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Sharon Osbourne urges fans to boycott Brunei-owned hotels over ‘stone the gays’ law

  • ^GAY-Π.Α.Ο.Κ^Dark Horse^28^

    Ι might hated her 4 bulling poor Danni Minogue in XFactor but i guess that she must be nice woman…Thank you Sharon 4 your back up :))

  • Truth

    This is brilliant! If we and our allies join forces over issues like this (similar to the Firefox debacle) we CAN bring about change. Hit ’em in the pocket and watch how quickly their ‘beliefs’ simply evaporate.

    • Steven Gregory

      This feels bigger than Firefox because of the celebrity attention it is attracting. There are people who will be invited to a meeting or wedding and respond, “Oh no, I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’VE HEARD it’s just not acceptable to go there.”

    • Psychologist

      yes TRUTH – Power to the LGBT community AND its SUPPORTERS in the straight community too !
      Let’s keep up the pressure on these boycotts !

  • Steven Gregory

    I imagine the hotel chain will begin losing its top talent as it becomes common knowledge that it’s “uncool.” When it becomes a mark of social ignorance to plan meetings, conventions or events in those hotels, and when guests booking rooms are told by their friends and associates that it’s a serious misstep, I imagine the hotels will go on the sales block.

    This may also make royal idiots with socially precarious holdings consider whether or not its worth the trouble, before they make anti-gay declarations. After all, with Islam the official religion according to their constitution, who’s going to rush to their rescue, the Christian religious right?

    • Psychologist

      Sharon Osbourne is clearly one crazy, crazy woman – but she’s on the RIGHT SIDE of crazy ! :) Good for you Sharon !

      • Steven Gregory

        She’s a nutter!
        She’s also likely to make big noise if someone has an even there. If I had a public persona to maintain, I wouldn’t cross her picket line.

        • Psychologist

          Yes, sometimes it takes outspoken people like Sharon, who may be considered “a little off the wall” at times, to shout out loud at such abuses ! Good for her !
          I wouldn’t want to cross her picket line either Steven ! :)

  • I agree that this is a step in the right direction when it comes to the public image of this company. With allies in Hollywood making clear statements about this it is sure to get a lot more press and have a bigger impact.

    These hotels get a LOT of business from the Hollywood crowd, being the expensive venues they are. Now everyone in the entertainment business will know about this and will likely be distancing themselves from this company and their associated hotels too.

    When you think about the economics of this, it’s clear that these hotels cannot function once they’ve lost the support of the stars there. I expect these hotels will be sold within 6 months, or they’ll simply close down.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think the Sultan is going to change his radical views for something that makes up potentially less than 10% of his annual income as such an obscenely rich man.

  • The thing I especially love about the statement from the chain is this…

    “Dorchester Collection’s code, endorsed by the company’s ownership,
    emphasizes equality, respect and integrity in all areas of our
    operation, and strongly values people and cultural diversity amongst our
    guests and employees.”

    How can beliefs in equality and cultural diversity be backed by the chain owners when the chain owners have signed a bill in their own country legalizing the murder of LGBT people?

    This is like Orange claiming that they support the rights of LGBT workers in Uganda. This is NOT POSSIBLE.

    It’s a direct contradiction. You cannot SAY one thing and DO another. Either you act in support of basic Human Rights or you don’t, and no amount of attempting to disguise the issue will change reality.

  • Peter Duncan

    “…same-sex sexual activity was punishable in the Islamic state with up to 10 years’ imprisonment, but now can carry the death penalty.” The ten years imprisonment remains justification for boycotting them even without the sharia law. All they have done is draw attention to the fact

  • Mike

    GOOD FOR MRS O!!!!!!

  • Martin R

    Well done Missus. Let’s hope the celebrity boycott of the Sultans investments snowball. Sadly he’s probably too rich to notice – or care.

  • SpaceDandy

    Stone the gays? I though I was living in 21st century.

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