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Gay kiss photographic exhibition cancelled after Vatican threat will be shown in NYC

  • Fiddlybono

    Oh dear. Two men kissing is clearly only comfortable when it takes place in one’s imagination. To see is to acknowledge and a lot of the world is clearly a long way off the comfort zone.

  • Bikerman

    Of course this behaviour belongs in the vestry or choir loft as usual.

  • Edgar Carpenter

    None of the gay priests I’ve known would have kissed men in front of their altars – oh, wait, yes, they did. And behind the altar, and in the pews and . . .

    None of them were struck by lightning, or punished in any supernatural way. Apparently the catholic god didn’t mind at all.

  • Men kissing is the ultimate message of Christ. No wonder the CC wants to hide it at all costs.

    • To be fair, the kiss of Judas wasn’t the best thing that happened to Jesus. But I get what you’re saying ;)

    • On second thought, no kiss of Judas = no sacrifice = no Christianity. So you’re right. My bad

  • Steven Gregory

    The Vicariate admitted sending the threatening letter, and said the
    exhibition “could harm the religious sentiment of the faithful”.

    Maybe he should take on Vatican money laundering and child sex abuse scandals, surely those have “harmed religious sentiment” more than photos of two adult men kissing. Miss Vicariate was just scared of getting a tent or a splash on the front of her gown.

    • Psychologist

      Indeed Steven. Typical catholic church, once again getting priorities and values entirely wrong !
      They use the art of “distraction” like a magician, attempting to shine a light on the so called “sins” of others, whilst themselves committing horrendous crimes and causing so much damage themselves ! Such a massive lack of integrity !

  • Aron Sasportas

    Is the Vatican also opposed to sexual activity by its priests and nuns on church property?

    In the last few years, the media around the world have been reporting quite a lot of such activity at least by a not insignificant number of its priests (for the briefest of summaries, see the articles “Sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church” and “Roman Catholic sex abuse cases by country” in Wikipedia) and we have no reason to believe that it has not been going on for centuries, the only reason it has come to light in the last few years being the unwillingness of many of its victims to be silent any longer.

    A few same-gender couples kissing in Roman Catholic churches is a drop in the bucket compared to the thousands of cases of sexual abuse of minors by Roman Catholic priests — to say nothing of the probably numberless instances of consensual same-gender sex by members of the clergy both on and off church property.

  • I read the 4 first words of the title and was interested and excited, then I read the rest and it was all like “ah, it’s the homophobia thing again”

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