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Wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin: I’m absolutely for same-sex marriage

  • mandybrigwell

    Nice news. Good stuff.

  • Ben

    Always had the feeling that this guy was pretty smart and well-adjusted for a pro wrestler, seems I was right!

  • Bryan Burgess

    Austin 3:16!

    To be honest, I am pleasantly surprised. Pro wrestling, for all its homoeroticism, tends to be quite homophobic.

    • Steven Gregory

      Well put: The guys can get thrown across the stage, stomped on and kicked in the head; but if someone calls them a name they can’t handle it.

    • John-Paul Kesseler

      Given Pat Patterson is one of the most influential pro wrestling figures for the past 40 years and Darren Young came out in an overwhelmingly positive environment I’d suggest that’s not entirely true.

      • Maryland Kid

        Agreed. Especially when you compare it to the homophobia in other sports. And don’t forget Mick Foley’s appearance on the Daily Show! I still think that was one their best segments ever.

    • Psychologist

      Ineed Bryan. It is that very homoeroticism which makes them homophobic !
      (because they DENY the homo-erotic part of it) !

  • Marc Webster

    What a great guy…..well said Steve….how good to see someone with influence across all age groups saying something positive about ssm and negative about the church…..pleases my heart

  • WASP

    STONE COLD! STONE COLD! OMG! he just unleashed the stunner on that unsuspecting duck hunter! oh the humanity!!!!!!! i always loved this guy.

  • Adam

    Was never into WWF but that my friend was EPIC. Thank you.

  • saintlaw

    I want to marry Stone Cold Steve Austin.

  • Steven Gregory

    How refreshing that a guy with a big tough loud reputation is absolutely comfortable bucking the gay-panic trend usually associated with the pro-wrestling industry. It’s amazing how acceptance of others causes the intellectual perception of an individual or group to skyrocket.

  • Maryland Kid

    So. Who here wants to see Steve Austin, Darren Young and Mick Foley found an anti-homophobia action team?

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