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AFA: Shops who display ‘We Don’t Discriminate’ stickers are bullying Christians

  • David Greensmith

    So would a shop run by a white person that serves black people be guilty of “bullying” racists?

    • By their twisted logic that’s exactly what they’re saying.

      • David Greensmith

        Indeed. It’s bizarre that some people feel they have a “right” to oppress other people.

        • stormkite

          It’s also stupid that they feel that they’re forced to go into a store whose business practices they don’t want. They’re actually specifically excluded on the signs as they have no intention of actually buying from stores that sell to “those” people.

        • Derullandei

          Not only do they feel that they have a right to oppress other people. They feel that anyone else failing to oppress other people is an attack on themselves. I have no words to describe how pathetic, and stupid, that is.

    • RegularJoe62

      Oh yeah, definitely. Because by not also discriminating you’re disrespecting their right to have their own stupid opinions.

      • David Greensmith

        I always have a problem with this idea of “respecting” someone else’s opinion. Whilst I respect their right to hold it, I firmly believe that not all opinions are worthy of respect.

      • Its simple. They don’t believe in dissenting viewpoints. They’re about as democratic as Putin, about as hypocritical as Judas. The only thing truly American about them is the waistlines.

    • Steven Gregory

      If a business run by a white person planned to deny services to Black people (discriminate) because of religious beliefs, but was compelled by law to provide services to everyone, then the AFA would see that as “bullying.”

    • Carl

      They want to be the only bullies in the village ;-)

    • Amber Lane

      I’d be glad to join that field… Hey all black people!!! Have some strawberry pie! Have some banana butter on toast! Have some awesome free trade coffee! Bring your white friend too, their money’s good here!!

      racist – “Hey, that’s so mean, you’re ruining my right to hate black people! Waaaaaaahhh! *cries*”

      Me and my customers – *blank stares*

      • ta2t2o

        banana butter on toast? Count me in! Bullying for Banana Butter.

        • JustTheFactsMa’am

          Seriously. Sounds good to me!

        • Amber Lane

          Right? I thought of it when my friend and I made banana bread this weekend when I was mashing the bananas in with the butter and was like, hey, this would be good on toast! and you know who likes toast? black people!! *lol jk I didn’t think about black people*

      • David Watson

        I like it when someone said their upset and need the Waaaaambulance.

    • greenlee24

      Only if the racist base their discrimination on an ancient book.

      • indybeckih

        Which they have (and probably still would)…

  • Glen

    Yep that’s right! Not discriminating is bullying!

  • Paul Lloyd Johnson

    Why don’t they just pray for it to stop?

    • Christopher in Canada

      I’d prefer they hold their breath…!

    • stercus tauri

      They should try praying in one hand while defecating in the other and see which hand gets full first.

  • Neil Rhodes

    Reeks slightly of desperation.

  • That There Other David


  • Bikerman

    Is this lack of intellectual rigour the result of inbreeding? He does not have clue what a total dumbass he sounds.

    • I have often wondered if religion attracts the mentally challenged, or whether the mentally challenged become so through rejection of reality in favor of religious nonsense.

      • Benedict A. Cipponeri

        My Father always said that Evangelical Christians (though that wasn’t what he called them) had something wrong with them. That they were weak-minded people with addiction problems.

        • Tynam

          The evidence is that they have an _authoritarianism_ problem. They suffer from the early-civilisation “tribal” mentality, in which belonging-to-your-social-group is the definition of right or wrong.

      • Donnie

        I think that this segment of the Christian community live an insulated life surrounded and influenced only by others who believe as they do. Their confidence that they have the one and only truth is not based on any evidence other than the authority of the Bible and their groups interpretation of it. The Bible’s teaching that in the end times the whole world will align against Christians and the ones who are true to the end will win eternal life and Jesus’ statement that “no one comes to the father but by me” sets them up to cut themselves off from any objective information or change. As so many around them move in the direction of equality and understanding they revel in that separation in the belief that they are the fulfillment of the prophecy. Being at the center of God’s plan is heady stuff. If they can only hold onto their ignorance and superstition to the end everyone who opposes them will be crushed beneath their feet. It is very much akin to the mindset that existed among the Nazi’s leading up to and during WW2. Hitler very much believed that he had been chosen by God to save the German people and conservative Christianity is running Hitler’s propaganda playbook by the numbers. The irony is that the Jesus found in the earliest gospels (Mark and then Matthew – Luke and John were both propaganda books) had nothing in common with this desperate, angry group. He simply made every person he encountered the most important person in the world. A person truly trying to follow the example of that Jesus would look very different from the popular concept of what a Christian is today. Just as Hitler and many of his staff were brilliant men, many conservative Christians are also brilliant. It is not lack of intellect that makes them seem mentally challenged, but their desperate determination to hold onto an ancient, defunct book as their guide to revealed, unchanging truth. That takes a life long commitment to dismiss a world of facts and common sense and with every fact dismissed and every piece of logic denied they pull farther and farther away from any modern sensibility. As out of touch with reality (insane) as that sounds, they couldn’t be prouder of it. The real issue is, just like the Nazi’s, how much damage will they do along the way?

    • Robert White

      Hey, it’s you Europeans that, while exporting your religious wackos, sent them all to one place. You weakened the North American gene pool so we get to blame you. That’s all my average countrymen do, look for someone else to blame. (You ever really _listen_ to the lyrics to “Blame Canada.” 8-)

      • Bikerman

        I see you point but I’m not convinced enough to accept the blame.

    • Steven Gregory

      “Religion is meant for people who aren’t smart enough to understand how the world really works, and who are so scared of being small and insignificant that they need someone to tell them how special and important they really are.”
      –David Sedaris

  • ian123

    I can’t discriminate and bully I feel so persecuted. It’s not fair, (throws toy out of pram)

    With the best will in the world how is it possible not to feel the up most contempt for these people?

    • DavidLees

      It’s “utmost”, not “up most”.
      But otherwise, I agree. ;)

    • EllaYu

      I have to say rarely have I ever seen a group of people behave in a manner so selfish and entitled in my life. It’s part of this ME-culture bullshit. It’s all about them. They are the only people who matter.


  • Bish Chan

    The first amendment protects beliefs but not necessarily actions. Scalia himself wrote the majority opinion for a case regarding religious freedoms vs laws and it was quite strongly worded. If this spawns cases that goes to SCOTUS it should be interesting.

  • jlvnv

    My husband and I just had the best laugh of the day reading this nonsense. I don’t understand why they just don’t nail themselves to their wooden crosses and get it done with.

    • Robert White

      Christians are only willing to sacrifice others. They’d never nail themselves to anything to save someone else. Least not here in the USofA.

      • Dave_Aa

        Not true; Christians are willing to sacrifice themselves to help others. These people are not Christians. If they met Jesus as he is described in the gospels, they’d demand he be locked up. (I’m not a Christian but I was brought up that way, and know many genuine Christians who would be as disgusted with the AFA as we are.)

        • Conuly

          You can’t play no true Scotsman with people’s religions. If they refer to themselves as Christian, that’s what they are.

          • EllaYu

            Why not? You can refer to yourself as anything and still be a good person or a bad person for that matter. If some third party makes assumptions about you before you’ve even said a word, that’s their problem.

          • Conuly

            Where did I say anything about being a good or bad person? News flash: some Christians are good people and some are bad people and most muddle along in the middle.

            But making illogical arguments is a bad plan, because it is stupid. No true Scotsman is quite well known, as in:

            “No Scotsman puts sugar in his oats.”
            “What about my uncle, Hamish Angus MacScott in Glasgow, who puts sugar in his oats every single day?”
            “Well, no *true* Scotsman does!”

          • Dana

            There are rules involved to define who is a Christian and who is not. If someone’s breaking the rules then they haven’t earned the label.

            Of course, Christians disagree on what precisely those rules are, which is why there are denominations.

          • Conuly

            The only rules that define who is and isn’t a Christian that we can rely upon are self-identification. Do they call themselves a Christian? Well, okay, that’s that.

            If there are any other rules, then it’s up to their god to sort it all out, just like it says in the Bible.

          • sandman839

            Actions speak louder than words. I know many who say they are Christians, but will do nothing to help any one except themselves. Then I also know atheist who will go out of their way to help people.

          • indybeckih

            Not true. They are christianists. Islamists and those who follow Islam are not the same. Christians, by definition, follow the teachings of Christ. So, by definition, these people are NOT Christian. I can say I’m a man, even though I have XX chromosomes. Doesn’t make it so.

          • Ashley

            What? I know plenty of men with XX chromosomes. Keep your transphobia to yourself, please.

          • indybeckih

            Chill out, Ashley. Where did you get transphobia from my remark? My point was – just because you SAY you are something, if all other evidence proves otherwise (people calling themselves “Christians” behaving in an unChristian way), it doesn’t mean that they ARE Christians. Any more than my saying I’m a man (which I am not) would make me a man. My personal feelings about transgendered people (I feel that if this is how they are true to themselves, they should take the necessary steps) has NOTHING to do with my comment.

        • JMoore

          Absolutely right, Dave. Ask these people where the Bible says “thou shalt not do business with those who sin.” Please. They cannot because it does not say it. God sees all sin as equal, including that lie someone just told. If you’re going to refuse to do business with those who sin, prepare to live as a hermit and hate yourself. True Christians know that there is no call to single out and oppress those who sin more noticeably than themselves. For we ALL sin.

          • mtos

            Not to mention the fact that that’s just their own hateful brand of Christianity. The church I used to go to (united church of Canada, second biggest church in Canada after the catholics) not only “tolerates” homosexuality, they are inclusive to the point that they ordain gay ministers. When parliament was considering legalizing gay marriage, the United church was a strong advocate for gay rights. So don’t tell me it’s anti-Christian. That’s bull.

          • Fred Bailey

            It does say to kill those who sin, however. Once you’ve ‘taken them without the camp and stoned them with stones,’ doing business with them becomes a bit of a problem.

      • ta2t2o

        Exactly – they were too self-absorbed to atone for their own sins and instead relied on Jesus to do it.

    • EllaYu

      No they only threaten to do that. Actually doing that would take commitment.

    • Dana

      Some Christians DO. Certain Catholics in developing countries during Holy Week. It’s not very common but it does happen.

  • Mike Delamater

    All I can say is…. Oh Em Gee.

  • Mr. Black

    Wow, you’d think there was just a law enacted that allowed discrimination against Christians or something.

    • Steven Gregory

      Right wing evangelicals feel it is their right to discriminate, and being told they can’t steps on their religious freedom. It’s a cross-eyed pretzel, but that’s what they’ve been saying.

      • Michelangelo Battaglia

        Not merely that they feel it is their RIGHT to discriminate, but that their rights are being violated if ANYONE ELSE feels differently!!!

  • Psychologist

    You just couldn’t make this rubbish up, could ya ? WTF ……????

  • Caramel Abdul Jizzbar

    If I were a shop owner, I would ask to discriminate against people who use their “belief” in supernatural powers to discriminate.

  • Steven Gregory

    Panti Bliss is a hero. The Irish drag queen sums up the present situation eloquently:

    …for the last three weeks I have been denounced from the floor of
    parliament to newspaper columns to the seething morass of internet
    commentary for “hate speech” because I dared to use the word
    “homophobia”. And a jumped-up queer like me should know that the word
    “homophobia” is no longer available to gay people. Which is a
    spectacular and neat Orwellian trick because now it turns out that gay
    people are not the victims of homophobia – homophobes are.

    • badfae

      I’d never heard of this person until now, but that was amazing.

      • Steven Gregory

        A friend pointed out that Panti arrives and delivers her address without notes, and doesn’t miss a beat.

        • badfae

          Oh, that’s true. I hadn’t noticed. And it’s quite a long and emotional speech, too, so that must have taken a lot of practice.

    • Steamboat78

      Thanks for sharing.

    • Wendy B

      Perfectly said. Thank you for sharing. I shall pass it along as well….

      • Steven Gregory

        You’re awesome! I’ve had such a great time turning Americans on to Panti. Of course they’re all swooning over the handsome actor who introduces her: there’s something special about “Panti” declared with an Irish accent.

        • Wendy B

          Thank you!

          I’m not trying to do any patting of my own back, just ‘splainin’ how I often view myself as a “typical American” until the interwebs forever remind me of disgraceful Americans such as AFA.

          I am a 46 y/o straight female, atheist (formerly Lutheran), college educated, single mother of two men in their 20s. My parents were too uninvolved to actively teach me and my brother to accept everyone, but they never were discriminatory around us….so it wasn’t a “thing” I had to overcome.

          Because I was born and raised in CA and my sons were young enough to ask and require information about our stupid Prop “Hate” (8), I did have the opportunity to actively teach them to accept people and get to know their character every time we drove by a hateful yard sign. Both of my sons have close gay and lesbian friends. I have a few (I know that sounds odd) but they are people whom I’ve become close with online and they live far away. My boyfriend is a former actor living in Hollywood so, through him, I’ve met many wonderful non-straight people!

          This quote from the article gave me pause: “They don’t want to hear that homosexuality is sinful behaviour –” My guess is that homosexuality is probably as awesome as heterosexuality! I’m all for legally consensual SEXUALITY in all of its delightful forms so it’s hard for me to understand their fear. I feel sorry for them and I believe that they are in the minority and their numbers will grow smaller. Young people today are exposed to so many different people and they are generally a more accepting bunch.

          • Steven Gregory

            Thank you for sharing. I didn’t for a moment think you were beating your own drum. Thank you for raising your sons with social awareness, hopefully they will employ it in their lives. It’s amazing how anti-gay comments and conversations can end when someone has the fortitude to object.

            Colorado has had its own anti-gay past: Amendment 2 in the early 1990s. I was a junior in a Baptist high school, planning on Baptist college when the legislation reared its ugly head. Focus on the Family moved to Colorado at that time. Our church and school went to a lot of rallies, and even then I knew that the shocking tales being told couldn’t possibly be true.

            I was taught to hate homosexuals, and at the same time I was repressing my own sexual nature. I would become livid when we went somewhere and there were gay protesters. When there were debates on TV, I emitted a fiery stream of epithets. This is why I find those who object strenuously to be the most suspect: I’ve been there.

  • Luminosity

    I can’t stop laughing. Oh AFA, the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Ben Tousey

    Clearly the Christian “god” is in way over his head. It seems that at every turn he’s constantly having his ass handed to him by these anti-discrimination “bullies.” I would suggest that maybe these people consider finding a stronger god, one who’s up to the challenge… Maybe it’s time to bring back Zeus. Oh wait, he had that fling with Ganymede.

    • Bamf

      Their God is nailed to a cross. My God wields a hammer. Any questions?

  • Mark Brasington ABQ

    We can’t even post comments on any of their sites, OneNewsNow or AFA, as they are deleting all of our “homofacist” replies. One would think that the F4 or F5 tornadoes hitting Tupelo, MS (home of AFA) might give them pause before pronouncing judgment on others . Oh wait…they don’t ever stop their insufferable whining long enough to engage their Neanderthal brains. I wish we had laws similar to those in the UK, where hate-speech can bring immediate and severe consequences/penalties.

    • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

      They’re a SPLC-designated hate group. Hate is their primary mission.

      • GraceAlexander

        I’m sure they’ll issue a statement blaming the gays for the tornadoes soon as they think of it.

        • Steven Gregory

          If they think gays and lesbians are responsible for tornadoes, “They better watch out or we’ll send more!”

  • saintlaw

    Hey, fundis, the civilised world HATES you.

  • What is it about these completely idiotic people that they can’t see their OWN HYPOCRISY!?

    This is infuriating, are these people REALLY so brain dead they can’t hear their own stupid words coming out of their mouths? Do they not have a common sense filter in their brain?

    What am I saying, these people believe in talking snakes, zombies and a mythical sky wizard, so I guess I just answered my own question.

    If I were operating a business there I would be tempted to give those rabid Christians exactly what they wanted and put a massive sign up in the window saying “No Christians Welcome”.

    They wanted laws allowing discrimination, so I would use those same laws to discriminate against them.

    Of course, we all know that what they really want is complete power and the right to use their book of babble to beat people over the head, and no one else is allowed to question it otherwise they are miraculously the “intolerant” ones.

    As I’ve said so many times now: it is not intolerant to be intolerant of complete intolerance. No matter how many times hate groups like the AFA or Tea Party try to make it so, this will never change.

    • WASP

      the funny part is they couldn’t do anything against you! it was their own passion to have this law passed that would allow you to “claim” to be another opposing religion and deny them services. XD
      boy won’t their faces be red when that happens, they sue the person for discrimination and LOSE THE CASE. XD

    • Jim Olson

      ACTUALLY THESE so called spokespeeps know just what they are doing, and, no, they don’t believe it, but that is the kind of talk that riles up the bigot and gets them to donate money to the AFA.

  • fifthdentist

    English, mother fuc*ers, do you speak it?

  • PamelaHaley

    Well “Christians” you have a right to shop at stores who refuse to do business with blacks and gays but, don’t be surprised when someone refuses to do business with you. That’s how karma works and, karma is real. You’ll see.

  • Jones

    Have you ever considered that the discrimination law is ‘bullying’ gay people?

    • Amber Lane

      Oh but they’re a subset of satanism and are trying to destroy christianity so it’s ok to bully the enemy… -_- *their logic*

  • GraceAlexander

    So, basically,

    “Behold! We are the Kick Puppies Brigade! Join us in the holy act of puppy kicking!!”

    “Um, we don’t plan on kicking any puppies, sorry.”

    “Waaahhhh! You are bullying the Kick Puppies Brigade by not joining in
    and kicking puppies – or at the very least, staying quiet about it!! How
    dare you announce you will not be kicking puppies today!!!! WAAAHHH!

    • badfae

      Pretty much.

  • epidavros

    That is religion summed up. Refusing to discriminate is discrimination. What it says is what we knew all along – the religious cling to their right to be the most discriminatory people alive.

  • ludicrous_speed

    oh, the humanity!

    • Dan Francis

      Exactly. These unintelligent nutjobs don’t know what persecution is.

  • Dan Francis

    Aww, poor babies. You’re confusing discrimination with not being treated like the special snowflakes you think you are. Until one of you gets Constitutional rights taken away, or gets hurt or killed for your imaginary friend, you don’t KNOW what persecution is.

  • Pierre in Canada

    How is this bullying ?
    If a store offends you, don’t give it your business. If you don’t like their clients, shop elsewhere. Freedom of association is one of your great liberties, and nothing is bullying you into shopping there. Making accusatory remarks however is bullying and this fundamentalist reaction is bullying in its worst form because it deliberately intends to use moral majority guilt as leverage to promote discrimination and specifically targets those who simply have different beliefs. Yes, Freedom for all as long as it’s MY definition of freedom.

  • Rev Bucky

    So bullying people is OK as long as you have God on your side?

    The thing that bothers me most about Christians is that they feel that they must judge and condemn people, to help their all seeing all knowing all powerful God. Seriously folks, have your beliefs if you want, but let The all powerful one sort it out, you know judge not lest ye be judged, let he who is without sin cast the first stone, as it says in your manual.

  • Thornado

    This time the AFA has got it all wrong … way wrong. The signs are intended to send a loud and clear message to all consumers and shoppers. And that message is “Welcome.”

  • Jeffrey Meehan

    I’ve seen many here assert that the AFA are idiotic, delusional, moronic, etc. because of the sheer lack of logic or reason in their argument. And, though it may be true that any rank-and-file person who truly believes this stance has indeed tossed rational thought out the window, the fact is that the folks at the AFA who came up with this stance know EXACTLY what they’re doing, and are quite far from idiotic. They know full well how illogical, hypocritical, and otherwise nonsensical their claim is. However, for what they are trying to do, THAT DOESN’T MATTER! They are applying rhetoric, not reason. This is an exercise in modern sophistry: through manipulation, they are trying to convince the people that the lesser is actually the greater, that a falsehood is actually true. They don’t have to be RIGHT, they just have to WIN so they can keep society the way they want it to be. And the problem is that, for far too many people, it works. When the Supreme Court has to take a company’s “sincerely held beliefs” at face value, even if it is factually wrong, there is VERY compelling evidence that this sophistry does work and can accomplish what they want. “Congratulations, gentlemen: the system works!”

  • beetboy12

    “If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles. Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.” Matthew 5:41

  • Omar

    “They don’t want to hear that homosexuality is sinful behavior – and
    they wish to silence Christians and the church who dare to believe this

    Who’s silencing Christians? Your angry because you hate free speech. The reason you hate free speech is because those shops displaying “we don’t discriminate” sign. Your the bully wanting to force your belief to others.

    • Amber Lane

      yea see, when they said they wanted free speech, they only meant for them… they want to send me to jail and torture me and bring back ducking for being a Pagan witch… they want to bring back the pope’s pears for homosexual anus ripping… they want all the good old days when they and they alone had the power…. they want a theocracy of christianity in this country, ask them, they’ll say yes. But ask if they want a secular government, or better yet, another religion’s theocracy… then stand back and watch their veins pop in fear and hatred…

  • Steamboat78

    AFA spokesman Buddy Smith is a different kind of stupid.

    • jchastn

      I think that we should resist the temptation to call these people stupid. I would agree that many of the followers of this type of religion are less than intelligent. The LEADERS of these types of groups are usually not as stupid as they are EVIL. Don’t underestimate their mental capability OR their sheer hatred.

  • Guglielmo Marinaro

    So people with their heads screwed on straight are being mean to anti-gay “Christians” by picking up the valuable business of which those so-called “Christians” – of their own free will, be it noted – have insisted on depriving themselves. Furthermore, by doing so, they’re somehow mysteriously trampling on the right of the aforesaid “Christians” to deprive themselves of business for the sake of inconveniencing gays. How can they be such nasty, horrid bullies? Cry, cry! Boohoo!

    • jchastn

      In passing this unconstitutional law that allows christians to discriminate against potential customers who are perceived as gay, what the christians REALLY want is for EVERYONE to discriminate because those businesses that don’t discriminate might have a better chance at success. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, you must sell your goods and services to everyone you possibly can. Discriminating is simply throwing away business.

  • igot5

    As a Mississippian, I have never been so ashamed (of the close-minded-shit-for-brains legislature) and at the same time, so proud (of the good folks who started the buy/sell campaign). I blame religious zealotry for all the worlds problems. The American Fascist Association will never understand the hypocrisy of their “oppression”. Somewhere, Jesus is face-palming.

  • vancall

    First off, the bible NEVER said homosexuality was a “sin”, and Jesus NEVER says it is a sin. These people are not Christians, and I don’t care what anyone here says. I could identify as a Buddhist, doesn’t make it true. These are people who hate and are using religion as a cover for that hate.

    • Conuly

      Of course they’re Christians. You can’t just exile people from your religion because you don’t like them.

      • 16 TONS

        it really isn’t fair to call them Christians because that isn’t what they are practicing, it is actually more…fascist.

        • Conuly

          Okay, first of all, they think they’re the ones practicing Christianity.

          Secondly, do you even know what fascism is? If you’re going to throw that around, you don’t get to participate in a discussion with me, because you clearly don’t know what the heck you’re talking about. Christianity doesn’t mean “only those people who I want to acknowledge as part of my religion”, not for them and not for you. Fascism most definitely doesn’t mean “anybody who does something I don’t like”, not for them and not for you. It’s every bit as silly when we say it as when they say it.

          • jchastn


            noun ˈfa-ˌshi-zəm also ˈfa-ˌsi-

            : a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government

            : very harsh control or authority

            Sounds like Fundamentalist Christianity to me…

          • 16 TONS

            I have no confusion – they may call themselves Christian but their actions are more fascist in agenda – you shouldn’t let their terminology lay claim to their actual intent – and seriously if you have the need to troll, at least troll for the cause you are standing for

    • puellainsomnio

      Like it or not, they ARE practicing Christians. I know this is painful to accept especially if you are a Christian– I left the church partly because I couldn’t stand to be associated with it. But straight-up denying that they are “real Christians” does nothing to solve the very obvious problem of deeply ingrained homophobia within Christianity. These people cannot be changed by outside pressure. Fellow Christians must accept this problem and deal with it within their community.

  • Joseph Keenan

    As a rule if I see bible verses or other such crap on a business’s wall when I go there the first time I will not be coming back. I don;t want my money going to hate groups and spreading bibles where people need education instead of a fantasy.

  • Doug M’Jay

    “hey wish to silence Christians and the church” No…they want the Christians to silence themselves.


    and they are not bullies …. this is BULL$##T

  • Deiloh

    They refuse to hate the people I hate and they keep pointing out that I’m hateful. I’m being persecuted!

  • Theo McKinney

    No wonder prominently outspoken antigays aren’t permitted to occupy high offices in any SERIOUS enterprise any longer.

    Dilusional, is dilusional.

    And what part of “Unconstitutional law-making” don’t these imposters GET?

    It’s more evidence that the DarkSide is going through a deepening extinction anxiety. One can just imagine the antigay bile to come, with bans collapsing on top of each other at the same time the Tea-O-P needs to come up with Mid-term “nominees”.

    It could be truly hilarious, too, if this “complaint” of theirs is any indication of what’s left of the antigay agenda…

    And it *is*~

  • OhioAtheist

    Never trust any organization with the word “Family” in it. It usually means *their* families only.

  • Guest


  • Dooby Scooby

    Are fundamentalist christians like this in other parts of the world? Since PinkNews is a global platform, I’d be interested to hear if others have to listen to this drivel on a 24/7 annoyance cycle.

  • jcarrme

    they are pissed that people didn’t fall into line and do what they wanted them to do….

  • NyteShayde

    That’s right, we’re all a bunch of big bullies. Clearly going to church on Sunday is just a giant support group.

  • jamessavik

    If they think that’s bullying, I would love to see what they thought of my jr high years.

  • Strudelhouse

    “They don’t want to hear that homosexuality is sinful behaviour”

    So the thought police are telling others what bullying is. That’s cute.

  • bruce

    it is th old line “you don’t think like me so you must hate me” or is it “you must act like me or you are bad” i say screw ’em i will always take a customers money even if i don’t like them because when i sell things i win if you spend

    • Mick

      It comes straight from Jesus:
      Whoever is not with me is against me (Matthew 12:30)

  • Hypnotoad

    Shorter AFA: Please stop standing up to us so we can resume bullying you..

  • LJRhodes

    These people would be hilarious if so many others didn’t actually listen to and believe them. They’re stupid as hell. But, they’re the most dangerous kind of stupid: stupid with even stupider followers.

  • Hey, AFA: Rather than bothering the LGBT community (who Jesus has no problem with, that would be Paul), go after the fecking bankers. Be like Jesus!

  • James

    Welcome to the invisible hand and it’s not so invisible anymore!

  • nwtfsd

    Why don’t the thumpers read their Book of Fairy Tales(bible). Love thy Neighbor, Love thy sinner, hate the sin… pretty far from the teachings of the carpenter

  • LiberalTimeLord

    1. If this were true…why would they be upset at getting the same crap they give Gays.

    2. Gotta love a European Pink paper getting their facts from a Anti-Gay organisation.

  • Brian Bevins

    The “logic” of these so-called Christians is Orwellian. If they don’t want to be discriminated against, all they have to do is practice acceptance rather than religion-based bigotry.

  • Viv Arney

    Oh those POOR BABIES – we wouldn’t want your narrow-minded BS to make you upset. I’d say feed ’em to the lions, but I LIKE lions! I wouldn’t want to make those beautiful animals violently ill. Christians, not so much.

  • David Watson

    “… they wish to silence Christians and the church who dare to believe this truth.” — Oh the truth part where your suppose to love your “God” above everything else, and LOVE your neighbor as Christ has love you (ST. John’s version)? You know the TWO Commandments that Christ gave his church to follow, which these so called Christians don’t want to follow. Because if their example of how Christ loved them, who would want to follow Christ? Besides, these people want to follow the old testament, not the new. They really need to stop calling them selves Christians, and call themselves Leviticusist.

  • Heather

    Right! Because all “Christians” in MS want is their due opportunity to publicly humiliate & expel people from their establishments based on a purely visual perception of said customer’s homosexuality! Anyone who seeks to identify themselves as willing to participate in a business exchange of monies for goods without the possibility of expelling a customer for perceived sinning is clearly trying to bully those who are willing to do so! Shoppers shouldn’t be able to avoid public humiliation!! What in the free-loading F**k is this country coming to?!?! People can’t even own businesses, practice their religion, & discriminate against customers based on their religious beliefs without the Liberal bullies infringing on those old fashioned American principals by slapping up stickers in their windows saying the gays can buy stuff there!! My heart aches for the direction our country is headed in! It’s a sad day when it’s not just the straight folks that can buy stuff… ‘Merica!

    • Becca Fuller

      I love you for this. That’s all I wanted to say.

    • miamisid

      Good Gosh Heather well said…well said.

    • Josh Thompson

      Well said. I owe you a beer / coffee should we ever cross paths.

  • Kat

    When are the AFA just going to give up?

    • Josh Thompson

      When wingnuts stop giving them money and they have to shut down? Dunno. Hell, maybe they even have done some good and right for Christians; I’m just not seeing it, if so.

  • David Kempton

    “Christians,” who seem to have zero tolerance for those who don’t agree with them, despite their own founder’s views on tolerance, have invaded the government (which is ILLEGAL in the US, though not for long if the GOP wins again – ever) are the new McCarthyist fools and tools.

    HATE IS THE NEW “CHRISTIAN” LOVE. And in EVERY state, these ignorant, brainwashed dummies are spreading the doctrine of hate, exclusion and Republican greed. They will not be stopped by rational discussion, reasonm facts, truth or need. It matters not what YOU think, only that their distorted message of hate become Federal Law. Not legal? That’s OK, we bought the Legislature AND the Supreme Court just to insure that Christian Sharia Law (Dominion Law) replace the idea of “all men are created equal.” And all WOMEN are created subordinate…

    I wonder if ANY of these idiots has EVER read the Bible for CONTENT, rather than JUSTIFICATION of his ancient hate…

  • puellainsomnio

    Some people just desperately want to be oppressed…

  • Kaybee

    So bullies are calling other people bullies for being nice to the people the bullies are bullying? AFA is not a legit Christian organization. They are fake. They follow Satan, not Jesus. Jesus would not condone their discrimination. This is has gone beyond ridiculous. I’m beginning to think the entire right wing Christian extremist movement and all of its followers are seriously ill – with Narcissistic personality disorders. Their narrow minded selfishiness is amazing. “I can bully you but you can’t bully me! And if you are nice to ANYONE I don’t like, you are bullying me! Whaaaa!” WHATEVER. These peole are evil and doing the devil’s bidding and don’t even realize it.

  • Kaybee

    So bullies are calling other people bullies for being nice to the people the bullies are bullying? AFA is not a legit Christian organization. They are fake. They follow Satan, not Jesus. Jesus would not condone their discrimination. This is has gone beyond ridiculous. I’m beginning to think the entire right wing Christian extremist movement and all of its followers are seriously ill – with Narcissistic personality disorders. Their narrow minded selfishiness is amazing. “I can bully you but you can’t bully me! And if you are nice to ANYONE I don’t like, you are bullying me! Whaaaa!” WHATEVER. These peole are evil and doing the devil’s bidding and don’t even realize it.

  • samthor

    Jesus said a LOT more about hypocrites than he did homosexuals….. perhaps “Christians” should read those passages.

  • Chris

    How is it “bullying” to let customers know that patronizing businesses with these window stickers will guarantee they will not be humiliated, denigrated or treated less than fairly by the business owner? I would think the public would patronize businesses displaying the stickers to support acceptance of everyone, regardless of what happens behind closed doors.

  • Sciurus_Carolinensis

    Look, I’m a Christian, too. Don’t include me in your weirdness.

  • Justin Hope

    ok just make a sighn that says “we dont serve cristions srry” and say its apart of your religion

  • Mark

    Want to know how *I* discriminate against fundagelical Christians and Teahadists?

    I charge them FOUR TIMES my normal rate that I charge liberal Christians, liberals and progressives. If the fundagelicals and Teahadists don’t like it, they’re certainly welcome to go 400 miles north to Oklahoma City to find someone who offers the same services which I provide.

  • DJBryanW

    It’s such a shallow excuse for hatred, this religious reasoning. Do Christian business owners ask a customer if theyever stole anything or if they’re having sex out of wedlock or if they’re divorced? Is there a questionnaire in order to purchase something from them so they can maintain their religious convictions? It’s simple, they hate gay people, not for any legitimate reason because there is no legitimate reason, they just try to quell their guilty conscience with an attempt at justification through religion. It’s kinda sad really.

  • Ivan

    The latest tactic – groups who preach hate are tying to paint themselves as victims when challenged.

  • Jay042

    That word, I don’t think it means what you think it means.

  • BilbySA

    So I assume, then, that the AFA and Buddy Smith would be completely supportive of Muslim store owners’ insistence that they have the right to refuse service to any customers not wearing the hijab, if this is really about freedom of religion, right?

    I thought not.

  • Genghis John

    If I have to misfortune to ever be in Mississippi, I will ONLY purchase from retailers with that sticker. Their “Christians” can enjoy their right to discriminate without my money.

  • Joseph Hardy

    Benghazi! Surely it has something to do with this. Let’s appoint another Congressional panel to investigate bullying Christians. After all Benghazi is root of all problems. Or is it another Obama plot. Nope gotta be Beghanzi!

  • dragonfly310

    Let’s change a couple words in a key quote to put this in perspective.

    “It’s not really a buying campaign, but it’s a bully campaign, and it’s being carried out by radical homosexual activists who intend to trample the freedom of Christians to live according to the dictates of scripture.”

    Let’s change that quote to this: “It’s not really a buying campaign, but it’s a bully campaign, and it’s being carried out by radical (slavery) abolitionists who intend to trample the freedom of Christians to live according to the dictates of scripture.”

    We could even use the words “radical suffragists” (those who fought to give women the right to vote.) See the vileness of it now?

  • Starlight Gaze

    They call themselves Christians by rejecting “sinners”? That’s not what Jesus did. I think they need to go read the New Testament again.

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