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Exclusive: UKIP leaflet accuses Westminster politicians of English genocide

  • Robert W. Pierce

    I wonder if Christian Concern’s harpie Andrea Minichiello Williams endorses it and others of her ilk. She endorsed Jamaica’s plan to impose harsh anti-gay laws so why not this?

    • Of course she does, she’s a religious extremist, and she will automatically gravitate to politics that supports her own religious extremism.

  • VP

    Would this monocultural “ancient England” be the one settled by Celts from across Europe, the one settled by Romans from Italy, the one settled by Angles and Saxons from Germany, the one settled by Vikings from Norway and Denmark, or the one settled by Normans from France? Or the one settled by the French Hugenots and the Irish and the many African and Asian peoples of the Empire? Would it be the one whose language of government was French until the end of the fourteenth century, or the one whose language of law was Latin until well into the eighteenth? The one whose kings have been successively French, Welsh, Scottish and German for a thousand years?

    • Perhaps they mean the monocultural England settled by the population who traveled across Doggerland during the last Ice Age. But then again, they can’t believe that either given that this would make us all Pagans, and it would make us all immigrants to this country having come here from hundreds of thousands of small communities across Europe before any borders even existed.

    • lilly valley

      Truly a revisionist view of history. Do you know the difference between “invasion” and “immigration”? Or ruling class and peasantry? Or northern European and “rest of world”? Or the fact that the Romans left? Or…get a grip, all of you.

  • MarkB

    Oh dear, I could almost here, ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ as I read the article. Then the needle on the record slipped and the illusion was shattered.

    We are living in 2014 and we no longer have an empire.

    We are part of a global community, that can not hope to survive and trade on our own. Do we really want British business to fail because the goods they make are now subject to EU import tariffs? Why do you think a lot of the big multinationals are here? Because that gives them access to EU markets and as we are a member of the EU the goods they produce are not subject to import taffifs into the EU!

    To put it into perspective, 40% or our trade is with the EU!

    As for us being a ‘Christian’ nation. Whilst overwhelmingly the population of the UK identifies as Christian at 59%, 25% identified as having no religion and despite the claims of islamifaction from racist groups like UKIP only 5% of the population identifies as Muslim.

    I urge you all to talk to your friends and family’s about this dangerous proto-nazi group. If they ever get real power they will do this country huge damage. And if you are gay you will become a second class citizen (if not criminalised!).

    There is absolute nothing wrong with being patriotic. But when patriotism crosses over the line to nationalism then the alarm bells should ring.

    As historian John J. Dwyer notes, nationalism is a degenerate impostor of patriotism. “The patriot says, `I love my country,’ works for its good, and defends it if necessary — against enemies within and without,” writes Dwyer. “He strives and prays not primarily that God will bless his country, but that his country will bless God. The nationalist, meanwhile, says, `My country is better than yours.’ `My country is the greatest there has ever been.’ `The greatest nation on God’s green earth.’ `They hate my country because it is so good.’”

    Nationalism focuses on the State, rather than the community. It is unambiguously based on zero-sum assumptions about power, and nationalists define victory in terms of imposing their will on others.

  • Mumbo Jumbo

    I take it this illiterate, incoherent screed was printed in green ink?

  • I would like to confront their lunacy piece by piece, bear with me.

    “UKIP will support traditional marriage rather than gay marriage.”

    Then UKIP will be against the principles of equality, and against the majority of the British public who have clearly supported equal marriage. Secondly, marriage is not owned by Christianity, nor any other religious group.

    “UKIP will take Britain our [sic] of the secular EU and end
    uncontrolled immigration by taking back total control of our borders.”

    Leaving the EU will also cause a massive reduction in employment in this country, and decrease our GDP by potentially billions in the following five years. It sounds simple on paper for the Euro-skeptics, but they lack the foresight or the BASIC economic knowledge to know that this will result in millions of unemployed, corporations and companies fleeing the UK for access to a larger and more profitable EU market, and decline of living standards and household income across the country. And all for the sake of stemming an imaginary “invasion”.

    “UKIP will bring an end to political correctness – which is used as a
    weapon by pro-EU and degenerate politicians to attack English
    patriotism and our God given freedoms, free speech and our Christian
    faiths and beliefs.”

    English Patriotism and “God given” freedoms are not under “attack” and never have been. Everyone in this country is free to practice their faith as they see fit, no one is prevented from doing so. This is propaganda of lowest form and they are equating Equal rights and protections for all with “political correctness”.

    “UKIP will see that the English people have their own Englsih [sic]
    Parliament – England will become an equal member of a renewed,
    democratic and prosperous United Kingdom and Constitutional Monarchy.”

    It might be worth asking other regions of the United Kingdom how they would feel about having to deal with an “Englsih” Parliament. This would also increase taxes on everyone who will have to fund this pointless and egotistical religious crusade. The public will not accept a “Christian” government in our SECULAR nation.

    “UKIP will stop the HS2 high speed rail link and protect our green and pleasant land.”

    And by doing so they will fail to reduce carbon emissions, fail to garner investment from international businesses (but then again, being out of Europe would have ended that anyway), and make numerous Northern parts of the country less prosperous than London. The intention of HS2 rail link is to bring investment and income to other parts of the UK while being able to compete with other nations who are more adequately positioned to serve big businesses. By ending HS2 UKIP is effectively sticking their fingers up at every region outside of the South and keeping the UK back.

    “UKIP will make St George’s Day a national holiday of celebration in
    England – the English people will once again be able to take pride in
    raising St George’s flag and celebrating everything that is England and

    The people are free to celebrate any day they wish. Doe UKIP plan to make this mandatory? My, that sure sounds like fascism to me. I can see it now, Farage standing atop a concrete pillar at Wembley, UKIP flags flying, police in the streets all over the country ensuring everyone flies their flag like obedient subjects of the fourth Reich.

    You WILL celebrate St George’s day or you are considered a traitor to the Reich!

    “UKIP will end flawed, divisive multiculturalism.”

    Funny, Multiculturalism is not new, the UK has been enjoying millions of people coming here throughout our history. What UKIP really means is “brown multiculturalism”. It’s okay if you’re white and coming here from France, Germany, Italy or Spain… but we don’t want any of those more tanned people – THAT’S the kind of multiculturalism they don’t like.

    “Under a UKIP government Christians will be free to preach and practice.”

    I would like to know how Christians have been prevented IN ANY WAY from practicing their religion. Just one example would be nice. Really, I’m waiting to see it. The truth is (and we all know UKIP doesn’t like truth) Christians are not prevented from practicing their religious beliefs, they are, however, prevented from using their own personal beliefs to attack and insult others. This is about a balance of rights and freedoms. Christians seem to believe they “deserve” the right to attack and discriminate, while that goes against everything the majority of decent people think and feel.

    As I could have expected, everything this party stands for is delusional, nonsensical, dangerous and threatening to this country and the people of the UK. If people can read through this nonsense and still consider voting for UKIP they may as well be voting for the BNP.

    • David H

      Excellent commentary, Bloke.

  • Valksy

    Have to laugh – Christianity is nothing but imported middle eastern hocus pocus and this is just one more iteration of the nonsense fairy tales of bronze age sheepshaggers being co-opted by the power hungry to conveniently service their agenda.

    • Hey, leave the Bronze Age out of this! I dare say that many of those present at that time had a far greater understanding of Human existence than the likes of modern day extremist nationalists like Farage and his UKIP posse. ;)

  • violets49

    This will go down well in Scotland … but of course, the kippers float like a lead Zepplin in Scotland.

  • Bonnie Raymond

    They must be right at home with the “conservative Christians” in the United States.
    Adjusting for our different histories and geographies, all their talking points are the same.

  • ian123

    “Before we joined the European Union, England was a land with a monocultural society rooted in Christianity – freedom, democracy.” Where was the “freedom” if you were an atheist or agnostic? Why don’t they just say “you can be free, provided you share our beliefs and values”? which isn’t freedom at all. People like this want a society of automatons who are more like North Koreans than people with choice and freedom to express their natural human diversity.

    • lilly valley

      No! You are the ones who want everyone to live like clones in a multi-culti, gender-free nuthouse.

  • Synophion

    It is true that the UK has adopted and absorbed certain NW European cultural forms since the end of the ice ages, but likewise modern genetics has now proven that Britain [in particular] is a genetic time capsule and has retained much of our genetic viability for appox 12,000 yrs, with only a few ‘foreigners’ [ie NW Europeans or nearby] actualy adding their genetic contribution though immigration. This of course is in complete contrast to the last 20yrs when more people have actualy immigrated to Britian [especialy from outside Europe] than they have in the whole of the last 12,000yrs. This is not an acceptable gradual cultural and racial absorption, which slow and gradual migration and exchange of ideas is to be expected, but an invasion, and no invasion ever happens smoothly or without violence. We spend so much time campaigning for the rights of indigenous peoples around the world, why are the indigenous British any less important. Dont get me wrong Im not a UKIP supporter but neither am I a Far Left PC lunatic repeating tired old revisionist history in an attempt to justify the destruction of all tradition and culture in favour of state socialism.

    • VP

      This is just disgusting racist nonsense.

      For a start, the use of terms like “genetic time capsule” and “genetic viability” are hopelessly loaded. There’s nothing valuable or special about the DNA of British people over and above the rest of the world – it doesn’t give us special powers or anything. Human DNA is human DNA, and all of it makes pretty similar human beings. We’re 99% the same as chimpanzees anyway, the differences between the genetics of human populations are an utterly negligible fluff in real terms. Indeed, the only notable differences are that peoples whose gene-pool is small and homogenous tend to be more prone to immunological diseases. By all rational genetic standards we should be bringing in as much diverse genetic material as we can to ensure the future health of the population.

      Britain has always been multicultural and outward-looking. Always. There hasn’t been a point in history when we weren’t enthusiastically in exchange with the cultural currents of Europe, and we were at the forefront of world trade and exploration when that took off. Far from us having “slowly absorbed European cultural forms”, we’ve ALWAYS had European cultural forms, and only gradually developed our own minor variations on them.

      And a good deal more socialism in our society would be a very good idea, thank you very much. It’s a proven benefit to societal well-being, as our enlightened Scandinavian neighbours have demonstrated with their higher standards of living and greater happiness and equality than ours. We would be well advised to continue in the great British tradition of borrowing European practices here, and ditching the kind of nasty Tory-part capitalistic croneyism that is holding us back.

      Or, in short, sod off back to the bigoted, racist hole you came from.

      • lilly valley

        Scandinavian socialism is a failure and the EU project is failing. Nationalism is on the rise. No right wing group could ever be as obsessed with genetics as modern revisionist “diversity” worshippers but you are now, finally on the losing side.

    • Frank Boulton

      Synophion wrote, “We spend so much time campaigning for the rights of indigenous peoples around the world, why are the indigenous British any less important.” (A question mark is needed here.) No one in this discussion seems to denying the rights of the “indigenous British”. The reason why there is so much concern over “indigenous peoples’ rights” is that there needs to be concern over them. Indigenous cultures around the world have been viciously wiped out by European and Islamic colonists. There have been forcible conversions, genocides, expropriations of property and extinctions of culture and language. A language dies about once every 12 days and with it an entire culture is lost. Of approximately 6,100 languages (estimates vary) in use today, only 300 are likely to still be spoken at the end of this century. English will be amongst the survivors. These are a few reasons why there is so much concern over the rights of “indigenous peoples”. Cartographers frequently used to label other peoples’ lands with the convenient fiction of “Terra Nullius”. We are fortunate that our land has never been so described.

  • Jago Tremain

    The notion that joining the Common Market was a significant milestone in the development of multicultural Britain is preposterous. There were already large numbers of new arrivals from the Caribbean and South Asia, and that inflow continued thereafter. Knowledge and logic are not among Ukip’s strengths.

  • Nick Dancer

    Thats not even a proper election leaflet. For starters the colours are all wrong and so is the layout. That is not an official or indeed approved UKIP leaflet and I can not believe PinkNews are trying to hoodwink readers into believing it is. Utter desperation by the media. I’m all for weeding out “baddies” and scrutinising them but to actively report on fabricated literature and pass it off as being real is so dishonest. PinkNews has corrupted its self, it doesn’t want to reflect the views of gay people, it wants to tell them what to think and has become yet another tabloid. Disgraceful.

  • C

    What is wrong with wanting to maintain control of our country and it’s values which are envied the world over? Why do some here want to import the strife that we can see in so many parts of the world today? The sacrifices of the past surely deserve more than that.

  • mutton

    Never heard a better manifesto.
    Go for it.

  • kescasper

    So UKIP is going to have nothing at all to do with Europe and all their MP’S and voters are never going to visit any part of Europe ever on holiday or for business. Joke party

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