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Home Office Minister Norman Baker: We are making significant progress in the battle against hate crime

  • lee

    I don’t think you are sweet pea. Homophobic crime is way under reported, I think there are various reason for this. There is still a very long way to go. You don’t tackle the Mosque who teach homophobic views, why not?

  • GulliverUK

    No, you’ve don’t almost nothing. Much of this was underway thanks to the last Labour government – not you lot. And you have just make things worse in schools, not better, by abolishing requirements to recording bullying and the nature of any hate bias involved. ALL THREE main parties promised to tackle homophobia in schools – you’ve done F**K ALL, nothing, zilch. To even suggest you have done something is an affront to the LGBT community. It disgusts me that a LibDem is lying in this way, because it’s a toss-up between Labour, LibDems and Greens for me next May, and statements which are obviously false do little to engender trust in the LibDems.

    Sort out the flipping schools now or you will be punished at the next election – I promise. I’ve said this year after year after year and nobody has done anything. Young people need protections in school – the statistics of homophobia are still shocking.

    • Psychologist

      I agree entirely GulliverUK – I’ve been campaigning for years with education ministers, education authorities, and schools, to get them to do something to prevent homophobic bullying in schools. I see the damage it causes first hand. It is important that schools adopt a zero tolerance approach to it. Yet, after years of being made aware of the issue, it still continues to happen, with faith-based schools statistically being the worst offenders at NOT dealing with homophobic based bullying.
      One positive development is that the police nationally are working on an “anti-bullying initiative” for schools delivery, which INCLUDES homophobic-based bullying – which they say will be rolled out later this year.
      I feel much more should be done, especially in dealing with faith-based schools, many of which seem to think that homophobic bullying is somehow ok – especially statistically Catholic and Islamic schools !

  • Jean Ihenry

    I wonder what he meant when he said “abolition of central targets”; ‘targets’ in this case includes gays, a literal interpretation is that he is eliminating gays. A bit less literal interpretation, and one that city governments have a long history of doing, is that he is eliminating those areas where gays congregate.

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