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Graham Norton: I’m too lazy to host Strictly

  • D.McCabe

    Pink News, do you have to go all ‘red top tabloid’ and refer to Graham Norton & John Borrowman as ‘Gay presenter’ & Gay actor’? Sloppy and irresponsible. They are a presenter and actor, their sexuality has nothing to do with it.

    Secondly, I don’t think either of them would be suitable replacements for old Brucie

    • Gavin

      I second that. Pink News: please note, just because you are gay news site doesn’t mean that within the body of each article you have to so unnecessarily signpost every gay man or woman. This borders on the offensive. I’m sure that an ethnic or religious newsite doesn’t feel the need to proclaim black Mr X or jewish Ms Y in each article. It feels a bit like a pink triangle. Please assume a modicum of awareness of who’s gay & who’s not on the part of your readership. The fact that you are posting the article on your site should be enough for us to assume that it is of gay interest. Thanks.

  • Bikerman

    John Barrowman would be my first choice with his great sense of fun and background in musical theatre.

  • Greyscale

    I have to wonder what the relevance is of such an article. I didn’t realise this website was about showbiz.

  • J.

    This isn’t UK news (the article is under that heading) – surely it should be under ‘entertainment’. We’re not all biting way at our nails in trepidation at what Graham Norton is up to, so please don’t give this article more importance than it deserves!

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