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Half of High Church to quit Church of Scotland over plan to introduce gay ministers

  • Derek Northcote

    “This has been going on for so long and the Church of Scotland was not making any inroads feel there is no option.”

    He forgot to add.

    “Our bigotry is very important to us…..”

  • TampaZeke

    The breakaway church will die as soon as the breakaway members die. The church that stayed will linger on for a while longer until people wake up to the silliness of believing in Bronze Age books derived from Stone Age myths.

  • Fred

    Just a bit of primary school stuff:

    “The entire kirk session of the church, which comprises OF church elders and leaders…”

    Either “the session comprises church elders, etc” or “the session is comprised of church elders”. Just because estate agents so often get it wrong doesn’t mean journalists are allowed to.

  • Harry

    May I suggest that the headline needs attention. “High Church” in initial capitals implies a particular (and English) theological position which is not relevant here. “Stornoway Church” would be better, I suggest.

    (A Pedant writes…)

  • Christopher in Canada

    Sounds like they’ve taken their balls and gone home. Institutions change over time – some merge; some splinter. The sad thing about this is that the splinter group feels that they are correct in their approach to religion (and their former colleagues are not), and history shows us ad nauseum that this type of thinking is only destructive. Neil deGrasse Tyson, please save us!!

  • Truth

    I love the sound of ‘nails in coffins’, don’t you … especially when mixed with hand-wringing-out-of-existence. The church is becoming a total irrelevance. That’s why we should be pushing for a complete separation of church and state. It’s an association which has long belonged in history.

  • Excellent!

    Let them divide, diminishing their influence and power in society.

    It’s about time these outdated religious sects were relegated to a reasonable position in society, and anything that diminishes their control and hold on governments and people is a great step forward.

    Lets hope other religious cults follow in their footsteps and tear themselves apart too, diminishing the influence they all have.

  • Cal

    It should say “out Gay ministers. They already have Gay ministers, I’ll be bound.

    • doug

      …and many more gay Elders and lesbian Deaconesses in the Church of Scotland.

    • Strictly speaking, it should say “gay ministers in sexual relationships” – the Church of Scotland has for some years had “anti-discrimination” church law saying it does not discriminate against gay or lesbian ministers, but until now they have been supposed to be celibate! The new change will allow a minister to be in a sexual relationship, but will probably specify that that must be within civil partnership or marriage (they have a similar rule about heterosexual relationships of ministers being within marriage I think).

  • Frank Boulton

    Yippee, another bunch of religious fanatics insisting that they’ve got to snub and offend everyone else, because there are homosexuals. All this bigotry just helps to convince people that we’re the good guys. Another home goal scored by the religious right, another point to the LGBTI people. Life’s so good, when your enemies fight and win every one of your battles for you.

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