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Eurovision: Petitions call for removal of Austrian bearded drag queen

  • Pablo

    Someone needs to start a counter-petition, these bigots needs to go live in a hole.

    • GaiaLogic

      They already live in a hole, it’s called Russia.

      • Stewart Welsh

        yeah, the a** hole of the world!!

  • Brett Gibson

    Awww so the feral outer-countries which have been bereft of social advancements are unhappy at the way the rest of Europe do it? Well get used to it you absolute t*sspots, not only do we have more people and money than you but we have a hell of a lot more sense.

    Rant over.

    • Don’t you just love the way they discuss love between a man and a woman as if that makes it OK to hate everyone else? LOL

  • Lee Hobson

    Not clear how sodomy comes into this but hey thats Russia for you.Totally warped

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Wow! Brilliant! Surely she’s going to be singing over the credits of the next Bond film? What a great symbol for diversity! And what balls!

    • Jones

      If you pardon the pun.

  • Mark Y

    Sounds like a good bond theme tune. I normally can’t listen to more than 3 seconds of a eurovision song.

  • Jones

    The title of the article made me think that someone had started a petition to get her to remove the beard.

  • J.

    If the Eastern bloc cannot tolerate diversity on the Eurovision Song Contest of all things, then it’s time that Western civilised Europe reclaims the Eurovision for themselves again and leave the fascist Eastern bloc to do whatever the F**K they want.
    If those nations bloc the coverage in their countries of Austria’s entrant then the rules state that they’ll be banned from the contest. Let’s hope they do so that we don’t have the prospect of going to Moscow, Kiev, Baku and the likes EVER AGAIN!
    FE*KING FASCISTS. Phew (deep breath).

  • Callum McLean

    I presume that this is despite the fact that Ukraine sent a drag act in good humour in 2007?

  • gingerlycolors

    I am wondering if Russia and the Ukraine will be giving each other the maximum 12 points in this year’s Eurovision with it all kicking off in Crimea at the moment. Editing out Conchita Wurst’s performance will go against the spirit of the Eurovision Song Contest and if a country’s main broadcaster is allowed to do that then it will put that particular song at a disadvantage. No doubt viewers in Russia and Ukraine who wish to enjoy Eurovision without the politics will try and get round the ban by viewing it on line or via satellite. I do not know if will be streaming it but for the benefit of Russian, Belarussian and Ukrainian viewers I suggest that you see Conchita’s video for ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’ on YouTube at:

    If Russia wants to throw it’s toys out of the pram over ESC contestants who they perceive a threat to their way of life then they should seriously consider ending their participation in Eurovision. Because of their attitude I hope Austria wins and I can look forward to watching the 2015 Contest as it is broadcast live from Vienna.

    • Bernt Ahron-Min Ölund

      Yes, Eurovision TV will be streaming it live online, as they have for the last several years, at least. Regardless, if these countries actually do censor Conchita’s act, they forfeit their right to participate. So, if they do, ciao Russia, Belarus and Ukraine!

      • Stewart Welsh

        oh, won’t that be a shame!!

  • D.McCabe

    What is the worst that will happen? These countries leave the EBU. Oh good, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

    They clearly still don’t realise that Eurovision is the gay equivalent of the world cup!

    • WASP


  • John Worrow

    How long will it be before they start calling for non-White people and non-Christians to be excluded as well?

    • Steven Gregory

      Seems only fair that the petition should be amended so all Eurovision female contestants MUST wear dresses, long hair and makeup.

    • And please no people who wear white socks. I hate white socks.

  • Steven Gregory

    I doubt Eurovision cares about PETITIONS, they care about RATINGS! Petitions are basically free advertising.

  • Amanda Mitchell

    I would die for that voice… That hair… That body! Who cares if he’s transvestite let him sing! And Russia get with the times. You just push people into hiding what they are not changing who they are.

    • Martin R

      Me too :-)
      It may be worth noting that in excess of 125 million Eorovision viewers did NOT complain, but a few thousand humourless Russian people did. Let’s save our sympathy for those poor gays in Russia..

    • Changing who they are would not really be better, for that matter. But I get your point.

  • Steve W

    “Russia is one of the only European countries that has managed to maintain normal and healthy family values based on love and mutual support between MEN and WOMEN.” Which is clearly why they sent t.A.t.U as their representatives in 2003, playing on the mystery of their are they aren’t they Lesbian relationship. How a country can change.

    Sadly with Conchita the small mindedness is not limited to E.Europe. I had a fiery debate in an ESC chatroom the other night with Western fans claiming it is just ‘not right’ and that it makes a ‘mockery’ of the competition. The main complaint being that people would accept Conchita without a beard, as she would then look like a woman. How sad it is that people are so narrow minded. No one complained about the Russian Grannies having facial hair! The mind boggles. Why should how a person looks stir such a hostile reaction.

    How strange it is to think that Dana International won in 1998. With the current state of the uproar over Conchita it is hard to imagine such a feat happening now. I hope Belarus/Russia DO block the broadcast. Hopefully they will then be expelled from the EBU and learn a stern lesson about how outdated and horrific their beliefs are. Good luck Conchita.

  • Christopher in Canada

    Why do we live in a society where one gender is expected to dress uniquely, revealingly and enhance their facial appearance with make-up, while the other is expected to dress in monotone and conceal their sexual endowment? To further complicate matters, it has even been argued that the act of shaving one’s face and/or chest is emasculating. So what gives? Especially since Western Civilization is descended from the age of men’s hose, wigs, and codpieces? And why is one gender allowed to borrow heavily from the other’s wardrobe, but the Earth shatters if the other gender does the same?

    • David Pollak

      Brilliant comment! My thoughts exactly.

  • Liam

    Who said anything about sodomy? Very telling.

  • Tristan

    Why are they always banging on about sodomy? What does that have to do with the price of eggs? I don’t bang on about V. intercourse, so STFU!

  • Chris in LA

    I’m sure the Russians would not object to a woman with a beard and moustache. Nice gulag manageress type. Should be easy enough to find one for them.

  • MrAni Ohev

    How’s that Europe doesn’t end at Poland? or Germany? ;)

  • Evaldas

    According to the ESC policy, the contest must be broadcast in its entirety. If a country declares itself incapable of doing so, it is officially removed and must pay a fine. This provision was used against Lebanon which refused to broadcast Israel’s performance.

    So no, they can gather tens of millions of signatures, the only way of Russia not showing the Austria’s entry is withdrawing from the contest alltogether.

  • maltamonument

    funny.. the Russian song is about tolerance and love.
    If they don’t like the rules, they should leave. After all none of them are in the Big 5.
    Less bloc voting in my opinion.

  • Maggie Easton

    If The Ukraine, Russia and Belarus don’t agree with this performer then they should be politely told not to enter the competition.

  • That There Other David

    Turns out Ukraine and Russia have something in common. They should give Conchita a Nobel Peace Prize.

  • Kelvin Beer-Jones

    Vote for Austria! That way this lot will have to shut up and join in or leave.

  • Madgeographer

    WHOAT! People who signed the petition should be slapped in their faces with a chair. How dare they impose their arbitrary “values” to others.

  • Sweet Fanny Adams

    A man in a frock, with a bit of slap on, So what?

  • Ra

    Love it. These homophobic knobs can go to hell.

  • Peter-Pumpkin Landray

    For goodness sake… Have they not seen Eurovision before? Isn’t this exactly what Eurovision is all about? That’s like me going into a KFC and complaining because I’m vegetarian.

  • NT

    I’m off to Copenhagen next week and I fully expect i will hear Russia’s entry booed every time it is played or mentioned. Hopefully their disgusting homophobia and shameless incursion into Ukraine will mean they don’t actually get enough votes and get booted at the semi stage.

    On a more positive note I love how the Danes are marketing their country for the Eurovision. They couldn’t be make it more gay friendly if they changed their national flag to two guys making out…

    I have never visited Denmark, so I’m really looking forward to it!

  • truthdare

    Russians are just bad losers. Thus Austrias song is not so good that it could win Eurovision, Russian song is even worse – so Russians are only afraid that they will lose to transgender singer. And yet there are several million GLBT-russians living in Russia – they and their love can’t be noexisted by any means. Tsars, Stalin and now even Putins regime with ultra-orthodoxes tries to hate human loving nature.

  • WASP

    hey russia; let’s do a hostage exchange? we will send you all of our religious right wing nutters and you (russia) can send us all those that want to be free of your tyranny……………..again.

    • hmm as a gay liberal Russian, I’d love that.

  • Daniel

    Seems they might have misunderstood the very premise of Eurovision…

  • Erica Cook

    Okay, people are too freeking uptight. And then I see it’s Russia complaining, too freeking uptight is their natural state of being.

  • doug

    Countries like Russia, Ukraine and Belarus have spoiled the contest anyway, so who cares what they say.

  • What, no link to a petition to *keep* the contestant in the contest?

  • Frank Boulton

    Russian officialdom certainly has some strange ideas about morality and ethics. They’re outraged at the prospect of seeing a man in a frock but there’s no problem with spending half one’s time drunk on vodka, rampant violence against minority groups and invading other countries. Fancy dress including cross-dressing does no harm to anyone.

  • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

    This is a bit ironic from the country that entered TaTu a pair who got a hit single playing a pair of experimenting school girls…

  • Ste Ríkharðsson

    I can’t understand how they see a man dressed in a frock as “a hotbed of sodomy”. Are all the other acts a hotbed of vaginal sex?

  • why don’t they just let people decide whether this is right or wrong, too soon (for society) or “a bad” thing at all… all this nonage does not get countries and humans anywhere. and mr putin could use some glitter that stick up his firm a**. it serves him well ;)

  • Omar

    Sodomy? I bet a priest from Russia churches start this petition. Who cares about those bigots petition. The show will go on!

  • JW

    Russia seems to be over occupied with being everything anti western! Its underhand and politically motivated insurgence into Ukraine,now broadcasting nothing but the Russian state tv channel, it’s own internal homophobia, in fact any relationship beyond a man a woman and 2.5 opressively orthodox russian brats! But then on the other hand it does so love to splash mega cash on western property and companies and sports teams! Russia wants it both ways. If its so anti the west, then get the hell out of Eurovision yourself ! YOU have no right to be here in my opinion! and leave the rest of us to develope a place where freedoms and expressions of human nature are valued rather than oppressed.

  • gaz

    T.A.T.U comes to mind they where from russia and always having lesbian kisses even though was an act so how the hell canRussia complain

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