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UKIP MEP Roger Helmer compares disliking Earl Grey tea to disliking gay men

  • Mark Y

    Any gay person (or sane person) that votes for UKIP should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Max Thrust

      Bigots like you make me sick. How dare you patronize gay people like this?

      • FMLuder

        “Max Thrust”? Is that your idea of a witty UKIPper joke?

        • Max Thrust

          I, Maximilian Theodor Charles Kingsley Thrust take great offense at your joke at the proud Thrust dynasty’s expense.

    • ryeatley

      There are some gay people in UKIP, in positions in the party.

      That’s OK, isn’t it?

      Perhaps it would be a good idea for people to look at exactly what Roger Helmer said, the context he said it in, and his previous references to gay people, which are not in the least bigoted. One could look at his old, published, blog entries, for instance – or even ask the man himself.

      It’s better, surely, not to go off “pop!” with a mistaken knee-jerk reaction?

  • Mikeyh

    What a sad old man, stuck living in the 70’s

  • Derek Northcote

    By all means, you are perfectly free to “not like things”. Just keep them to yourself.

    The problem is when you attempt to enter the “things that you personally do not like” into public policy that affects all of us.

    • Rehan

      Precisely. Helmer wouldn’t give a damn that I find him foolish and repellent or if I were to consider his idiocies were due to his age, but I bet he’d have a word or three to say if I were to advocate limiting his rights because he’s 70 years old.

  • Sparkyu1

    Another bigoted UKIP member? No, surely not!

    At what point do we accept that the barrel contains nothing but bad apples?

    • ryeatley

      Presumably at the point when you know enough UKIP members to make a judgement. Why not join us, and see how you get on?

      • Sparkyu1

        I have been exposed to UKIP members, I’m more than aware of what they think of people like me. Same as their party opposing my rights, same as UKIP politician candidate after candidate revealing their bigotry.

        • ryeatley

          See my other comments in this thread. You are misinformed. Consider joining.

          • Sparkyu1

            Why would I join? Because a random internet commenter tells me the endless hate speech by UKIP members is all a myth? Because Farage really supports my equality despite it being clear he doesn’t from his own mouth?

            No, I’m not going to join a group that is so vehemently against my existence – and that’s before even considering their hollow, vapid politics

  • Steven Spedding

    There is a difference in disliking a “thing” and actively promoting the hate and discrimination of a section of humanity. Did the holocaust and ethnic cleansing tragedies by pass these ignorant people?

  • Truth

    If they could get away with it under race laws, I bet they’d say exactly the same thing about ‘coloured people’. These disgusting weirdos really do belong in the 1950’s ….

    • Max Thrust

      Same, I heard UKIP is racist and I believe it! I have no proof mind you. And aren’t there far worse people in other parties? Never mind. UKIP are racist xenophobic, homophobic bigots. Who needs facts when you can argue with name calling eh?

      We need to stop these fascists from being allowed to speak.

      I hate these haters so much!

      They’re racist because they want to control immigration!

      • Robert

        What’s racist about controlling immigration? We need to ensure it’s regulated so our infrastructure don’t buckle under increased demand nor do we admit those who hate our culture including those seeking to act against lgbti people!

        • Max Thrust

          I’m actually being satirical but I don’t blame you for thinking otherwise since this is how a lot of anti-UKIPers actually argue.

  • Jamie

    Stop printing and peddaling lies. As always things get taken out of context.

    • James!

      Yeah like bongo bongo land At least the bnp had the guts to say yeah we hate everyone.

      • wayne

        Bongo bongo land a lawless pay your way place where anything goes. People still get killed for being witches and devils, babies get raped as a cure for aids, pregnant mothers drink substances which brain damage their babies in order to get higher benefits.. yup bingo bingo land nothing to do with race just it’s ludicrously insane nature.

        • James!

          ok weirdo

          • Derek Northcote

            He has an anal prolapse.

            Affects his thinking, and we all know that he does his thinking out of his @ss

          • James!

            Keep it classy!

    • James

      He doesn’t really make it clear which part is a lie though, does he? The points he makes are:

      * The Sun claimed that he said it’s OK to despise homosexuality, but he actually just said it’s OK to prefer heterosexuality to homosexuality – this is nitpicking, the two ideas are equivalent

      * The Sun claimed that he said homosexuality is a mental condition, but he claims that he has previously written that it is not – note that these two claims do not actually contradict each other

      * The Sun claimed that he said that homophobia is OK, but he actually said that homophobia does not exist (using a nonsensical armchair linguistics argument that would make any actual linguist want to tear their hair out) – I’m not sure that is really any better

      Roger Helmer has a long history of making extremely unpleasant homophobic and transphobic remarks (for example, a direct quote from his Twitter feed: “Why is it OK for a surgeon to perform a sex-change operation, but not OK for a psychiatrist to try to “turn” a consenting homosexual?”). Here is a passage about same-sex marriage I just found on his blog:

      “I have absolutely no problem with same-sex couples making their own, private arrangements to live together, and entering into civil partnerships. That’s none of my business. But let’s be clear. Calling these relationships “marriage” offers no additional rights or benefits to the couple. Rather, it imposes (or seeks to impose) an obligation on the rest of us to respect such relationships on an equal basis with marriage (as properly understood). But it is not equal. It is a private arrangement which offers no extra benefits to society. It is merely a pale imitation of marriage. For myself, I decline to recognise same-sex relationships as marriage, whatever the House of Commons decides.”

      So he thinks our relationships are a pale imitation of his and refuses to respect them. Maybe they did exaggerate what he said, but it would hardly be out of character for him.

  • atalanta

    People are perfectly free to dislike gay men. They are also free to dislike left-handed men, or ginger-haired men, or men who like tea, or men who have brown skin.

    But to dislike someone for a single characteristic which tells you nothing about their character is arbitrary and – yes – bigoted. You are free to hold such views, but don’t expect any respect for them, and don’t expect your views to be considered socially acceptable or professionally appropriate.

    On the other hand, disliking people who exhibit such irrational prejudice is perfectly logical, because their prejudice indicates a failure of reason and empathy. That is why such prejudice is becoming less tolerated.

    Mr Helmer may feel his views are under attack, and he’s right. Nobody’s asking him to have sex with a man. Indeed I imagine many gay men would emphatically ask Mr Helmer not to have sex with them. But if Mr Helmer wants to say he dislikes gay men, he can expect to be told he’s a prejudiced bigot.

  • Ray

    The UKIP party needs to stop living in the past. Their views are constantly bigoted, homophobic, racist and sexist. How are these people elected?

  • Halou

    Earl Gray drinkers, just like homosexuals, get to be denied a whole array of rights because the other tea drinkers don’t like them.

  • James!

    Christ. How many people go around stabbing boxes of tea in lidl.

    Gerry Edwards, 59, and his long-term partner, Chris Bevan, 56, were found with stab wounds at their home in Bromley, south-east London, on Tuesday night. Edwards was pronounced dead at the scene and Bevan was taken to a south London hospital in a critical condition.

    Any lgbt ukip voters are my sworn enemy

    • ryeatley

      Oh. I don’t think that the repulsive David Kilcullen had anything to do with Roger Helmer, or UKIP, did he?

      So what’s wrong with “lgbt ukip voters”, and what would *you* do to them, as your “sworn enemy”?

  • Christopher in Canada

    Not liking something (a food, for instance) means having to try it first to see how your taste buds respond…

  • Ray

    He’s now ‘clarified’ his comments claiming that The Sun twisted his words and that the reporter may be related to a Lib Dem MEP. This MAY well be true but the overall picture is that almost day after day there’s a reliable story about the bigots of UKIP (Lenny Henry told to leave etc etc etc etc and etc..). There albeit vague policies are in my view dangerous overall aswell – 31%flat tax rate for all- billionaires and minimum waged….
    Personally I ‘prefer’ Green Tea; and perhaps naturally, The Green Party. They are free choices; but not my innate gayness dahlings, l or do I mean Darjeeling which I also ‘prefer’.

    • wayne

      Erma yeah and the press will dream up another everyday.. A concerted effort for you lefty limp twisted bigots.

      • Derek Northcote

        I’m a professional boxer.

        I dare you to say that to my face.

        • ryeatley

          Oh! Threats of *violence”! Gosh.

    • Max Thrust

      Luckily the public can see through these pathetic smears and thus our poll ratings are up :)

  • allan

    Well Roger I dislike you – mainly because you’re fu@@ing stupid and nasty. Hope your children and grandchildren are proud of you. And BTW I like Earl Grey tea and Lady Grey tea and Lapsang Souchong being a particular fan of the taste of the orient. MMMMM

  • lee

    trouble is people will be voting for the as a protest vote -they really have a bunch of filth – and no they would NEVER have the word Jew or black in any statement but they can still get away with abusing gay people.

    How can this MEP assist a gay person with any issue in the EU when he holds such views?

  • wayne

    Thank god for honesty and common sense. It’s perfectly natural to dislike certain things and we should keep it to ourselves much like gays should keep it to themselves and not ram it down our throats.

    • Dazzer

      Oh Wayne. It’s been so long that anything nice has been rammed down your throat that you must must be missing it.

      • Martin R

        Best comment so far.LOL

    • Liam

      Staying silent got f*ck all done though did it? Without people ‘ramming it down our throats’ (curious choice of words..) people would still be locked up for consensual sex.

    • James!

      and not ram it down our throats

      mmm what would Freud say

      • Psychologist

        Yes indeed James – a bit of a give-away about why Wayne is so obviously homophobic – isn’t it ?

    • Martin R

      But what you say is NOT common sense, nor sensible logic. You seem confused. And what should gays, according to you, keep to themselves? The fact they are gay and should stay in the closet, and not be allowed to express their views as you are free to do so?

  • James

    Justifying the way you treat a person by comparing them to an inanimate object is seriously messed up under any circumstances, but doing it to an entire class of people just because they share a completely superficial characteristic… I really would have thought even someone like Helmer could see why that is problematic.

    I like Granny Weatherwax’s take on this (from Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett):

    “And sin, young man, is when you treat people like things. Including yourself. That’s what sin is.”

    “It’s a lot more complicated than that–”

    “No. It ain’t. When people say things are a lot more complicated than that, they means they’re getting worried that they won’t like the truth. People as things, that’s where it starts.”

    “Oh, I’m sure there are worse crimes–”

    “But they starts with thinking about people as things…”

  • Guglielmo Marinaro

    Well that’s absolutely fine by me. Of course “the public” – whoever “the public” may be – should be able to freely and openly dislike gay people like they would different types of tea. Just as I can freely and openly dislike gay-haters in the same way as I dislike wasps. What we can’t have is people harassing other people just because they don’t happen to like them, or people’s personal dislikes being made the basis of legislation or public policy.

  • Carmel Bayliss

    Sometimes I wonder what level of intelligence some politicians have. What stupid comments!!!

  • Max Thrust

    Oh come on, he never said this. It is anti-UKIP propaganda. I can’t believe it’s now come to making things up about UKIP to try and damage them.

    Here’s a spolier: it won’t work.

  • misfit44

    I disagree with Roger Helmer. Taking Earl Grey tea, PGTips or Lapsang Souchong does not result in the disproportionate huge rise in sexually transmitted diseases amongst men who have sex with men.

    The Health Protection Agency said,

    “Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) are a group at increased risk of specific sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as gonorrhoea, syphilis and lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV)1. MSM experience 73% of syphilis cases2 , 30% of male gonococcal infections1 seen in GUM and 43% of HIV cases attending specialist care in the UK in 20103.MSM have other specific sexual health needs including Hepatitis A and B vaccination4 and rectal and pharyngeal gonorrhoea testing5.

    How about this for some staggering statistics?

    Have another cup of tea, vicar?

  • Martin R

    And we are free to find this freeloading MEP utterly repugnant.

  • Frank Boulton

    Yes, Roger Helmer is free to dislike whomsover he happens to dislike. I’m sure that many of us dislike him for reasons that I can scarcely imagine. However, prejudice, discrimination and exclusion are a different matter. We all have to live with being disliked. No one should have to face prejudice, discrimination and exclusion, because these things destroy lives. Just like other bigots, the only arguments that he has to justify his hateful beliefs and practices are ones of obfuscation.

  • NT

    The good news about all this is that he’s old and will hopefully be dead soon.

    • ryeatley

      What a lovely comment. You look good in it.

      • NT

        Thanks. It’s true, so I’ll take that as a compliment. After all, you know what they say: Treat ’em mean, then treat ’em meaner.

  • Psychologist

    Personally, I quite like Earl grey tea ! But even if I didn’t, by NOT liking it, harms NO ONE !
    If he doesn’t like gay sex, that’s his choice ! I therefore recommend him NOT to have sex with someone of the same gender ! (AND STOP obsessing ABOUT IT TOO) SIMPLE !
    However, to USE his dislike for homosexuality (which is personal to HIM) in order to discriminate against gay people – (ESPECIALLY USING LAWS AND LEGISLATION IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE THAT) is an abuse of power and influence, as it is HIS OWN issues ! Personal issues of one’s OWN homophobia, should NEVER be used to influence discriminatory laws.

  • Tanya Phillips

    Cup of Earl Gay, anyone?

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