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UKIP candidate: Same-sex marriage coming in was a ‘sad day’ for all straight people

  • kenthomes

    What a right idiot! The vast majority of people in the UK were happy for gay people finally being allowed to marry. Imagine being sad that others citizens are being given the same rights you take for granted. What a sad human being. Must be a Christian!

  • Pablo

    I knew it would be an old white dude.

    • Graham

      No s*it Sherlock! It’s the UK. What colour did you expect him to be?

      • saintlaw

        Because everybody in the UK is white.

        • Graham

          Most are, yeah. UKIP members even moreso.

      • Tayo

        lizard green

    • David H

      To be fair, when it comes to UKIP – age isn’t a factor. They all seem to come out with homophobic sh*t.

  • David Greensmith

    Because granting some people equality is always a sad day for those who are no longer exclusively privileged.

    • JD

      oohh careful David, heteros aren’t too good with irony!

    • BudClark

      White Kristainist (sic) lying liar grifting grifter bigoted bigot says WHAT?

      I’d say, “screw him,” if the thought wasn’t SO repugnant and emesis-making.

  • Jones

    For all straight people, no. For bigoted straight people, yes.

  • PJ Crittenden

    If someone thinks that gay sex is disgusting my answer to them would be “Don’t do it then.”

    • Neil Rhodes

      That made me chuckle. Nice one.

    • BudClark

      *I* want somebody COMPETENT to investigate their UNHEALTHY obsession with copraphilia and anal intercourse.

    • Tristan

      also, they aint doing it right! :-)

  • Bikerman

    UKIP – the party that just keeps giving!

    • BudClark

      Like diarrhoea …

  • This on the same day as the BBC is reporting that a UKIP Candidate for Enfield North London tweeted that Lenny Henry should “go home” to a “black country” – all because he expressed his belief that there should be greater black representation in British media.

    The level of ignorance of many of these UKIP people is truly astounding!

    • J.

      …as is the level of ignorance of many voters according to polls.
      The party spokespeople has the nerve to defend these fascists in their ranks, whilst at the same time claiming its all a smear campaign against them.

    • stutz788

      Since Mr. Henry was born in Dudley in The Black Country I’m sure he goes home quite often.

      Mayhap the UKIP Candidate for Enfield North London was suggesting Mr. Henry should visit his birth town more often than he does…

      /obtuse mode off

      • Speaking as someone from the Black Country, I wouldn’t blame him for not going home very much.

  • J.

    UKIP candidates just can’t help themselves, can they? They only have to open their mouths (or put fingers on keyboards) for all the filth to come pouring out of the sewers. No LGBT person in their right mind would contemplate voting for that party. They’re a laughing stock and unfortunately the English electorate (their support is predominantly in England) are very possibly about to make themselves a laughing stock aswell. The party is full of homophobes, transphobes, xenophobes, misogynists, racists, idiots and more idiots – there’s nothing positive about them whatsoever. Imagine what a UKIP cabinet would look like – no, perhaps don’t … it will cause nightmares.

    • stutz788

      They seem to only open their mouth’s to change feet.

      • J.

        Ha, yes!
        How can they possibly have so much support (according to polls)? Surely there isn’t THAT many embittered bigots in England? The irony is that if they are to come first (or anywhere close) in elections they’ll have to change their name, because Scotland will be much more likely to go independent and the UK will be no more.

        • David H

          They’re absolutely vile. They constantly play the anti-immigration card, whcih is so popular in so many areas (for some bizarre reason, primarily in areas that have little or no immigration). They’re utlimately a one policy party (and even that doesn’t hold up to close scrutiny).

          Because of the Lib Dem’s unpopularity right now, the protest voters need somewhere else to turn. They’ll ride high in the local and Euro elections and drop like a stone come the General like the BNP did last time.

          • J.

            They’re vile for sure, even worse many of them.
            Today I read comments on the Independent’s website about an article relating to UKIP. Almost all (at the time of reading it) were enthusiastically supportive of UKIP and all the ‘+’ scores were for those posters – in the Independent! Jeez I thought, even Indy readers have now fallen for the lies.
            There were actually posters saying that all the bad stories about UKIP were smears but even if true they would still vote UKIP no matter what. “If that makes me a Nazi, then so be it” is what they wrote!! Such sentiments were given lots of thumbs-up! That means there are people who’ll be content to be Nazi if voting for UKIP means having to be. Is that what England has been reduced to?
            It’s astonishing how far to the right people are prepared to go. Frighteningly so. They get into that mindset and become determined even if they are labelled Nazi. It’s hugely shameful for the UK.
            However, did UKIP not do very well and declared a ‘breakthrough’ at the last European elections? They failed miserably at the following general election as you’ve pointed out, so we can only hope that the same will happen to them in the 2015 general election

        • “How can they possibly have so much support (according to polls)? Surely there isn’t THAT many embittered bigots in England?”

          Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who believe the tabloid bullsh*t of the likes of the Daily Heil. They don’t read between the lines, they don’t think critically or analytically, they don’t look at the bigger picture.

          These are people who will read a headline and believe it, without thinking about the motivations behind it, and without looking into the facts for themselves.

          Perfect example, UKIP claims that a massive number of our laws are forced on us from Brussels, they keep banging on about this, but it is SIMPLY NOT TRUE.

          How many people out there bother to actually investigate? How many of them will even check the viability of that statement? None, that’s how many.

          If they did bother to check, they would know that the number Farage likes to print and blurt out was invented and is just not true.

          Likewise, these people scream about the EU, and demand we abandon it, but they never have any response when you bring up the massive business advantages it brings and the inevitable mass of unemployment leaving would cause.

          I asked this of UKIP people in another discussion, and surprise surprise none of them came back to talk about it. None of them have a clue about the billions we make in this country thanks to our involvement in the EU. None of them are capable of talking about the huge economic disadvantage that would affect millions of people in this country should we abandon Europe. They all just scurry away, or try to deflect the debate by bringing up the foibles of Tories and Labour.

          Ultimately, these people are very simple minded, they focus on the hot topics that get their blood up, but when you challenge them to think any deeper they are incapable.

          • J.

            Yes, they’re very narrow-minded and easily influenced by the right-wing press. The Daily Hate in particular seems to have an ability to appeal to the worst aspects of people.
            Very many heteros in this country now seem to have a hunger for populist, loud-mouth, reactionary politics and they appear to be from all classes. The Daily Mail thrives on feeding that hunger, which then becomes gluttony causing inability to listen to facts that dispel the lies being fed to them. It’s the type of scenario that swept the Nazis to power and what keeps Russians holding up Putin as their hero.
            At the moment, we hear of many things about UKIP and its candidates that should make people want to run a mile away from them, but its supporters are completely and wilfully ignoring it all and trying to convince us (and probably themselves) that it’s all smear tactics!

          • David H

            You’ve hot the nail on the head there Bloke. Sadly, the vast majority of the electorate are politically lazy and so don’t bother to research the validaity of any of these claims.

            I spent days on Facebook trying to get UKIP to answerr how they would address the immigration problem from all the c.two million returning Brits once they lost their right to remain in Europe and, of course, who would have an automatic right to claim benefits owing to them being British national.

            Needless to say I’m still waiting for a response!

          • BudClark

            You think YOUR electorate is lazy and ignorant … have a look at the various maps of red and blue states in the US.

            All the prosperous blue states are located on navigable bodies of water … interesting, that … they’re also our cultural centers.

            Thank PASTAFARIUS that they plus the university towns in the red states still constitute an electoral majority.

            Sadly, the POOR people in the poorest of the red state (who need most desperately to vote AGAINST the Republicans) CAN’T READ ( yes, that’s correct: CANNOT READ ENGLISH), and therefore don’t vote.

            And I’m NOT speaking of our large Hispanic population … THEY are PASSIONATE Democrats, and WILL stand in eight-hour (!) lines to vote Democratic, no matter HOW much voter suppression the Republicans throw up against them.

            Voter suppression didn’t work in the last election; it won’t work in this one.

            Your House of Commons is far from perfect, but it kicks arse compared to our CRIMINAL Congress, whose approval rating is down to 18% among registered voters.

            The ONLY thing our House has done in recent years is to hold FIFTY votes to repeal “Obamacare,” at a cost of several million US dollars per vote.

            That’s it … oh, and name a few post offices (!).

        • Barry Scarfe

          This is precisely my fear. As a nationalist but also a supporter of Great Britain I think if UKIP achieve a very high vote it will push some people in Scotland into supporting separation. If only people in my part of Britain would see sense and stop voting for this ragbag bunch of intellectually incoherent Tory loonies.

          • J.

            UKIP success will lead to UK disintegration. It’s surprising that more people can’t see that but UKIP is primarily an English party and it’s perhaps England that is their principle concern rather than the UK as whole, despite what their name suggests. An independent, separatist England would appeal to many of them, but it gives credence to the term “Little Englander”. UKIP are living-up to that stereotype.

      • David H

        Love that comment, stutz788 – classic :-)

    • Robert W. Pierce

      Sadly, there is an LGBTUKIP group many of whom are against equal marriage.

      • J.

        Robert, they’re probably the type who in concentration camps of Nazi Germany would have collaborated with the guards against their fellow gay inmates in an attempt to save their own skins.
        They give that impression anyway and it’s nothing less than treachery against those who have really suffered or died for being gay. They are sticking two fingers up at those brave enough who really stuck their necks out over the years in the struggle to remove state persecution and discrimination.
        They deserve contempt.

        • Psychologist

          J. Once again, I agree with you, and your reasons. Hostages often end up COLLUDING with their captors. it’s a similar psychological state. APPEASEMENT, combined with INTERNALISED – HOMOPHOBIA !
          They are indeed traitors ! They are “colluding with the enemy” !

      • BudClark

        Well, we have our “Auntie Tom” GOPROUD and the Log Cabin Club, and our homocon bloggers and columnists … particularly Andrew Sullivan and that What’s-His-Name Lopez hot mess. Lopez is gay, but he is BUTT-UGLY and can’t get a date, so he takes it out on his fellow gays.

      • Mr.Pink

        I believe the official term is “Know Your Place” gays.

        Think black folk circa 1955 – much easier to shuffle to the back of the bus than cause a fuss for the other passengers by standing up for yourself, and the other passengers don’t like you when you make a fuss, so to stay on their good side you sit down and you shut up.

  • St Sebastian, the Humanist

    He is presumptuous when he says he speaks for all straight people.

    • That There Other David

      Always the way with people of that political bent. They really believe all they are doing is voicing the hidden resentments of some overwhelming majority, rather than the reality of them being out in some ideological backwater of thinking.

      UKIP are going to get the most votes in this election for only one reason IMO. The media are giving them a massively disproportionate amount of coverage, especially the increasingly right wing BBC News. It’s bordering on a personality cult around Farage now.

  • Liam

    Apart from the grown up ones.

  • Karl smith

    What’s it to do with straight people ? This law does not affect them so it is none of their business.
    Some sad ignorant people just like sticking their noses in , even when it does not concern them

    • Guest

      Well, now straight people instead of simply saying I’m married will have to say I’m married to a woman

    • BudClark

      … particularly into other people’s arse-holes.

      Odd, that …

  • JD

    As usual the majority have been encouraged to believe that being the majority they are entitled to the best and most of everything – in a society where every individual pays for the right to live in our country – Equality is a human right – Straight people need to mind their own business – gay sex does not in any real way affect them – and to dwell on the private lives of others is bullying and intrusive.

    Everyone who objects to gay marriage and gay in general need to get a life of their ow or grow a spine and ‘come out’

    • Psychologist

      Indeed JD ! You say “gay sex does not in any real way affect them – and to dwell on the private lives of others is bullying and intrusive” …. I agree, and would add WHY WOULD they be dwelling on the sexual acts of other people in the first place ?
      Even if some people DON’T accept the overwhelming amount of psychological research conducted over the last 15 years into homophobia, where it has been shown to be caused through the denial of one’s OWN homosexuality – the simple “layman’s term” … “he doth protest too much” is very true in the cases of homophobia. Simply because it DOESN’T affect them, so there HAS TO BE other reasons for their blatant “fear of homosexuality”. (it’s actually fear of THEIR OWN suppressed gay feelings).

      • J.

        I wish David Cameron and/or Ed Miliband would publicly say exactly what you’ve just have when a UKIP candidate makes a homophobic statement. If they did it would make UKIPs heads swivel 360 deg. in unison followed by their typical projectile vomiting of yet more murky green sludge (picture the Exorcist scene).

        • Psychologist

          Indeed J. – Apart from much international research been conducted in many parts of the world over the last 15 years, including here in UK, and in USA, many of my colleagues in psychotherapy say they come across the same situation time and time again. When a man is referred to therapy for anger issues, especially excessive high levels of anger towards homosexuals, it is almost ALWAYS as a result of denying HIS OWN homosexuality. See my YouTube link on here for just SOME of the study which concludes this too.
          The MORE the gay community understand this, and say it, then perhaps the homophobes will be LESS keen to reveal themselves for who they REALLY ARE !
          It is almost ALWAYS the case, that if someone has REALL ISSUES with something that really has NO IMPACT on THEIR LIVES, then the issue HAS TO BE coming from WITHIN THEMSELVES !

          • J.

            That’s true in many cases but there’s also just pure hatred, usually sourced to religious indoctrination – e.g. the DUP (which UKIP has similarities to) – or due to authoritarian right-wing ideology that tends to favour a restrictive society. There are more homophobes, in my mind, that are religiously or ideologically hate-filled for the purpose of maintaining superiority than there are self-deniers suppressing their true selves whose purpose is to maintain a pretence. Self-denial invites pity and the pure hatred from the DUP and UKIP doesn’t deserve pity.

          • Psychologist

            I agree with you somewhat. Religion does play a MASSIVE part in homophobia !

            However, in my 30 years of experience in dealing with homophobes in therapy on many occasions, and having studied all of the world-wide research on homophobia (I also lecture on it) – what actually happens is this:- People are CONDITIONED (using “operant conditioning” techniques) by religion that being gay is somehow “wrong”. For those who “buy this” (often as a child) and who are actually gay (but not yet consciously know yet) it sets up an internal BLOCK on those feelings/desires. This process often suppresses gay feelings/desires – but yet they are inherently STILL there !

            This is damaging, as it creates an “inner-conflict” between what is REALLY being felt (gay) and what has been CONDITIONED (straight) (we often have to deal with these internal conflicts in therapy, as they can cause psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, even OCD and self harm, to suicide). – HOMO-PHOBIA is actually the fear of homosexuality (not of homosexuals – that’s just the PROJECTION or displacement of the fear) The fear is actually of their OWN homosexuality breaking through the suppression system, thus becoming CONSCIOUSLY KNOWN (and acted upon) which would be entirely CONTRA to the religious conditioning NOT to be gay.

            What homophobes often do (in order to HIDE the REAL reason for their OWN homophobia) is – to quote the very thing which caused the problem in the first place, ie the religious conditioning ! They use the religious beliefs as a LEGITIMISER with which to justify their homophobia – claiming all that religious … “it’s a sin” rubbish !

            This is clear when you research/interview (which I’ve done for my own research into homophobia) religious people who are NOT homophobic (yes there are many of them) who have NO problem with the sexual orientation of SOMEONE ELSE, because they are NOT in denial. The ones who are heavily concerned with the sexual orientation of OTHER PEOPLE (which affects them NOT) are the ones who have INTERNAL conflicts with THEIR OWN, as a result of religious conditioning making them suppress their TRUE sexual orientation, in order to conform to the heavy weight conditioning which religions use, in order to control people !

            Though there may well be some that are simply so blinkered by the religious “anti-gay” conditioning, that they too are guilty of discrimination and bigotry, but in my experience, most people displaying hostile homophobic attitudes, are gay themselves, and in denial.

          • J.

            That makes interesting reading, but it leads me to think that there must be between 30%-40% of people in the UK who are actually gay, whether openly or in denial! Also, it suggests that a higher percentage than that in parties like UKIP/DUP/BNP are actually in denial and what does it suggest about countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Nigeria etc.?
            Does it mean that gays are our own worst enemy? I understand that many men are in denial about homosexual or bisexual urges that they’re trying to suppress but it is easier to believe the notion that most anti-gay sentiment or deeds are a result of purely ideological-driven or religiously indoctrinated hatred.
            Many more men are gay or bisexual than would admit, but the idea that most homophobia is caused by gays themselves (albeit closeted gays) is difficult to accept. Perhaps I’m just naïve!

          • Psychologist

            Yes J. I totally understand why this is a difficult concept to get your head around. I found it difficult too around 15 years ago when I began my research on homophobia.

            Yes, there seems to be a total irony about this, that the biggest enemy of gay people is homophobia – and that the biggest culprits of that, are other gay people ! (but only if they are in denial, as a direct result, in the main, of religious homophobic/anti-gay conditioning !) That’s difficult to accept I know, but it is the case in the majority of homophobic driven behaviour and attitudes.


            Yes, you’re right too, even the UK government say statistics (from census etc) suggest around 8% of population is gay. However, we all know that many gay men don’t acknowledge their “gay status” in data collection systems such as census. (especially older gay men, who can still remember being persecuted as a criminal until 1967 in England) So we can easily add a further 5% to that. Men & women who perceive themselves to be “bisexual” rarely openly acknowledge that in the main, as statistically they are more usually in heterosexual relationships, keeping their same-sex desires or activity a secret. That is probably equal to the number of openly gay people. Then adding to that figure, if add all the people who are ALSO really gay, but in total denial (these will be the MOST homophobic, as a result of that denial) we end up with a figure I estimate somewhere over 30%. And this is clearly WHY religions don’t want this to be allowed, because it doesn’t produce babies, so doesn’t increase the size of their “cult”! So they continue to do as much as they can to continue to make people suppress their gay feelings. They even try to off “cures” for those who have difficulty suppressing it. (which is highly damaging, and should be outlawed !)

            Yes, you’re also right to question what is REALLY going on in the countries you mentioned.
            I don’t think you’re naïve, it is quite a concept to grasp. In my experience, and according to much world-wide research, the most verbal, aggressive homophobes are gay, and in denial. ALL PHOBIAS are a psychological disorder. A PHOBIA is defined as “an irrational fear of .. something”. The FEAR in homophobia, is actually the fear of their OWN suppressed homosexuality breaking through the suppression system, and becoming consciously known (and acted upon) which would be in direct CONFLICT with the anti-gay conditioning. So in order to reduce or illuminate the inner-conflict, all gay desires become suppressed and denied, which is what leads to the FEAR of it becoming Unsuppressed, thus HOMO-PHOBIC !
            This INTERNAL homophobia, is then often PROJECTED outwardly onto openly gay people, as hatred, loathing, repulsion etc …. but it’s REALLY just a projection of their OWN feelings onto others with the same desires !

            It’s important to remember, I feel, that if it were not for religions conditioning people that being gay is wrong in the first place, then it’s unlikely any homophobia would exist anymore. This is why religions who express homophobic/anti-gay attitudes MUST be challenged at EVERY opportunity ! It causes massive damage !

            REAL straight people are INDIFFERENT to the sexual orientation of OTHER PEOPLE – it doesn’t affect them, so WHY WOULD they be concerned about it ? IT HAS to be an “internalisation of their OWN suppressed homosexuality”.

  • Riondo

    It was a sad day when the Tories started losing support to UKIP.
    I’ve never stopped laughing.

    • Barry Scarfe

      Both loony parties deserve each other. I normally don’t intrude upon private grief but it is a bit of a laugh to see the ‘normal’ batshit insane Tory Party having a fight with an even more loopy batshit insane Tory Party.

      What disturbs me is how many ordinary people vote UKIP. UKIP is an ultra-Thatcherite Tory Party who if they were in government would slash worker’s rights, embrace economic globalism more than even the regular Tory Party does, introduce a flat tax which means the ultra-wealthy would pay far less tax than they do now and increase the tax burden on ordinary people to pay for it.

      It just goes to show how idiotic many in the British electorate are. If only the media would stop shamelessly promoting this ‘party’ then perhaps people may take more of an interest in politics and discover what UKIP REALLY stands for.

  • Psychologist

    This man tweeted ” It’s a sad day for all US straight people” ….!
    I wonder why he felt he needed to publicly display that he was straight ? (by including the word “US”)
    Remember, the biggest homophobes are often in denial that they’re really gay themselves ! Really straight people are totally indifferent to the sexual orientation of other people, because it simply doesn’t affect them at all. So how does he claim it to be “a sad day” ? If he really was straight, then it has no affect on him whatsoever !

    • Guest

      ”Really straight people are totally indifferent to the sexual orientation of other people”

      Provide bona fide peer reviewed studies that support above statment:
      Or shall we just take your claims at the face value, like the fact that you are psychologist

      • Psychologist

        I don’t waste my time on idiots like you internet trolls !
        You ask for studies to support my claims ? There are LOADS & LOADS of them, the evidence is OVERWHELMING !
        So get off your lazy bigoted, homophobic ass, and just Google it. Much of the research is on the internet. Try Prof Adams of the University of Georgia experiment on homophobia. There are even YouTube videos covering some of the research into the CAUSE of homophobia.
        Plus I see this on a regular basis during therapy sessions !
        So I have all the evidence I need. If you choose to ignore it, then you would have to have some agenda of YOUR OWN for doing so ! It’s VERY clear to see what that is ! You homophobes are SO TRANSPARETLY gay in denial !

        • Guest

          God, you are thick. Read my post again and address the points I made there. Psychologist my a$$

          • Psychologist

            Guest – I already did ! You’re just too stupid to understand it !

      • stutz788

        Having carried out careful research on the subject for over 57 years; I can categorically state that “straight people are totally indifferent to the sexual orientation of other people”.

        This research has had no peer review and consisted of a study group of one (myself)… But, as with some other studies put forward by opponents of this research, the small number of subjects and lack of corroborating evidence will not be a barrier to it being accepted as truthful and used extensivly as “evidence”.


        • Guest

          Having observed the sunset for decade I concluded the earth is flat

  • atalanta

    Some people are much too quick to speak on behalf of others.

    Perhaps Mr Bilcliff would like to explain to my mother, father, stepmother, stepfather, sister, brother, mother-in-law, father-in-law, extended family and straight friends how sad they should all have been when they celebrated my marriage.

    And I thought UKIP was supposed to be the party that listens to the Britsh public.

  • genjiken

    it was a ‘sad day’ for ‘all straight people’ – who now are slowly coming to realise that years of self repression, flagellation, and vigorously beating the gay out of oneself, was all for nought.

  • Brett Gibson

    Pretty sure most straight people couldn’t give two flying f*cks as it affects their life in no way at all.

  • Oliver216

    Why anyone supports these idiots is beyond me.

  • Madgeographer


  • stutz788

    Well, for this “straight” (but not narrow) it wasn’t a sad day.
    In fact it was a day of rejoicing…
    Another step forward to the day when everyone will be equal and discrimination will end. That day if still far in the furture (sadly), but small step by small step, we are advancing towards it.
    I believe that this advance is un-stoppable, despite of those that try to put barriers in the way of progress.
    It is to the youth and our descendants that we must look to continue the movement towards total equality; for it is they that will one day look back in wonder and amusement and ask “What was all that fuss about?”.

    That day cannot come too soon for me, but I don’t think I’ll see it in my lifetime.

    • Steven Gregory

      Stay optimistic! I constantly hear gays and lesbians say they didn’t think the right to marry would happen in their lifetime. I remember when I was a teenager, begging for a 900mhz cordless phone, never imagining I would someday have a phone, camera and computer in my pocket wherever I go.

  • Tayo

    “I am not racist…. I have many friends…. ”
    yea, that usually means your racist

  • Barry Scarfe

    I’m a nationalist and even though they are against the EU I can’t possibly vote for them and that includes perfect opportunities for an anti-EU protest vote ie EU elections.

    This is the the sort of braindead idiocy we have all come to expect from this joke of a ‘party’. As a nationalist, I couldn’t care less that a few gay people will get a CIVIL marriage each year. It doesn’t affect me in the slightest and nor should it with regard to anyone else.

    If you love someone deeply enough and want to make a public commitment to that effect then you will do that regardless of the marital intentions of anyone else.

    The day when gay couples could get a legal civil marriage was a GOOD DAY for this country. Now everyone is equal before the law whatever their sexual orientation is. What harm is done by this measure? As far as I can see, all it has done is increase the sum total of human happiness in our society and that can only be a good thing.

    UKIP is a useless protest party par excellence without much in the way of a coherent political philosophy and I can’t wait for the day the stupid media in this country stops their incessant promotion of this party in order to divert votes away from genuine nationalist parties on the one hand and splitting the Tory vote to the advantage of Labour and the Liberal Democrats (a CLEAR BBC tactic with regard to UKIP) on the other.

    UKIP isn’t even good at promoting their only real policy ie EU withdrawal as since this party gained a modicum of credence due to the media’s promotion of them the support for EU withdrawal HAS GONE DOWN.

    UKIP – a party fit for nothing and for aimless protest voters everywhere.

  • Randall

    The human soul has no gender. If a man wants to marry a man it has nothing to do with me, you or UKIP. As a straight man, I’m happy to say my marriage has nothing to do with UKIP either

  • Tom (Winnipeg)

    No, no, only for all bigoted straight people. Don’t be too quick to put good,understanding and accepting people in your wagon of manure.

  • BudClark

    Look to your own “straightness” and heterosexual marriage. If they’re on such shaky ground, they DESERVE to fail, and we LGBTQAI people have NOTHING to do with THAT.

  • Aron Sasportas

    Since Robert Bilcliff’s claim that the day the first same-gender marriages were held was a “sad day for all us straight people” is nothing more than an ipse dixit, all that need be said in response is: the dogs bark but the caravan goes on.

    By the way, is he married?

  • soapbubblequeen

    Is there no end to these UpRICK loons?!!

  • Steven Gregory

    Equal marriage was a sad day for all straight people because would-be brides will be asking “Where is my wedding proposal flash mob?”

    Straight couples will now compete with gay and lesbian couples for the best florists, hairdressers, caterers, wedding planners, fashion designers, cake artists, instrumentalists, bands and venues.

    Gays and lesbians who have waited for years and decades to get married will certainly outperform straights at keeping it together.

    And lastly, every straight man knows his gay neighbor is getting superior head and tail; and every straight bride knows her lesbian neighbors can find the G-spot without fail.

    • J.

      Haha – 3rd/4th paragraphs: spot on!
      Though a lot of those ‘heterosexual’ married men now have an easier ability to secretly arrange for their homosexual fantasies to become reality, via internet dating sites. Since the internet became commonplace many married men have been getting their “superior heads and tails” too! It’s probably the biggest taboo ever – it’s unlikely to be ever publicly realised just how many homosexuals (to whatever extent) there are. There’s probably an official file securely stored somewhere in MI5/6 (or the relevant equivalent) with the true, actual percentage of the male population who are least bisexual – it will be stamped “Top Secret – Never To Be Released”.

  • Christopher in Canada

    Fry me a liver.

  • Tristan

    If gay sex is disgusting and abnormal then you aint doing it right! #Bigot

  • Attaboy

    The only reason I can think of why hetero people would feel sad when same sex marriage was introduced, was that they would feel sorry that it hadn’t happened when they wanted to marry the same sex rather than get married heterosexually.

  • ragged clown

    Ah, so that’s why I keep meeting all these straight people sobbing openly. I can’t walk down the street without meeting some hetero couple wailing that their marriage is worthless and asking if I want to buy their marriage ring from them.

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