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US: Republicans attempt to oust Democratic Governor who allowed gay joint tax returns

  • David H

    Why do Americans bang on so much about democracy and being the land of the free when they seem to spend half of their time scrapping over legislation in the courts? FFS.

    • Christopher in Canada

      Some people are more equal than others…
      – George Orwell; “Animal Farm”

  • Cal

    KKK. Simple as that.

  • Find something new REPUBS

    Repubs still using Karl Rove divide and conquer tactics. Repubs have nothing new to offer to voters, except the same ole. Guns and Bible bullshiz

  • Maryland Kid

    I’m not shocked. Missouri has been trending purple lately. Conservatives in that State are feeling threatened, and this is their way of lashing out. It’s all kind of childish, really.

  • The Republican party is in inner turmoil right now. They’re running around like Chickens with their heads cut off.
    They’re losing support all over the US, for several different reasons.

    The Tea Party faction within it is causing massive division. The numbers at the last election show that the younger generation are rejecting the party for their extreme social opinions and actions, but the traditionalist “Christian” fanatics within are refusing to evolve. They’re holding the party back and making it more irrelevant with each passing day.

    Social opinions are evolving across the US while the fanatical Repub core is rejecting this evolution. Many of them fail to understand that if they stick to their outdated views they will continue to loose support across the country until they become irrelevant. The passing of equal marriage is a great indicator of this, with a few Repub’s coming out in support or abandoning the party entirely (several have done this over the last year). These men and women understand how things are going, they’re the ones paying attention to public opinion.

    Unfortunately, like a wounded animal backed into a corner, this is resulting in the fanatical core lashing out.

    The Left V’s Right paradigm in the US has been fed Steroids for the last thirty years, it’s inevitable that when this system starts to crumble and shift there would be some social unrest and instability. I have a feeling this is only going to get worse before it gets better, but the positive thing is that it will eventually lead to a three party system with a moderate Republican party and a small and ineffectual right wing extremist group not unlike our BNP.

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