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Trans Tory candidate and NHS diversity advisor opposes lesbian fertility rights

  • Valksy

    I rolled my eyes – These arguments have been dismissed as so much babbling idiocy so many times, and there is no evidence that LGBT parents cannot be just as good as any other. But that’s not the point. I just anticipate another tedious bout of snivelling phoney victimhood because people call out this apologist bull for the drivel that it is.

  • Sparkyu1

    Aha, behold Tory dedication to equality

    Pink News, why don’t you offer her a piece on explaining how wrong we are for being suspicious of the Tory party and their repeated homophobia? Or are you just going to throw up another extract from Nigel Fletcher’s book?

    • saintlaw

      Blue News more like. The craven touting of the selfservative party that goes on in these pages is vom.

    • Aden Lucas

      Tara’s views are not representative of all members of the conservatives and I for one have challenged her on them. These are her personal views, not the party’s.

      • Sparkyu1

        No, just most – you’re in a minority.

  • Brett Gibson

    Gays shouldn’t be expected to mop up after the mess straight people leave. We should be able to choose to have our own children. I get her point but it’s stupid, I feel. We should be tackling the root cause of why children are put up for adoption, not punishing those who can’t conceive naturally.

    • Logic

      I think it’ll illogical and harsh to declare that all adoptions are a result of the ‘mess straight people leave’. Each adoption has different circumstances and adoption by people, whether gay, straight or somewhere in between should be seen as a loving act, not something to ‘mop up’.

      • Brett Gibson

        I can see your point and I can see some truth in it, it probably was a little harsh, but I have to disagree with you. I would bet very good money that close to 99.9% of children needing adopted in this country and other countries are the result of straight people.

        Maybe I’m a little angry because so many people call out gays for being bad for children when pretty much all abortions and kids needing to be adopted are straight people’s fault.

        • Steven Gregory

          Perhaps focusing on children in need instead of parental sexual orientation is called for. There are children who are put up for adoption because the pregnancy occurred through incest or rape, the mother is too young to raise children, every precaution was taken to prevent pregnancy and yet it still occurred, parents end up in prison, there are endless scenarios. Why vilify those who gave birth? P.S. Lesbians can become pregnant and gay men can cause pregnancy. It’s just a useless exercise to decry “straight people.” The vast majority of “them” do raise their children, my parents were “straight people.”

    • boogled

      What a loathsome expression – “mop up after the mess straight people leave”…And most children who need to be adopted in the UK are not orphans – furthermore, the “root cause” of why children are orphaned is death: good luck tackling that.

      • Brett Gibson

        I was using the wrong word. I thought orphan meant any child that has been left by their parents for adoption by others. My bad.

        • Paula Thomas

          Orphan means a child both of whose parents are dead.

  • A.J.J

    Gays and trans issues are often intersecting, but this highlights how separate they can still be. Although this woman is trans, she doesn’t appear to have any sympathy for LGBs and also seems to be anti-woman, which is awkward.

    • M.H

      Her attitudes are extremely hetero-normative and she does not support gender-variant or gay transfolk either. I have also been informed she does not recognise the needs of disabled transfolk and has little sympathy with benefits claimants. Given that many, many trans-folk are forced onto benefits despite equality legislation and due to mental health issues, this is all very worrying.

      She is NOT representitive of the Trans community in general and I find it very worrying that she was voted “43rd in the Independent on Sunday’s Pink List of most Influential LGBT people in the UK.”

      • MikeHomfray

        She wasn’t. It’s a made up list. Obviously some connection. She isn’t taken seriously up here.

    • Tiger Lily

      I’m trans myself and I 100% support LGB equality and rights in using sperm banks fertility rights.

      It does work both ways, though. Transphobia & Biphobia can predominatly come from inside the LG community. So it works both ways! That’s why everyone in the LGBT community need to emphaise with each other’s struggle and help each other each equality for all gay, lesbian, bi and trans people.

      However, I think it’s more to do than she’s very religious and conservative, than the fact that she’s a trans woman, though. I mean, I’m incredibly Liberal & I’m Agnostic.

      • Christopher Saxon Whittle

        Whilst I agree that biphobia and transphobia occur in the gay and lesbian community, I seriously doubt it predominantly comes from these communities.

        Somehow finger pointing within the LGBTQ community just distracts from the overall progress of the community for equality.

        • Jay4Joke

          Unfortunately it’s always the hurtful and hateful that are the loudest. Who ever yells acceptance at somebody? So while the majority of cis gay or lesbian people might be quietly accepting of trans people unfortunately it’s the ones that yell at you that you’re a traitor to feminism or not really gay if you’re a trans man (I can only speak from this angle of experience myself) that are heard and are probably kept in mind longer as they hurt. And it’s a lived experience of many I know that they get less hassle from straight people than from gay or lesbian people. Or maybe it’s because they are used to tune out the known hateful voices of known haters outside LGB safe places and are doubly hurt by formerly safe LGB places suddenly not being safe anymore.

          • Christopher Saxon Whittle

            I agree with you on that one, though perhaps describing the transphobia coming from gay or lesbian community as ‘predominant’ is unhelpful.

            Unfortunately gay and lesbian people are from all walks of society and therefore all have very different lives; their sexuality being the only common denominator. I doubt you will ever get rid of the opposing voices from them until they are reduced in society generally.

            With that in mind, it only shows a similar outlook for trans people. They are all normal people from all walks of life, bigoted or progressive.

            This only highlights the importance of building strong, orchestrated movements that unite the LGBTQ community under a banner for one cause

          • James Campbell

            “LGBTQ community ”

            Can I suggest a more inclusive LGBTQI or LGBTi grouping?

          • Christopher Saxon Whittle


            Of course, I wasn’t immediately excluding anyone. But perhaps this highlights how sometimes we lose sight of the bigger picture with all of the internal politics. There are now 6 letters in the all inclusive acronym!

      • riv

        Must have been an almost instant conversation,Tara was a
        self declared Pagan only last month

        That or she again is aligning herself again, to anything controversial
        to self promote.

        She’s leading a wrecking ball through many marginalised
        communities without a care

        Or insight into the direct hurt and harm she is causing.

      • Andrea_Rae

        I share your sentiments Tiger Lily, as a trans I find this pretty damn disturbing. . . . I will never figure out how members of the LGBT community can be “religious” seen pretty counterproductive.

        • Christopher Saxon Whittle

          I think it only echoes the fact that people who are trans ate all from different walks of life

        • Staircase2

          I may have missed that in the article but I don’t recall her talking about this in religious terms

          • Andrea_Rae

            My response was in direct respnse to Tiger Lily’s post, she discussed religion.

          • Staircase2

            Cheers – this new Disqus system is actually quite unwieldy to follow on an iPad

    • Allie Cat

      She doesn’t represent trans* people in any way, shape or form. The politics she espouses are exactly as anomalous coming from a transgender woman of whatever orientation she might be as they would be coming from a cisgender lesbian. This is because, as other people have noted, her actual ideology can be summed up as “lets see how I can advance my career”.

  • Robert J Brown

    How can she be an NHS ‘equality advisor’ when she doesn’t advocate equality for all individuals (or couples) to attend and utilise the services of a sperm bank?

    • Tristan


      • guest

        It’s a worry.
        A grave worry for all who are marginalised

    • Rhibeor Taurlhann

      Actually I think she does advocate equality for all couples.

      From what I understand of her position, she doesn’t believe any couples, gay or straight, should use sperm banks and / or surrogacy to have children. That’s pretty equal as far as I can see.

      In some ways I share this view. I’m not against private arrangements where a donor gifts his sperm to a couple, as long as all custody issues are sorted out well in advance of any birth and the child provided with access to information about his or her biological parentage so that any health issues can be properly addressed. Neither am I against family members or even friends acting as egg donors and / or surrogates. But I am against the sale of gametes and the renting out of wombs. To me it seems like a form of human trafficking.

      I’m also against these kinds of services being provided on the NHS. Funding for assisted reproduction takes budget away from treatments that can save lives. Why should the public be expected to pay for people’s private desires for children? If they want them so badly, they should stand the costs themselves. Gay or straight, your reproductive choices are private matters and should not be subsidized by the state.

      • riv

        So Equality with provisos based on her personal beliefs.

        Definitely not conductive with the role of a
        supposed independent NHS diversity consultant

      • James

        Commercial surrogacy arrangements are illegal anyway, and I don’t think there are any plans to allow them, so that’s a bit of a red herring. If selling gametes is human trafficking, then contraception is murder – these over-the-top emotive analogies don’t get us anywhere.

        “I’m also against these kinds of services being provided on the NHS. Funding for assisted reproduction takes budget away from treatments that can save lives.”

        So the NHS should only be providing treatments that directly extend life expectancy? Improving quality of life in other ways is not a worthwhile goal?

        • Ssssssssssd

          Its an interesting debate – how NHS money is spent. I mean which is more worthy – fertility treatment or gender reassignment? I personally have no issue with either but there are those I am sure who are appalled that she can get surgery and the relevant drugs etc via the NHS. I think this lady may need to come out of her glass house before she starts throwing stones, particularly given her diversity role.

          On a much smaller note – she is nominating herself for an award? What kind of award do u nominate yourself for? Does this indicate a lack of friends to nominate her? I wonder why..?

        • Ra

          Not illegal if you go outside of the country. I know a straight couple that recently paid for two surrogacies in India.

        • Rhibeor Taurlhann

          Commercial surrogacy arrangements are currently illegal in the UK, but there’s nothing to stop anyone from using foreign rent-a-womb services. Granted, this isn’t funded by the NHS so no life-saving treatments will be denied to anyone as a result. But it’s not only the cost aspect that worries me.

          I’ll be called an alarmist of course, but one wonders whether the first step along the way to certain dystopian visions of the future where women are nothing more than brain-dead maturing vats for genetically engineered fetuses (e.g. the infamous “axolotl tanks” of Frank Herbert’s Dune series) won’t be the widespread social acceptance of women voluntarily renting their bodies out as incubators for other people’s children.

          Are the steps from philanthropic surrogacy to voluntary commercial surrogacy and from thence to involuntary commercial surrogacy really so huge? What’s to stop profit-driven care facilities of the future selling space in the wombs of their female coma patients? If an able-bodied woman is able to consent to surrogacy, why shouldn’t an incapacitated woman’s legal guardian be able to make that decision on her behalf and make a few quid at the same time? Battery baby farms could be this century’s big business opportunity.

          I’m aware this sounds like slippery-slope-ism. And perhaps the government in the UK won’t let this happen. But what about elsewhere? If we contribute towards the social acceptance of surrogacy by allotting public funding to it, what message will that send to the rest of the world?

          Quite frankly I think that people who can’t have children need to deal with it rather than demanding from society what nature has chosen not to give them. There’s too much at stake for selfish personal desires to dictate public policy.

      • RJ

        If she is an ‘advisor’ for equality and diversity, who is she to use her ‘personal discriminatory judgements’ when it comes to deciding who can and / or can’t use NHS services. She is there to advise on equality and diversity – not whether or not someone is suitable for IVF or whether it should be right to have it.

        • Fertility Road

          Hi RJ, she believes she is an advisor but she has no understand what Equality or Diversity actually is.

      • kostas.lacon

        I think that every one has the right to know his /her biological parentage for psychological and medical -hereditary reasons only .
        Just this .

      • Allie Cat

        It’s not equal because it’s not the most equal capacity society can provide for straight couples and everyone else to have children.

    • Sisnotcis

      He is a man. He says he is a woman but he is actually a man. He looks like a man, he sounds like a man, he has male genitalia. Which part of him do you think is female?

      • Staircase2

        Shocking transphobia there
        How bout you actually deal with the actual article rather than going off on a bigotry injection…?

        • Sisnotcis

          so it is transphobia to state reality? He says he is a woman but why should I believe him? I care about women not men who say they are women…or men like you who like to tell women what to think

          • Staircase2

            So when you say ‘men like you’ and ‘tell women what to think’ you do, of course, mean ‘ask you to stick to the bloody article and not go off on a bigoted uninformed rant’ no?

            You clearly know nothing about what ‘transgender’ means
            I suggest you go off and educate yourself about it before commenting further.

            It’s fine to have opinions, it’s not fine to spout clearly uniformed rubbish. It’s a debate; people have the right to challenge your bigotry (regardless of what gender you perceive them to have…)

          • saintlaw

            The harm that mediocre fanatics like you do to feminism is incalculable.

            But, you know, here’s the thing, outside your separatist sect no one gives a toss what you think.

      • Keli E Marcelo

        That’s the whole point. Only a simple mascu talking about females lives.

      • Liz Ashton

        Wrong. As I’ve already stated I’m appalled by the views espoused by Ms Hewitt. However you don’t get to negate the very existence of trans* people. How dare you? Who are you to decide? You and who’s army? I have an Intersex condition, does that mean I’m not a ‘real woman’ either?

  • Andrea

    Has no one told that idiot that what equality is all about.

    Lesbians need fertility treatment to get pregnant as they sure as hell are not going to do it by the bible method mary did. Abortion is something that no one likes or wants, but quite often it is necessary for a woman to have control of her life for various reasons. Sex reasignment surgery is needed by transsexual people to make their bodies hole.

    How she can oppose fertility rights for lesbians is beyond me.

    She appears to be a mirror image of the dwindling minority of lesbians who hates trans or gay men who hate trans. She has not got the brains to even realise that.

    Also this comes across as vindictiveness against people who are not able to concieve naturally. As trans MTF she can not either and should have at least some clue about how that might feel.

    Then again every minority always has one idiot, who adopts the mode of the oppresser and oppresses themselves.

    She will be publicly tore to shreds and deserve it for this blatantly bigotted stand against lesbian women, women having abortions and infertile couples.

  • Serkan M

    OK so…Is it right for two gay men to have a child by taking the child away from its mother? As a gay man, I feel very uncomfortable with a surrogate child. I think there are so many children that can be adopted and that would be amazing, but to have a child by taking away it’s mother and using a surrogate? I feel uneasy….Anyone have any thoughts?

    • Mikey

      do you know what surrogacy is? you post leads one to believe you might have a bit of confusion on what exactly is involved in it. No one’s child is “taken away” to be “given to someone else”.

      • saintlaw

        Quite so. Men pay women for the child. What could be fairer than that?

    • Valksy

      Keep in mind that the fundamental core of all this is a woman’s right to choose – up to and including volunteering to be a surrogate. Women are empowered to do this in just the same way that they are empowered to decide when or if to have children. While I may not care for the notion of paid surrogacy (it is sometimes done voluntarily for friends/family, that’s true) there is still a principle of bodily autonomy and legal competence in play.

      Either women can choose or they can’t, and it’s a fallacy to assume that they need someone else to make determinations for them.

      With regards to the child? Not a parent myself, no desire to be, I do know you’re in the ballpark of wondering if biological parentage is always best in terms of “taking their mother away”. I’d have to dispute that – Sharing DNA might be the biological truth of parenting but I personally don’t believe that’s what makes a parent. The inherent assumption of some magical and meaningful bond of blood is something that I would robustly question. Many people experience nothing of the sort, and it also casts adopted families as inferior, which is deeply wrongful.

      Of course, that raises the question of why people use fertility treatments and want their own pregnancy/birth, when the notion of inherent value of biological parentage is a suspect thing. But that’s evolutionary drive, I suppose, and a profound instinct that is hard for many to overcome. But again, it’s about choice. And since it’s neither my choice, nor my body, I’d not assume it was my right to dispute or obstruct it. Something Hewitt should consider bloody learning.

      • Serkan M

        But what about the rights of the child? Surely they deserve to have their biological parents? That is the ideal surely? Are we not just playing with biology?

        I just feel that this is the ‘me me me’ culture taking a firm step forward once again.

        • Valksy

          It is a well understood concept for women that the human rights of the woman comes before a foetus. Are biological parents ideal? Not only is that an unpleasant slur on adoptive parents, I think you’ll find there are a great many people (here, in the LGBT community for a start) who would have preferred to have parents who loved them, however they were related, rather than two jokers who managed the completely unimpressive feat of inserting tab A in slot B.

  • Lucy Wilson

    I wonder if this anti-woman (and anti-lesbian) attitude has come from her being socialized as male. Funny how she re-tweeted a tweet saying ‘women aren’t incubators or wombs for hire’ and yet she seems to think exactly that in terms of her pro-life stance…

    • sarahlizzy

      No likely, since much of the outrage at what she’s said has come from trans women.

      • Paula Thomas

        Including this one.

        The trans community is a cross-section of society as a whole just like the LGB community is and like women (and men) are.

    • Aura Willow Hazel

      I transitioned and I consider her a pillock, I could get a dozen others on here who’d agree who are also MtF. Also for the record the raised male thing? It’s used as a weapon by people who think denying us shelter or safety is OK. Please let the trope die.

  • Gareth Milner

    This article has somewhat put me off reading news on here. Trying to advocate people adopting children who need adopting – or face being stuck in care for the rest of their lives – I’m not sure whether pink news has a point in this article or is just trying to be sensationalist for the sake of it.

    • Connor

      It would be fine if that’s what she was saying – that adoption is worth considering – but she’s actually saying that lesbians having fertility treatment is wrong as if she can make that judgement. She also works for the NHS as a diversity advisor – how can you pro-diversity and then make judgements on the ‘right’ way for lesbians to have children?

      • Mianne Bagger

        Did you read the article? …She’s taking a stand against ALL people receiving IVF. It is Pink News that have used a misleading and sensationalistic heading!!!

        THEY [Pind News] are the ones creating the greater controversy here!

  • Tristan

    Stupid woman! If straight people can decide if they want to have biological children or adopt, why can’t gay couples!? #DOUBLE STANDARDS!

  • Snark

    The irony. *She’s* in charge of diversity? Good grief. What, exactly, qualifies her for that role – apart from the fact that she used to be a he?

    • Steve

      highlighting the gender in your statement is actually trans phobic and quite disappointing and sad that our own community does not accept trans people as equal to us, let alone the wider society. Yes, her views may not be acceptable to me, you or others in this forum, but to use the quote marks regarding her gender is frankly as insulting as someone excluding you for being gay/lesbian/bi etc.

      • Sisnotcis

        biological men cannot become women whatever you think. Putting on make up and changing names does not make someone a woman. There is no science behind it only men’s feelings and why should I trust men’s feelings? Hewitt is a misogynist who has no business interfering with anything to do with women. It is yet one more example of men trying to control female reproduction. And it does not surprise me in the slightest that you (a man) care more about the feelings of men who say they are women that the reproductive rights of actual women.

        • Staircase2

          That’s rubbish
          You clearly know nothing about what Trans actually means
          I suggest you educate yourself on the subject before you write anything else

        • Sara

          Plenty of cis women are anti-choice…

        • Liz Ashton

          I’m a woman who finds Ms Hewitt and her views abhorrent. She’s still a woman though. You can leave your nasty TERF nonsense away in the dark corner you and your supporters have crawled in from.

  • Chrissy Rogers

    As I read the article, Ms Hewitt is against *all* IVF and surrogacy, not just that involving same-sex couples. It’s disingenuous of Pink News to claim that Ms Hewitt is solely opposed to same-sex surrogacy.

    In fact I’d say that Caroline Farrow is being more discriminatory in her stance against same-sex parents, but I guess that’s Old News, eh?

    As for Ms Hewitt being anti- this and anti-that, well, she’s a Tory – what do you expect…?

    • Aden Lucas

      Ms Hewitt certainly doesn’t represent the views of all conservatives in this respect.

  • Pet

    She would never be able procreate by any means! So she should leave women who CAN procreate choose the way they want to do it or to stop the process.

    • Daira Hopwood

      You’re mistaken; trans women can potentially procreate using their stored sperm from before taking hormones, for example. (She would probably oppose this, but that’s because she’s socially conservative, not because she’s trans.)

  • Steven Gregory

    So, she wants to be Pope.

    How sad that she doesn’t understand the concept of MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Whether a law-abiding couple wishes to have children or not, and by what method(s) is none of her business. I despise “conservatives” and how they feel a need to rule over others.

    One would think she knows a thing or two about getting out of the way when a person has a deeply meaningful decision that doesn’t involve anyone else.

  • Aura Willow Hazel

    As a trans woman myself one who has always stood for LGB rights I would consider miss hewitt a traitor, she’s throwing others LGB and T under a bus for a taste of power. Not so suprising from a HBSer but still despicable.

  • Maryland Kid

    Well. That’s enough internet for today.

  • Cal

    “opposed #equalmarriage but does not hate” is a contradiction.
    This moose is emotionally disturbed.

  • NoNonsenseJoe

    If you don’t give lesbians fertility treatment then they would have to go through all manner of dangerous methods (risking health, friendship and over all safety) to obtain semen to procreate not to mention going through a legal jungle including leaving the sperm doner liable for child support and custody (even when agreed before hand these things have fallen apart)..

    There are plenty of strange people on the net willing to donate there sperm, why should lesbians be denied the right to sperm straight people have and instead have to A. find one of these creeps. B. Risk infection C. Risk safety D. risk custody

    I also find it disturbing, whilst im sure we all agree adoption is a very noble and worthwhile cause, it is not for everyone. I cannot imagine the wider indignation if we said to straight men(of which i am one), i am sorry mr jenkins your wife must simply find sperm somewhere else!

    Tara’s problem is she sticks rigidly to dogma and is not actually a very gifted debater, preferring rather to converse with “#prolife” rather than deal with the views at hand. I personally would prefer everyone to adopt rather than have fertility treatment, but it is down to the choice of the individual! it is not for tara to dictate her views onto others. Too long entire communities have had to suffer living in someone elses “ideal” had to have other peoples ideas of morality forced onto them, its very disappointing people think they can force their morals onto others today.

    • Mianne

      Did you read the article? …She’s taking a stand against ALL people
      receiving IVF. Not.. Just.. Lesbians.. It is Pink News that have used a misleading and
      sensationalistic heading!!!

      THEY [Pind News] are the ones creating the greater controversy here!

      • NoNonsenseJoe

        I did read the article, So remove paragraph 3.. and everything else remains true, people would have to seek sperm from elsewhere, all the risks that entails would still exist.

  • Rumbelow

    Looks frightening and speaks unpleasant nonsense.

  • Mihangel apYrs

    another misleading headline. She is quoted as saying,

    ‘She said that she thought surrogacy was wrong for any couple, saying:
    “Heterosexual or Same Sex Surrogacy is wrong but adopting and giving a
    child in need a loving home is such a kind act.”’

    So not specifically anti-lesbian. She does sound extremely conservative on fertility issues though.

  • Glen

    Once again a dishonest and misleading headline from Pink News! She is against surrogacy for all couples, gay, lesbian and straight, and she is in favour of adoption for all couples, not as your article implies that there should always be a male and female parent. This is dishonest reporting and you should be ashamed of yourselves!

  • Mianne

    The headline is a disgrace! It’s misleading, sensationalistic and perpetuates the negative stereotypes and stigmatisation of gender diverse people.

    For a start it uses a label in a derogatory sense, to belittle her, and then implies an discriminatory view that is incorrect. The article explains that she is against IVF for ALL people, not just lesbian couples.

    Shame on you Pink News if this is your headline!

  • James

    This woman is in insult to women, LGBT people and anyone who’s parents went through IVF to help bring them to life straight/gay/trans/bi/genderfluid/etc with her views, and should not be anywhere anything that effects the rights of other people.

  • Tone Jarvis

    I called out this so called “Diversity Consultant” on aboration. Are you ready for her response?

    • Sara

      this is the dumbest argument and I don’t know why people keep repeating it as if it means anything? If you weren’t born, you wouldn’t care, because you wouldn’t have been born *shrugs*

    • Paula Thomas

      This is an illustration as to how simplistic her views are. Anyone who thinks so little and has so little depth of thought has no place as an adviser on anything let alone something as complex as diversity.

  • Kai Weston

    I remember Tara from my days in student politics. Let’s just say that I wasn’t impressed then, and I’m not impressed now; let’s just say her views have always shifted to align with whatever forwards her own career at that given moment. In other words, she is in politics for all the wrong reasons, and her only dedication is to herself.

    • Sarah McCulloch

      *jazz hands*

    • LeftyLeprechaun

      I agree with Kai I knew tara from my days in the UAF. A self serving political chameleon. Plus how can you be a ruddy tory and be a union rep and diversity officer? Totally opposing view points.

      • confused


        • LeftyLeprechaun

          They’ll hate that pic showing up!

  • Mike Lothian

    Equal marriage is only implemented in England & Wales not the whole of the UK. Scotland will be getting it soon and NI has rejected the idea

  • Sam

    I’m relieved 5 Boroughs Partnership
    NHS Foundation Trust have distanced themselves from Ms
    Hewitts Egregious and destructive tweets.

    This has surpassed personal freedoms of speech when it’s in
    direct conflict with their duty of care, to their vulnerable client group

    And to colleagues who are striving with considerably reduced services and budgets to combat stigma and promote positivity within marginalised groups.

    She has and is abusing her “power” for her own gain at the
    same time trampling on the fears and concerns of vulnerable people.

    It is not 4 weeks ago she was screaming “scroungers” via Twitter about anyone

    who had the hard luck to fall on hard times and claiming benefits.

    She is unfit to call herself a self styled diversity
    consultant and i hope her employers

    take appropriate action to right her wrongs.

    She publically expresses no attitudes that align with that
    of a positive diversity worker, and a publically one to boot!

  • pollik

    I would not expect that Tara represents the views of most trans people.

    An appalling series of comments from a paid diversity advisor.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    So, doesn’t she see this feeds the right wing religious nutters out there? I can just hear Christian Concern’s Andrea Minichiello Williams ranting.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    It’s not gay who cause children to be fostered and put up for adoption, Ms. Hewitt. Why don’t you concentrate your efforts on that instead of traducing the personal decisions of individual gay people to have families in any way permitted under the law as are heterosexual people?

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Why is she insinuating that polyamorous relationships are on the rise? What’s that about. I suspect this is part of an religious agenda and I don’t think she’s fit to be advising anyone in the NHS.

    • Liz Ashton

      Because she was in several poly and queer relationships until recently. I just found out that she and I may have an ex in common, which cheered me up no end as you can imagine.

  • MikeHomfray

    Just one more nail in this particular publicity seekers coffin. It annoys me how any opposition to her views which have hurtled rightwards ever since she resigned from Labour and became a Tory is labelled as transphobia. Its her right wing Tory beliefs not her trans status people are opposed to.

  • For me the fundamental problem with her views is that they directly contradict with her position as an adviser to the NHS. Such a role requires sympathy and empathy for all who use those services, she is not capable of that with the views she holds.

    Being against certain health services for some based on illogical and unfounded “opinions” is in direct contradiction with her involvement in a health service with a remit to work for ALL.

  • TheRealThunderChild

    Oh bloody hell. I’d never have thought, growing up as a Catholic, and straight , that I’d find myself disgusted at the inhumanity and hate of people like this.
    How about we trust women’s and gay people consciences? How about that?
    And I’m sorry, but how effing stereotypical of a Tory, demanding tolerance toward themselves, while practicing none themselves.
    Volunteering the uteri of other women as though the fertile are John Lewis—-it’s like a modernised, liberalised, Magdalen laundry!
    I’m running out of ways to express disgust. I’m sorry that an allready beleaguered group are represented by someone who should know better. Ugh.

  • Pablo

    This woman sounds very insecure and I’m sure it’s a result of transphobia that she is now trying to project her own bigoted views onto others. She probably rejects the idea that she is a transwoman and therefore wants to be seen as biological one.

  • Sisnotcis

    It is the Emperor’s New Clothes…and yet this man is now in a position to influence what lesbians can do with their bodies. Wake up people

  • nixiotemba

    catholic, tory ánd trans?? horrible hypocitic selfloathing filth

    • Liz Ashton

      She was poly and queer and a pagan until very recently, as well as a serious lefty. She’s jumped ship to try to make a name for herself politically.

      • Paula Thomas

        Yeah I remember one Sue Slipman doing something similar: from the Communist Party to being a “friendly critic” of Thatcherism. Every generation has at least one of the careerists who don’t really believe anything.

  • Staircase2

    Did I miss something here?

    The headline says Tara said she opposes Lesbian Fertility Rights yet the quotes in the body of the article actually say she said she is “against IVF treatment, surrogacy and the use of sperm banks, EVEN FOR EXAMPLE, by a lesbian couple seeking to have a child.”

    You do realise that’s not the same thing right, Pink News…?

  • James Campbell

    I await with baited breath her views on the NHS providing repair surgeries for intersex people who were surgically reassigned to a sex in infancy (and consequent gender role) without their permission.

    I would also question her views re. ideal parenting (for that is what they appear to be, rather than decisions based on professional expertise. She is a law graduate, but if she is an ‘expert’ on the matters she is currently pontificating on then I would be interested to know what this is based on). The number one need for a child is to be loved in a safe and nurturing environment. This can be achieved in a variety of ways including the variations that she appears to be opposed to.

    Assistance with in-vitro fertilisation is just as relevant in terms of the mental health of a childless couple as reassignment surgery is for trans people. In my experience (3 years in behavioural science research and 16 years specialising in child mental health) Gay and Lesbian parents often work harder to become parents than straight couples and bring a depth to their role because of this. Every child has a right to know their parentage for personal and health reasons, but to know that you were so wanted that your parents fought so hard to bring you into the world is something which they can be counselled to appreciate (I have done this on many occasions with children who have recently learned of their heritage).

  • Mark Y

    That is one ugly stupid idioit.

    • Liz Ashton

      What has it got to do with how she looks? What she says is plenty to be upset about!

  • Stephen MOLE

    Talking piffle again, oh how so very tedious this person is.

  • John Curry

    I agree with her, why create so many more children where there are some many children in need of a good home.

    • Episonix

      We should ban heterosexuals from obtaining surrogacy or even conceiving – until every last orphaned child finds a home.

      Right? That would work out right?

  • saintlaw

    Oh look it’s Draculass!

  • Anona

    What a hypocritical piece of work. I know some people who have worked with her away back when and they don’t exactly have good things to say about it.

  • Argella Mienne

    When did Davith from Little Britain enter politics?

  • HesNotAWoman

    This appalling Tory scumbag isn’t a “woman” at all. He’s a heterosexual man pretending to be a woman. That’s it. Certainly explains his misogyny and homophobia, doesn’t it?

    • Liz Ashton

      Don’t be disgusting. I’m about far against the things Ms Hewitt has had to say as you can imagine, but don’t you dare go around claiming that trans* people are not the gender they feel they are. My 14 y/o has spent all his life trying to understand his gender identity and I will not have idiots like yourself wilfully denying him the right to make those choices as he needs to.

      I’ve got many trans* friends, I have an Intersex condition myself, so don’t think you can come in her pedalling your TERF nonsense while taking it upon yourself to define anyone else’s gender for them.

  • Tori Nathaniel Turner

    Tara’s point about there being children to adopt is true, but fails to tackle the desire many people have to bear their own child (if possible) and to raise the child from birth, or as close to birth as possible. Adoption is a long, drawn-out process and the majority of children up for adoption are not babies or toddlers, or even mostly young children.

    I do think it’s a shame that we have children without parents in this world, but that doesn’t mean I believe people and couples who can’t naturally conceive or bear a child should be denied help. I believe more people should be spoken to about adoption when discussing fertility options, and that information on adoption should be given out to people alongside information on in vitro, sperm donors and surrogacy. Surely that’s the fairest way to do it.

    As for the rest of her views, I’ll just use one word – abhorrent – and leave it at that.

  • Smiddy

    I always wondered how an Equality officer could have a ‘master’ and be pictured being whipped and drinking out of a dogs bowl.

  • Episonix

    I find it kind of ironic that a transgendered person has the audacity to regulate the bodies of other people.

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