW you are a completely deranged and paranoid religionist. People like you turn others off religion so as an evangelist you are rubbish.

          • misfit44

            Well maybe if you married someone of the opposite sex you might be more successful. Or maybe this is too simple for a complex and complicated mind. On the other hand if you are couple of gays trying to get a child through IVF how much crueller can one be than to steal a child’s human right to know both its biological parents. Gays are consumed by their own narcissism. it’s all about satisfying their own insatiable desires and to hell with the needs of child.

          • Bikerman

            That was a joke. Ha ha.
            You make all sorts of assumptions because you are a paranoid Christian bigot. In fact I was brought up in a good Christian home and I was married to a member of the opposite sex for 10 years but as I was denying my true god-given sexuality it brought nothing but heartbreak and no children.
            Your arrogant, ignorant rantings on here are unwelcome and I question your motives for hanging around gay websites. You certainly do not spread the love of god and christ’s good news!

          • Joeoz

            Good reply, Bikerman…
            But to be sure, misfit44 is such a moron and idiot…
            he couldn’t spread butter on toast!

          • Bikerman

            Thanks Joeoz. He’s certainly gone quiet – for the moment!

          • saintlaw

            Have you considered suicide? There’s all sorts of ways you can do it.

          • speedgeek

            It is surely narcissistic to conduct an anti-gay rant on this forums, of all those available. And to do so with so little basic knowledge of recent history, that you use the simile of the Jews in the holocaust, oblivious to the suffering of homosexuals in those very same camps!

          • saintlaw

            Kill yourself – it’s never too late.

        • speedgeek

          You mention Jews and the Holocaust, clearly unaware that gay men were sent to the camps, with Jews, gypsies, socialists and the disabled.

    • GulliverUK

      David Skinner,

      I’m quite happy to meet you and discuss your religious views, anger management issues, and general psychotic harassment of LGBT on this site. Happy to come to Stornoway if you don’t want to come to London – if that’s where you really are. Bring Donald, Peter, Margret, Chris and Adeyinka along if you want :)

      ps. I’ve just realised Adeyinka won’t be able to make it – he’s in Nigeria, at ijebu ode grammar school, or is he now in the US? Strange that you should have links with someone who is incredibly homophobic from Nigeria, who may now be living in the US. What have you been up to, and should this be best passed on to the appropriate agency? If you’re not on a ‘watch list’ … you should be.

      • Derek Northcote

        Stornoway. Oh Christ. Not one of the Wee Free religious loons.

        • GulliverUK

          You only have to click on his name, then click on the “f” (facebook) logo on the right-hand side.

          • Bikerman

            Good work :)

          • J.

            Indeed Bikerman! I’m not on Facebook so wouldn’t be able to view if Skinner’s page contains any hate-speech, but if there is anything that could be deemed illegal then hopefully Gulliver will ‘pass it on’ to the police or ‘appropriate agency’ as he suggested.

          • speedgeek

            Reporting and blocking on FB is a very simple, quick and anonymous process. I have lost count of the (mostly) Nigerian spammers I have reported!

          • Derek Northcote


            The self centered bigotry just flows from all his “friends and likes”

            These are the same types that would have turned in Ann Frank.

            Skinner has been on this forum for years.

            I wish that PN would get this bastard off as he and his comments aided in the suicide of my niece.

          • J.

            Yes Derek, I wish there was a way of getting PN to notice and to block Skinner’s IP address.

          • Steven Gregory

            Let’s all flag Skinner’s comments whenever they appear: just hover the cursor over the upper RH corner and the flag will appear.

          • speedgeek


      • misfit44

        Stornoway has much to offer. Please come and I’ll meet as many of you who wish to come at the quay. Name the date I’ll see what I can arrange.

      • speedgeek

        What is a “useful idiot”? Isn’t that what Murdoch calls Cameron?

    • Derek Northcote

      May I kindly suggest. Go take a flying F at yourself.

      Can’t be bothered conversing rationally as there is no point.

    • saintlaw

      For your own good I urge you to kill yourself.

      • misfit44

        Saintlaw, I have noted your statements

        • saintlaw

          Then get to it, shitbreath.

  • Bikerman

    They are all coming out of the woodwork. What a stupid despicable woman. Her comments betray her as a bigot and mentally challenged. As being more discreet, go shove it. This is the 21st century and we will not be constrained by the niceties of these weirdos. I’d be interested to know what sort of ‘Dr’ she is.

    • Jared

      You can fill out a form on line and pay a fee to become a “Dr” in numerous fields. You can usually tell when someone has done that, because they only use the term “Dr” and never say how they achieved that or in which field.

      She’s probably a “Dr” in rodent breeding habits, awarded by the “University of South Hogwarts”.

      • speedgeek

        Good point, she would add D. Phil. (Oxon) or (Univ. of B’ham) or such like…

    • Rehan

      Astonishingly, she did a D.Phil in English Literature in Somerville College. Beggars belief, in light of the extraordinary stupidity – hilarious though it can be – of many things she’s said in recent years.

      • Craig Young

        Ah, so she actually doesn’t have any *medical* qualifications that would enable her to speak with competence or authority on these matters…

        • Rehan

          No, quite right, but strictly to be fair I don’t think she’s ever claimed anything other than academic credentials.

      • Steven Gregory

        She’s obviously suffering the early onset of dementia, which should not be ignored.

        • Rehan

          Heh – either that or a psychological disorder that, equally, is in serious need of remedy.

      • speedgeek

        How can you be well read in English Lit,, which will include Byron, Wilde (Irish, but wrote in English), Forster, and many other gay writers, yet be homophobic?
        Perhaps her thesis was entitled “Gay writers, and how they fail compared to Straights”

        • Rehan

          Not that this is even remotely to excuse the wretched woman, but her specialist field appears to be the Jacobean playwrights.

  • Neil Rhodes

    Yikes! I think she needs to check her medications immediately!

    • Steven Gregory

      She needs to resume her dosages immediately.

    • Joeoz

      I think she’s been nicking the universities research supply of LSD again…
      This crazy lady is on one bad trip!

  • Jared

    “I call for the banning of Grindr and similar networks that damage public health,”

    Wow, she’s a fascist and she doesn’t even know it.

    I think we should have a new law. No person can stand to represent the public of any part of the UK without clearly meeting a benchmark level of awareness when it comes to democracy, the history of politics and the dangers of fascism.

    This woman would fail such a test.

  • Truth

    Ermmm ….. sorry? You’ve lost me.

  • johnflondon

    Is this woman Gasper the lost twin sister of Christian Concern’s Andrea Williams?

    • Derek Northcote

      No. But she is the avatar of Andrea’s @rse.

      • johnflondon

        Naughty!! But nice!

      • misfit44

        Derek Northcote, I have noted your comments

        • Derek Northcote

          Good for you. Please keep them safe.

        • saintlaw

          Have you not killed yourself yet?

          Do it.

  • Rob

    And shame on you PN for continuing to lower the level of your journalism by covering this type of gutter trash ad nauseum. Do you honestly think anyone is taking this hag’s comments seriously? So why are you giving them the oxygen of publicity on your site and, in the process, offending us all at the same time? I had not heard of this woman or her diatribes until I had the misfortune to read them on PN. And it has been like this for some time now. Get off UKiP’s back, ignore them and leave them alone and get back to some professional journalism please!

    • Sparkyu1

      You hadn’t heard of her – but she has sufficient influence for her opinions to have impact or she wouldn’t have held the positions she did. Pretending our enemies don’t exist won’t help us, even if it will help UKIP’s PR

      I can’t imagine how it is “professional journalism” to ignore the speeches of political candidates.

    • speedgeek

      Exposing them for the fruitcakes they are will make those who espouse their vile views open to the charge, too! No-one wants to look like they belong to, or support, a party of nutcases!

      • Steven Gregory

        Just wondering, speedgeek, do you happen to know what spawned the UKIP? The Tea Party (TP) was crafted in response to the election of a non-white President, and capitalized early on unspoken racism. The multi-billionaire Koch brothers funded the TP’s growth, and news sources thought they were an annoyance over in the corner, until they began mounting political campaigns and winning political races. Then Republicans began to embrace them, only to find they were hugging a viper. The TP supporters began to subject Republicans who weren’t “conservative enough” to primaries, and booted many of them out of office. The TP minority became the main obstructing force in the United States Congress for the past four years.

        • speedgeek

          Think it was a single man, Alan Sked, who founded the Party, he later resigned, saying the of the party “they are racist and have been infected by the far-right” James Goldsmith, who also founded a separate party following the Maastricht Treaty, died, and his followers joined UKIP. The BNP also had a hand in the founding of UKIP, and when the links between the two were revealed in the media, Farage, then just a spokesman, was ordered to apologise on behalf of UKIP, and renounce the links with the BNP.

  • Jones

    Sounds very hypocritical to me.

  • Daniel

    If there are that many gay MP’s they should form their own party!

  • doug

    She has the look of Eva Braun.

  • soapbubblequeen

    I thought this demented COW had taken her last gasp. Clearly not!

    • Joeoz

      No… unfortunately that hasn’t happened…
      It’s a sad fact of life but…
      People like Dr Gasper seem to live forever!

      • speedgeek

        Take heart, think of Fred Phelps!

        • Joeoz

          Yes speedgeek, I actually was thinking of Fred Phelps…
          unfortunately he lived to be 84 years old!
          But fortunately Dr Gasper won’t be able to inflict
          that much vitriol…

    • misfit44

      Comments noted

      • saintlaw

        Hey, turdgobbler, kill yourself.

  • Derek Northcote

    I’m curious as to her never ending obsession with gay people.

    This speaks of 2 possibilities.

    1. Her bible belief.

    2. A self hatred of her own sexuality that she cannot cope with based on above.

    My simple answer to this woman is F off and die.

    I will live my life as I see fit and how dare you use YOUR religious brainwashing to attempt to make me and others fit into YOUR way of thinking based on an unproven belief system.

    • Psychologist

      Answer to your curiosity – IT’s BOTH ! But with much emphasis on the latter !
      ONLY someone with internal conflicts regarding their OWN sexual orientation would be as OBSESSED as she is with the homosexuality of OTHER PEOPLE !
      SHE HAS to be a Lesbian in denial ! This is what CAUSES excessive obsession and homophobia.

  • Chris B

    Blimey. Hasn’t this poor woman been sectioned yet?

    • Psychologist

      Not yet … but she SHOULD BE !

  • anon

    Quick! Get this women some antipsychotics

  • JackAlison

    Im glad she a candidate for the MEP. she’ll get no happiness working with european MEP’s wanting all europe to respect the rights and free movement of gay people….itll be just wot she needs to hear

  • Steven Gregory

    According to her “reasoning,” all heterosexuals should be thrown out of government. Historic proof exists that heterosexuals have used sex in dastardly ways to curry favor, extract information, scheme and blackmail.

    While there are literally “hundreds” of homosexual MPs (don’t we wish), there must be a good fraction of that number of heterosexuals whose carnal weakness is a threat to government stability.

  • RJBrown

    Vile woman.

  • J.

    This is the ex-UKIP person was obviously too extreme even for UKIP as they expelled her! Her current party – the English Democrats – must be in that very limited space to the right of UKIP in the political spectrum. That space represents
    fascism, so the English Democrats along with the BNP must be England’s
    present-day version of the Nazi party in 1930s/40s Germany. Clearly her
    education didn’t provide her with any rationality in her personal beliefs.
    Is she so incapable of contemplating that so many LGBT people are successful in
    attaining prominent positions due to merit?
    Such irrational extremism indicates a severe and possibly dangerous mental illness that’s been undiagnosed in her case – or is it intentional?
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    ” ⏲ Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Pink News.” – I’m getting this message when I submit a post and it will not go through until approval by PN! Does anyone else get this message?

    This is the third time I’ve attempted to post this, the others disappeared into thin
    air! The first contained a line that Gasper had previously associated homosexuality with b*stial*ty, the second post was amended to replace that word and now I have just removed it – just in case that word is prohibited.

    What’s going on Pink News? Why are my above comments requiring approval when there are homophobic posts getting through and appearing on screen?

    • speedgeek

      English Democrats = British Union of Fascists. The failure to teach 20th century British history becomes exposed! We will suffer as a result……

  • http://realbsg.com Richard Brown

    I’m straight, but I’m going to be perfectly clear about my feelings about this woman.
    She does not represent the majority of people in the UK or Europe.
    These views should be irrelevant in society today, but when they are held by an MEP it can only be assumed that she is sharing such views.
    The upside is that we know about her views, my fear is that such opinion (for it is that – without any appropriate fact) is more widely held, and not voiced.
    Assuming that these views are genuinely held, and accurately reported then she has no place in politics that I want to be a part of.

  • SpaceDandy

    Julia Gasper will join Republican party in America.

  • Angela

    Can’t we just ignore Gasper…????
    She’s just insane, and the only thing we are doing is giving her air time again and again…..

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