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UK Government: ‘Schools should not promote any sexual orientation’

  • Pablo

    How does one promote sexual orientation? It’s not something you buy on Amazon. Schools should provide sexual education that is inclusive of all sexuality so that no one is left clueless.

  • Aaron Golightly

    I fear telling schools they shouldn’t promote any sexual orientation misses the point. That Section 28-style rules lead to isn’t a promotion of heterosexuality but an absence of discussion of homosexuality. What’s likely the issue isn’t what is being discussed but what isn’t. It’s also worrying that the government is still using language such as ‘promote’ when it comes to sexual orientation, as if that’s a thing that you can do and suggests lessons from the 1980s are still to be learned.

    • Frank Boulton

      Yes, I agree. Silence is often the greatest act of discrimination and exclusion.

  • Sparkyu1

    Schools do promote sexual orientation – straightness – all the time. At school we see constant depictions of heterosexuality – in the fiction books we read, in the history we study and sex-ed (if there is any) is grossly heteronormative.

    But this won’t be viewed as “promotion” while any mention of us will be cast as base propaganda

  • Phoenix

    So of course they’ll be removing all reference within their teaching materials to heterosexual couples then, right?

  • Guest

    I hate having to cope with closeted kids looking to pornography (not that it’s any harm to me) while their “proper” sex education continues to sod all gay sex. I hope that as a media producer I can actually produce something for kids that “promotes” all types of sex to, in a way, promote acceptance.

  • Dex Bracewell

    I hate having to cope with closeted kids too young (although it never did any harm to me) having to look to pornography while “proper” sex education gives sod all gay sex. As a media producer, I look forward to creating a educational series that “promotes” all types of sex, in a way promoting acceptance.

  • Liam

    You can promote homosexuality all you like, it’s not going to turn anyone gay, just like the constant ‘promotion’ of heterosexuality didn’t make me straight.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    All religious schools need to be very very closely watched with regard to the attitudes they impart to their students regarding homosexual citizens.

    • anon

      All religious schools need to be … Closed. Fixed-that-for-you

  • si

    Check out Brent Hartinger’s real story safe sex project free to download stories aimed at gay teenagers

  • Cal

    The current policy does not protect GLBT people. Saying “schools should not promote any sexual orientation” means nothing. Reading Romeo & Juliet is not considered promotion of heterosexuality but reading Beautiful Thing will be seen as corruption of the worst kind.

  • Steve_R

    The government would cringe at the reference, but it all sounds too familiar when one considers the Russian “Anti gay propaganda legislation” they would deny this is the intent…. but the inference is there!

  • Rumbelow

    This assumption by some faith/sect schools that it is okay to groom children who are growing up gay into heterosexuality has to be strongly challenged and stopped. If it means teachers have to be prosecuted then it must happen.
    The case of the Christian kindergarten teacher who refused to read age-appropriate gay themed children’s stories to the children in her care, and who is unbelievably suing her employers for alleged discrimination with the assistance of the CLC, brings this problem of heterosexual grooming of children into focus, they start inculcating homophobic attitudes in children very early.

  • Paul J

    This is the result of Blair permitting faith schools. Education should be secular and the promotion of stone age morality banned in schools.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    This has more to do with promoting religious beliefs than anything else. The Government should also ban the legal requirement of all state schools to have an act of worship in morning assembly. An anachronism whose time has more than come and must go. Get rid of it.

  • Truth

    Quite right. Nor should they promote religious belief. But they do. So, when is the UK government going to abolish ‘faith’ schools …?

  • wadeisin1971

    Promoting is the same as selling. All they should be teaching in schools is that homosexuality is as normal as heterosexuality. That is called responsible education.

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