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New York: Suspects arrested for attacking gay man, leaving him with ripped eye socket

  • Tristan

    How can someone be SO filled with hatred towards others simply for being (possibly) different? Glad they have made some arrests. Violence has no place in society!

    • Leonard Woodrow

      Because their minds have been poisoned with either cultural or religious bull. They should be punished and re-educated.

    • Connor Larkin

      Sociopaths just appear. Sexual predators, animal abusers, brutes have no empathy or feeling toward anything living except their own selfish desires.

  • The Zizzanax

    Why is this one isolated incident front page news @Pink News while gay director Bryan Singer raping little boys is buried all the way to the bottom, and written in such a way as to cast doubt to the victim’s claims?

    • Leonard Woodrow

      Don’t be so stupid! A 17-year-old is hardly a little boy, is he?

      And the item is well down the page because it’s now old news … that’s what “news” means … that it’s new. And I believe it has been shown that he wasn’t ‘raped’, he was a consenting party.

      • The Zizzanax

        He was raped, you sick fag.

        • Serkan M

          There’s no need for such language. I suggest you go crawl back from under the rock you came from. This is no place for homophobes.

          If you have an opinion then fine, but don’t be so offensive. This one isolated incident is still important even though it may seem insignificant to you.

        • Tristan

          Is that really necessary?

        • Martin R

          So what are you doing reading a GAY newspaper? What does that say about you? – let me see… oh, yes: A “sick” despicable homophobic bigot who has no place in society. You might benefit from counselling, judging by your comment and attitude. Have a god day, Dr. Martin R.

        • Leonard Woodrow

          I’m in perfect health, thank you … and you sound a tad jealous that it wasn’t you.

      • Martin R

        Not to mention he is now demanding $$$ from his wealthy so-called rapists. What does that indicate?

  • BudClark

    What the story omits (it’s all on is that the attackers were members of a shadowy ultra-Orthodox Jewish Hasidic “enforcer” squad (read “terrorist thugs”) which are common in the Jewish section of Brooklyn. Those areas are almost as bad as the “no-go” Muslim areas in North London.

    They bolted signs to trees in Hebrew, ORDERING women to get off the sidewalk if they saw a man coming, and forbidding them to stand on the plazas in front of the synagogues.

    At least the cops took THOSE down within 24 hours.

    In some ways, they’re WORSE than Islamic extremists … they SPAT on an 8-year-old ORTHODOX girl on her way to school because they didn’t think her socks were high enough or thick enough (!).

    Gays have been moving into Brooklyn and gentrifying cheap, run-down areas. That makes the goon squads see RED.

    If anybody tries to do anything, they scream “anti-semitism!”, of course.

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