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Poll: Majority of Republican voters continue to oppose same-sex marriage

  • matt227

    An anti-gay poll is going to get anti-gay results. It is totally the wrong question to ask, because it is not mutually exclusive with support for marriage equality.

    • Steven Gregory

      Those are the desired results from the organizations involved.

  • Jase

    Here is hoping the SPLC designates the Republican Party a hate group soon.

  • Brett Gibson

    Poll: Majority of Republican voters continue to oppose using their brains.

  • Steven Gregory

    The GOP control the House through gerrymandered districts (rigged voter pools). Several respected political forecasters see Republicans taking control of the Senate in this November’s midterm elections. I and my friends will vote Democrat, why in the hell do Americans want to hand over our Congress to the do-nothing obstructionist GOP?

  • one.second

    Well, time massively works in our favour. Old republicans are dying aren’t they? The younger ones are on our side. So by keeping up anti-gay agendas it will keep a democratic president ruling because it keeps the young republican leaning voters from voting. Works for me.
    Actually NOM and the Westboro Baptist church do the Democrats a huge favour by deluding the Republicans into holding up the Anti-Gay Agendas and repelling the sane voters from that party. It is still annoying that they delay the inevitable victory of the gay rights movement but hey, you got to see the bright side.

  • Truth

    ….. and this is some sort of surprise ….?

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