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Poll: Majority of UKIP and Tory voters support equal marriage

  • The Zizzanax

    If we started legislating based on polls, than I imagine most trannies would be confined to prison

    • David H

      Only prison? If legislation was done on popularist views, then pretty much everyone would have been hanged as they’d have brought that back too ;-)

  • Derek Northcote

    They agree we should be “allowed”

    How gracious of them.

    How dare they assume that their votes are warranted on our lives.

    No doubt we will be tolerated.

    Well bugger that. As a Vascular Surgeon, I accept everbody.

    Skin colour, Hair Colour, religion, sexuality, and even bigotry.

    They all have the same little pump in their chests.

    And I discern zero difference in the poor schmuck at the end of my scalpel.

    It is a person.

  • Serkan M

    I will be voting UKIP.

    However, I think that there is a double edge sword here. A large bunch of UKIP voters are of the older generation and therefore do not wish to ‘rock the boat’ and Nigel knows this of course. I think in time, if UKIP do gain momentum, then in the future, they will agree to SSM.

    UKIP is more of an anti-eu party then a general election party.

    As for Conservatives? Who cares…

    • Jamie

      I wouldn’t be so blunt. UKIP support, yes, has a lot of older voters (the same with all parties, as they are more inclined to vote) however, there is HUGE support with younger generation too. Believe you me. The reason why UKIP are painted as an ‘oldies party’ is because younger people are less likely to go to meetings and events. Right? You seem to forget UKIP are bringing people, the younger especially, into politics. They may not attend meetings now, but in the future, possibly.

      Just my take on it. UKIP aren’t against gay marriage or gays for that matter. Stop reading the biased news and look deeper. The truth is there believe it or not.

      • Serkan M

        ‘I wouldn’t be so blunt’ ? explain.

        They are opposed to same sex marriage. FACT. My argument however is that they are tying to gain momentum of the fringe. They know that they fall into the ‘drifting’ or ‘rejecting’ group. This is by no means bad, as these are the majority or voters.

        However, I think for the time being, it is safer for them to be against SSM. But I agree, in reality, I don’t think they are against SSM if you get what I mean.

        • Hex

          As I understand it, UKIP is not against gay marriage per se. They’re against people of a fundamentalist religious persuasion being forced by law to marry gay people in their privately-owned religious buildings against their faith/will. Something that is a possibility given current EU law.

          In the interview I saw with Farage, he stated that if we were not part of the EU they’d support gay marriage but allow religious nutbags the choice of whether to allow it in their church/mosque/synagogue/etc. The rational behind this was, that if you try and force these people, you’re going to make a lot of martyrs out of these nutbags. Because everyone knows, there’s nothing a religious nutbag likes to be better than being a martyr for their pet cause.

        • Nick Dancer

          You’re wrong there. Pink News aren’t reporting the truth in an unadulterated fashion: UKIP opposed the bill and not the concept and this was clear in their written policy document. UKIP no longer have a position opposing the bill as it has now become law. FACT. Instead they have opted to start a policy review to see how best to prevent any potential legal challenges to the ECHR being successful. One idea was floated about going down the route France has but that’s been rejected on the grounds that it strips church weddings of their legal status and would mean that a non-religous civil ceremony would also need to take place to make the marriage legal.

  • ian123

    It shouldn’t be surprising if any political grouping (non theocratic of course) which apparently opposes “big government” “statism” the “nanny state” should also be in favour of the right of consenting adults to marry. Only surprised that those in favour constituted a mere 61% majority? But welcome news non the less.

  • Barry Scarfe

    UKIP probably doesn’t oppose same-sex civil marriage deep-down. They only oppose it because it was seen by Nigel Farage and his chums as a good way of getting some cheap support off the Tories. Let’s face it, UKIP are basically an ultra-Thatcherite Tory Party in exile and even their supposed opposition to Britain’s EU membership isn’t a genuinely principled one about the return of our national sovereignty from Brussels (like it was with Enoch Powell) but has more to do with the fact that UKIP is full to the brim with previously staunch Tory-voting small business people who were perfectly fine with Heath’s, Thatcher’s, Major’s giving away of our independence UNTIL it started to affect THEM with the EU’s enforcement of certain minimum rights for workers.

    At one time, Britain only had ONE Tory Party now we have TWO. If the majority of those who vote for UKIP knew that UKIP stood for even more globalist neo-liberal economics than the Tory Party approves of they would run a mile.

  • Maryland Kid

    Well, I guess now the only think I can hold against them is the fact that they are Tory and UKIP voters.

  • Nick Dancer

    This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Alas it will be because of Pink News’s Partisan coverage of the issue. UKIP never opposed SSM as a concept, they opposed the bill. Never did the party make the “one man, one woman” argument, nor was it anti-gay. Whilst opposing this bill they continued to express support for gay adoption, something a “one woman one man” party wouldn’t accept.

    The truth here is that PinkNews have continuously made a deliberate attempt to deceive the public as to what the policy was and indeed why it was.

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